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Jun 28, 2012, 10:21:44 AM6/28/12
We had our first planning meeting last night - 27 June 2012.

We have another planned for Tuesday July 3rd, from 7:00pm until about 9:00pm. The aim of the meeting will be to discuss recruitment and possible actions the group could undertake.

If you want to attend, please contact

Tamara Brownstone

Jul 3, 2012, 11:16:30 PM7/3/12
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 10th at 7pm (likely until about 9 again) to further develop ideas for the Kalamazoo action in July, the Peter Kent documentary screening later in the summer/early fall, and summer recruitment/canvassing events.

Contact or if you would like to attend.


Jul 4, 2012, 11:22:02 AM7/4/12
Sounds great. I will be there.


Jul 5, 2012, 8:19:31 PM7/5/12
Planning meeting - 3 July 2012

Present: Ian, Mike, Mark, Monica, Tamara, Milan

  1. Film screening
  2. Kalamazoo event
  3. Recruitment

1) Film screening

Possible venues?
* Parks require permits
* A bar may be best

Documentary is only about 30 minutes
* Should probably be accompanied by something else
* Another film? A speaker?
* Music to follow?

Possible speakers: Paul Fletcher, Peter Taubins, Dana Harris?

Goals of event: recruitment, draw attention to Toronto 350

Milan will coordinate the search for a speaker
Ian will look into venues
Mark will look into music
Mike will look into a promotional strategy
* Once we have a plan, 350 will probably send out an invitation to their mail list
Monica will look after logistics and equipment

2) Kalamazoo - July 25th

Ian will make enlarged photos of oil spills with explanations and rent easels to put them on and a van to transport them
* NRDC has some photos available
* Send other plausible license-free photos to Ian

Where to do it? College Street? Queen Street?
* We want wide sidewalks, lots of foot traffic
* Should probably cover the timespan of lunch break through afternoon

Our event will be a 'blip in a larger campaign'

We should bring good cameras and try to bring a couple of volunteers each

Mark will bring email signup sheets, clipboards, and pens

3) Recruitment

We could send a couple of people to upcoming festivals and events
* Pedestrian sundays, vegetarian festivals, etc

Group email address and Twitter account will be set up


Jul 10, 2012, 8:42:24 PM7/10/12
10 July 2012 - Toronto planning meeting

Present: Monica, Tamara, Mark, Milan


1) Kent film screening - 20 September 2012


Innis Hall at U of T as possible venue
* 2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada
* Space for 200 people
* Suggested via email
* Has a reception area outside where music could happen
* Would it be possible to get an alcohol licence?
* Could be good for a movie-focused event

Can a U of T student book any similar space for free?

At an event at a bar or club, people could buy their own food and alcohol
* A bar with an existing sound and video setup would be ideal

Possible music
* Tamara has approached some possible singer-songwriters
* Willing to work for free?

Possible speakers
* Andrew Cash - Davenport MP (could also be willing to play music - may also know about other possibilities)
* Professor at U of T? -Milan will look for possibilities
* Does Maude Barlow live in Toronto?
* Who spoke at the Tar Sands event in Ottawa? -Monica will get a list of names
* Milan will ask Gracen Johnson about who she got to speak at the 2009 'Fill the Hill' event in Ottawa

Video to show
* CBC would only release 'for research purposes'
* Web video isn't of the highest quality
* Also trying to get a copy through the Council of Canadians -Milan will push more
* Any chance a library would have it?

Alternative things to show?
* Peace Out (2011)
* Trailer:
* Would they be willing to let us screen it for free?
* Mark will get in touch with them to ask

* We should be able to borrow or rent the necessary audio and video equipment
* We should do a practice run to test the gear

* Get people out for a fun event
* Recruit

Priorities: find a speaker and a venue
* Please send suggestions to Milan
* Also, find a high quality copy if possible

2) Kalamazoo event - 25 July 2012

Lots of news coverage today - National Transportation Safety Board testimony

We need to start promoting
* Social media
* Poster / flyer / information sheet

Should we have a preparatory meeting for volunteers?
* Probably not necessary

Ian is handling the printing

Pipeline prop?
* Mark's Home Depot idea

Clipboards, pens, etc
* Mark can bring for this event

Tamara will produce a page of talking points on Kalamazoo / line reversal

Is the Hamilton 350 group doing a Kalamazoo event?
* If not, we should invite them to this one
* Monica will get in touch with them

We should eventually ask the 350 people to send out an email to their whole Toronto list about this

Should we have a press release?
* Ask Ian if Environmental Defence already has one
* If not, Milan will prepare one
* We should develop a list of local media contacts


Person who normally approves pages on vacation
* But should be back soon
* No problems expected in terms of getting approval

We have a GMail account and a Twitter account
* Mark will keep an eye on the Twitter account

We could create a Facebook page

Different purposes for different pages
* Google Group - for planning discussions
* Facebook page / - for promotion of events, discussions between less involved participants
* Twitter - for announcements is our general contact email

4) Other initiatives

In October - "Planet in Focus"
* Five day environmental film event
* Could have a table perhaps, to try to recruit
* Mark already has a pass

Lots of other opportunities for recruiting outdoors
* Monica has been making a list of upcoming events
* Form to collect email contact information:

Recruiting more people for planning meetings

Next meeting
* At Monica's
* Next Tuesday 7-9
* Could change if Mike or Ian wishes


Jul 17, 2012, 8:46:21 PM7/17/12
Toronto planning meeting

17 July 2012

Present: Neal, Monica, Mark, Ian, Tamara, Milan

* Review of minutes and action items
* Kalamazoo event - 25 July
* Kent film screening - 20 September
* Recruiting / websites
* New business

1) Review of minutes and action items


2) Kalamazoo event - 25 July

Ian has submitted materials to be printed
* Maps of Line 9 and Northern Gateway Pipeline
* Overhead photos of Kalamazoo spill
* 13 placards in total
* Easels rented
* Fact sheet in development - Can be shared via Google Docs

Press release
* Environmental Defence will put out a national press release
* Will cover event here, events in BC, and events in US
* We can put out our own media advisory for the Toronto

25 actions happening across North America

Big press conference planned in Michigan

Email list
* Environmental Defence will send to their list
* Their email can direct people to
* We should definitely ask to send it out to their Toronto list

* 350 is setting up a Flickr group
* We should also be using Twitter, etc

* Meet at Queen and Spadina at 11am
* Easels to be delivered to Queen and Spadina
* Bring friends if possible
* Will probably run until 3pm or 4pm

Training beforehand?
* Monday the 23rd - 7pm
* We can hold it at Milan's

Tamara will email the 350 people about sending a message to their whole list
* To include details on the event and for training

Environmental Defence is having a 'beach day' celebration after
* On Centre Island

3) Kent film screening - 20 September

Blue Moon as possible venue
* At Broadview and Queen East
* Good space, but not inherently equipped for video - no screen or projector
* Environmental Defence may be able to provide a projector

Dominion is an alternative possibility
* On Queen, near VIstek
* Would cost $100 / hr or $300 / night for a private room, but they do have video capabilities
* Front space could be reserved for free

What information do we need on venues?
* Availability of drinks, food, chairs
* Video equipment

Kent video
* Web copy? CBC version?
* Do we want to find some more recent video to contrast
* We could all try and find clips to send to Mark, to be edited together
* Can be made available via YouTube

Should we invite him to answer questions?
* Public invitation

Blue Moon on (Thursday) 20 September seems good to everyone
* Start at 7pm? Film at 8. Music later. Over around 11pm.
* Every piece we fix should make it easier to assemble the rest


Should we charge? Pay what you can? Donations?

Should have a follow-on event planned to tell people about

* Mike said he would come up with a promotion strategy
* Neal could design a poster
* Milan can put up posters on student boards at U of T
* Promote to people running existing environmental student groups

4) Recruiting / websites site
* Still waiting for the woman to get back from vacation

Recruitment cards
* Neal will make up the graphic file

We're on Twitter and Facebook

Previous Toronto 350 events
* Who organized them?
* Do the people at know?

* Mark will look into us getting a free Flickr Pro account
* Milan will find and send a link to the page

Key mailing list
* Google Docs page will work for us for now

5) New business

Toronto Green Drinks tomorrow
* Milan is planning to go

Contested Futures panel at OISE - 30 July


Official group at U of T?
* Not an onerous process for application - Have to create a constitution

Next meeting
- Next Monday at Milan's


Jul 23, 2012, 8:54:06 PM7/23/12
Toronto planning meeting

23 July 2012

Present: Amelia Rose, Monica, Ian, Tamara, Milan

* Kalamazoo event
* Film screening
* Websites and recruiting
* Windfest - Sept 22nd

1) Kalamazoo event - this Wednesday

Ian has the placards ready
* Easels to be delivered Wednesday morning

Press release nearly done

How many people expected?
* At least ten, between the people here and university volunteers
* University volunteers experienced in talking with people

Key points to hit when talking with people
* Lots of options
* Climate change, pipeline safety, diluted bitumen, First Nations issues, etc
* Oil sands development, safety record of Enbridge

One goal is to find people who are sympathetic and interested in volunteering
* Also, provide new information to people

Petition to the National Energy Board?
* Ian will draw up wording and email it around tomorrow
* Re: line 9 reversal
* Ties closely to the Kalamazoo spill

Ian will also print up some copies of the Kalamazoo spill primer

What key issues should we touch on, re: pipelines
* Lots of spills
* Greater danger from tar sands oil - more abrasive and corrosive, harder to clean up
* Benzene and other unknown toxins and carcinogens
* EPA had no experience cleaning up bitumen before Kalamazoo
* Upstream damage in Alberta: air and water pollution, habitat destruction
* Line 9 was constructed in 1975, when standards were more lax
* Runs through the newly declared Rouge Park

Key points re: Kalamazoo
* 6 alarms ignored right at the outset
* 55km of river contaminated
* Only discovered the spill when an employee from a Michigan utility worker
* 150 families had to relocate
* Most expensive oil spill on land in US history - 5 times most costly than previous
* $800M in cleanup so far -Enbridge fined $3.7 M and harshly criticized for safety practices by US NTSB
* Another NTSB board member Robert Sumalt said that the accident demonstrated a "corrosion" of the safety culture "throughout the Enbridge organization."
* 'Culture of Deviance' at Enbridge, Finds US Transport Safety Board

Actions we can encourage
* NEB not taking comments at the moment, but will be again later
* If people are interested, we could create template letters to send to MPPs, MPs, etc

What can we say to people to convince them to volunteer with us?
* 350 is our stabilization target, meeting it requires the massive deployment of zero carbon forms of energy

* Meeting at 11:00am at Queen and Spadina
* There is some construction in the area
* Monica could invite a friend to take photos
* Milan will bring his dSLR
* Mark can bring shirts for people who turn up -Also any other 350 swag we've got

Responding to aggressive passers-by

2) Film screening

[to be discussed at future meetings]

Possible collaborators include the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition

3) Websites and recruiting

Email lists
* Should we use the Google Docs spreadsheet as our main list?
* Have a separate list for organizers / people who have attended meetings?

The Google Group is probably best for organizers
* To avoid hitting people with excessive amounts of email, especially as the group gets more active
* People can set their own email preferences
* Milan is happy to provide a quick training session on Google Groups for those who would like it

Milan will look into mail list options

Vegetarian food festival - Sept. 7-9

Tamara will continue putting together a possible list of events to attend

4) Windfest

Seems like a good place to have a table
* Or some volunteers to sign people up

Milan will contact them to ask if we can participate

5) Next meeting
* Tuesday July 31st -7pm
* At Tamara's


Jul 31, 2012, 8:46:38 PM7/31/12
Toronto planning meeting

31 July 2012

Present: Yasmin, Tamara, Mark, Milan

* Kalamazoo debrief
* Contested futures discussion
* Recruiting
* Mailing lists
* Managing web presence
* Role assignments
* Peter Kent screening
* Next meeting

1) Kalamazoo debrief - 25 July 2012

Email addresses copied into Google Docs system

* In future, stress that people should write their email addresses in big clear block capitals
* Better to schedule shifts, rather than have everyone arrive at the start and then peter out?
* This particular area and approach had a low 'success rate'
* People had the misapprehension that we were trying to get money from them
* Ways to get more press attention?

2) Contested futures discussion - 30 July 2012

Yasmin was there
* Many environmental groups represented
* One issue that came up - how to coordinate between groups

3) Recruiting

We need both event participants and event organizers

Monica may be assembling a list of events where recruitment could happen

Creative possibilities?

Conference calls / Skype for organizing meetings?

4) Mailing lists

* Links with Facebook and Twitter

First email to new list?

Separate list for media / press releases?

5) Managing web presence

Potentially, each of our web presences should have a clear purpose and a specific person with primary responsibility

* Purpose: Mostly for announcements? Providing general information on climate change?
* Responsible person: Various people have been posting bits and pieces -should one be put clearly in charge?
* Mark will keep an eye on it every few days

Facebook page
* Purpose: Announcements / people talking among themselves
* Responsible person: Monica?

GMail account
* Purpose: Outgoing, to speak as the group -Mechanism for strangers getting in touch with the group
* Responsible person: Milan will keep an eye on it, as will Tamara site
* Purpose: Central location - people can create their own event
* Responsible person: Monica?
* Who does 'Contact Group Leaders' contact?

Google Groups discussion forum
* Purpose: Main communication tool for organizers
* Responsible person: Milan
* Universally accessible - has upsides and downsides
* Hasn't included addresses for meetings
* Do we want to establish a private discussion forum?

Avoid a situation where people try to communicate with us and cannot

6) Role assignments

Possible eventual positions
* Liaison with external groups in Toronto
* Liaison with other local 350 groups
* Treasurer
* Press liaison
* Campus representatives: U of T, Ryerson, etc

Establishing a U of T club
* Less hassle than becoming a charitable organization / NGO by other means

7) Peter Kent screening - 20 September 2012

Venue set, but we still need a speaker (or more than one) and music
* And a better quality version of the film, if possible

We should have a meeting there to make sure the space works for us

How could we assemble some press coverage? Now Magazine / local papers

What kind of numbers can we expect?
* At least 20 seems safe
* Reaching out to other local groups

* Projection / sound system

One possible musician: Juan Pablo Bermúdez Rey

8) Next meeting

* Tuesday, August 7th
* 7:00pm - 9:00pm
* Blue Moon Pub
* 725 Queen Street East (just east of Broadview Avenue)

Specific things to work on
* Please keep looking into possible speakers / music
* Identify other events of interest before September

Salsa / capoeira event?


Aug 7, 2012, 8:28:05 PM8/7/12
Toronto planning meeting

7 August 2012

Present: Mark, Tamara, Yasmin, Milan

* Planning meetings
* Peter Kent film screening
* U of T event
* page
* Recruitment
* Power Shift
* Next meeting

1) Planning meetings

Should meeting times be used for recruitment instead? For instance, go to university campuses or events?
* Could be a mechanism to focus more intensely on recruitment
* Season suitable for outdoor recruitment will come to an end

What are our major goals?
* Educating the general public about climate change
* Participate in larger 350 actions
* Community outreach
* Protests and other events to attract media attention

What other sorts of events could we have?
* Workshops?
* Monica may be compiling a list of events in which we could participate
* Presentations in schools?
* Are there tools on the website that could help with this?

2) Peter Kent film screening - 20 Sept

Venue - Riverside Public House (formerly Blue Moon Cafe) - 725 Queen St. East
* Has no open Wifi, which would impede watching the video as a stream
* Video can be played tolerably through Milan's cell phone's internet connection
* Somewhat long transit journey from downtown
* Drinks $7-$9, appetizers $8-$12, mains $14-$20

Staff member says we may be able to use their wifi to stream the film

Movie projection
* We need a screen, projector, and sound equipment
* We may need to acquire some folding chairs (venue may be getting some)

Juan Pablo is on for music
* Yasmin exchanged emails with him
* He wants information on lighting and sound equipment
* There is a stage with sound and lighting gear in place
* The restaurant would prefer not to have too much noise before 11pm
* Mark can speak with the owner of the venue about using the wifi, timing for music
* Could be worthwhile to ask how he promotes his own events, to see if we can do some cross-promotion

Coordinating with other organizations
* Environmental Defence
* Toronto Environmental Alliance
* Citizens Climate Lobby
* Lead Now
* Clean Train Coalition?
* We could send a sample email promoting the event to various organizations and ask them to pass it along to their membership

To-do items:
* Find a speaker (MP? City counsellors?)
* Assemble necessary gear
* Get better version of documentary if possible
* Assemble promotional materials - Tamara can write up a preliminary event description

Tamara and Mark will collaborate on writing up an event description to send out to potential speakers

Sensible sequence is probably to have the speaker first, then the film, then music
* Doors at seven, speaker at eight?

Ways to estimate how many people might show up?

Will Mike be working on a promotional strategy?

Will Environmental Defence be involved? How many people might they bring out?

It would be great to bring 50+ people
* We can each recruit a few friends to come

3) U of T event?

Something early in the school year, before people get busy?

Incorporating as a U of T club?
* What would be necessary to participate in some sort of 'clubs night' event
* Milan will look into this further
* Necessary to draft a constitution to create a club

Sometime before the September film screening, to draw people out?

Could potentially have events at other schools

Are there timing issues we should be considering? Exam periods, etc

4) page

It would be useful if people aside from Monica could also become managers of the local page

5) Recruitment

Should 1-2 people be put in charge of coordinating this?
* Monica may be willing
* Tamara will email her to ask
* In particular, we should finalize a list of events that we could go out to for recruitment purposes
* Farmers' markets, pedestrian events
* Toronto beaches

Do we want to establish more formal roles generally?

We should send some sort of email to everyone whose address we collected
* Provide basic 'save the date' info for music event
* Direct people toward social media channels
* Mention that some 350 Toronto people are going to Power Shift

Having regular events will be important for building and maintaining the momentum of the group
* Helps to develop a track record of success, experience, contacts, etc

6) Power Shift conference

Happening in Ottawa in October
* Mostly people between 18 and 30

Being organized by and other groups: Indigenous Environmental Network, etc

Workshops and skill training

Yasmin planning to go; perhaps Tamara too

7) Next meeting

Next Tuesday
* At Milan's, 7pm
* Will include details in email with minutes


Aug 14, 2012, 8:45:45 PM8/14/12
Toronto planning meeting

14 August 2012

Present: Stuart, Maya, Tamara, Monica, Milan

* Agricultural summit at Ryerson
* University of Toronto club constitution
* Mailing list
* Peter Kent documentary screening
* Brainstorming ideas for events or campaigns
* Next meeting

1) Agricultural summit at Ryerson

Runs this Wednesday to this Saturday (Aug 15-18)
* Maya is volunteering

More info at:

2) University of Toronto club constitution

Draft prepared by Milan, distributed electronically and on paper at the meeting
* Based on guidelines provided by U of T
* Designed to be as flexible as possible when it comes to Toronto 350 members outside the U of T community

Who here is a member of the university of Toronto?
* Milan, Monica

Article by article review
* Changes made using 'track changes' in Word

Provision for replacing executive members?
* Added a paragraph to article 3 (executives)

Would it be better to have the annual general meeting at the end of the academic year?
* We can have the first meeting this September, then amend the constitution if necessary

Updated text:

Deadline for comments - next week's meeting

3) Mailing list

MailChimp is set up, using email addresses from the Kalamazoo event

The login is just our Twitter account
* We may want to have a better password for this

Please encourage Toronto friends to sign up
* People can sign up themselves at:

Should we send regular updates?
* We can try monthly to start

We should ask the mothership to send a message about our September 20th film screening

4) Peter Kent documentary screening

Maya will see if she can get a copy via the CBC

One thing we still need is a speaker
* Tried Andrew Cash and Margaret Atwood
* Maya will contact George Stroumboulopoulos and Adria Vasil
* Milan asked an environmentally-inclined prof at U of T
* Mike Layton - counselor for Ward 19
* Someone from the main organization

It wouldn't be a problem to have a small panel
* It would be good to have people with a mixture of backgrounds, for instance a prof and someone in the media

* We should design a poster to put up at U of T and other places
* Use our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, etc
* Email through our mailing list
* Email through the 350 mothership
* Cross-promotion with Juan Pablo and any speakers
* Tell your friends!
* Ask other environmental groups to tell their membership - might make sense for one person to be in charge of this

August 22nd is the first anniversary of the death of Jack Layton
* There is an event in Toronto
* Could be a place to identify and contact possible speakers

* We need a projector
* We need any audio gear necessary for the showing or the music
* Could we borrow gear from U of T once we're an official club

5) Brainstorming ideas for events or campaigns

We could have a more serious policy discussion about what Canada should do on climate change
* Would likely attract a different audience from some of our other events

It would be good if people contributed ideas online

Possible campaigns could focus on how people can reduce their own climate impact, as well as how they could become more politically active on the subject
* Eat less meat, travel less, have fewer children
* Contact your elected representatives

Look into where schools have invested their endowments
* Encourage divestment from fossil fuel industries
* Do U of T, Ryerson, York, etc have existing guidelines on how they choose investments? Do they make reference to sustainability concerns?
* Could we do something that gets media attention before one of their significant meetings

Door-knocking campaigns
* Could work well for local issues

We should keep an eye out for opportunities to collaborate with other groups
* We should also identify what other on-campus groups are doing

350 workshops
* Info online at
* Could be good for later in the fall, once we have had a chance to do some recruiting at schools

Orientation meetings for new members
* Not the same as our weekly planning meetings
* An event specifically for people who have not come to a meeting yet

Summertime recruiting at outdoor events
* Monica has a spreadsheet of suitable events
* Could be quite entrepreneurial - get a couple of t-shirts and a clipboard, add emails to MailChimp

Other film screenings

Media appearances

'Clubs day' at various schools

6) Next meeting

Next Tuesday
* 7-9pm
* At Monica's


Aug 21, 2012, 8:45:51 PM8/21/12
Toronto planning meeting

21 August 2012

Present: Monica, Stuart, Tamara, Mark, Milan

* U of T club constitution
* Peter Kent event
* Designating roles
* Expense tracking
* Possible recruitment events
* Next meeting

1) U of T club constitution

U of T official says there are problems with the fee and amendment articles
* Won't say exactly what

Amendment procedure
* Could be helpful to be able to amend between AGMs

Will people want to set up groups at Ryerson, other schools?
* How distinct will be overall Toronto group be from the U of T group?

Next steps
* Officially submit draft for comments
* Revise as necessary

Basically, the U of T club would be a relatively straightforward way for Toronto 350 to get institutional presence and a bank account

We should into when U of T has their 'clubs day' event

2) Peter Kent event

We have an 'event' created on the site
* Do we have one on Facebook?
* One has been created:

* Matthew Hoffmann (U of T prof) has said maybe, will get back to us for sure tomorrow
* If he confirms, pass along his info to Mark to give to other possible speakers
* Would be good to have additional speakers
* Maya said she would look for possible speakers at the Jack Layton event tomorrow

* Mark will contact some local politicians (city counselor and MPP)

* We have 2/3 of the video in an offline format, pulled off YouTube
* Last third is on the website
* Milan tested it with his phone, and it works
* Also, the venue said we can use their WiFi
* Stuart will see if he can get the stream off the CBC site

Promotional plan
* Poster - Monica may be able to design one
* Should be something that works in black and white
* Milan can put some up at U of T in early September
* Is there somewhere we can get inexpensive printing?
* We should put up some posters in the area of the venue

* Milan can announce it before a couple of appropriate classes at U of T (environmental politics classes, etc.)

* Social media
* Ask people with large social media presence to promote on our behalf
* Perhaps some celebrity through the film festival?
* Ideally, get them to link to our film screening Facebook event

* Cross-promotion with speakers / the musician
* Collaborate with Juan Pablo to promote
* (If there is any gear he needs, we should find out ASAP)

Should we invite Peter Kent?

3) Designating roles

* Both Tamara and Monica are admins for the group
* Facebook updates go automatically to Twitter

* 'Save the date' reminder went out on 12 August
* Next message in the lead-up to the film screening
* Perhaps two: one in early September, one a few days before
* Would it be possible to put a 'tweet this' link in the email?

4) Expense tracking

Monica will create a spreadsheet to keep track
* In the event that we fundraise later, we could recompense people for early out-of-pocket expenses
* Google Docs may be a natural place to put it
* Receipts could be submitted to the treasurer, when we have one officially

5) Possible recruitment events

Tamara assembled a list, which is linked on the Google Group

Do we want to assign people to events? Rely on volunteering?

Toronto International Film Festival
* September 6 - 16

If people wish, they can give completed sheets to Milan to enter into MailChimp

6) Next meeting

Tuesday, August 28th
* At Stuart's
* Email for the address


Aug 28, 2012, 8:27:37 PM8/28/12
Toronto planning meeting

28 August 2012

Present: Stuart, Tamara, Meaghan, Ben, Monica, Milan

* Peter Kent screening - 20 Sept
* "Age of Stupid" screening
* Yesterday's 'climate action summit'
* Joining the Climate Action Network
* Establishing a U of T club
* 350 'workshop'
* Recruiting
* 'Chasing Ice' documentary
* Next meeting

1) Peter Kent screening - 20 Sept

We have a speaker - U of T professor Matthew Hoffmann
* and Facebook events have been updated

We also have a full saved version of the video

Left to be done: more promotion, projection and sound equipment

Social event in September to promote Power Shift?
* If someone wants to come promote it at the screening, they would be welcome

Monica emailed a list of counselors
* Mike Layton busy, but interested in future events

Ian has access to a projector, but says it isn't very good
* Monica will look into some other options

Yasmin has been in touch with the musician
* Milan will check with her about if he needs anything

2) "Age of Stupid" screening

Being put on by a local NDP riding association
* September 7th

Milan will go and try and encourage people to attend our screening / planning meetings

Peter Tabuns is speaking there

3) Yesterday's 'climate action summit'

Milan attended

At Lillian Smith Library

Representatives from various groups: Council of Canadians, Citizens Climate Lobby, etc.
* Climate change critic from the Green Party

What priorities should we try to advance together? Carbon pricing and ending fossil fuel subsidies the most popular options

They encouraged groups not yet affiliated with the Climate Action Network to join

4) Joining the Climate Action Network is already part

Do we want to associate 350 Toronto with them?
* People can have a look at their website, and we can discuss whether to sign up next meeting

5) Establishing a U of T club

Constitution submitted
* Not clear how long it will take to get approved

Once it is approved, we can schedule an annual general meeting

Could be a good idea to have a 'membership package'
* With climate change information, a t-shirt, etc.

6) 350 'workshop'

There is information on the 350 site

Perhaps something to undertake later

7) Recruiting

Windfest in September

People can get clipboards, sign-up sheets, and t-shirts from Milan

[Meeting interrupted by a duo of adorable hyper-energetic dogs.]

We could get in touch with CUPE and other unions

Vegetarian festival -September 8-10
* Stuart is planning to go
* Milan will bring a t-shirt and clipboard to the next meeting

8) 'Chasing Ice' documentary


Shown at Hot Docs -Not yet released
* Part of the Extreme Ice Survey

If screenings independent of us happen, we could promote them
* An around-the-world tour is planned
* No dates listed yet

Could we get access to a lecture hall at U of T with good quality projection gear?

9) Things to do for next week

Stuart will look into the 350 workshop idea

Monica will coordinate with Neal on the poster, or just make it herself

Everyone should have a look at the Climate Action Network
* Milan will contact them about exactly what being affiliated would mean

Keep approaching possible speakers

10) Next meeting

At Maya's
* If you need the address, email
* Between Dundas and College at Harrison (south of College)


Sep 4, 2012, 7:59:20 PM9/4/12
Toronto planning meeting

4 September 2012

Present: Tamara, Amelia Rose, Stuart, Milan

* 7 September 'Age of Stupid' screening

* Establishing a U of T club
* 20 September Peter Kent screening
* 350 workshops
* Power Shift Conference
* Recruitment
* Next meeting

1) 7 September 'Age of Stupid' screening


Milan is planning to go
* Will bring a clipboard to try and get email addresses

2) Establishing a U of T club

Constitution and contact info submitted
* Once we hear back we can schedule an AGM and election

If we're rejected, we will amend and re-submit

Milan will ask about booking a room in Massey for some future meetings

It would be good to get some contacts within environmental science programs at various schools

3) 20 September Peter Kent screening

Milan has been in touch with Juan Pablo re: his technical needs
* Milan will make sure he will be able to connect his laptop to the bar's audio setup

Neal has said he will make a poster
* We should start putting them up ASAP
* If we don't have one by Friday, Stuart can make one on Saturday

It would be good if people could announce the event at relevant classes / lectures

There has been some promotion already on Twitter
* 19 confirmed attendees on Facebook

* Reminder sent to the mailing list today
* Date for final reminder? Perhaps Sunday the 16th, so people will see it on Monday morning of the week

Technical requirements
* Double-check that Juan Pablo will be able to plug in his sound gear / the speakers are adequate
* Get the best projector we can
* Make sure it can also be plugged into the sound system

Format for speakers?
* Should we have a podium?
* Or a table for all the speakers to sit at?
* They could give brief introductory remarks, then have a round-table discussion or take question
* We can email the final speakers a couple of days before to check that they are open to this kind of format

We should assign specific responsibilities for the day itself
* For instance, who is responsible for the projector

We should have questions prepared for the speakers, to get things going

Do we want to put out a press release
* We might as well
* We have a list of media contact from Environmental Defence

Juan Pablo wants help with transportation expenses
* Milan can pay these

4) 350 workshops


Ordinarily weekend-long events
* 3-5 hosts
* 30-50 attendees
* The 350 mothership could potentially come and help

There is a workshop being planned in Burlington, VT, USA
* It would be useful to attend one before we host our own

We could start with something smaller
* Some short presentations: climate science, climate policy, etc
* Perhaps at one of the schools

5) Power Shift Conference


October 26-29
* In Ottawa
* Early bird deadline has passed, currently $40
* Not necessary to register beforehand - can pay at the door

Main events on Saturday and Sunday
* Social even Friday night, action on Monday
* Buses are being organized

Amelia Rose is going, Tamara may go
* Milan is open to it, but may be busy or have teaching obligations

6) Other Toronto climate groups

Toronto Climate Campaign
* Has organized massive rallies in the past
* 1000+ people in 2007

Zero Carbon Ontario

7) Recruitment

Veggie Fair this weekend
* Stuart is planning to go - needs a t-shirt and clipboard

6) Next meeting

Tuesday, September 11th: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
* Maya offered her place for next week
* Please RSVP
* If you need the address email

There are scheduling challenges for next week
* Specifically, Milan can't be there for the normal time
* Someone else can take notes

We can try it as a Google hangout at some point


Sep 11, 2012, 8:51:24 PM9/11/12
Toronto planning meeting

Present: Maya, Mark, Ben, Neal, Tamara, Monica, Daniel, Milan

* 'Age of Stupid' screening
* U of T club
* Vegetarian festival

* Peter Kent film screening
* Brainstorming future projects

Introductions around the room

1) 'Age of Stupid' screening

Milan attended
* Was able to promote our screening
* Met with Peter Tabuns

2) U of T club

We have a page up on their website
* But haven't heard back, re: bank account, etc

3) Vegetarian festival

"Amazing place to get signatures"

It would be good to get a booth next time
* Groups without booths not necessarily allowed to collect signatures there

Stuart got ten emails by hand, with some online signups
* Do people need to confirm the MailChimp signup before they count as signed up?
* Milan will do an experiment to see how this works

What would getting a booth involve?

4) 'Chasing Ice' documentary

Very good - compelling imagery
* "Can't be unseen"

It would be good to have an event related to the film
* Our own screening, attending a screening, etc

5) Peter Kent film screening

Details on third speaker: Tim Grant
* Ran for the provincial legislature with the Green Party
* Involved in local residence association
* Involved with green teacher magazine
* Tamara will send Milan background to write a quick intro
* Also, contact information

Postering in progress
* Milan has put up many at U of T: environmental science area, ecology, mining, political science, economics, nearby churches, Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market
* Posters available at the meeting
* Milan can provide more if needed
* Tamara can put some up at York and Ryerson
* United Churches are a good place to poster
* Quakers are also involved in climate activism

Neal will make some changes to the poster
* QR code with link to Facebook event
* Make address more prominent
* Add info on third speaker

Small gift for speakers
* Bottles of wine?
* Books?
* Photo prints?
* Mark will get a bottle for Tabuns, Monica will get a bottle for Tim Grant, Stuart can get one for Professor Hoffmann

Format for speaking
* Do we want a podium?
* Milan can email them, suggesting a format where the speakers sit together at a table, make opening statements, talk with one another, and take question

Social media promotion ongoing
* There have been Twitter (Margaret Atwood retweeted us)
* Promote to Toronto websites, blogs, etc
* Milan will send out another MailChimp message on Thursday
* Milan will send this to Mark, so it can go to Tabuns' email list and over
* Milan will also send a test email to the organizers to make sure it is complete
* Also, Tamara will ask the 350 mothership to send out a message
* Citizens Climate Lobby sent it to their list
* Use your own Facebook, Twitter, etc

Try any other sort of promotion you can think of
* Businesses that promote community events

* Juan Pablo would like us to pay for his taxi rides
* Otherwise, he is set for gear

Please save your receipts
* a) We may be in a position to reimburse at some point
* b) Good to know how much events cost

* Ian says he has it booked

We will be using the sound system in the bar

* Milan will bring his laptop, and an adapter for a projector
* Stuart will burn a DVD

Mark will go by the venue to remind them tonight

We can be adaptable in terms of the seating, based on how many people show up

Milan and Stuart will aim to be there no later than seven on the 20th

5) Brainstorming future projects

Venues for future events
* Venue of the NDP film screening was very good for showing movies / having speakers (Centre of Gravity)
* And the owner was quite open to this cause
* Stuart knows of a venue in the Kensington Market
* $100 for two hours
* Monica has friends with an art gallery near Spadina

Funeral for the arctic sea ice

Divestment campaign at U of T
* Oil sands and pipeline companies, etc
* Milan will see what he can find about where U of T's endowment is invested now

Sponsor film at Planet in Focus event (Oct. 12)
* Happening in three weeks
* Taking on a film, help with promotion, working with the film-makers on a post-film event
* Could try it with more lead-up next year
* At the very least, we can send some people with t-shirts and clipboards to the most climate-relevant films
* We could also make an announcement about this on the 20th

Workshop on winterizing a Toronto home
* Aimed at students, renters, etc
* Plastic wrap sealing for windows
* "Save money, save the planet!"
* There are probably existing organizations that promote energy efficiency
* Point to resources online

Consumer education campaigns
* Tips for saving energy

* Recruitment cards
* Incentivize signups? Bonuses for signing up X people?

YouTube video using '350' somehow?
* 3:50 videos?
* Climate solutions in 3:50?

External insulation for concrete tower blocks
* Proposal killed by the Ford administration
* We could try to encourage them to change course

Greenpeace does training in high schools and elementary schools
* We could see what they do
* Monica attending one on September 17th

Stuart is attending an activism workshop

6) Next meeting

Tuesday, September 18th
* 7:00pm to 9:00pm
* At Daniel's (near Greenwood subway station)


Sep 18, 2012, 8:28:20 PM9/18/12
Toronto planning meeting

Present: Daniel, Mie, Stuart, Monica, Ben, Neal, Milan

* Climate fast - 21 SEP - 2 OCT
* 'Defend our Coast' event - 22 OCT
* Peter Kent screening - this Thursday!
* Meeting space at Ryerson
* Olivia Chow pipeline awareness event
* webspace is buggy
* Next meeting

We have a new person, so we will do some quick introductions
* Brief intros from new and existing members

1) Climate fast - 21 SEP - 2 OCT

Details at:


Should we have a formal process for endorsing such things?
* Or just rely on who turns up at the relevant meeting?
* Does itself have any guidelines?

Should we endorse it?
* Hamilton 350 ( supports the fast
* Also Citizens Climate Lobby

Mie moves that we support the fast
* Stuart seconds
* Motion carries unanimously

Does anyone want to participate?
* Milan might participate on one or both Sundays

Are there any organized events in Toronto?
* Milan will look into it

Milan provided them with a data file of the Kent documentary

A fast seems like a fairly appropriate gesture to make in response to climate change, given the potential for global agricultural disruption

2) 'Defend our Coast' event - 22 OCT


Objectives: "We want the B.C. and Federal government to listen to the majority of people in B.C., growing numbers across Canada, dozens of municipalities, and the over 100 First Nations who all say no to tar sands tankers and pipelines on Canada’s west coast. We also want the Federal government to respect First Nations people’s internationally enshrined right to free, prior, and informed consent."

Many endorsements already:
* Toronto could potentially endorse it as well

People can have a look at the website and we can discuss endorsing the event at next week's meeting

3) Peter Kent screening

Music issues

Milan bought an adapter to connect his laptop to the Environmental Defence projector
* It would be good if someone could bring a backup laptop
* Dan will bring one

Stuart has a playable DVD

It would be helpful if we could borrow a screen
* Milan will try to arrange to borrow one from Massey College tomorrow
* Otherwise, he can try to book one for rental from Vistek

We need to know how long an audio cable we need
* If it's more than five feet or so, we will need a source for one
* Milan will check if Vistek rents them
* May also be possible to borrow from Massey College

Ideally, someone should check with the Riverside Pub about whether they have a screen and/or long cable
* Perhaps Mark could ask them

Can someone take photos?
* Milan normally would, but will probably be busy with the projector, speaker intros, etc
* Neal will take photos

Other checklist items?
* Have the bottles of wine been purchased, as discussed last week? - Stuart bought three bottles
* Do we have a video DVD as a backup? - We do

We should put on a final flurry of promotion
* Please, tell your friends, family members, etc
* All the posters Milan printed have been posted
* Daniel put up an extensive number at Ryerson
* Neal has put up posters in churches and friendly shops east of Greenwood

Neal has created an updated graphic
* Milan will print some more for a final round of postering around U of T
* Mie will take 20
* If anyone is able to put some up, they can get them from Milan at Massey College (4 Devonshire Place) or he can meet you somewhere on campus

Social media promotion
* Facebook, Twitter
* Invite your friends
* Use mailing lists
* Milan has been haranguing the Massey College community
* Milan will send it to the U of T mailing list for graduate students in political science
* Also, will send it on to one of the people who run the environmental studies program
* is listing us on their list of daily events in the city

Do we want to prepare a press release?
* We have the list of media contacts from the Kalamazoo event
* Milan will cook one up and send it to some of these people
* Will be circulated for comment
* Should probably be sent ASAP
* Next time, it would be good to send one out earlier to try to get into weekly entertainment papers

How many people do we expect?
* Probably most of the people who attend planning meetings
* 25 RSVPs on Facebook

We can ask for donations, explaining how the financing of the group works - all volunteer, etc

Contacts for emergency assistance on Thursday?
* Neal should be available during the afternoon

What's happening on the day itself
* Milan will pick up projector and screen, bringing laptop and adaptor
* Milan will sort out where we're getting a screen from
* Then we can plan exactly how to get to the venue
* Probably best to take subway to Broadview, then take streetcar down Broadview

4) Meeting space at Ryerson

Daniel will book a space there for October 2nd
* To be confirmed at next week's meeting

5) Olivia Chow pipeline awareness event

Free Film Showing – Pipe Dreams
* When: Tuesday, October 9th, 6 to 8:30 pm
* Where: Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 506 Bloor Street West
* What: Free film screening, followed by discussion with Greenpeace Canada and MP Olivia Chow
* RSVP: Call 416-533-2710

We could meet there in lieu of a meeting that week
* Or meet somewhere briefly beforehand, then go together

6) webspace is buggy

Milan and Monica have both been having trouble posting comments
* Monica will write to them about the trouble with posting comments

Not a super-well-designed site

Usually best to point people toward our Facebook page

7) Next meeting

At Massey College - 4 Devonshire Place
* People must RSVP today
* Also, please try to come on time

Planning to come: Neal, Monica, Stewart, Mie, Ben, Daniel, Milan


Sep 21, 2012, 2:06:41 AM9/21/12
The following people have been put on the RSVP list for Tuesday's meeting at Massey College:


If you want to attend and your name is not on the list, please send me an email or post a message here.



Sep 25, 2012, 9:50:50 PM9/25/12
Toronto planning meeting

Present: Stuart, Ian, Mie, Ben, Milan

* Kent screening debrief
* Greenpeace 'Earth Defenders Training'
* Long-term planning
* Shadow constitution
* Contest to raffle Planet in Focus tickets
* Next projects
* Next meeting

1) Kent screening debrief

Lessons learned, re: venue, marketing, etc?

Good turnout (40+) and speakers
* Stuart counted 43

Speakers worked well
* Two political parties represented
* Good to encourage people to ask actual questions

We mostly got out people who are already engaged and active on climate change
* Most people heard about the event from friends - not posters or social media
* How did these friends find out about it?
* Not many directly attracted by posters - may not be the best use of time and resources
* Future posters should be designed for immediate impact

Are we preaching only to those who are already serious about climate change?
* Should we focus on informing the general public, mobilizing those who are already serious, or something different?
* We should probably be doing both

If we want to attract people with little or no prior interest in climate change, we probably need to design the event to be more accessible and alluring

Good to have a speaker from Power Shift
* Do we know anyone who is attending?

It would be easier to have future movie screenings in places already wired for video and sound
* Also, background noise in the pub was distracting
* The people who attended didn't drink much - Not optimal for the pub

Next time, we should use more time at the beginning of the event to tell our story
* What 350 is about, what the consequences of different stabilization concentrations and temperatures could be
* The start of this event felt rushed (because of Tabuns' limited time commitment)

In the future, we will be able to use OISE and U of T rooms

We need to be more organized on roles and have a program agreed beforehand
* Having someone with a t-shirt right at the door would be helpful
* It worked well to break up the speaking between people

Everyone who spent any money on the event, please tell Milan how much
* So we can know how much running an event like this costs

[Aside - sometimes, we meet in fancy rooms]

2) Greenpeace 'Earth Defenders Training'

Attended by Stuart this past weekend

Greenpeace diagram
* Allies - actively working on campaigns - us, Citizens Climate Lobby, etc
* Passive allies - sympathetic, but need encouragement
* Neutral
* Opposition
* Passive opposition - can be provoked into opposition

People often get involved through people who they know

Appealing to the 'mushy middle'
* Moms can be used as sounding boards

How do we mobilize people who are concerned about climate change, but who aren't doing anything about it
* What is the most meaningful kind of action people can take?
* One good point Hoffmann made - it may make more sense to focus on municipal and provincial politics

3) Long-term planning

Toronto has done two actions so far
* We may now want to develop a specific long-term campaign where we can track success
* Can involve multiple actions

There has been some good brainstorming during the last few meetings
* Lots of one-off suggestions, but fewer ideas for a strategic campaign

Not everyone will be interested in working on every campaign
* Focusing on just one thing could limit the amount of participation people undertake

We could split into a long-term campaign group and another focused on one-off events
* We have been doing this in terms of having people show up at events to collect email addresses
* We need to remain accessible to volunteers

Roles in meeting
* Facilitator - organize meeting, make sure people get a chance to speak
* Timekeeper, minute-taker
* Could be good to split up some of the things that Milan has been doing

Setting SMART objectives
* Specific, measurable, achievable, rigorous (relevant?), timely

4) Shadow constitution

Basic idea of the U of T club is to get out of the university system what we can
* 'Cayman Islands shell company model'

Our constitution is based on the minimum requirements of U of T

The 'president' and 'treasurer' are required by U of T, but don't necessarily need to be in charge of the overall group
* Are alumni technically allowed to vote?

Do we want internal rules that are not bound by U of T requirements?

We could deem a simple majority of votes in favour or opposed to a motion to be equivalent to one U of T student voting in favour or against

So far, the principal has been that whoever shows up makes the decisions
* We may want a formal mechanism to warn about especially important topics of discussion
* We can have a general principle of announcing important votes in the minutes one week, then holding them officially the next

How do we want to define 'membership' for our own purposes?
* Can people just turn up?
* Should we require people to participate in one event?

Do we want to adopt something like Robert's Rules of Order?
* May be necessary as the group grows

Preparing a draft
* We want a shadow constitution
* Stuart and Milan will form a committee to produce a draft
* A draft can be presented to an ordinary meeting within the next few weeks
* Doesn't necessarily need to be called a shadow constitution

Milan will look into what our current official status as a U of T club is
* We have a website, but it's not entirely clear

We need to have an Annual General Meeting
* People could get 5-minute stretches to present long-term campaign ideas

5) Contest to raffle Planet in Focus tickets

We have two pairs of two tickets for a screening on Saturday, October 13th at 9:30pm

Some ideas of Monica's
* The 20th person to message our Facebook page with the date and time of the screening for 'Occupy Love,' wins a free pair of tickets. We get FB traffic and so does the PIF site.
* The second give away could go to the 20th person to message our Facebook page with the name of a previous film by 'Occupy Love' director Velcro Ripper, (this won a Genie Award for best Feature Length documentary).

Enter every new person who comes to a planning meeting can be entered into the raffle?
* We could create a flyer to hand out to students, encouraging them to come to a planning meeting
* Every new person who attends a meeting can be entered into a draw

Could we encourage people to take a more substantive action - contact an elected representative, perhaps? Or write to a newspaper?

Mark isn't here to fully explain what this sponsorship means and how we will be involved
* Part of the plan is to try and collect email addresses here

6) Next projects

Neal's 'funeral for the Arctic summer sea ice' idea
* Could be done outside Queen's Park

A divestment campaign at U of T?
* U of T has an endowment of over $1.5 billion
* About 40% is invested in Canadian and US stocks
* We could encourage them to divest from all fossil fuel industries
* Alternatively, we could encourage them to divest selectively from coal and unconventional oil and gas (could be an easier sell)
* If U of T took action, it could encourage others to do so
* There is a precedent for attempting to get the university to selectively divest, namely the pro-Palestinian divestment campaign
* Milan can do some more research on past divestment efforts, what the U of T portfolio is, etc.
* He can try to meet with someone who is responsible for managing the endowment
* Alternatively, encourage U of T to invest more in renewable energy
* Encourage them to sell 5% of their fossil fuel holdings per year, investing instead in renewable energy

Would be a valuable precedent
* North American universities have many billions under management

Encourage U of T to buy its electricity from Bullfrog Power

Encourage U of T to take advantage of the Green Energy Act to install more solar panels
* Or to invest in improving the energy efficiency of buildings

Who could the targets of our campaign be?
* U of T, other universities
* The city of Toronto
* The province of Ontario
* Encourage social justice groups (like churches) to devote more attention to climate change

What could we plausibly ask the city or province to do?

Participate more actively in 350's campaign against fossil fuel subsidies?
* Try to convince the NDP to change their position on removing the HST from heating oil?

Cladding for concrete high-rises

Work on encouraging the federal NDP and Liberals to merge?
* "You're going to keep losing forever, as long as you keep splitting the vote"
* Encourage the emergence of a federal Wild Rose party?
* Custom-designed to pull votes from the Conservatives but be un-electable

Yes Men style pranks?
* Perhaps, if the opportunity arises
* Might have to be technically unassociated with the group
* "Climate change is killing Santa"
* Video zooming in on ice-free pole from orbit, eventually showing candy canes, elf hats, other debris floating in the ocean
* Suffocating methane-clathrate explosions?
* "The North Pole will never be the same"

Something on the theme of '350'
* 3:50 YouTube videos?
* Encourage the 350 mothership to do this?

"Do the Math" -US tour
* November 7th to December 3rd
* "Each event will be a unique and interactive experience, unlike any talk you’ve been to before. It will pick up where Bill McKibben’s landmark Rolling Stone article left off — and everyone who comes will be asked to join a growing movement that is strong enough to stand up to the fossil fuel industry."
* Being organized by the 350 mothership
* We could send people to the closest one?
* Encourage them to have some sort of event in Toronto?

'Winterizing' workshop
* Environmental Defence could be able to provide some support, since it would be non-political
* Is there anything easy beyond shrink-wrapping your windows?
* David Suzuki Foundation could also be involved

We could quantify where the average Torontonian's emissions come from
* Energy embedded in 'stuff', travel, heating and cooling, etc
* Could help us direct our efforts efficiently

We could be the one pro-nuclear environmental group...
* "More Darlingtons please..."
* Relative risks of nuclear power and climate change

Fundraising strategies
* Try and get a lot of money from a small number of affluent, climate-concerned donors?
* Push the fact that we're volunteers who can do things in a cost-effective way
* We may want to form a fundraising committee, or have an executive member appointed for the purpose

Overall objective?
* To stabilize atmospheric carbon at 350ppm
* Take action in places where we can make a difference

7) Next meeting

October 2nd, 7pm - 9pm
* Ryerson library
* Room 959B

Let's aim to have our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 16th
* Milan will see if he can get a fancy room


Sep 25, 2012, 9:52:45 PM9/25/12
Further to the aside about fancy rooms...


Oct 2, 2012, 10:27:12 PM10/2/12

2 OCTOBER 2012

Present: Neal, Daniel, Stuart, Maya, Monica, Milan


* MailChimp signup sheets
* Tools for Change
* Planet in Focus film festival
* Preparation for Annual General Meeting - Tuesday, October 9th
* Meeting locations

1) MailChimp signup sheets

People could use an electronic copy

Milan has paper copies only

Stuart has an electronic form he cooked up himself - he will post it on the planning forum

2) Tools for Change

Milan and Stuart attended a workshop on facilitation on Sunday

Tools for Change has a series of other workshops, information is on the planning forum already

People are encouraged to attend their future workshops

3) Planet in Focus film festival

Mark is organizing
* If you are interested in participating, it may be best to contact him directly

4) Preparation for Annual General Meeting - Tuesday, October 9th

Today, we should decide on the agenda and clarify a few points about the electoral process

Electing an executive

We have two mandatory positions
* President and treasurer
* Must be U of T students

* People shall be able to self-nominate
* Members shall be able to nominate themselves for positions by defining the position and indicating their interest and qualifications through the planning forum before the beginning of the AGM
* If the positions for which they have nominated themselves do not exist, a vote shall be held on whether they should be created during the appropriate time in the AGM

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:20pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously

* Open nominations for president
* Have people nominate themselves or be nominated
* Vote between candidates (simple majority of members present)
* Open nominations for treasurer
* Have people nominate themselves or be nominated
* Vote between candidates (simple majority of members present)
* We have an executive!

[VOTING] -See 'agenda' section below

What positions might we want?
* Fundraising, membership, recruitment, media relations, secretary (would have to be at every meeting), campus representatives for other schools, event planner / coordinator, data monkey, webmaster, greeter for new members, police liaison, record keeper, badgerer / taskmaster, campaign managers
* Some of these could be combined

People nominating or self-nominating shall be required to define the basic duties of the proposed executive position at the Annual General Meeting prior to voting for that position
* Before voting begins on a new executive position, there shall be a vote among the general membership about whether the position should be created. If a simple majority vote in favour of creating the position, the voting shall begin. If a simple majority oppose the creation of the position, the position shall not be created.
* In the matter of whether a new position shall be created, the vote of a simple majority of members voting shall be considered binding upon the executive

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:24pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously

Should we allow people who aren't present at the AGM to be nominated?
* People can indicate electronically in advance of the meeting that they want to be considered for an executive position
* They can then be elected by simple majority or by acclamation

[VOTING] - Covered by previous section on nominations

Proxy voting
* Anyone who is a member of the club can submit their proxy votes electronically to up until the beginning of the AGM
* Anyone voting by proxy shall indicate that they wish to vote for a particular person for a particular position, provided that person is nominated for the position in question
* In the event that the person is nominated for that position, the proxy shall be counted as one vote during each round of voting in which the candidate remains in the running
* Members voting by proxy may indicate their second and subsequent preferences for each position. In the event that their first choice is eliminated, their proxy vote will be applied to the most highly ranked of their preferred candidates still in the running
* The chairperson shall appoint a member to be responsible for managing proxy votes during the AGM

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:26pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously

General principal: "Decisions are made by the people who show up."

Second general principal: "People choose their own level of involvement."

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:27pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously with one abstention

Electoral college
* "In the event that a majority of members of Toronto vote in favour of a motion, it shall be deemed equivalent to a majority of members who are students at the University of Toronto voting in favour of the motion."
* "In the event that a majority of members of Toronto vote against a motion, it shall be deemed equivalent to a majority of members who are students at the University of Toronto voting against the motion."

To aid interpretation of the electoral college system
* In short, the club members who are U of T students are bound by the will of the majority of members
* Practically, this would mean everyone at our AGM who is a club member can vote for executives

Alternative formulation:
* "In the event that a majority of members of Toronto vote in favour of a motion, all members of Toronto who are students at the University of Toronto shall be bound to vote in favour of the motion in a subsequent formal vote."
* "In the event that a majority of members of Toronto vote against a motion, all members of Toronto who are students at the University of Toronto shall be bound to vote against the motion in a subsequent formal vote."

Alternative alternative: count the majority vote as equivalent to some arbitrarily large number of U of T students, like 10,000 or 1,000,000

[VOTING] - Milan proposes that the process described under 'electoral college' be adopted - 8:32pm
[VOTING] - Approved unanimously

Do we want to have a general membership vote first, then have a formal vote conducted by U of T students?
* One risk, only 1-2 U of T students could conceivably show up

Voting process
* In the event that more than two people are nominated for a position, a vote will be held in which each member present casts one vote for one of the nominees
* In the event that no candidate receives 50% +1 of the vote (not counting abstentions), the nominee with the least votes will be dropped from the running
* Another vote will then be held for remaining nominees, until one candidate receives 50% +1 of the vote (not counting abstentions)
* That candidate shall then be duly elected to the position for which they have been nominated

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:34pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously

Should the electoral college be used to elect all executives, or only those aside from the president and treasurer?
* Our U of T constitution makes 'the executive' rather powerful
* Given that they are the most important positions, we should use our 'electoral college' to allow all members present to vote for president and treasurer

Defining 'membership'
* Anyone who turns up?
* Anyone who has attended a meeting?
* Anyone who has participated in an event?
* Anyone who attended more than 2 meetings in the previous year?
* Anyone who has attended a meeting within the last 2 months?

* For this year, we will use a definition that if you have attended 2 planning meetings since the group formed, you are considered a member and are entitled to vote in the Annual General Meeting
* Members who indicate their preferences electronically before the AGM begins shall be entitled to vote in the manner defined above
* This will be re-evaluated for the purposes of the second AGM
* Before making nominations or voting - either in person or by proxy - members shall make themselves familiar with the principles of Toronto as described in our constitution, shadow constitution, and the website

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:35pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously
[VOTING] -Final bullet added as amendment: 8:45pm
[VOTING] -Approved as amended unanimously

Role of the chairperson
* The chairperson shall be permitted to run for executive positions
* During the period when the chairperson has been nominated for a position and while the election remains open, they shall appoint a member present at the meeting to act as interim chairperson
* The chair of the meeting shall assign a member to be responsible to vote on behalf of proxies that have been submitted
* In the event of an ambiguity in the agreed electoral process, the chairperson shall use their judgment to resolve it equitably and in keeping with the principles of Toronto
* Only the chairperson shall be permitted to call votes on any subject
* The chairperson shall determine the result of votes, to be recorded in the minutes

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:37pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously

* Neal will go through the minutes of all meetings before the meeting and identify everyone who is a member of the group and entitled to vote

Agenda for the AGM
* Assemble
* Determine who is eligible to vote (shall be worked out beforehand by an appointed person)
* Members entitled to vote shall be given some token to indicate their status, such as a coloured sticker
* Election of a chairperson for the meeting
* Election of president
* Election of treasurer
* Nomination and election of other executive members
* Proposed amendments to the U of T constitution (hopefully none)
* Merriment

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:39pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously

Amendments to agenda
* If necessary, the chairperson may alter the agenda for the AGM in keeping with the principles of Toronto

[VOTING] -Milan calls vote on this section: 8:40pm
[VOTING] -Approved unanimously

Who should chair the meeting?
* To be elected, according to the agenda above
* In the event of an ambiguity in the rules listed above, the chairperson shall use their discretion in determining how the meeting shall proceed

What positions do we really want?
* Director of operations (primary responsibility for logistics of all events, with the expectation that the role can be delegated for specific events)
* Director of fundraising
* Director of recruitment
* Media director (communication with journalists)
* Director of communication (communication with our membership)
* Art director
* Campus representatives: Ryerson, York, etc

Note: we can merge some of these positions if people want to cover multiple responsibilities

Milan will pull together a formal Record of Decision from this meeting, containing only text voted upon and approved
* This Record of Decision shall be the shadow constitution of Toronto

Milan will send minutes from all meetings to Neal to determine who is a member

5) Meeting locations

Should we always meet in the same place?
* As much as possible, should be near subway stops

Milan will look into booking a room at U of T
* Possibly through the department of political science
* He can book rooms in Massey periodically, but probably not every night

Monica will look into OISE


Oct 4, 2012, 9:57:45 PM10/4/12


Oct 9, 2012, 11:15:50 PM10/9/12
Toronto 2012 Annual General Meeting

9 October 2012

Present: Nath, Jessica, Monica, Tamara, Stuart, Mie, Ben, Milan

Note taker: Tamara


* Assemble
* Determine who is eligible to vote (shall be worked out beforehand by an appointed person)
* Members entitled to vote shall be given some token to indicate their status, such as a coloured
* Election of a chairperson for the meeting
* Election of president
* Election of treasurer
* Nomination and election of other executive members
* Proposed amendments to the U of T constitution
* Merriment

Mie nominates Milan for Chairperson.
Approved unanimously.

There are no other questions or issues to be raised at this time.

Proceed to voting.

Milan has nominated himself electronically for President.
There are no other nominations for the position of President.
Milan calls vote on this item.
Approved unanimously.

Neal has nominated Monica for Treasurer.
There are no other nominations for Treasurer.
Milan calls vote on this item.
Approved unanimously.
Monica receives the official receipts.

Nomination and Election
Neal proposes the creation of the position of Creative Director by proxy.
- provide graphics (posters, recruitment cards) and other creative material for current and future initiatives
Milan calls vote on this item.
Approved unanimously.

Neal has nominated himself for Creative Director by proxy.
There are no other nominations for the position.
Milan calls vote on this item.
Approved unanimously.

Creation of the role of Director of Outreach and Education
- develop educational and outreach materials for events and campaigns
- prepare and send out monthly newsletters
- establish and coordinate an outreach team

Milan calls vote to create the position as described.
6 Opposed, 1 Abstention

As the sole nominee is not currently present we will defer the vote to a later meeting pending clarification of the scope of the position. (suggestions: split the position into 2 positions - director of outreach and director of education)

Creation of the role of Director of Operations
- overall responsibility for event coordination and logistics
- can delegate tasks
Milan calls vote on this item.
Approved unanimously.

Milan nominates Stu for Director of Operations.
Stu accepts.
Milan calls vote on this item.
Approved unanimously.

Creation of the role of Director of Communications
- managing web presence
- coordinating communications to members (event promotion, working on monthly newsletter with)
- communicating with "350 mothership" about our activities and how they can support us
Tamara nominates herself for the position
There are no other nominations.
Milan opens vote on this item.
Approved unanimously.

Creation of the role of Media Director
- contact with local media, sending out press releases
- establishing relationships with various
- maintaining/updating our list of press contacts
Milan opens vote on this item.
Approved unanimously.

Stu nominates Yasmin for Media Director.
Yasmin accepts.
Milan calls vote on this item.
Approved unanimously

Creation of Director of Fundraising
- seeking out donors and securing donations
- managing bank account
Milan calls vote on this item.
Approved unanimously

There are no nominations for this position at this time.

Director of Recruitment:
- does this fall under outreach?
- leave this pending clarification of outreach/education role(s)

Proceed to constitutional amendments

None at this time.

Planning meeting

Event idea:
"Oily Santa"
- Santa suit, reindeer out on the street somewhere busy
- Santa covered in oil
- Yonge and Dundas square on 'buy nothing day'?
- objective: draw media attention
- tie this to divestment or Line 9?

Group Objectives
- draw media attention
- political lobbying, meeting with politicians

Campaign ideas:
- fossil fuel divestment campaign at U of T (and other Toronto campuses?)
    - Milan will research U of T's investment portfolio
    - reach out to other campus groups for endorsement
- Enbridge's Line 9
    - partnering with Anthony Peruzza
- TDSB eco schools (talking at schools, video of us talking to kids?)

Milan - Low fee, low carbon

- Monica will look into sources at U of T (Student Initiatives Fund, Good Ideas Fund, UTERN)

Club Status
- Milan will check on this, possibility of getting a bank account

- Stu proposes that we focus on the Divestment and Line 9 campaigns for the next 6 months
- Mie suggests that we set specific objectives for these campaigns at the next planning meeting
- If anyone disagrees, bring ideas to next meeting (or post on the google group)

Weekly meetings
- Round Room is very nice but a bit formal for planning meetings
- OISE library conference rooms?
- study rooms at Robarts?
- 7 to 830 (book rooms til 9 to give us some leeway)

- clarification of director of outreach/education/recruitment position(s)
- formal decision on campaigns for the next 6 months (suggestions are Divestment and Line 9, bring other ideas to next meeting)

Next meeting:
7pm @ Stu's (Dupont and Ossington)


Oct 12, 2012, 9:29:10 PM10/12/12


Oct 16, 2012, 10:12:35 PM10/16/12
Toronto planning meeting

Present: Stuart, Tamara, Milan, Jess

Note taker: Stu

* U of T divestment
* U of T club status and booking rooms
* Line 9

Milan registered and set up a basic homepage.

Could someone design a super-basic page linking to our Facebook, Twitter, email-signup (iframe), GGroups, donate button, etc? (Anything else?)

- Milan will ask Neal to create the homepage.

Do we want Google Analytics on the site? Yes

During the meeting we set up the site to use GMail and Google Apps.
What system do we want to use for email? forwarding to newly created GMail accounts? That way, people can pass along correspondence related to their position. e.g.
operations@, media@, treasurer@
- Stu to create the rest and send out passwords as appropriate.

2) UofT divestment
Milan emailed 'investing with integrity' (IWI) about meeting with them.
Some further research can be done on, but we decided it was best to wait to hear back from IWI, given they have potentially done all the research necessary. The IWI may be connected with the successful campaign that divested UofT from tobacco in 2007. Article2.
- Milan will delegate research as appropriate.

3) U of T club status and booking rooms
Milan checked on club status: we’re still waiting for approval.

We can book rooms at UofT as long as there are no problems with our UofT constitution. If a problem comes up, this will be revoked until the constitution is approved. But for now, we’re good.
Milan booked a room at Hart House for Oct. 23: the 2nd floor board room.
- Milan to ask whether we can get the same room every week.

4) Line 9
Looking through various websites, we were trying to find other groups doing things in TO.
There was a discussion about what we would consider success: raising awareness to the point of getting passive-allies (students, others concerned about climate change) to act in some way (public comments etc.) seemed fairly popular. But how to achieve this?
We encountered
We have to consider messaging - what to say to people who are just hearing about Line9 - as well what would be convincing for the National Energy Board.
- Tamara volunteered to find closer-to-home groups in TO itself.
- Jess will research more around the issue.


Oct 22, 2012, 2:39:38 PM10/22/12
In case anyone is curious, this shows the number of attendees for our meetings so far.

It would be great if we could think up ways to attract some new volunteers, as well as encourage people to participate more often.


Oct 23, 2012, 8:53:41 PM10/23/12
Toronto planning meeting

23 October 2012

Present: Yasmin, Chris, Miriam, Jessica, Stuart, Monica, Tamara, Neal, Milan

Minute-taker: Milan


* Student leaders reception on Thursday
* New website and executive email addresses
* Defend Our Coast rally
* Divestment
* Line 9
* 'Oily Santa' idea
* Rooms for meetings
* Fundraising
* Tools for Change workshops
* Regular MailChimp emails

There are some new people here, so we will do some introductions

1) Student leaders reception on Thursday

Noon, Great Hall, Hart House

* "This annual event is to welcome student executives from St. George campus student unions, student societies and recognized campus groups. The reception is an excellent opportunity to meet with your fellow student leaders and members of the University of Toronto administration."

* Please RSVP online before 5:00 p.m. Thursday, October 18, 2012 at:

It may still be possible to register

Milan is going, in any case

2) New website and executive email addresses

We now own
* It would be great if someone could spruce it up a bit, though all it really needs to include is links to our social media channels

New exec emails - all are
* Tamara communications@
* Neal creative@
* Yasmin media@
* Stuart operations@
* Milan president@
* Monica treasurer@
* Milan fundraising@ (note: interim! We want someone to do this exclusively)

The 350 mothership is meant to send us a vector graphic Toronto logo

3) Defend Our Coast rally

Successful event
* About 3,500 participants
* Fairly widespread media coverage
* Good to promote via social media

4) Divestment

No word back from Investing with Integrity

Does anyone want to help out with divestment research?
* Working out what U of T's holdings are
* Working out the process for changing their procedure
* Identifying contacts, both at the university and with potential ally groups
* Try to meet with the responsible U of T staff
* Find out about the University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation

See what materials are available from the 350 mothership

Which other groups are working on this?
* Any in Canada?
* We could coordinate to produce materials

Related possibilities
* Encourage people to close accounts at banks particularly implicated in oil sands extraction

* Which tactics were used in successful anti-tobacco and anti-apartheid campaigns?
* Approach civically-minded alumni
* Tufts University has materials online about divestment
* Try to participate in important meetings and/or protest outside?
* Proposal is likely to be for them to divest in tranches: 5-10% at a time
* Get the student union to pass a motion
* Identify and approach other student groups that might be supportive - Students for Peace, Zeitgeist movement
* Seek other endorsements

Likely to be a fair amount of resistance
* Strategy to respond necessary
* Have positive proposals for alternative investments?
* A significant number of U of T students are probably preparing for jobs in the oil, gas, and coal industries
* Important to be able to respond to concerns about jobs
* Likewise, be able to make the case that the non-fossil parts of the economy are the smart places to invest
* The university still expects to be here in 2100, and 2250, and 2500, etc.
* They will still be here after the transition to zero-carbon energy

What do do now? Research
* How can we find out about the structure of U of T's investments? Freedom of information laws? Public documents?
* Miriam will see what she can find for next week's meeting
* Tamara will find more information about Tufts
* Milan will look into what other groups are doing
* We want to be able to make a convincing argument before we start approaching other groups

* Mechanisms for raising awareness in the university community: giving presentations, using our web channels
* Explain the various types of harm done by fossil fuels, also why a transition beyond them is possible and desirable
* Milan can work on starting to develop a presentation on what this campaign is trying to do and why

5) Line 9

What should we try to find out?

What other Toronto groups are involved?
* Tamara has looked into it
* Toronto-Bolivia Solidarity (involved with She Speaks indigenous women oil sands event), with another event planned for November 7th
* Climate Justice Collective
* Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)
* Environmental Defense (door knocking in the Rouge, encouraging people to attend National Energy Board hearings)

National energy board hearing dates have not yet been announced
* There is likely to be a meeting in Toronto
* We should think about participating, by making statements to the board, etc

Line 9 has been used recently to ship imported oil into Canada through Montreal
* The aim is to reverse it to carry oil sands crude in the other direction
* Stopping the reversal has potential for slowing the rate of growth of the oil sands

Environmental Defence has materials available on this
* Tamara will locate these and put links on the planning forum

Route through GTA?
* Between the 401 and Steeles Ave. in the east end of the city
* Exploit the anxieties of rich NIMBYs concerned about property
* Increased risk and severity of spills due to oil sands synthetic crude - "hot liquid sandpaper"
* Point out recent spills in similar pipes
* We could try to identify which water bodies the pipeline crosses, or which could be contaminated from a spill
* Yasmin will do some research on this, including into which journalists have been looking into this
* Neal will try to find high-quality photos of a pipeline in Burnaby B.C. that burst recently

Is any modification of the pipe required in order to carry diluted bitumen in place of what it was carrying before?
* Tamara will look into this as well, and into whether any such requirements are in place for the portion that has already been approved for reversing

6) 'Oily Santa' idea

Response to melting arctic ice and the advent of oil drilling in the arctic

Public performance / media event?
* Invite people to sit on oily Santa's lap

Magazine ad?

Photo shoot?

* Could work as some sort of animation

Interactive flash game
* Santa on a shrinking icecap, facing starving polar bears, exploding oil wells, etc - trying to keep making presents for children

Shell is probably more involved in arctic drilling at this stage than any company
* We should try to find out whether U of T has any Shell stock

* Where to do it?
* How to get a Santa costume (especially one we can get 'oily')?
* Yasmin has recipes for faux-oil
* Antlers on black labs for oily reindeer
* Oily helper elves - possibly trying to cap a blown out well

Might such stunts impede our ability to negotiate seriously with U of T staff?
* If there isn't a growing student movement calling for divestment, it is unlikely our campaign will succeed
* Probably best to prepare, with the knowledge that we may want to call it off later

Can we coordinate with the larger organization?
* They may be willing to help, provide funding, etc
* Stuart will look into who at might be the appropriate contact

* No love for Harper's $1.4 Billion in oil subsidies

Can anyone make a Santa costume?
* Director of Haberdashery?

Could we come up with one print ad, showing oily Santa, and calling for divestment from fossil fuel
* If so, it could end up being fairly widely circulated for free

Oily Santa Action Team - Miriam, Stuart, Yasmin

7) Rooms for meetings

Milan sent an email asking if a room can be booked on a weekly basis
* No response yet
* Will check in person tomorrow and let everyone know by email

How do people feel about always meeting in Hart House?
* General sense that the room is acceptable and conveniently located

8) Fundraising

Application to Student Initiative Fund
* "up to $5000 and award funds for projects, events or activities that will benefit students at the U of T St. George campus"

* contribute positively to the University of Toronto student experience
* reach a broad student community
* add value to the University of Toronto community
* broadly align with the University of Toronto's mission, vision and values as outlined in the University's Statement of Institutional Purpose

* "You may apply at any time. Apply as far in advance of your project as possible to allow the Committee adequate time to consider your proposal. The SIF committee will meet monthly and hear all proposals submitted at least one week prior to the meeting date. Proposals received after this date will be carried forward to the following meeting and applicants will be notified."

More info:

What exactly should we propose?
* Could hold a workshop or conference on climate
* Bringing in guest speakers (Bill McKibben?)
* Grants to travel to events like Power Shift

9) Tools for Change workshops

Many upcoming:


Stuart will pay your fee! (Note: it's free for U of T students and members of some other groups)

10) Regular MailChimp emails

Newsletter every 2 weeks?
* Listing events from the planning forum

Better to focus on just a few key events?

Possible example to follow: Dig In Campus Agriculture
* Miriam will send one as an example

Milan will create an 'items for newsletter' thread on the planning forum
* Everyone who sees relevant events that are not already listed can add them here
* One volunteer could then assemble these into an email every two weeks

Any volunteers?
* Tamara is willing to assemble the messages
* Start and Tamara will develop a template that we can use every two weeks
* Milan will show her how to use MailChimp
* Neal can help with graphics

Hopefully, we will have a nice vector Toronto logo soon

Oct 30, 2012, 8:37:36 PM10/30/12
Toronto planning meeting

30 October 2012

Present: Monica, Neal, Nathalie, Tamara, Milan

Minute-taker: Milan


* Line 9
* U of T divestment campaign
* Logo
* Regular MailChimp emails
* Next meeting

1) Line 9

Neal has found some photos of the Burnaby Kinder-Morgan pipeline rupture
* These could be used in an awareness campaign - make people more emotionally concerned about the risks of pipelines

There are CP wire service photos showing the whole area of destruction
* Unlikely that we will be able to use their images without permission
* Perhaps for satirical purposes

Potentially, we could use an access to information request to get high resolution images from the B.C. or federal government
* Environment Canada is one organization we could try with
* Oil leaked into Burrard Inlet, so the Navigable Waters Act may be relevant

Has the Hamilton 350 group done any work on this? The Green Party? Other organizations?

Some of the material from the Kalamazoo event should be applicable to the Line 9 campaign

Still no information on when hearings on the reversal will be conducted
* Probably after February 2013

Event on Saturday November 17th, as part of the ReBuilding Bridges conference:

2) U of T divestment campaign

No word from 'Investing with Integrity'

Schools with divestment campaigns in the U.S.
* Ithaca College (President expressed personal support)
* Hampshire College has successfully divested (38 faculty supporters, many student signatures)
* Monica has contacted them to talk about tips they may have
* Over 30 schools in the U.S. are trying some sort of campaign
* Amherst considering it, but only in collaboration with another school

Miriam got some good information on Freedom of Information requests, which apparently can be used on U of T

Also, Monica found lists of securities on the U of T website 
* The school has nearly $10 million invested in Shell, 7.8M in British Petroleum, 4 M in Petroleo Brasileiro, 3.2M in Chevron, 2.5M in Suncor (included in both their Canadian and international lists of securities), 2.3M in Cenovus Energy Inc, 2.3M in Conocophillips, 1.6M in ExxonMobil, 1.5M in Painted Pony Petroleum (really), 1.3M in Enbridge, 1.1M in Talisman Energy, and 96M in the Blackrock CDN MSCI EAFE Index Fund, which almost certainly includes investments in fossil fuel stocks. 
* The school also has 175M in Blackrock Canadian Equity Index Fund, 153M in Picton Mahoney 130/30 Canadian Equity, and 120M in the GMO Quality Fund. All of those likely incorporate fossil fuel stocks. 
* In short, there are many substantial fossil fuel holdings

Corporate bonds are also part of the U of T portfolio
* According to the school's annual financial report, roughly 60% of the endowment is in equities
* The remaining portion includes hedge fund, private equity, real estate
* (How much of that real estate is vulnerable to sea level rise and other climatic effects?)

The actual asset mix for the U of T endowment currently contains more Canadian equities than their policy mix calls for

Neal can look into the index trackers the school has invested in

U of T is a client to an investment board that makes decisions on its behalf
* Management team list available online

The school does have an ethical investment policy that involves environmental considerations
* Strategy focused on 'engagement' rather than boycotts
* But our objective here is to deprive the fossil fuel industry of capital
* The engagement strategy doesn't really make sense if there is a whole industry that needs to be phased out

What other 350 groups are doing on divestment
* Milan emailed UBC 350, but hasn't yet heard back

Starting to develop a presentation explaining the rationale for the campaign
* Milan has a presentation on 'the business of climate change' which may be useful
* The basic message is: fossil fuels are a dead-end industry that is destroying the ability of the planet to sustain human life, therefore U of T should not invest in the industry

We can argue that there is considerable risk in fossil fuel investments
* As the severity of climate change becomes more obvious, governments may finally move to seriously restrict fossil fuel production
* This could harm the value of fossil fuel stocks
* Fossil fuel reserves currently valued at trillions of dollars may prove worthless
* Particularly for an organization with a long investment timeline (like universities), there is a case to be made for shifting investment away early

Are other U of T clubs involved?
* It's hard to know which clubs are even active
* Environmental groups, social justice groups, faith-based organizations, student union
* Individual faculty member endorsements

Are there students at U of T doing research that is relevant to this area?

External organizations can also express support
* Environmental NGOs, etc

We should try to recruit supporters before approaching the U of T staff

How to respond to the argument that fossil fuel companies remain a good investment, from a purely financial perspective?
* There are two possible futures: one with unconstrained fossil fuel use and a high probability of catastrophic climate change, another where fossil fuels are phased out
* Stock value of fossil fuel companies assumes they will be able to burn their reserves, but this isn't compatible with avoiding dangerous climate change
* Do the math - the value of these companies depends on being able to turn fossil fuel reserves into profits

Some huge fossil fuel development efforts have had their profitability undermined by the fracking boom
* For instance, the Shtokman gas field
* Unconventional oil production could harm the profitability of the oil sands

Another criticism: won't there be a few more years of good times for the fossil fuel industry?
* One response is the ethical argument
* Isn't this a 'greater fool' argument - the belief that someone later will be willing to pay more for fossil fuel stocks, as the impacts of climate change become more obvious
* Also, we are calling for a gradual process of divestment

What exactly should we ask for?
* Divestment from fossil fuel investments, at a rate of 5% - 10% per year?

How do we go about building a student constituency calling for such a change?
* Students, faculty, alumni
* Could alumni threaten to withhold donations from U of T until they change their investment policy
* Promising prominent alumni: Naomi Klein, Margaret Atwood, Malcolm Gladwell
* Approach U of T student newspaper(s)
* Approach journalists more broadly, for instance Tyler Hamilton at the Toronto Star

Products to produce
* Press release
* Powerpoint presentation, which can also be distributed as a PDF

We should be able to adapt some of the broader organization's products

Next steps?
* Continue with research
* Reach out to people and groups
* Approach the university's asset management people

Milan will create a presentation laying out our general argument
* To be populated with new information as we collect it
* Neal can produce graphics for it

3) Logo

Neal has cooked up a number of useful graphics:

One is now being used at

4) Regular MailChimp emails

Stuart and Tamara have gotten started with MailChimp for the bi-weekly update

5) Next meeting

At Hart House
* Second floor boardroom
* 7pm - 8:30pm

Nov 6, 2012, 8:32:35 PM11/6/12
Toronto planning meeting

6 November 2012

Present: Miriam, Neal, Tamara, Mie, Yasmin, Milan

Minute-taker: Milan

* McKibben clip
* Sharing files from the Google Drive
* Line 9
* U of T divestment campaign
* Debrief on Power Shift from Yasmin
* Regular MailChimp emails
* Next meeting

1) McKibben clip

Perhaps a useful primer in how to argue effectively with conservatives who deny that action on climate change is wise or necessary
* Necessary to find examples that conjure a sense of urgency and concern
* Making effective use of figures and statistics

IPCC Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation

2) Sharing files from the Google Drive

Milan enabled the option to share files with anyone on the internet who has the link, but it doesn't work

Can Stuart fix this?

3) Line 9

Any progress finding photos?
* No responses yet to requests for permission
* Should be possible to use some photos without permission under fair dealing exemptions

What about getting in touch with other active groups?
* Environmental Defence has a forthcoming event on Line 9
* Still no announced date for National Energy Board hearings

Hopefully, Stuart will be able to give us an update on this campaign at next week's meeting

Yasmin has a copy of an information package that Environmental Defence has been distributing
* Also has materials that Enbridge has produced

4) U of T divestment campaign

Milan is working on a Powerpoint deck that will lay out the major points in our argument
* This can also form the basis of a later press release

Milan also put two previous climate-related Powerpoint presentations on the Google Drive
* These should be accessible to everyone with an email account

* That the University of Toronto gradually divest from stock in fossil fuel companies
* Potentially focus on particular companies (especially Shell, given that they are single biggest holding and that they are involved in arctic drilling)
* Ask for 5-10% divestment per year?
* Could also ask for a pledge not to buy any more stock in fossil fuel companies

Focusing on Shell
* 9.814 million invested
* Arguments include arctic drilling, poor human rights record (i.e. Nigeria), largest single holding of the school
* It would be useful if people could collect more information on Shell specifically
* Shell has holding of 14.11 gigatonnes of CO2 in oil and 2.09 GT in gas
* "Scientists estimate that humans can pour roughly 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by midcentury and still have some reasonable hope of staying below two degrees. ("Reasonable," in this case, means four chances in five, or somewhat worse odds than playing Russian roulette with a six-shooter.)

Major points
* The fossil fuel industry is destroying the planet
* Eventually, humanity must either endure catastrophic climate change or turn away from fossil fuels
* The value of fossil fuel stocks reflects the assumption that all fossil fuels will be burn - if humanity turns away from that course, their value may crash
* McKibben's numbers - how much we can burn under 2˚C versus how much fossil fuel companies are planning to burn
* Wastefulness of making large investments in alternative fossil fuels - if we are to avoid dangerous climate change, we will need to phase out such projects before the economic end of their lives, plus we will need to invest in renewables later and at a higher total cost
* In addition to climate change, fossil fuels cause many other types of damage
* Serious assessments have shown that the whole world can be powered using renewable and zero-carbon forms of energy
* Social mission of the University of Toronto - we should be smart enough to look forward and see the direction the world is going

Milan should be able to send out a draft presentation for comments before the next meeting
* Once we are basically happy with the content, we can work on making it pretty and adding illuminating graphics

Mie may be able to learn more about the divestment campaign at Tufts
* Fairly likely they will have useful materials for us

Once we have some materials that make our case convincingly, we can devote ourselves more seriously to recruiting allies
* We could have some sort of information session for interested campus groups
* Few of the campus environmental groups seem overly active (Science for Peace is active)
* We should reach out to the Citizens Climate Lobby - attend one of their meetings? - run a draft version of the presentation by them?

Divestment info from the mothership

* We may be able to get listed on this page

We could start a public petition for students, faculty members, alumni, etc
* Where do we want to put it?
* What sort of verification do we want to use?
* We could require a message from a U of T email address, or have people show their student card and give their student number
* We could collect just part of their student number, for privacy reasons

Financial situation of the university
* Pain from the financial crisis
* Cutbacks in funding from federal and provincial governments
* We will need to develop responses to this
* For one thing, we can expect an increasing amount of disruption from climate change

5) Debrief on Power Shift from Yasmin

Only there for Sunday and Monday, so missed most of the speakers
* Links to videos are online
* Yasmin will email links from Facebook to Milan

Participated on a workshop on indigenous knowledge in Canada

March on Monday to Parliament Hill

6) Next meeting

The Hart House room booking service was closed today, but Milan will go tomorrow and send out an email about where the meeting will be

Nov 13, 2012, 9:26:26 PM11/13/12
Toronto planning meeting

13 November 2012

Present: Neal, Monica, Yasmin, Stuart, Taiwo, Milan

Minute-taker: Milan

* Divestment conference call
* Dirty Santa
* November 17th Line 9 conference
* Line 9
* Divestment
* Next meeting

1) Divestment conference call

Mie provided us with information on a conference call on divestment
* Being organized out of Unity College, Maine

- National conference at Swarthmore in February
- 350 website
- Ideas for days of action
- Solidarity opportunities

Convergence - weekend of February 22nd
* At Swarthmore College
* All students welcome
* 100-150 students expected, from 30-50 schools
* People at all stages in divestment campaigns welcome

See also, Swarthmore Mountain Justice:

How people can get involved
* Email Hannah at for information

Six different working groups: communication, training, outreach, fundraising, logistics, one more
* Working groups have calls about once per week
* Spokescouncil has weekly calls, acts as a coordinating body

Some financial assistance for attendees may be available
* Now is a good time to start applying for school funding

Check-in from schools
* Cornell - pursuing resolution at student assembly, being considered by environmental working group - saw full divestment by 2020 as too aggressive
* U of T - looking for information on overcoming objections, engaging effectively with the administration, building a coalition of support
* Swarthmore - article forthcoming in the NY Times - action this week - working on organizing the convergence - engaged in a conversation with the administration
* [incomprehensible] - trying to put a resolution to the student board - putting together a rally for December 7th with various speakers and community members affected by coal mining
* [incomprehensible] - 2nd meeting with socially responsible investment advisory committee - 
* Other active schools include Columbia, Middlebury, Barnard

There are socially responsible funds that have outperformed the S&P 500 over the last few decades
* More information will be provided through the listserv

What sort of arguments have been effective with school administrations?
* Several groups have been able to build cooperative relationships with the boards of trustees for their schools
* How to effectively respond to administration claims that examples of divestment are not applicable to their case?
* Find examples among peer institutions, build dialogue between campuses
* One idea: develop a speakers' bureau of board of trustee members from various schools that are supportive of divestment - provide administrator-to-administrator facetime

350 website
* Several features are still being developed, including a mapping tool
* McGill has a divestment campaign:
* University of Ottawa:

Thinking ahead to the holidays
* Possibility of a day of action - Thanksgiving?
* Twelve days of action leading up to a holiday?
* Thanksgiving parlour party - write letters to alumni
* Campus sit-ins? Obstructive or non-obstructive?

Washington D.C. 'Do the Math' rally will be live-streamed
* Happening in five days - November 18th
* "On Nov. 18th, Bill will be in Washington DC to lay out the terrifying new math of climate change, explaining the incredible odds we  face, and the difficult path we must walk in the coming years to create a livable future for our planet."
* "Bill will be joined by friends from across the climate movement and beyond to explain how together we can confront the fossil fuel industry, using lessons from the most successful movements of the past century and the past year of dramatic new actions against the industry across the country."
* "In partnership with Chesapeake Climate Action Network"

Solidarity action opportunities
* Earth Quaker Action Team holding an action at branches of a bank in the U.S. Northeast
* Many branches are located on college campuses
* Swarthmore's campus quaker group is working with them
* Students can be encouraged to change banks, or to switch to a credit union
* Walmart Black Friday action, November 2rd - at distribution centres and branches
* Could be an opportunity to meet members of like-minded groups
* Supplies for Hurricane Sandy victims being dropped off at the White House - being organized in collaboration with Occupy Sandy
* People in other communities can send supplies to the organizers there

A wiki is being developed to store documents that have been presented to the administrations elsewhere
* Information on this will be emailed to Toronto

Next steps
* Another call in two weeks
* To be discussed via the listserv

Post-call discussion

2) Dirty Santa

Yasmin, Stuart, and Miriam met on this

Possible approaches
* Angry Santa, annoyed at melting ice and arctic drilling - a fairly negative campaign
* Humorous campaign could be more effective, like the Hamilton 'donate to Shell' event

Stoic Santa? Not complaining, trying to function as usual?

Santa retiring? Melting ice, newly valuable oil and gas reserves
* Shell to take over all Christmas related duties?
* Big 'no more gifts' banner
* If so, why would he be out approaching people?
* Could this be some sort of public consultation?

Could Santa just be expressing concern about climate change and arctic drilling, asking people to support the divestment campaign?

* "HO HO HO" to "HOt HOt HOt"
* Now looks optimistic

Hard to express a straightforward, positive message

Easy for this campaign to appear crass or convoluted

Do we want to go forward with this idea?
* What would the deliverable be?
* Santa and a bunch of elves on the sidewalk? Handing out flyers?

We may not need hugely much of a premise - just being there in costume might attract people to be given information

* On campus on a Friday, perhaps, followed potentially by Dundas Square on a Saturday
* Friday, November 30th - two and a half weeks from now

What specific objective would we want to advance?
* Collect petition signatures for divestment from Shell
* Social media campaign? Ask people to post their support for Santa / the North Pole status quo via Twitter or Facebook - "U of T, stop destroying the North Pole"
* Take a photo with Santa, wearing a "Save the North Pole" sign - post on Twitter, Instagram, etc
* Just have Santa and the elves protest somewhere visible?

Santa needs to relocate
* North Pole flooded
* Could come up with various images showing alternative workshop locations: Dubai, palm tree island, etc - take advantage of reduced property prices in Greece?
* What would be the 'ask' in this case?
* Ask for signatures on a petition to divest from Shell specifically, or from fossil fuels generally
* Petition "We call on the University of Toronto to stop destroying the Arctic, starting with divestment from Shell"

Stuart has bid on a Santa costume on eBay

Elf costumes?
* Green clothes and elf hats?
* Yasmin will look into it

Do we want to try to do something before December 4th?
* Stuart will put something together during the next day
* People will need to put in time doing costumes, signs, etc
* We should try and get media attention

Other groups we should get in touch with?
* Science for Peace
* Campus Quaker groups?

3) November 17th Line 9 conference

Yasmin first spotted this event
* The counsellor she works with is going

10a.m. to 5p.m. at Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George St.

Featured guests
* Maude Barlow (Council of Canadians)
* Art Sterritt, (Executive Director, B.C. Coastal First Nations)
* Wes Elliott (Haudenosaunee land defender)
* Vanessa Gray (Aamjiwnaang First Nation)

It would be great to have as many Toronto people turn out as possible, ideally in 350 t-shirts

Stuart suggested via email that business cards would be useful

4) Line 9

Go to the conference on the 17th!

5) Divestment

Milan has prepared the rudiments of a Powerpoint deck
* At this point, we want to refine the content
* Then we can make it pretty and seek supporters
* Also, approach heavy-hitting alumni like Margaret Atwood

Please send suggestions to Milan

Do we want to describe all the issues with fossil fuels, or concentrate on the climate issues?

International Energy Agency World Energy Outlook 2012
* "No more than one-third of proven reserves of fossil fuels can be consumed prior to 2050 if the world is to achieve the 2 °C goal, unless carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is widely deployed"

One objective could be to have some materials ready for public distribution by the time U of T comes back from the winter break in January

Ask Macleans to rank the most ethical investments among Canadian schools, alongside their other rankings
* Yasmin met some young women working on this from Hamilton and B.C.
* Opportunities for collaboration seem to exist

6) Next meeting

Same as in recent weeks, Milan needs to check with Hart House tomorrow
* If the boardroom is unavailable, he can book a room at Robarts

Nov 20, 2012, 8:28:43 PM11/20/12
Toronto planning meeting

20 November 2012

Present: Monica, Tamara, Stuart, Neal, Maya, Mie, Yasmin, Milan

Minute-taker: Milan

* November 17 2012 Conference: "The Tar Sands Come to Ontario: No Line 9!"
* Tools for Change campaign planning workshop
* U of T divestment
* Santa event - November 30th
* Next meeting(s)

1) November 17 2012 Conference: "The Tar Sands Come to Ontario: No Line 9!"

Milan attended, as did Yasmin, Tamara, Nathalie, and several people from Hamilton 350
* Detailed notes from the sessions Milan attended are at:
* If other people have their own notes from different sessions, it would be great if they could put them on the forum.

Art Sterritt very impressive

2) Tools for Change campaign planning workshop

Useful in terms of planning strategies

PowerPoint from the event will be circulated

Three especially useful pieces
* Articulate objective, for instance divestment of 5-10% per year - should be measurable and time bound
* Strategy: Long-term plan for achieving objective 
* Tactics: For instance, Santa event - how does it fit into our strategy?

Also some useful information on divvying up tasks

Could be helpful to have a whiteboard for meetings

3) U of T divestment

President of U of T is also on the asset management board
* Also, Sheila Brown, the CEO of Finance

Monica has produced a draft petition
* Do we want to call for divestment in just Shell, or all fossil fuel companies?

Do we want to really focus on Shell to start with?
* It's the school's single biggest holding
* They are drilling in the Arctic
* Human rights problems within Canada, in Nigeria, etc
* Concrete request: divest from Shell by the end of 2013?
* Just stocks, or bonds as well?
* Simplifies the media message

How can we get information on the content of the school's index investments?
* A simple list gets published yearly
* Doesn't decompose the composition of the index assets
* 40% of the portfolio is in fixed-income assets (bonds)
* Likely this includes Shell and other fossil fuel bonds

Do we want to propose specific alternative investments?
* Could make the campaign more coherent
* Does create the risk of making our demands too wide-ranging, increase difficulty of arguing that we are not meddling in financial decisions
* Has the mothership taken a position on this?

Seeking faculty support
* The UBC 350 group is basically run by a few professors

Harvard students recently voted in favour of divestment:

4) Santa event - November 30th

Hats and booties are in hand, acquired via dollar store
* Four at this point
* Others can wear 'elf like clothing'

Stuart won the eBay auction for the santa suit, and it was shipped on Wednesday

Not planning to have a big banner, so as to remain mobile
* The elves can have smaller signs

Non-confrontational language
* This is an opportunity for U of T to be forward-looking in its investment strategy
* Big organizations are helping to make our case
* International Energy Agency - we can only burn 1/3 of fossil fuels:
* World Bank highlighting risks of 4˚C of warming
* Important to try and make this non-depressing - Santa in Bermuda shorts

Monica and Stuart developing a flier
* It would be great to have cookies and things too, in order to attract people

Neal and Stuart to prepare the photos

Plan for November 30th
* Noon to 4pm
* Stuart will be there in a santa suit, with pictures of himself in various locations
* 'Done with the arctic - where should I relocate?'
* We want something that people can understand right away - signs being held by elves, explanation from the petition people
* "Save the arctic" "Save santa's workshop" "U of T - Divest from Shell"
* Brief point: "Fossil fuels are destroying the arctic, we should divest"

Neal has found pictures of the locations already

Media release
* Ideally, one before and one after with our best photo

Advertising beforehand
* We should let people know via MailChimp, Twitter, Facebook
* Let other groups know in advance: Citizens' Climate Lobby, Students for Peace, etc
* Environmental Defence - has already sent out a message to their people

Pre-event for Friday, November 23rd
* 'Library cookie event'
* Meeting at the gate of Massey College at 2pm
* Dress like an elf!
* If it's raining, we can stick to places like the ground floor area of Sidney Smith

What do we need for this event?

* Mini information flier (Neal can do layout and design)
* Encourage people to 'like' us on Facebook, follow on Twitter
* Provide basic details on divestment campaign

* Cookies (Yasmin will provide) and candy canes
* Petition with finalized wording (Milan will finalize and print)

5) Next meeting(s)

Stuart is organizing another Santa prep / sign-making session next Tuesday at 6pm in the Hart House pub

We don't have a room booked yet for our ordinary planning meeting
* Should Milan book another room at Robarts?
* Hart House not available until the next week, though something in Massey could be possible

Milan will try to book a room at Massey for next week; failing that, at Robarts again


Nov 28, 2012, 1:03:48 PM11/28/12
Toronto planning meeting

27 November 2012

Present: Stuart, Neal, Ben, Nath, Tamara, Monica, Milan

Note-taker: Milan

* Update on divestment
* New website
* Line 9
* GTA Climate Action Summit - 19 January
* Electronic petition
* Update on U of T Governing Council
* Santa event - 30 November
* Majority Report podcast with Bill McKibben

1) Update on divestment

Nath spoke with a neighbour who is a professor of forestry
* He is aware of a large number of people associated with U of T and working on environmental protection: Tzeporah Berman has a U of T connection
* The forestry faculty provided funding for ten students to attend the latest UNFCCC Conference of Parties
* Monty Hummel (president emeritus of the WWF), David Powell (forestry prof), Margaret Atwood
* Activist former graduate students: Joanna Defoe, Lauren Drainie (spelling uncertain)

Naomi Klein is a U of T alumna, and has been taking part in the divestment campaign

We should be assembling a list of prominent people connected with U of T who are likely to be supportive of our campaign

Best avenues of approach?
* Personal email?
* Seek signatures for a letter to send to a larger group

We need to know exactly which petition or campaign we want them to endorse

2) New website

Stuart made a new site - thank you very much to him

Neal will produce some graphics, including badges to put on other websites

3) Line 9

Yasmin will provide more information soon on the motion being brought forward by the city counsellor she works with, related to Line 9

Liason with Tom McCarthy and the University of Toronto Environmental Action (UTEA)
* We may have opportunities to collaborate, and are corresponding now

Neal sent information on grades of oil and diluted bitumen to Yasmin
* Good product for general reference
* Neal is re-writing it to be useful for a general audience
* We can share it with allied groups: environmental NGOs, sympathetic politicians, etc
* Will be posted on the discussion forum for comment
* Includes information on a number of risks, and rebuttals to many of the points made by Enbridge representatives

4) GTA Climate Action Summit

Saturday, January 19, 2013
* At Metro Hall, 2pm
* Follow-up to the summit held in August
* "We look forward to the opportunity to share with you what our sub-committee has learned about carbon pricing, and we'd like to discuss the idea of a Toronto Climate Network. We propose that this network act as the vehicle to enable all our groups to co-ordinate our actions to ensure that Climate Change is high on the agenda of the Ontario Provincial and Federal Governments. Although we understand that the last thing we need is another environmental group we are also cognizant of the fact that we will need to work together to create the political will needed for real action on Climate Change. Thoughts on how to maximize our impact whilst minimizing overhead are sought!"

5) Electronic petition

Three draft e-petitions
* One set up through
* Another through Google Docs -
* Direct link:
* Also, one through -

The petition system is still evolving
* Can't yet select U of T as a school
* Phone mandatory
* 'Thank you' page includes an exhortation to share on Facebook, etc
* We don't currently have any access to the back end of this site
* We can add prominent supporters and allied groups to the bottom of the text

* We will use the petition at:
* Not really usable until U of T is an option on the drop-down list

Stuart is in touch with the divestment expert at and with the people developing this petition site

6) Update on U of T Governing Council

Milan provided additional information to Asim Ashraf as requested
* Hasn't heard back yet, but things still seem to be on track

7) Santa event - 30 November

Hours: noon - 4pm
* Meeting place: the gate of Massey College
* Locations where we plan to operate: Sidney Smith hall, Robarts library, etc

Stuart has the santa suit

Elf costumes
* We have five elf hats, including those Neal and Yasmin already have
* Also, some reindeer antlers and booties

Signs for elves
* We have one from the elf event -
* Anyone planning to come, it would be great if you could make a creative and visually interesting sign that will be on message for the event

We still have ginger cookies to hand out
* We can get some candy canes too

Flyer to be distributed
* How simple or complex ought it to be?
* Probably best to keep it short and point to more fulsome information online
* There will be people who know very little about Shell's activity
* We can direct people to our own petition, and to general information about divestment on the site
* Neal will prepare the flyer - Milan willing to help print if needed

Once we have a good number of in-person signatures, we can create a custom cover letter and give the originals to the president of the university along with an information package
* We probably want 200+ signatures before we pass them along
* Also, at least a few big endorsements
* Endorsements from student clubs, student government bodies, etc
* Friday's event will give us some idea of how long and how much effort this might take

It probably makes sense to prioritize signatures from people with a U of T connection
* The university administration may care a lot more about demands from members of the U of T community
* We can tell people who aren't affiliated with the university that they can just leave the 'student number' box blank
* Stuart will make a second set of signature sheets for non-students ("Community Support")

We have an early draft media release
* And Yasmin has a list of media contacts
* We should make sure this includes student newspapers
* One media release the day before, another after the event with a photo and information on the number of signatures

Neal, Stuart, and Milan will get santa photos tonight to edit into the alternative workshop location photos
* Felt for use as a chroma key
* How do we want to print these?
* We could have a big board, or perhaps some kind of flipbook

Should we notify other groups about what we're planning to?
* Environmental Defence, Citizens Climate Lobby, University of Toronto Environmental Action (UTEA)?
* Send out an email to our MailChimp list? (Could include a photo from our elf pre-event)
* We can get more hats if needed - best to ask interested people to RSVP
* The dollar store is at Bloor and Bathurst, so we can even pick up more on the day of the event
* Tamara will do write and send out a MailChimp email

We could do some postering on Friday morning, letting people know where we will be
* Stuart will do this, and request help from others if needed

8) Majority Report podcast with Bill McKibben

Will go up around noon tomorrow

Dec 4, 2012, 8:09:54 PM12/4/12
Toronto planning meeting

4 December 2012

Present: Ben, Jon (*), Stuart, Monica, Neal

Note-taking: Milan

* Santa event debrief and lessons learned
* Forward planning for the year ahead
* Tides Canada - "A New Energy Vision for Canada" and "Towards a Clean Energy Accord"
* Chasing Ice
* Tools for Change Campaign Planning Powerpoint

* Christmas party
* Next meeting

1) Santa event debrief and lessons learned

268 signatures
* 38 from elf event

It would be great if someone can copy email addresses from those who want to be added to the list from the petitions to MailChimp

Elf event versus Santa event - Stuart's stats
- 38 sigs in 1.5hr  * 4 people = 6.3/person/hr
- 220 sigs in 3.75hr * 7 people = 8.4/person/hr (200 would be 7.6)

It would not be especially plausible to collect thousands of signatures in this way
* Would take more than 500 person-hours to collect 5000 signatures
* Disjoint between when volunteers are free and when students are around
* Friday may not be the best way for students

It would be great if we could collect 1,000 in-person signatures
* Would require about another three big events
* There is an event at OISE on January 22nd (Ben was contacted about this)

Target date: perhaps the end of March
* We're asking for the Shell stake to be sold by the end of 2013

Do we have the stats from the online petition?
* No big counter or anything yet

How can we collect signatures efficiently?
* Go to classes and ask for signatures?
* Send people to events, or continue to walk around on campus
* Effective use of social networking?

How do we target organizational supporters and prominent alumni?

* Monica contacted several student groups today
* Hasn't yet heard back
* It would be great if other groups endorsed, as well as if any other groups contributed volunteers to collect signatures
* Other groups could put their own headers at the top of the petition pages (Students for Peace, etc)
* We can also ask them to send the link to their mailing lists
* Social justice groups, faith-based groups

* Tweet to Margaret Atwood, see if she will re-tweet the electronic petition
* Naomi Klein is actively involved with the Do The Math tour

Tweet at Margaret Atwood
* Ask to retweet link to our e-petition?
* Delay until later in the process?
* This may be the wrong time to try to get momentum going
* We could also ask for a more prominent kind of endorsement later, like participation in an actual event

Someone should contact Naomi Klein
* Neal will draft an email for her that we can send from
* We don't want to miss her if she comes through town

* Contact professors who you know!
* Each one who signs will make it easier for others to do so
* It would be good if professors with lecture classes would let us come in, give a presentation, and collect petition signatures

Powerpoint presentation in progress
* Draft already
* Aiming to have a better draft by the time classes resume

Package for David Naylor
* Petition signatures, letter, 2007 decision to divest from tobacco, statements on climate change from medical organizations

Do we want to do another Santa event during the next week or two?
* We could get signatures at the Chasing Ice screening

2) Forward planning for the year ahead

(a) U of T divestment

Strategy for maximizing endorsements?
* We should send out a bunch of requests by the end of January
* To alumni, groups, etc

We can also ask other groups to collect signatures themselves

We can seek classroom signatures in February

Information we should have
* Information on the decision-making processes and meetings of the U of T investment body
* Monica put a document on the Google Drive with key people who we should know
* Information on getting an endorsement from the student union, or holding a referendum

We are aiming to have a decent version of the PowerPoint presentation done by early January

Contacts with Invesco
* What do we want to ask for from them?
* They could provide some advice on how to make the case for alternative investments?
* They may administer alternative investment options that could appeal to the school

(b) Line9

Neal's primer on technical dilbit-related issues
* Being revised into a form that can be released more publicly

Environmental Defence is active on this

Further work with the counsellor Yasmin works with?
* Anthony Perruzza, Ward 8

3) Tides Canada - "A New Energy Vision for Canada" and "Towards a Clean Energy Accord"

Milan spoke with Scott Baker about possibilities for collaboration between Tides Canada and Toronto

He asked if we would be willing to endorse two documents of theirs

Both documents have already been widely endorsed

"A New Energy Vision for Canada"
* Municipalities including North Vancouver, and Burnaby
* NGOs including the WWF, Environmental Defence, the Pembina Institute, etc

"Towards a Clean Energy Accord"
* NGOs including the David Suzuki Foundation, WWF, Citizens Climate Lobby, etc

Two options: agree to endorse now, or give people another week to look the documents over
* Vote between options

Stuart moves that we vote on endorsing the documents now
* Neal seconds
* All in favour - carries unanimously
* Toronto endorses both documents

Tides Canada is also preparing for an upcoming First Ministers meeting
* Next Council of the Federation, July 2013, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario.

4) Chasing Ice

* Wednesday: 5:50pm, 9:30pm
* Thursday: 5:50pm, 9:30pm

Stuart will go Thursday at 5:50, in a shirt

Milan and Neal will go at 9:30pm

We will bring petition pages for signature (probably mostly the non-student sheets)

5) Tools for Change Campaign Planning Powerpoint

Could Monica take us through it during an upcoming meeting? She could chair the meeting if she wishes

Short presentation at an exec meeting? Afternoon workshop during a weekend?
* Seems like it could justify a half-day weekend workshop
* Perhaps in mid-January, on a Saturday afternoon
* Monica can send a Doodle around

6) Christmas party

At the same time as a normal weekly meeting?

Next week - Tuesday, December 11th 7pm
* Free Times Cafe
* 320 College Street
* Feel free to invite curious friends, family members, etc

7) Next meeting

It would be good to alternate with who chairs
* Stuart can chair on the 18th
* Do we want to meet on the 18th?
* We can check next week

Notification of meeting locations?
* So far, has just been going to the minutes email list
* Also, on Twitter


Dec 5, 2012, 2:03:13 PM12/5/12
These are the two documents discussed at the meeting


Dec 13, 2012, 5:03:44 PM12/13/12

There is an error in the minutes above.

Wherever they refer to 'Tides Canada' they should actually refer to 'Clean Energy Canada at Tides Canada'.


Dec 19, 2012, 6:48:21 PM12/19/12
Toronto planning meeting

18 December 2012

Present: Monica, Stuart, Neal, Yasmin, Milan, Miriam, John

Minute-taker: Stuart

  1. Constitution changes
  2. Line 9 Protest
  3. Divestment Strategy phone call
  4. Global Power Shift
  5. Fundraising ideas
  6. Macleans petition
  7. President's Day
1. Constitution Changes
UofT requested changes. Milan has made some changes, which should be more-or-less ready for resubmission. The biggest thing still needed is a blurb about each of the exec positions, which should be written by each exec member and submitted to the group for review by the next meeting (Jan 8th). It will be sent around to members when all the blurbs are in.

Another significant change was that the AGM actually has to be a Termly General Meeting (not Annual).

2. Line 9 Protest
Monica was contacted by someone on facebook stating they were planning a Line 9 rally on either Jan 19th or 26th. We need more info before we make any commitments, but are potentially interested.

3. Divestment Strategy
Milan received some divestment advice from Jonathan Glencross from McGill. He suggested divestment is best approached behind the scenes, talking with the investors, rather than a public campaign (as we have already embarked on to some degree). He also recommended we get a financial expert on our side, which didn't seem very likely (but you never know). itself seems to have made it very public, but it will be worth getting more advice from them. Stu made a contact at, so will follow up on that. We should also try to consolidate our contacts with, so we know who to reach out to for what.
Monica warned against us providing too much advice regarding reinvestment or what would make a good investment, as that would potentially open us up to negative repercussions. Generally people seemed to think we should provide some suggestions of alternative uses of the divested money, but do it softly. Non-stock-investments might be better, such as investing in building insulation and bonds. Tim Nash and Environlytics were mentioned.

4. Global Power Shift
Milan has applied. John might. If they get in, we should try to find them funding via fundraising...

5. Fundraising
Miriam would like to run some fundraising events to get us some money. Several ideas were presented, the most promising being a house party at an International House near Queen-Bathurst, that Monica has contacts with. Miriam and Monica will connect with them. Other venues suggested include Bike Pirates and Zero Gravity. We could probably make most money from beer sales (rather than cover), but most venues will want to sell the beer themselves.
February break could be a good time for this, as could April.
We should also remember and apply for Student Group funding, which is given to events that improve campus life. Maybe running a workshop or some such.

6. Macleans petition

7. Pres Day
A minibus could have a lot of problems, including being completely turned back at the border. A minivan may be a better option, as might megabus. Stu will look into comparative prices. Miriam has contact with a housing co-op, which may be willing to house us. Three of us seemed very likely to go, and everyone else seemed to be very interested.

Jan 8, 2013, 8:18:15 PM1/8/13
Toronto planning meeting

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Present: Ian, Miriam, Stuart, Monica, Milan

Minute-taker: Milan

* Donation and fundraising
* Constitutional amendments
* Presidents' Day trip to Washington D.C.
* Divestment
* Climate Action Summit - Jan. 19th
* OISE event - Jan. 22nd
* Rising Tide day of action on Line 9 - Jan. 26th
* Idle No More
* Pathways to Transformation: Moving Forward on Decarbonization

1) Donation and fundraising

$200 from Alena and Katerina Prazak
* Handed over to the treasurer
* Can't be deposited until our constitution is totally approved and we have a bank account

Stuart attended Rock Against Line 9 at Tranzac
* Ten hours of music
* $500 to rent the venue (discount because it was a fundraiser)
* Bar at the venue, but revenues go to the club
* Sliding scale donations: $10-20
* Total funds raised $1500, so $1000 raised
* Money split between three groups, each of which provided speakers
* They had a raffle, using donated merchandise

We could make more in a place that would give us a cut of liquor sales

Monica waiting to hear back from Fred, regarding a house where we could have a party / fundraiser

Miriam is thinking about how to put on a fundraiser at a plausible scale
* She will have more time after the U of T winter session ends

Stuart is now in contact with Rising Tide

2) Constitutional amendments

* Go through version 1-2 of the constitution with track changes
* Discuss changes one by one
* Vote at the end on whether to submit the revised constitution to U of T

Milan moves that this constitution be submitted
* Stuart seconds
* Motion passes unanimously

3) Presidents' Day trip to Washington D.C.

February 17th

* Stuart is looking into it
* Possibilities include bus or renting a van

* Miriam will look into it
* Quaker house one possibility: William Penn House (515 East Capitol St SE, Washington DC, USA)
* There is also a Hosteling International in DC
* Milan will check on hostel prices

Information on transport and accommodation should be collected by next week's meeting
* Send out mass email within 10 days to see who is interested
* Get started on booking transport and accommodation by early February

4) Divestment

U of T is seeking a new president
* There was an advertisement in The Economist

4 December 2012 minutes include some target dates

* Finish PowerPoint presentation
* Contact campus groups for endorsements

* Seek classroom signatures
* Start approaching prominent alumni

Milan will work on the PowerPoint

Monica will take the lead on approaching campus groups and seeking their support
* If other groups want to put their own masthead on the top of the petition, that would be great

Does the university publish a list of major donors somewhere?
* Ian will see if he can find one

How should we contact alumni?
* Should probably be tailored to the individual

Should we change the column headers for future petitions, specifically to have people opt out of our MailChimp list rather than opt in
* Ask for physical address
* No need to both print and sign name

Stuart will produce new versions of the Excel files for printing
* He is also going through the scanned petition pages and adding people to the MailChimp list

We could consider encouraging the university to take advantage of the feed-in tariffs available through Ontario's Green Energy Act
* We should work on building a relationship with whatever sustainability bureaucracy exists at U of T

5) Climate Action Summit - Jan. 19th

Groups involved include: Zero Carbon Ontario, Green Neighbours 21, Council of Canadians, Citizens Climate Lobby

Room 304, Metro Hall, 55 John Street (South-east corner of King and John, two blocks east of Spadina)
* 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Last time, they wanted all the groups present to support a pre-prepared statement

6) OISE event - Jan. 22nd

From Ben:
* "As far as the OISE Ecofair on Jan. 22nd is concerned, the event runs from 11-2, and is advertising "featuring over 30 organizations devoted to Environmental and Sustainability Education, resources, internship ideas, and snacks". While the 350 group is not so much aligned with education at this point I think there's a lot of people who would be very interested in the divestment campaign, and many interesting points of conversation on sustainability and environmental protection."

At the very least, we should have a couple of people there to collect petition signatures

Ben will be coordinating it
* He is also meeting with his contact at Investeco on January 18th

Stuart intends to attend

7) Rising Tide day of action on Line 9 - Jan. 26th

Stuart spoke with Dave Vasey
* Dave is meant to get back to us with details on what he is planning
* Ideally, this should be in a form we can email to members directly

Groups in Kingston and Burlington are taking action

Equiterre is organizing an event in Montreal

Some actions are linked with the Idle No More movement

8) Idle No More

There is a round dance on Friday, January 11th at 1:00pm at Dundas Square

This is the date Stephen Harper is meeting with the Association of First Nations

The First Nations provide Canada's best chance of stopping the tar sands

Stuart has already been to five actions or events in Toronto
* Number of participants has ranged from ~100 to about 800-1000 dancing with 500 watching

Possibility of backlash against tactics like highway and railroad blockades

Media coverage to date

9) Pathways to Transformation: Moving Forward on Decarbonization

Workshop at the Monk Centre that Milan was invited to and will be attending
* January 10-11
* "The goal for the workshop is to develop concrete ideas about pathways to move societies and economies toward decarbonization.  Our starting point is that there is much knowledge about what decarbonization requires and about the technology to achieve it.  Many also argue that this technology is already available.  However, research and prescriptions on what decarbonization technically requires (end points) have not been matched by an understanding of the pathways of social and economic change required to get there, or on the process of changing policies to support such change.  Such an understanding is fundamental to decarbonization since our carbon-centred energy systems and economies, as well as the policies that have supported their development, are strongly path dependent with many reinforcing features and appear resistant to change.  Thus, the goal of our workshop is not to determine what is required – on which the climate change research community largely agrees – but on what is needed to get there.  To that end, we very consciously wish to move beyond the incremental versus radical change debate that has side-tracked the pragmatic question of how to overcome the stubborn resistance of our political, economic and social systems to the change we fundamentally agree is required."

Milan will report back on the workshop at next week's meeting

Jan 8, 2013, 8:21:02 PM1/8/13
Here is our amended constitution. It will be submitted to U of T for approval later tonight.


Jan 15, 2013, 8:18:10 PM1/15/13
Toronto planning meeting

15 January 2013

Present: Ben, Monica, Miriam, Mie, Tamara, Neal, Milan

Note-taker: Milan

* Constitutional amendments

* Pathways to Transformation: Moving Forward on Decarbonization
* Presidents' Day trip to Washington D.C.
* Climate Action Summit - Jan. 19th
* OISE event - Jan. 22nd
* Rising Tide day of action on Line 9 - Jan. 26th
* Environmental Defence event at City Hall - Jan. 26
* Action at Yonge and Finch - Jan. 26
* Proposal to bring out Bill McKibben
* Divestment
* Campaign Planning Workshop
* Discussion on strategy and coordination on Line 9 - January 17th
* Event at McMaster on the 31st
* Next meeting

1) Constitutional amendments

The officer at U of T decided that additional changes must be made

One idea: it would be great to have a City Director on the executive to focus on Toronto-specific happenings like motions at city counsel

Stuart has looked over the changes and has no issues

Item-by-item review of amendments
* Vote on amended constitution
* Six in favour, one abstention

Milan will send it on to U of T - hopefully for approval

2) Pathways to Transformation: Moving Forward on Decarbonization

Workshop was interesting, but highlighted lack of agreement within the academic community on how to move forward
* Which are of government to target / whether to focus on awareness-raising / the benefits of efficiency improvements

More info - including a short paper Milan wrote encouraging divestment - at:

3) Presidents' Day trip to Washington D.C.

Who is thinking about going
* Miriam, Tamara, maybe Mie
* Also, Stuart and a friend of Miriam's

More info:

* Renting a car may be the easiest option
* Stuart sent out an email to members with more information

* There may be space in a house with people Miriam knows
* Miriam will get the final details and send them
* Hostels are filling up, so people should book ASAP

Plan would be to drive down on Friday and return on Monday

4) Climate Action Summit - Jan. 19th

Saturday, January 19, 2:00 - 4:00 pm, Metro Hall, Room 304.

55 John Street (South-east corner of King and John, two blocks east of Spadina)

Everyone is encouraged to go - good opportunity to meet other Toronto people working on climate

Milan will bring divestment petitions to sign

5)  OISE event - Jan. 22nd

OISE EcoFair: Tuesday 11:00am to 2:00pm
* People are meant to show up between 10:00am and 11:00am for setup
* Ben is free for only part of it
* We have a booth lined up
* Miriam and Tamara can both attend part - Miriam after 1pm
* Stuart also plans to attend - ideally, for first hour
* Tamara could also cover that -

If people planning to volunteer don't have t-shirts, they should get in touch with Milan and pick one up at Massey College

What materials should we have there?
* Copies of our divestment petition

It would be good to eventually have a banner or something for these events
* Neal can cook up a file to print as a banner
* Neal will look into how much it would cost to have printed on canvas, plastic, or something of the sort
* When Miriam looked into it before, it was about $150

We can tell people about Tuesday meetings, websites, campaigns, etc

6) Rising Tide day of action on Line 9 - Jan. 26th

Stuart received an email from Sonia Grant asking if we endorse their event
* " and environmental justice groups in the States have called for a day of cross-border action against Eastern tar sands pipelines.  You may have heard that Rising Tide Toronto was planning a "No Line 9" rally in the Yonge and Finch area.  However, due to capacity issues and a large labour rally on the same day, we are instead focusing efforts on mobilizing a "No Line 9" block at the OFL Rally for Rights and Democracy (1pm, Allan Gardens,  If your organization is interested in supporting a No Line 9 and Indigenous Rights block at the OFL rally, please let us know and we'll list your group as an endorser on our Facebook event page (coming soon).  Please also let us know of other groups that we should do outreach to.  We will also be hosting a teach-in following the rally to train and mobilize people to canvass against Line 9.  More information on that to come.  Thank you in advance for your support."

1:00 pm on Saturday, January 26, 2013
* Rally at Allan Gardens in Toronto (Jarvis & Carleton), followed by march to the Ontario Liberal Convention at Maple Leaf Gardens

Seems in keeping with our Line 9 campaign
* Milan moves that we endorse
* Neal seconds
* Approved unanimously

Milan will let Sonia know and CC Stuart

7) Environmental Defence event at City Hall - Jan. 26

Ian Carey contacted Milan

Starts at 10:30am

Sabrina Bowman contacted Monica
* Big pipeline being designed and built by OCAD students
* Kalamazoo photos
* Photos of exposed Line 9 pipeline
* Demonstration to focus on Enbridge

Tamara and Monica likely to attend this event

8) Action at Yonge and Hendon- Jan. 26

Starts at 1pm.

Gerry invited a Toronto 350 person to speak at this event
* Would anyone like to speak at this? Stuart?
* What sort of contribution are they looking for?
* Monica will look into it further

Environmental Defence people are going, after their event and have offered rides to a few of us from 350 who wants to attend both.

Non-violent demonstration at 1pm
* Goal: inform residents about the dangers of Line 9
* Encourage city council to pass a resolution banning the transport of diluted bitumen (dilbit) through Toronto

Generally speaking, it would be good if people went to any/all of these

Multiplicity of events could be confusing, though could potentially contribute to media coverage

Up-to-date information is at:

Invited Speakers: John Filion (Councillor, Ward 23), David Shiner (Councillor, Ward 24),, (others TBA)

"Stop Line 9"
"No Tar Sands in Toronto"
"No DilBit in My Backyard"
"Enbridge – 1%"

9) Proposal to bring out Bill McKibben

Monica got a phone call from Roger Martin - who found us through the 350 local page
* He is on the board of directors of Comart - a private charitable foundation, is interested in trying to bring McKibben to the University of Toronto
* Also knows people involved in the U of T administration
* They would be willing to provide resources for an event like this

We are definitely interested
* Monica will try to get more information
* Monica will contact Justin at to ask about how this might be arranged
* Perhaps McKibben will come out for some other event (like a writers' festival and can speak at U of T as well)
* Wouldn't need to be McKibben, potentially Naomi Klein or someone else

Roger would like to eventually attend one of our Tuesday meetings
* He has been added to the mailing list

10) Divestment

We discussed a timeline during last week's meeting:

Some tasks we should definitely complete, courtesy of Stuart:
* Ask Atwood + Klein + McKibben to tweet out petition
* Make contacts with the investors / Bullfrog
* Plan a few more in-person signature collection events (such as at OISE next week)
* Finalize the PowerPoint
* Work on how the petition will be presented, along with what we'll say when we do

Regarding the presentation of the petition, some ideas
* Emphasize health impacts of climate change, and statements made by medical organizations - given that President David Naylor is a doctor
* Attach a letter to the original handwritten pages, making our case
* Note prominent endorsements

This is a very busy time for Milan, and he would appreciate if anyone could help with further fleshing out the PowerPoint presentation where we make the case for divestment.

Next week, Ben is having a telephone meeting with Investeco
* Happening next Friday
* Purpose: get their perspective on the divestment campaign, potentially on non-fossil investments
* Has some knowledge about a previous divestment campaign at U of T
* How to encourage the university to sell investments that comprise a large part of their portfolio - practical case / timeline for divestment
* Perhaps have them look over the arguments in the memo Milan wrote for the recent decarbonization workshop
* In particular: how best to make the case about divestment as a risk-management option

11) Campaign planning workshop

Half day? Full day?
* Half day may be more accessible
* Maybe 1-5 on a Saturday, or on a Friday evening

Monica will send out another Doodle with half-day blocks

12) Discussion on strategy and coordination on Line 9 - January 17th

Happening at OISE
* Thursday at 7pm
* Room 5260

"We will meet Thurs., Jan 17th, from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. We hope to have organizations working on Line 9 in Toronto share their visions and strategies so that we can best coordinate all of our efforts.

The meeting will be facilitated by the organizing committee for Nov. 17th. We hope this will be the first of many meetings in the city on Line 9, until we have defeated the reversal proposal.

If there are any organizations you feel should be included in the conversation, please email"

13) Event at McMaster on the 31st

Corporatization of universities

Looking for potential speakers
* The Canadian Federation of Students, Ontario could help with transportation expenses

Tamara will be getting more information from one of the organizers

14) Next meeting

Normal time, probably in Robarts

Monica will chair it

Milan will book a room and send around the information
OISE Ecofair 2013.pdf

Jan 22, 2013, 9:02:12 PM1/22/13
Toronto planning meeting

22 January 2013

Present: Neal, Stuart, Monica, Tamara, Mie, Milan

Chairperson: Monica

Note-taker: Milan

* Debrief on Comart Foundation meeting, Toronto Climate Summit, and OISE EcoFair
* Toronto banner
* Trip to Washington D.C. for February 17th
* January 26th events
* Possible McMaster event on January 31st
* Campaign planning workshop
* Fundraising
* Divestment
* Next meeting

1) Debrief on Comart Foundation meeting, Toronto Climate Summit, and OISE EcoFair

Regarding plans to bring in a big speaker, we need to find a reliable contact at the 350 mothership
* Monica tried contacting Justin, but hasn't heard back

Milan is planning to meet with Peter Martin, the Comart board member who is also a Massey College Senior Fellow
* Professor and Acting Director of the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

There may be three different people with the family name 'Martin' involved
* Roger Martin - who initially approached Tamara
* Peter Martin - Senior Fellow at Massey College
* [UNKNOWN FIRST NAME] Martin - physicist who supports carbon pricing

Three 'asks'
* Among them, carbon pricing - lobbying
* Should 350 expand into lobbying MPs / MPPs / city counsellors?
* Are we planning to do anything in the expected provincial election?

Would we be lobbying principally about Line 9?
* We could also lobby on carbon pricing

Developing relationships with counsellors

We could talk to Peter Tabuns again

We do already have two campaigns, and other organizations are already working on lobbying
* An alternative would be to focus on supporting other groups
* A big part of what the Citizens Climate Lobby does is work on building relationships with elected officials - focused on becoming a trusted source of information, and encouraging support for fee-and-dividend carbon pricing

OISE EcoFair

45 signatures collected from U of T people
* A few more on the non-student petition
* Using the new petition sheets

The U of T Sustainability Office is apparently doing some thinking about divestment as well
* "Afraid of looking stupid if they don't move forward on it"

2) Toronto banner

Neal has looked into some Toronto printing companies
* 4" by 2" banner likely to cost around $100
* About $6-10 per square foot, with a ready-to-print file
* Possible to join in on a bulk order, maybe with referral cards too

Weatherproof vinyl

Neal should know by next Tuesday - firm estimate on a couple of different sizes

3) Trip to Washington D.C. for February 17th

Cheryl MacNamara doesn't know of anyone from CCL who is going

Currently planning to go: Stuart, Miriam, Jess, Jo, Tamara
* Maybe going: Mie, Milan

Transport plan at this stage is to drive
* One car per five participants
* Likely to be two cars, or perhaps one van

Estimated cost: $100 - $250 for the weekend
* About $100 / person for transport

* Miriam is looking into free places in co-op housing
* Otherwise, likely to be about $120 / person for three nights

People should sign up to go by this weekend
* There is a bursary for one person who cannot otherwise afford to go

4) January 26th events

Environmental Defence event in the morning
* City Hall - 10:30am - 1:00pm
* Tamara, Monica planning to attend

They would appreciate if people could go at 10am to help set up

Rally at Yonge and Finch (specifically anti-Line 9)
* Begins at 1pm
* Several people from the city hall event are heading up
* Stuart will be speaking (it would be good if someone can get a video)
* We included the event in our recent newsletter

Ontario Federation of Labour rally (anti-Line 9  block within a larger rally)
* Carlton and Jarvis
* Also at 1pm
* Rising Tide is associated with this event

5) Possible McMaster event on January 31st

Tamara got emailed and told she would get more information, but hasn't received it yet

6) Campaign planning workshop

People have submitted information to the Doodle
* Friday February 8th in the evening seems to work for most people
* Likely to be 6 - 10pm

* Could be at Stuart's

Monica will send out another email, asking people to indicate when they are free

7)  Fundraising

Some thinking ongoing on this

House party idea
* Monica's friend Fred is running it by his roommates

8) Divestment

Stuart got about 50 more petition signatures at two Idle No More events

Monica contacted all the U of T student groups listed as 'environmental'
* Also, the Graduate Student Union
* Still waiting to hear back from Science for Peace
* Has a spreadsheet describing who she has approached
* Offer to let them brand petition pages with their own logo

Possible alumni
* People can go through this list for people they know:
* Should they just sign the online petition?
* It would be great if they would more prominently endorse it: give us permission to list them more prominently as a supporter, ask them to share via Facebook and Twitter
* We could list some major supporters right on the petition website
* They could also sign the cover letter to the U of T president

We should start drafting the cover letter to accompany the petition
* Milan will start with a preliminary draft for next week

Mie is working on filling out the PowerPoint deck
* It would be good to have a solid draft before the Campaign Planning Workshop on the 8th

9) Next meeting

Normal time, probably in Robarts
* Milan will book a room and send an email

Mie will chair

Jan 22, 2013, 9:04:20 PM1/22/13
We must do right by future generations!


Jan 29, 2013, 8:31:19 PM1/29/13

Toronto planning meeting

29 January 2013

Present: Miriam, Monica, Mie, Milan

Chairperson: Mie

Note-taker: Mie




* Wrap-up of 26 Jan Line 9 events

* Responsible investing committee - 30 JAN 2013

* Ongoing constitution headaches

* Trip to Washington D.C. for February 17th

* Liaison with mothership

* Divestment generally

* U of T radio show

* Campaign planning workshop - 8 February

* Next meeting



1) Wrap-up of 26 Jan Line 9 events


Photos already online, along with a video of Stuart speaking

* Photos:

* Video:

* We can continue to share these via social media



2) Responsible investing committee - 30 JAN 2013


Responsible Investing Committee Information Session

* This Wednesday evening, the 30th of January at 6:00PM

* The location of the information session is the Board Room at Hart House.

*Milan and Mie will attend.

*We will listen and see what the group is about and report back next week.


3) Ongoing constitution headaches

*Milan will keep working on it and report back.


4) Trip to Washington D.C. for February 17th

*There is a training on Saturday for people who want to volunteer on Sunday – Stuart will send an email with the link so people can sign up independently.

*7-9 people are planning on going.

*We have one car through auto-share and need to either rent a second car or have someone else sign up for auto-share or Zip Car. 

*Stuart will drive one car and we’ll need one other driver.

*Mie will see if she can find some more housing spots.

*Mie will confirm housing for 3-6 people with her friend.

*Miriam will look into couch-surfing options – two spots for 2-3 people.


5) Liaison with mothership


New primary contact (via Janina Klimas): Cameron Fenton

*They will be posting resources like PowerPoint presentations

*Mie will be the official point person for contact with the Mothership in her capacity as International Coordinator

*If people want to communicate with the Mothership they will first check in with Mie

*Mie will charm Cameron Fenton and appropriate paraphernalia


6) Divestment generally


Partial draft of letter to David Naylor

*Milan sent it around to the Exec Board

*Monica will add health consequences of climate change to the letter


SRI Policy

*Mie found UofT’s 1978 SRI Policy – posted to planning forum along with a history of SRI

*The policy specifies the requirements for getting the University to change its investment portfolio

*We should focus on writing a brief that makes the case for Shell meeting the criterion of “social injury”


Tufts Presentation

*Mie got a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and proposal that Tufts University’s group used to present divestment to the Tufts Administration

*Dan Jubelirer (President) is willing to speak with us on the phone


Rally for Climate Justice on Friday February 1, 11 AM -1 PM @ Convocation Hall

*We should go and get signatures and talk to University of Toronto Environmental Action people

*Tamara will go from 11-12

*Miriam will be there from 12


Support from other groups

*Monica has heard from:

Ontario Public Research Interest Group

Victoria College Sustainability Commission

UT Missisauga Student Council President

Friends of Wisdom

Science for Peace

UN Global Contact

*Milan will think about who we would seek endorsement from at Massey College


Contacting Alums

*Monica will draft template for next week

*Monica will look for a list of big donors


Petitions in classrooms

*We will focus on getting petitions signed in classrooms during February


7) U of T radio show

*Next Friday, February 8 most likely from 11-12

*Monica is organizing and will confirm time

*Milan and Monica will go


8) Campaign planning workshop - 8 February

*The workshop will take place on Friday, February 8th, from 6-10 pm.

*Tamara will host @ Bathurst and Dupont

*Monica will organize a potluck via email

*RSVP to


9) Lapsed members

*Stuart talked to Jess and she is coming to DC

*Monica has not contacted them yet but will contact them this week


10) Petitions

*Stuart will ask the Mothership if there’s a problem with making a web page so that you can sign all the 200+ petitions for schools with divestment campaigns