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Koos Nolst Trenite

Aug 16, 2007, 7:13:22 AM8/16/07
The Promised* Definition of Friendship

27 March 2005

(Version 3.2.1
on 16 Aug 2007)

(Suitable for foreign
language students)

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You probably know the feeling of friendship quite well.

You feel the truth about someone, and friendship follows:

You discover, what you can and want to give to someone, and you
try to give that,

and you expect from another, that he or she feels the truth
about you, and (that he or she) also acts upon that.


So we can define it:

Friendship is feeling the truth about someone and discovering as
a result, what you can and want to give to someone (and to many,
as you can have many friendships), and to try to give that -

and also expecting from another (and from many), to feel the
truth about you, and that he or she also acts upon that.



And now we can more easily look at the distortions and reversals, that
have been introduced:

Friendship is NOT 'how to get something from someone.'

Friendship is NOT:

'What you have to observe,

what you have to do and know and see, and what you
will agree to be blind to and be stupid in,

in order to get from another (or from many) what you want
or need.'

That's NOT friendship.



But Criminal Minds *(1) have made it seem like that, and they
try very hard to make life, or even a whole society, be like

because that is how THEY (Criminal Minds) are,

- THAT is what Vladimir Putin is, for example,
that is how HE wants others to be "friends" to
him -

that is how Criminal Minds want you and anyone else to be

"Oh, you want so and so much oil and gas? You want
that I be nice to you and to others? THEN be a
'friend' to me - hide all my crimes, support all my
lies, be criminal to others as I want to, especially
to your friends, betray them, and THEN we are

The faithful reader knows, that it is not
at all possible, to be friends with a Criminal

ALSO NOT with a Criminal Mind who is "an ally"
to you in some cause, seemingly.

A Criminal Minds is BY DEFINITION an
Enemy, a 'no-friend,' and they can not
be repaired, regrettably enough,

I have to repeat what the faithful
and intelligent reader already

Criminal Minds can only PRETEND to be friends,
and of course they use the very effective
trick of "helping you,"

when you are obviously attacked by or when you
are trying to create a group to oppose some
OTHER Criminal Minds.

BUT Criminal Minds will always attack
you, or let others attack you,

"so that you need their friendship."

That's a very very basic action
by Criminal Minds, and it is
almost always present:

It HAS to be present, for you to
accept their "friendship,"

they attack you in such a way,
if done expertly, then without
you suspecting it at all, and in
any other way so that you feel or
are convinced, that "you need
their friendship."

It is how they dominate
you, not unlike they hook
someone on drugs, so that,
once you are hooked, "you
need them."

And they work spiritually
and socially in exactly the
same way, so that "you need
their support."

It also applies to
family relations, or
to relationships, in
the same way.

Really - they get you convinced
or otherwise so much cornered,
that "you NEED the support of
a Criminal Mind."

That is intensely crazy of course,
to think, that

"you NEED a Criminal Mind to
support you,"

it is a contradiction in terms,
it is the maximum of illogic.

Yet Criminal Minds MAKE you that
irrational or insane.

You "need" Vladimir Putin
to support you, right???

They did this as a social
experiment in America:

They invited a serial
murderer to spend the
weekend with the American
president and his family,
and gave him all care
and attention his heart

and then they let him loose,
and found he had NOT become
less of a Criminal Mind,

but continued to harass and
lie to people and threaten
with weapons and to support

This experiment was done
recently, in a town called
Kennebunkport. It was all
over the news (in July



Friendship does NOT consist of 'seeing only the mask' that
a "friend," who is in actual fact a Criminal Mind, demands
of you to accept as "being him"

- to accept it, as if his mask (his 'act,' as if)
"THAT is being himself" (or "her being herself,"
as the case may be).


THEIR idea of "friendship" is, that you
believe all their varying lies that they
use in varying circumstances

(as you know it from Vladimir

- lies about themselves, about their
feelings, about their motives and
intentions, about their past, about
others - and

THAT "is friendship" according to such
"friends" of yours,

or according to family members of yours,

or according to your religious "family,"
the Great Muslim brotherhood:

Some very severely Criminal Minds
walk around the Kaaba, in Mecca,

yesterday or so, coming to
visit, from some Caucasian
country or other province of
Vladimir Putin, *(15)

they walk around Mecca's
Kaaba, around the holiest
stone of the Muslims, *(15)

'holy' being generally
defined, as "do not
understand or examine
this, but assume there
is some good Energy
present," {definition}

though I have never
seen the word actually
defined somewhere, by
far not correctly or
well enough, that is,

(I repeat) they walk around
Mecca's Kaaba, around the
holiest stone in the holiest
temple of the holiest
Muslims, *(15)


"friends," as "NOT (violent Criminals)" or as
"being accepted and trusted by the group,
even IF violently Criminal,"

and the other (medieval-Arab) Muslims, then
indeed (did) receive these

violent Criminal Minds as "brothers in Islam,"

as "friends." *(15)


THAT IS extraordinarily stupid, and a violation of any
security protocol, and it is exposing your population to
extreme danger:

Such is "Islam" in its medieval, tribal form,
as we see it today still in the Middle East
and in parts of Malaysia.


"Criminal Minds do not exist" - they are
replaced by Stone Pillars standing in
Mecca, at which one has to throw stones,
at least once in one's life time,

if one has any left over, that is,
from stoning people to death who
love each other too much, at home.


"Criminal Minds do not exist," and are
"replaced" by 'Non-Believers,' also,

or 'Kaffirs' as you are called in
the most primitive "Islamic"


And anyone who does NOT want to have his
or her life destroyed by these barbaric,
Middle Eastern, rural traditions, should
equally count with being stoned to death

"as a legal procedure" to "protect the

They can't even DEFINE 'law,' nor

- their tribal customs and tribal
Arab upbringing, have wholly
destroyed their soul's knowledge
of such concepts,

which also is a nightmare to
all the civilized nations
who suffer from an influx of
people who came as 'cheap
labor,' but who brought
their barbaric customs and
"thinking" with them too.

For THEM, "Legal" or "The
Law," is "whatever the head
of the tribe," in this case
"whatever the religious
head," "proclaims 'is Law
and is Legal'."

For THEM, "a good, trusted
person," is whomever the
religious or tribal head
says to accept, and thus,
to trust.

That's the whole "Law" of
such tribes, including the
Muslim "Sharia" - which is
not even vaguely a 'Law' at
all, but an account of very
primitive, very destructive




themselves, NOR other Criminal
Minds detected, but instead,

to have these as head of the state
or as head of (the) religion.

As such, they are not different at
all from Vladimir Putin in Russia,

or from Mao or Jiang Zemin
or Hu Jintao in China,

or from Castro or Chavez
in the Caribbean.




A Criminal Mind wants you NOT TO FEEL the truth
about himself (nor about others),

but he intends that you assume and accept, and are

(also in order to make life with him "more
easy on you," "to make life feel pleasant
to you," he - or she, of course - wants you
to accept)

that the pretense IS him, that "you are feeling 'the
truth' about him," that "he is 'being himself'."

That's what Vladimir Putin WANTS.

That's what he INTENDS. *(11)




Again: When THEY demand "friendship" of you, that
then means, that they demand, that you accept their
lies into your life and into your thinking and into
your acting

(that you feel "as true," and that you think
with and act upon, their lies) *(11)

being their "friend," DEMANDS, that you feel, as if
what they say, "is the truth about themselves," and

such "friendship" DEMANDS, that you feel, as if what
they say, "is the truth about others." *(11)


You can again take the example of Vladimir
Putin, if you like. *(16)

From listening to Putin, you might get
the idea, that

"all Russian intelligence has been
drained away"

"(and became concentrated in Russia's
chess champions only)."


An ACTUAL friend does examine anything you
say, in particular your intentions - and

an actual friend tells you his observations
about you, and of course,

doing so to your actual benefit (and not
to dominate you or to make you small,
but so as to make you bigger and more
free) -

an actual friend tries to understand - not
just what you pretend, of course, but - what
you actually do want, what your real, true
intentions are.



Friendship is NOT 'whatever you have to do, to get
someone's approval or admiration or support,'

and then 'getting it by finding out what HE (or SHE)
does want you to know and see and do'

- and of course that means also -

by 'complying with what you then must "NOT see",'

by 'finding out or sensing, what past you then have
to forget or MUST NOT remember, or must pretend
"does to exist",'

in order to maintain a "friendship" with
such a person

- with someone who in actual fact is a
Criminal Mind -

be it a "friend," or a family member, or
a "senior" at your work, or a member of
your club or of your religion; *(11)(17)

but friendship is NOT 'whatever
you have to do, to get someone's
approval, admiration or support,'

by your feeling or 'being made to understand,' what
things are "not done," meaning: what

are "not done," must not be done around your
"friend" the Criminal Mind

- things that you used to feel and think of,
and that you normally did,

to produce joy in your own life and in that
of others -

you now suddenly "must refrain from doing,"

things of care and compassion and with free
exchange of feelings,

things for mutual understanding and in natural
support for humanity,

you now suddenly should consider "bad," "against the
common interest," yes, "destructive" even: *(11)


By exposing Putin's murdering of Russian
people, you "betray Russia." *(13)(16)

How insane and destructive can you be
made to be, by any Criminal Mind (and
by Putin)? Very...

Putin does not want Russia to be
a part of NATO, but he wants to
get China and Russia to OPPOSE

So, instead of alleviating any
poverty, we have to maintain
weapons, etc. - which is EXTREMELY

But, do I hear ANYTHING at
all, from Geldof or Bono,
with their Band Aid etc.,
"to alleviate poverty," or

from any of the Hollywood
"greats," or from the
"philanthropists," or from
the "Anti-war" protesters,
who "want peace,"

about Putin? *(16)

NOTHING... Silence deeper
than the grave.

You are being made so intensely
insane... WHY?

Because of what you do NOT know

- what the basically SANE,
what the NORMAL people
do NOT know -

and are being MADE not-to-know,

and which I thus have to tell you,

and I do so, because
I AM your friend, *(19)

I do so BECAUSE of my Love

which is of course and
naturally for you, so

I have to teach you about this:

That is how Criminal Minds think and work and operate -
and how they try to dominate you and others. *(11)



They tell you, that "there is a reason behind or
for everything" - well, THAT IS THE REASON,

meaning not 'rationality-reason,' BUT
meaning the 'driving-cause' type of reason.

The word "reason" has two fundamentally
different meanings, thanks to the
Criminal Minds:

1. rationality - as in "when it rains,
it gets wet outside;"

2. cause - cause as in 'Heinrich Himmler
ENJOYED to degrade and to then murder
millions of people, and that while
even being paid for it and being
supported and protected in doing so,
LEGALLY, and having to only minimally
hide it.'

That's the REASON and the whole
REASON and the only REASON for
you or your family getting
murdered - but nobody ever tells
you that - except me,

which is why I am such a
popular writer...

I don't tell you fantasy or
pleasant lies

which DO draw very
high pay (which are
very well paid) at
the current level
of "science" and of
"journalism" in our


Again: The REASON for all your troubles and any
illness, is, that Criminal Minds enjoy to inflict
it on you, to dominate you and and to dominate as
many people as possible, and as long and as
intensely as possible.

As part of that, they destroy friendship -
the idea, feeling and nature of friendship.

Friendship is NOT 'whatever you have to do, to get
someone's approval or admiration or support.'



You are not like that - even when you are forced to act like

it is very much contrary to YOUR nature, it is contrary to
the nature of any normal person,

because you simply love people that you find lovable,

because you feel friendship for people with whom you
sense some genuine spark of life crossing over that
nurtures it.


According to your nature, you:


under no circumstances, other than tactically to
PRETEND TO DO SO in order to carry out YOUR purpose,
which also then is, to





It IS your nature to be friends with people:

To feel the truth about them, so you can feel, sense or see what
someone would need or enjoy

- joy, which I do call a need, too, like showing
someone some real Beauty or actual Love, or true

yes, encouragement maybe, a smile even -

to then try and provide, to give that joy,

in accordance with your own abilities and possibilities, and

in line with your personal preferences. *(2)

I wrote a somewhat formal statement, above:

First I try to describe things precisely
- which is the framework - and then you,
or I, can give it substance, the appropriate
emotions and feelings,

to make it more clearly felt, more visible.
*(14)(21)(22) {writing technique}{short course
in philosophy}

It IS your nature to be friends with people - to feel the
truth about them, and to then see what they do need.



That is what people DO, normally

- which you can observe immediately when some natural disaster
occurs somewhere

(by definition, a natural disaster is not
intended, not caused by a Criminal Mind, and

therefore it does NOT HAVE the Energy of
INTENTION to harm people)

where people do not have to detect, nor to oppose or to
overcome, the Energy of someone wanting to destroy life,

when people do not have to detect, and then to fight
against the INTENTION and against the lies, by which

a Criminal Mind (or a group of Criminal Minds) tries
to prevent people from being actually helped; but,

where there is NO Criminal Mind to oppose,

then it is very easy for people to (continue to) feel their
own nature and thus to follow it -

to be friends with people,

which is feeling the true condition of people, and then seeing
what they need, and wanting to provide that, according to your
own liking,

because doing so, IS the true nature of everyone

(but not of Criminal Minds - as you may know, by now). *(1)




It is only Criminal Minds, who ENJOY to destroy actual friendship.

And they do destroy ALSO any actual friendship that you give to

because they do not want, that you feel the truth about
them, and because

to them, "friendship" is only

figuring out 'whatever one has to do and to know and to
see and to "understand",' in order

'to get from you and others, what they want;'


and so

they also force YOU to act like that, especially TOWARDS

"You must know, or else you must be taught in various ways,
you must be made to feel,

what it is, that 'they want,' and what is 'expected of

- by a Criminal Mind who is "your friend" -

and then "you must provide that to them," or "you must act
or behave accordingly," and

"then all is fine and there will be no trouble,"

"then there will be harmony and stability, and a 'stable
and reliable friendship'."






In ACTUAL friendship, you feel (you are active in, and constantly busy
feeling) the truth about someone (and about many persons), *(4) and
by that,

you discover, and feel in your soul, what you can and want to give
to someone (and to many). *(5)


Also - in actual (reliable) friendship - you are not acting upon THOSE
feelings and THOSE ideas, that a Criminal Mind projects at you

projects or insinuates about others, about your friend(s),

and about yourself and about the world in general,

about "the nature of life," about the nature of The
Creation, about religion,

receiving a Criminal Mind's feelings and ideas, that

projected by them, by Criminal Minds

- thoughts and feelings are Life Energy Particles,
remember, and Criminal Minds create and project and
insinuate these

in such a way, that it feels to you -

as if "you are feeling your own feelings and thoughts:"

You stand up to the projections, and you try and feel truth, because
doing that, IS friendship. *(9)(12)(18)


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34


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Copyright 2005, 2007 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
PlatoWorld at Lycos.com

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