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Mar 6, 2011, 5:51:43 PM3/6/11
The name of our development team has been decided and it is: OpenFur.
Question about the name of distribution remains open, here's the list of
* AnthroS, Anthro-OS
* Anthro Linux, Anthro System
* Feral System
* furros
* Pelludo
* Mnyama
* Pewhatdo
* Eueiros or Eueira System
* ... [your option?]

Steffen Apstein - Mÿfffffcller

Mar 6, 2011, 7:42:05 PM3/6/11
Anthro-os sounds okay to me, but remember if we choose that name, we also promote an os for dragons and non fur wearing anthros like wales.
You may need to think about that fact, since the current structure of the theming part currently mostly is for the fandom part which has a fur (e.g. starting paws, background, icons etc)

It may could be an interesting option to offer different themings according to the part of the fandom the user belongs to.
Although I am only a service provider I hopefully lighted out a maybe interesting point of view
greets via pda from germany


Mar 7, 2011, 3:35:15 AM3/7/11
"Eueiros" or "Eueira System" is what I found in Ancient Greek dictionary. In Greek letters it's εὔειρος. It means "covered by beautiful fur" or "with beautiful fur", very poetical adjective that I can translate into Russian but not into English.

Also, I've checked out Google ranks of all these names:
  • AnthroS - 250 000 results, with exact matches, + is occupied
  • Anthro-OS - 907 000 results, no exact matches
  • Anthro Linux - 347 000 results, no exact matches
  • Anthro System - 737 000 results, no exact matches
  • Feral System - 6 020 000 results, with exact matches
  • Furros - 44 100 results, with exact matches
  • Pelludo - 4 580 results, with exact matches (it's a last name)
  • Mnyama - 133 000 results, with exact matches
  • Pewhatdo - I hope you didn't mean it?
  • Eueiros - 57 results, no exact matches
  • Eueira System - 109 results, no exact matches (even for "eueira" part)
Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff


Apr 4, 2011, 3:14:30 PM4/4/11
Another log.
In a nutshell:
We still use Ubuntu as a base.
We still use GNOME desktop environment.
We might consider XFCE panel as a replacement for buggy and bloated GNOME panel, along with Unity and GNOME Shell.
We also hope to set up the 2-in-1-DVD experiment for Natty, foxofinfinety is investigating the opportunities.

The 4 major directions of our work are:
  1. Theming - intended to be actively developed, and without that fsck'ing crap like CC-BY-ND
  2. Software stack for "art producers" (GIMP-Painter, GIMP Paint Studio, also "vanilla" MyPaint and Inkscape) - questioned if it should be included in default installation, won't be developed in our project because we just deliver it (not only to furs)
  3. Software stack for "art consumers" (like Cricetida and - intended to be actively developed and receive lots of love because it's the most ground-breaking stuff of all our stuff
  4. Ease of use improvements, bug fixes (see Pinguy OS) - is not the main goal and it's not likely to receive much love, but improvements/patches/howtos are welcome and old-school Unity might make it into Natty

There was a very lively dispute about keeping the artistic software stack in the base distro, IMO it's worth reading.


P.S. I hate misinformation. Corrections welcome!
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