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Mar 2, 2013, 1:51:03 PM3/2/13
On Mar 1, 8:25 am, "Somebody" <> wrote:
> Who goes around calling themselves that?

You worked in transportation didn't you, Somebody ... i think you said
it was either trucking, ambulance, or mafia hit man ... oh no now i
remember, it was pizza delivery, right? i want you to know i think
pizza is way too expensive ... and it's 3AM in the morning, and I'd
sure like a pizza right now ... i have to admit i've never had pizza
delivered before ... Is pizza delivery a lot more expensive than over-
the-counter? ... is Digiorno REALLY as good as delivery? ... can I
still get a decent pie at this hour? ... how do i know my pizza boy
won't spit on my pie? ... can i ask for an old pizza delivery man or
a lesbian, and if so will it improve my chances for an unspit-on
pie? ... how many pizza delivery boys are there? ... are they all
washed-up stunt-cock doubles who still wanna play themselves in
porn? ... and how do i know my pizza won't be spit on? ... What is
etiquette for inspecting your pizza pie at the door for spit? ... what
is etiquette for tipping? ... can you hint on the phone that you don't
want your pie spit-on?
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