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Pete Hubbard

Jun 1, 2015, 7:31:35 PM6/1/15
to MIEP-TF Google Group
At a recent Neighborhood Preparedness (NPREP) meeting meant to discuss a new template for a "Neighborhood Emergency Plan", Cape George, Kala Point and Calling our Bluff neighborhoods talked about the "Neighborhood Response Portfolio System" that they are using. 

The idea behind the portfolio concept is "Specific functions are essential to a reactive response, but because particular individuals may not be available, the functions are assigned to “portfolios,” and the responsibilities of each portfolio are written out for clarity and ease use.  Portfolio envelopes with instructions are kept in order at the (insert your Neighborhood name) Coordination Center (NCC) or designated area."

I asked for copies of the files and Tanda McMillan just sent them to me. (See below). 

I downloaded the 17 files to my Google Drive into this folder which anyone can view if they have the link. 

This system works well where the community is compact and emergency responders can easily go to the NCC. Marrowstone Island is not that type of community. But maybe we can adapt this system to our needs.

I have not reviewed every file, nor do I know when I will find the time to do anymore with the files. But I thought I'd let you know that it is now available to us.

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Attached is the Neighborhood Response Portfolio System update for Kala Point (2013-2014) then sanitized it this weekend by removing Kala Point reference in an attempt to give you a starting point for your own neighborhood templates.  I did not remove all reference to our team names.  That was just too time consuming and perhaps unnecessary.  Kala Point elected to have some detailed radio scripts for consistency ,and prepared worksheets and logs for expediency which may not work for some neighborhoods.  We elect to have our block capts. (disaster assessment team) conduct an initial assessment on the way to a gathering place or coordination center.  This, too, may not be practical for some neighborhoods.  Text high lightened in yellow has text for HOAs or radio frequencies specific to Kala Point.  I elected not to delate the text in case it helped another HOA.  Each neighborhood should look to the radio frequency allocation sheet (handed out at NPREP training and at www.jeffcoeoc.org/Library/amateur radio   ) for their assigned HAM radio frequency for reporting to the EOC.


Pete and Jim (Calling our Bluff) requested to see photos of the Kala Point portfolio system.  I will take some pictures and send them along on a separate email.  If you got a new viable email for Jim please forward it along.   I do not have an email for him.


I hope your find this helpful. 



_Portfolio Overview Template.doc
Portfolio 4a Runners Log Template.doc
Portfolio 5 Emergency Care Template.doc
Portfolio 5a Victim Treatment Area Record Template.docx
Portfolio 6 Assessment and Safety Team Template.doc
Portfolio 6a Assessment Action Log Template.doc
Portfolio 6b Tool Equipment Checkout Log Template.doc
Portfolio 7 Animal Care Template.doc
Portfolio 7a Animal Care Log Template.doc
Portfolio 1 Communicator Template.doc
Portfolio 1a Communicator Call Record Sheet Template.doc
Portfolio 1b Radio Protocol Sheet Template.doc
Portfolio 2 Recorder Template.doc
Portfolio 2a Recorder's Issue Sheet Template.docx
Portfolio 3 Incident Coordinator Template.doc
Portfolio 3a After Action Log Template.docx
Portfolio 4 Runner Template.doc


Jun 1, 2015, 8:29:31 PM6/1/15
to Pete Hubbard, mie...@googlegroups.com
Thanks, Pete,

Without checking the actual portfolios, this appears to be an expansion of the Cape George system that I had reported to the MIEP group after meeting with Thad Bickling a couple of years ago. As I recall, it was met with some skepticism as we do not have a central report location nor an island wide plan, which still has not changed. Our residents have so far resisted becoming part of a cohesive unit… or even Neighborhoods in the MYN sense. As you imply, it first of all needs emergency responders.

Go for it, Pete. If you can adapt it to this Island, it might be well worthwhile.

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<_Portfolio Overview Template.doc><Portfolio 1 Communicator Template.doc><Portfolio 1a Communicator Call Record Sheet Template.doc><Portfolio 1b Radio Protocol Sheet Template.doc><Portfolio 2 Recorder Template.doc><Portfolio 2a Recorder's Issue Sheet Template.docx><Portfolio 3 Incident Coordinator Template.doc><Portfolio 3a After Action Log Template.docx><Portfolio 4 Runner Template.doc><Portfolio 4a  Runners Log Template.doc><Portfolio 5 Emergency Care Template.doc><Portfolio 5a Victim Treatment Area Record Template.docx><Portfolio 6 Assessment and Safety Team Template.doc><Portfolio 6a Assessment Action Log Template.doc><Portfolio 6b Tool Equipment Checkout Log Template.doc><Portfolio 7 Animal Care Template.doc><Portfolio 7a Animal Care Log Template.doc>

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