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Koos Nolst Trenite

May 4, 2007, 8:16:01 AM5/4/07
The Nature of War

27 October 2005
{HRI 20051027-V1.8.1}

(Version 1.8.1
on 4 May 2007)

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' ... you are basically fighting enemies who
are Criminal Minds, or people who are
COMPELLED by Criminal Minds into being
enemies too. {I-01}

In other words: The only ones in a war,
who are actually enemies, are those who
are Criminal Minds, PLUS those who are
COMPELLED by these (by a dictator, for
instance) to ALSO "be enemies" for a
while. {I-01-A}

And so it has always been, and so it always
will be, but none of the books on warfare
mention it at all... {I-02}

Yet that is THE strategy by which you have
to fight any war, because THAT IS the nature
of war.' {I-03} (*)


Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
Human Rights Philosopher and Poet

'King Solomon was greater
in riches and wisdom
than all the other kings
of the earth.'

2 Chronicles 9:22


(As always in the HRI's - the more
indentation, the more detail you get,
and the less indentation you include,
the more you will have a summary.)

(a) Now, for the first time, you have a correct definition
of 'enemy' (see above)

and when you get the feeling of the correct definition,

- which you natively have, it is your native
definition of what an enemy is -

then it is again easy for you, to counter the deception,
that makes you focus on the WRONG "enemy," or that makes
you focus wrongly on the enemy, on

what the enemy wants you to "see" as "the enemy,"
NOT its native definition, but

what the deception "defines" as "enemy."

If you want an example, then look at North
Korea, that has WRONGLY-"defined"-enemy
'plastered' all over it - and thus the
politicians of its neighboring South Korea
CAN NOT, and the politicians of China DO NOT
want to handle North Korea.



Part of any warfare, is the enemy deceiving people.

And as you know very well (and which the definition
above, confirms) the enemy ALSO deceives people by
falsely defining 'enemy' and 'enemies.'

And enemies exert all their intelligence and efforts toward
making people NOT see or feel who the Criminal Minds are

- as you see it for instance now done by someone
trying to build an image of "being not (anymore)
a Criminal Mind,"

done by currently the most dangerous Criminal Mind
alive, Hu Jintao, already in Tibet a proven war-
criminal, who is dominating the Chinese -

and not enough with that:


Enemies ALSO make a tremendous amount of trouble
exactly BY hiding this from you and from anyone,

HOW Criminal Minds compel usually normal and
friendly people, into being enemies too, *(9)

so that you can't figure out, why someone

- who used to be friendly and supportive to
you and to everyone -

suddenly feels it "necessary," to be mean and destructive
to you and to have your life dominated or even destroyed.


Now THAT is making a tremendous amount of trouble and
instability and insecurity.

In the example of Hu Jintao, with his continuous
barrage of lies about everyone and everything, and
about himself in particular,

he makes people (and that includes journalists)
NOT SEE HOW he, Hu Jintao, manages to force
Chinese people

(and Canadian people [when he had a state-visit
there] and people of Palestine [by supporting
vicious Criminals "leading" Palestine] and
Cuban people, and Zimbabwan (African) people,
and Korean people, and Vietnamese people, and
people of Brazil, and so on and on)

be very mean and ugly and lying and destructive to
each other.

This he, Hu Jintao, being a Criminal Mind and
thus reversing all truth, calls "maintaining
stability." ....Really.

And he lies so forcefully and so outrageously
(it is too unbelievable, that someone would
reverse truth that strongly - but any Criminal
Mind does) so, that nobody even notices it,
and certainly journalists do not. *(1)


That deception results in a continuous stream of false
data coming at you and at others, also at your government

in particular indeed from journalists - they just
relay the deception, as you see, read and hear it

Part of the deception is, that journalists pretend
to do actual reporting -

they are reporting so, that you THINK you
have relevant, or the important data,

data that are obviously "true" - in our
example, journalists really DO relay,
very truly, the lies that Hu Jintao
gives in public or issues to the
public - *(1)

while many of these data are such outright lies,
that you can not even recognize them. *(11)


"Cuba And Venezuela Hate America For
Its Imperialist Views" - which is an
outright lie in EACH word of it, and
which the journalists are NOT reporting

(but would - supposing they dared
for long enough to bypass any of
their professional compulsions
that forbid it - have to report

"I am now going to report a vicious and
very destructive lie to you,

that is aimed at destroying the
living conditions of many people,
and at wasting a tremendous
amount of their possessions and

a lie with the purpose to violate The
First International Law, *(21) violating
it by intending to keep two extremely
destructive, severely Criminal Minds
in a position of government,

where they can and will do, and
have already done maximum
destruction to people,

which you know has been and is
being done to people by

Castro and Chavez:

'Cuba And Venezuela Hate America
For Its Imperialist Views'."



way, that you will not choose the correct remedies and will
not find the right strategy:

OF COURSE they do try to deceive you - so that you
will lose; or, not win.

And they have of course to relay that deception to you,
and nowadays, this is mostly done by journalists,

a species with the biological classification

"parrotus journalisticus."


When you know these things, then you are able to read a
newspaper, or see other news media

- and gain some understanding of what is going on. *(7)




(b) We continue to further comment on and increase your practical
understanding of this Human Rights Issue:

been promoted on Earth

in order to PREVENT people from recognizing - or to make
people not even look for - Criminal Minds,


such as Hinduism and Buddhism - and its modern
off-shoots, such as the New Age movement and the
various gurus or Holinesses that have blown partly or
wholly over to the West, or South of the Himalayas

- all of whom abound in "love" and "friendliness" -

in our example, being cowardly "friendly" to
the very murderer and torturer of his own
people, the Tibetans,

by completely denying the character and the
intentions and the past deeds of China's
Hu Jintao,

while the Tibetan "Dalai Lama 'has remarked
several times in the past, that he would like
to see China's President Hu as someone [who
is] much more easy to engage [to talk with],
because of his [Hu Jintao's] personal
knowledge of Tibet"

- first this 'Dalai Lama' (by passport
called Tenzing Gyatso) REFUSES to
face, to look at, to see,

(even while he is sitting bodily
in front of him)

the Criminal Mind Mao, the Chinese
dictator who ordered Tibet destroyed,

and then, 'Dalai Lama' born Tenzing
Gyatso refuses to face the very
Criminal Mind, Hu Jintao, WHO

which is indeed "President Hu's 'personal
knowledge' of Tibet."



euphorically and "lovingly" denying and
ignoring the war crimes and the intentions
and the nature first of Mao and then of
Hu Jintao, and of any Criminal Mind,

and all he can do, is sheepishly
laugh it away, so people will not
look at him, at who he was and is
actually, this 'Dalai Lama,'

as indeed the Buddhist philosophy dictates

to the one who claims currently to be
the soul of the Great Lama incarnate,
while however the Buddhist philosophy

that "one has no individuality really," and

as indeed he preaches to others

- BUT an actually great soul, like the
one who was indeed the 'Dalai,' the
Great Lama, would never want to be a

and would never agree - to

being in abundant, euphoric and even exuberant
"love" with a barely camouflaged Hate of Life:

That is, actively working towards the
goal of abandoning and denying life, AND
towards denying the existence and the
individuality of people,

yes, denying the very tenets of Lamaism
(of the Tibetan 'Bon Po' religion) itself,
even denying the existence of The Creation:

That indeed produces - as you easily can test
yourself, and as various gurus prescribe it -

a total euphoria, an exhilaration, an exuberance,
a bliss, a 'samadhi' as they call it, a very simple
immersion in the Energy of Euphoria,

"nothing and no one to be responsible for,"
"no drive towards enjoying anything, nor to
make anyone else enjoy life;" and so

"nothing can hurt you anymore;" and they
tell you with great conviction, which they
indeed experience, that "they are thus

in what YOU experience coming from them as a wholly
repulsive euphoria, an enforced, very ugly lack of
connection to life, a blindness and selfishness,
the maximum possible, of 'ego,'

which indeed requires them to have and to use the
appropriate set of very intelligent lies "about
life," and, OF COURSE

a strict DENIAL of the existence of Criminal Minds,

and that, with an exuberant, Hinduistic PRETENSE of
"knowing about life,"


which is only a stone's throw from other organizations
such as those, whose staff SHOULD name and SHOULD face,
but that REFUSES to name and REFUSES to face Criminal



such as "Peace"(!) movements, including Green Peace,
Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and most
United Nations programs too,

all claiming to be full of Humanitarian Aid and
Care, full of Care for Health and Education, and
full of Protection of and Development for people,

the actual activity of which is however

- by successfully diverting people's attention
to "the important things" -

to PREVENT(!) people from seeing Criminal Minds.



That is hard to imagine, but that is how it is

thanks to the Criminal Minds - including
the American Benjamin Franklin - who preach

"we are all equal,"

in other words, "Criminal Minds do not exist,"

or in still other words "everyone has or is a
Criminal Mind,"

words they use, with the purpose

to DENY the existence of Criminal Minds.



And so these Organizations will (and indeed do) perpetuate
suffering and trouble and instability forever

- obviously and provenly. *(2)(4)

Ask the people in Myanmar, in North Korea, in Iraq,
in China, in Ethiopia, in Vietnam, in Libya, in
Cuba, in Syria, in Africa, in Belarus, in Iran,
in Zimbabwe, in Ethiopia ...and so on and on.

You really should be ashamed of yourself.

"You have to have a Criminal Mind as head of

'in order to create and maintain stability'."

Really, now...

"China should send a manned mission to the
moon" - for the greater glory of Hu Jintao,

so that he can more easily suppress and
dominate the people who happen to be Chinese.



The mentioned or implied Humanitarian Organizations ALL comply
with the Criminal Minds

who demand that it is "bad taste" or "hurting the
credibility of the Organizations," etc. etc.

to point out Criminal Minds, because "that is personal."


The American President "should ONLY care for the
well-being of Americans," and "not for the well-
being of other people."

In plain text: "Criminals must be left alone
to do whatever these please to do to people
in Myanmar, in China, in Cuba, and so on."

In plainer text: "Murder and torture and
domination and theft is 'an internal affair'
or just 'another political system'."



And journalists report about these Humanitarian Organizations
as if these are "impersonal institutions"

(as in "the court decides," "the government has
determined," and so on, which is missing

"Who decided, who thought, who concluded, who

"Amnesty International said," "the WHO (World Health
Organization) considers," "the United Nations
Organization believes," and so on.


But those activities are run by and headed by INDIVIDUALS,

which is of course very "personal" to mention,

and which Mandela (South Africa's Human Rights
hero) did not point out to you either, with his
blind belief in "the United Nations Organization,"

NOT mentioning that "the United Nations"
consists of INDIVIDUALS,

and that those individuals for a considerable
part are Criminals or representing Criminal
heads of state

who BY DEFINITION have no care
whatsoever for the well-being of
people, no matter WHAT they say to
the contrary - while forming the United
Nations Organization

"which needs to give approval on how one can care
for the people of Iraq."


The EXISTING APPROVAL was, to have
various countries and people profit
with large amounts of money, mostly
done secretly:

Profit from the Iraqi people
continuing to be destroyed,

by means of a very obvious, and very
forcefully Criminal Mind as head of


Probably ONE THIRD of the heads of state
comprising the United Nations,


BUT the non-criminal heads of state are
NOT labeling those one third, as Criminal
individuals, or as maliciously Criminal

Instead, the REVERSE is done, in their
pathetic assemblies...

Notwithstanding, everyone, also there,

By definition, a malicious, Criminal
Psychopath has no right whatsoever (to
vote) to make decisions that affect others,

and mere Criminals (Destructive Cowards) have
only limited, conditional rights to do so.



Further, the individuals running the Humanitarian Organizations
will - and indeed do - perpetuate the very PERSONAL suffering
and trouble of people

forever and everywhere

by REFUSING (like the journalists themselves refusing also) to
name any Criminal Minds. *(2)(4)


THEY call that "being polite and civilized," (while they
know themselves very well, that it is merely cowardice
and cowardice only *(9), and so indeed)

I call it 'being extremely rude and highly
in-considerate,' inimical actually, a criminal

if someone would do that (omit that information) to
me or to others.


And as you see, these "polite and civilized" people

- including the Criminal Mind Madeleine
Albright, formerly in charge of America's
foreign affairs, and

including the Destructive Coward Jimmy
Carter, formerly president of America -

they now caved George Bush in so much, that

he must agree, that "it hurts America" to point out
Criminal Minds, really...

"because heads of state, even though they
are Criminal Minds, are 'representing'
people," and *(9)

they had to find SOMETHING that appealed to the good
intentions of George Bush:

"'The Americans' expect of their president
to be polite," they made him use, now.


A Criminal Mind, who claims to be "representing the
people," must not be offended

- indeed this used to be a capital offense,
in Europe and elsewhere, and George still
remembers that rather painfully, I would

That is a typical "defense" by Criminal Minds:

"If you hurt them, then you hurt
'the people'."

Another typical "defense" by them:

"If you don't love them, then 'you
do not love people'."


I call it very far from being "polite and
civilized," but instead, I call it

'being extremely rude and highly in-considerate,'
inimical actually, constituting a criminal act,

NOT to point out and name, to me and others
- to anyone - a Criminal Mind that you know
is a Criminal Mind, and

NOT to address a Criminal Mind as what he is
and wants - which IS respect.



Seeing and addressing people as these actually are, is the very
thing that not only I, but that

ALL decent people expect from any leader, especially from
a president, and most certainly from the American

People the world all over, of course expected it
from the head of the United Nations Organization,

but people have given up all hopes by now, seeing
that 'the Secretary General' was elected and is
being proposed exactly for NOT interfering with
Criminal heads of state, and for doing as expected
of him, which is to artfully PRETEND to the public,
that "The United Nations Organization 'acts for the
good of all people only'."




OF COURSE Criminal Minds - including the currently most
obvious Criminal Minds who are heads of a state - start
screaming, if you point them out and oppose their harm
and their continuous and heavy criminality.

Malicious individuals ARE malicious, and even
much more effectively malicious of course as
heads of state, but this applies also on a
personal level.


And if you do NOT point their intentions
and activities out - to me, or to others -
then you are definitely NOT my friend or
the friend of others, isn't it,

but then you rather are an enemy who wants
me and others to get hurt.

That is not changed by you calling
your behavior "diplomatic" or
"civilized" or "maintaining stability,"

as the Criminal Minds compel you
to think it is "civilized,"

to hide and make your cowardice seem
"normal," or "socially beneficial,"


I call it 'being extremely rude and highly
in-considerate,' inimical actually, a
criminal act, as

obviously your cowardice is hurting others,

is letting people run bare feet into
the 'land mine' that any Criminal Mind
actually is,

and it is your continuously betraying others
as well - that is, for as long as the others
continue to trust you and to give you support
and love -

till they discover that you are a
traitor indeed.

This understanding then defines
betrayal and treason in any other
area as well. {Definition}


A tremendous, tremendous amount of trouble
and sorrow and losses would have been saved
me, if people who did see Criminal Minds that
I did not see, had simply told me that.

THAT - informing me of existing
dangers - is what I expect of a

...of course, isn't it. *(12)

Unless he or she is using those very
repulsive, and nauseatingly malicious
lies that you find as basic doctrine of
Buddhism and Hinduism, hiding cowardice

with "evil is necessary," and
"Criminal Minds must remain
hidden..." *(13)

while meditating to restore his or her
euphoria after betraying you and others,

meditating to create the euphoria, of
feeling, that "one understands all of
Life," and feeling it very nobly, at
that, *(14)

...simply by sitting long enough
under "Four Noble Fig Trees."





(c) We have not finished yet:

Then you have A WHOLE SCIENCE devoted to making people not
see Criminal Minds, and

that is the medical science, which are both the Western and
the Eastern medical sciences. *(2)(4)(5)

I have described that extensively in those Human Rights Issues
referred to.


In short, the activity of medical "science" is, to prevent you
from seeing, recognizing, or even looking for Criminal Minds,
and for what these do Energetically,

and thus they make you forever needing medical insurance and

This is entirely beyond belief, unless you understand it.

Again, my true and long time friend - supposing you look
at the soul of a person rather than at his present life
body - George Bush, does not understand it either, he
does not face the nature of the medical trade, as you
have seen him fail to sanely address the drug and
medical industry, also AFTER he got (re-)elected.

That is a kind of loyalty, that one should not
accord to Criminal Minds and not to destructive
organizations (the medical organizations and drug
companies), even though these gave large sums of
money remain undetected, and to keep the aura
of being "humanitarian" and of "relieving the
suffering of people." *(2)(4)(5)(10)




(d) And then you have those who PRETEND to detect and to uncover
Criminal Minds:

That is what the 'Conspiracy'-theory people do.


To keep their activities going, they use the truth, that

indeed, Criminal Minds do deceive on a large scale,
they do indeed hide the cause

of the troubles that everyone sees and that
everyone is subjected to.


These 'investigators' of Conspiracies, then try to find
often the most unlikely plots and connections,

and they use - or they invent - very, VERY WILD "data,"

a morass

- much like the occult and the esoteric people have
swamped the more curious persons with and into,

not far removed from those, who go by (who use)
VERY WILD "data" wrapped in "Cosmic Laws," brought
to Earth

by extra-terrestrials, or by "spiritual beings"
even less willing to be identified and to show
themselves in public, all of *(8)

which I strongly suggest you do not go into

- unless you do firmly know, that almost all
data and experiences given in those subjects,

including ALL the Hindu and Buddhist texts,
as well as the Egyptian and Tibetan texts,

most of which are the basis of the "secret"
texts of the "occult,"

have indeed the purpose to hide Criminal
Minds -

a path which of course you should not go into and
follow, nor waste your time studying,

UNLESS you can detect and classify the "data" they give *(8)

as THEIR way of making you and others NOT face Criminal
Minds, to make you not find, not detect, and not see or
feel Criminal Minds, not even look for Criminal Minds,

but instead, "to Love Criminal Minds" (to your death, and
giving them your Energy still long after they destroyed
your body and 'killed' your soul),

and that, of course, "unconditionally," as it is "decreed
by 'Cosmic Law'."



The faithful reader knows, however, that you should
never Hate anybody, also not Criminal Minds,

but you certainly must not give them your Love

because Criminal Minds will alter Love Energy,
and use it only to destroy you more cleverly,
and more forcefully, and they only use it in
such a way as

to destroy more of others' life as well.


Loving others is feeling or knowing the actual,
real, true nature of someone,

which nature can be, that he or she is a
Criminal Mind, or is a Destructive Coward
wanting to be dominated by a Criminal

and you can feel or know that nature or
condition of someone,

and loving means, to act accordingly.

This I have described in the Definition of
Friendship. *(16)


Further, Loving IS truthful perception, and thus it
includes correct and true perception of a person's
Hate and Lies

- maybe that Hate is expressed to you,

but Hate that is there, may also be not
expressed to you -

as I started to describe for you in 'Defining Love
And Hate - A Law Of Life'. *(17)


Thus, Loving IS knowing the condition of a person,
by feeling it or knowing it,

and then acting (or refraining from action)

- and which action to take or not to take,
depends largely on the circumstances.

while the main action is feeling-knowing the
condition, feeling the actual truth about someone,

again, which defines Friendship. *(16)


Thus, Criminal Minds very actively and very
successfully DESTROY your Love for them

BY hiding their true condition from you, BY
hiding their true nature from you.

And they say - and they make you think
also - that it is exactly the opposite:

THEY say (and demand), that NOT LOOKING
AT THEIR TRUE NATURE "is Loving them,"
"is truly Loving them."


And that is what Criminal Minds demand
of each other too. *(18)

And that is what the "Dalai" Lama
demands of you, a euphoric "Love"
of and "kindness" for people, for

people also, who so very intensely
but covertly Hate life, that they
want to end it forever and for
everyone, and

who have made it their "religion"
or 'path for everyone to follow'
- "in order to end suffering:"

"Life is suffering," THE lie
of lies.

They destroy your
life, and THEN they
say "you see, 'life
is suffering'!"


But that is exactly the opposite of

Criminal Minds have everything in



A successful way by which they destroy your
Love, is, by them - Criminal Minds -

pretending to respect you,

pretending to love you,

making you believe, that you have
helped them to become normal:


Thus they - very successfully - DESTROY
your knowing or your feeling their true
condition, and

THAT DISABLES your loving them.

And it has further the result, in
practice, that your perceiving
others truthfully, which IS Love,
is ALSO (greatly) impaired.

In that way, Criminal Minds
achieve a double purpose:

To disable your Love for
them, AND to disable your
Love for others, and to
have it replaced by a


Contrary to what Criminal Minds

Love does require, and actually IS

true perception and thus true
appreciation, which is true Love
of someone, of someone's soul

- a person is his soul, and
as some poets say, 'your


That is a VERY, VERY important
reason and necessity for you
to learn about the nature of and
how to recognize Criminal Minds.

Which you can learn

- or, the native but
destroyed knowledge
of which, you can have
refreshed and confirmed
now -

with the Human Rights Issues.


My giving my Love to people IS my looking
at or feeling the soul of others, and IS
perceiving the true nature and condition of

This is tremendously loved and appreciated
by people, *(19)

because THAT - seeing and feeling
their soul, how they are - RESULTS IN

And Criminal Minds try to DESTROY that,
by hiding - in very, very intelligent
ways, including Buddhism and Hinduism -

they are hiding very intelligently
the true nature and the true,
actual, present condition of
people, of souls,

the nature of you, of very good, of
relatively undamaged souls,

AND they hide - in the same breath - the
nature and condition of very, very
damaged souls too, of themselves also,

damaged so violently, so viciously

as to be very far beyond
what you are allowed to
imagine was done to them,
to their souls,

all the data, and
all understanding
of which, any and all
Gurus ("spiritual
teachers") COMPLETELY
deny or hide, what
was done,

that resulted in them having
permanently and irreparably
become Criminal Minds.


Criminal Minds are individuals that comprise about one
percent of the population of Earth - regardless of race,
gender, age, social status, education, profession or
religion - and

they can be found even in your own family - conspiring
certainly against you and against anyone, and doing so
at all times, and in any matter - but certainly not as a
"secret organization," and actually right under your very
own nose. *(3)




(e) Criminal Minds prevent you from knowing The Nature of War.

Naturally they do not want you to know the Nature of War, and
they want you to "know" it wrongly:

So they can win more easily.


The Nature of War is hidden BY Criminal Minds,

such as by Von Clausewitz, by Sun Tsu (Sun Tzu), by
Machiavelli, by Henry Kissinger,

and of course by the Criminal Minds mentioned in 'Famous
European ... ', *(6)

and the way they hide it, is

by means of "defining" 'War' FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF A CRIMINAL
MIND, or, how a Criminal Mind would like you to "understand

- so that, seen from a slightly higher viewpoint, it will
become obvious, that you will lose always,

because you will only at times defeat an opponent,
and only sometimes "gain a victory,"

where "winning" is the objective, like in the
Eastern martial arts

(however, the founder and expert of Aikido,
does correctly discourage competition in it,
as he saw, that it, competition, spoils the
character of his pupils)

or with the medieval knights of Europe, and there

where "life consists of improving weaponry and
fighting skills all the time, in order to be able
to defeat possible opponents."


But with that "understanding"

- which is PREVENTING you from understanding who are
enemies, and from what IS the Nature of War -

you will never defeat war. *(3)


The Nature of War not understood by you, you did or
would support the Russian Criminal Mind Joseph

in order to defeat the German 'Hitlerian'
monstrosity at that time,

which gave you a "victory"

that started another forty years of very,
very costly 'cold' war,

bringing a tremendous amount of suffering to
all people enclosed in the Stalinist
dictatorial 'Iron Curtain;'

and the same applied or would apply

- equally in violation of the Nature of War -

to your supporting Iraq's Saddam Hussein in order
to gain a "victory" over Iran's Islamic (Muslim)
dictatorial monstrosity created by Ayatollah


All of that, is how Criminal Minds want you
to see war:

"Someone wins, and someone loses,"

"you either dominate ('win') or you
are dominated ('lose')."

That is however not how life
is, and

indeed all connection to (or
perception of) how life actually
is, is lost by them.

But that is how Criminal Minds see and
experience and handle life.


And so they shout: "America is
'occupying' Iraq," while America
- at very great expense too - is
doing precisely the opposite, is

But Criminal Minds have
everything in reverse.


Or, they shouted some fifty years
earlier: "America is 'occupying'

Because America "won," THEREFORE
"America is dominating."

That is how Criminal Minds see
it, and - as you know from them -
that is what they shout.

But only Criminal Minds want to
dominate others, so in effect
they shout, with Che Guevara,
that caring, helpful and
courageous, decent people "are
Criminal Minds."

Criminal Minds have
everything in reverse.


As you know, Life does not at all consist of
dominating others - only Criminal Minds and
their helpers will do so, and you will indeed
have to defend yourself and others against


If you understood the Nature of War, then you would
have been able to classify Stalin as an enemy, and
Saddam Hussein as an enemy,

and you know this already closer to home, that you
better NOT make a Criminal Mind the head of your
police force,

even though he understands Criminals
and wants to and does fight Criminals:

His (or her) MOTIVE is to dominate others,

which indeed includes dominating other
Criminals too.




(f) Criminal Minds will openly or secretly oppose and deny the
correct understanding of the Nature of War,

which gives you then yet another tool for detecting Criminal

The correct understanding is the subject of this
Human Rights Issue.




(g) Knowing the Nature of War, you can actually figure out by
yourself, how to win a war, and how to prevent one.
(See References, below.)




(h) Those three small paragraphs at the top {I-01, I-02, I-03},
which state The Nature of War,

have taken (me) many thousands of years to understand,

the present value to the society, of those three paragraphs,
could be measured in trillions of dollars. This is suggested
by the Textnotes above, and by the References below.




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Copyright 2005-2007 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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