REFUSING to Invade Iraq, Constitutes Severe Crimes against Humanity, by Putin, Schroeder, Chirac, Jiang Zemin, etc. {HRI 20060702-V3.3} (Version 3.3 on 12 July 2006)

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Sep 7, 2006, 12:43:30 PM9/7/06
(By the way, all (former) heads of state mentioned in the title,
are Criminal Minds as well.)
(Criminal Minds are individuals without a conscience.)

REFUSING to Invade Iraq, Constitutes Severe Crimes against Humanity,
by Putin, Schroeder, Chirac, Jiang Zemin, etc.

2 July 2006
{HRI 20060702-V3.3}

(Version 3.3
on 12 July 2006)

(Suitable for foreign
language students)


What I did read below, TO ME sounds like a very clear and massive
indictment against (it is an official accusation of) those who could

and who were asked to - but who REFUSED TO -



It is an official and formal accusation of those who were, instead,
ridiculing and calling those "evil," who were and are handling evil,

and calling those - calling you and me, that is - "evil" FOR
handling the evil;

yes, so calling those, who are willing to and who at times
did give their life in order to stop the evil for us.



How insane have you been made by Criminal Minds and by their parrots
(that are relaying to you, what Criminal Minds want you to hear)?

Very, very insane - utterly insane indeed - well, not you and I
of course, but others have been, and are being made insane. *(3)

This is done to others by Criminal Minds
- these have everything in reverse.

Criminal Minds have everything in reverse. (I just repeat it,
so that, at some time, others are likely to notice it.)

They want you to see Evil as "normal."

And you must be made to "see" Good as "very, very bad."

They blame those who do Good, as "doing the evil,"

and those who do the Evil, you are invited to treat as
"normal," as "right," as "lawful," and as "to be



They, Criminal Minds, make your mind be so, that decent, caring
people (they mean, that also you) "are evil," and that you "are
causing the harm," and that you "are causing the murdering"

("A US military vehicle which attempted to approach the blast
scene, withdrew in a hail of stones thrown by angry residents."
- Baghdad - AFP, 20060701)

and they make it so, that the Criminals themselves, including those
heads of state who refuse to stop Criminals, are "the good people,"
or are "the normal heads of state," and are "the ones you better
support, for your own good."


That is, how utterly insane Criminal Minds have actually made
you, now. (Have made others, I mean, of course, not you and me -
WE always have a very precise viewpoint on who causes evil, and
on who protects us from evil, isn't it...)




Not only did the individuals who stand now accused, like Putin,
Chirac, and the like, REFUSE to stop Evil,

but they were also OBSTRUCTING others from handling the Evil,

even though it was their own job as head of state,
directly to do all they could, to assist.

All, that some, like Putin (in Russia), Chirac (in
France), Schroeder (in Germany) and Jiang Zemin (in China)
and the others had to do, was to say "Yes, I agree that
YOU stop the Crimes,"

without themselves even having to do or to pay


But instead, they - Putin, Schroeder, Chirac, and Jiang Zemin,
etc. - knowingly and deceptively committed those Crimes
against Humanity, as are described in the previous paragraph.




And I have to point it out to you, because it has been smashed and
sucked out of your awareness, by the Criminals,

who are aided in that also by the parrots of various News
Agencies, such as the Associated Parrots (AP) and the Agency
of French Parrots (AFP), and the United Parrots International
(UPI), and so on.

That is how utterly insane the Criminal Minds have
actually made you, now. (That means: others, of course
- not you and me, but others have been made utterly insane
by Criminal Minds, insane about who caused the evil and
about those who enjoyed the evil and who perpetuated it.)

(Your and my awareness of that matter, of course, has
been always correct, and we have held that always
unwaveringly in our minds, isn't it - also for
others to see and to feel the truth - of what
actually happened, of what was done by whom, and of
the intention with which it was done.)




In order to refresh my and your awareness a little bit, I did read
the Crimes again, that do form the basis of accusing those who
refused to stop the Crimes, and who, instead, deceptively condoned
and secretly encouraged these Crimes against Humanity,

which is the guilt of Putin, Chirac, Schroeder, Jiang Zemin (and now
Hu Jintao), etc.,



Instead, they preferred to have much damage and burden
inflicted on others, seemingly "to aid their own group or
position or Swiss and other bank accounts."



It is PART OF THEIR JOB, to communicate to THEIR
people, also and in particular to Islamic people
in their country, what ACTUALLY IS going on,

- the Internet search engine providers and
technical builders, like Google and Yahoo
and Microsoft Network and the Cisco
management, would certainly agree with that,
and also the Eutelsat satellite broadcast
providers would gladly assist to inform
people correctly, isn't that so -

much like people are also informed CORRECTLY about
a tsunami, or about the explosion of an atomic
reactor, occurring in another country.

And when talking to those who can only or who
have to think mainly in terms of money (in
terms of present and future possessions) the
following is obvious to them:

You can not make a financially even
vaguely sound decision, of course,

if half of the data, and the most
important data, about a situation, or
about a region, about a population,
about people or about a country

is and remains deliberately hidden from

particularly when presented as
"not hidden" - the typical way a
Criminal Mind presents "data" -

for instance by China's News Agency,
and by the Inverted or upside-down
"government" of China, that it,
'Xinhua,' stands for.




It is PART OF THE JOB OF LEADERS, to communicate to THEIR people, what
ACTUALLY IS going on, so that people can and do react correctly,
reacting indeed as is their inherent nature, reacting to care for
life, to protect life and possessions.

Remember, however, that 'Criminal Minds have
everything in reverse'

- THEY "know," that "it is the nature of people, to
destroy others and to prey on others" - because
that is THEIR OWN nature.

But in fact, it is only one percent of the
population who is like that, and these,
in times of anarchy, may drag another
maybe twenty percent temporarily with them,

or when ORGANIZED (that is not anarchy, but it
is evil steered and organized, also called
"stability" by Criminals and by their parrots,
tightly organized evil, as in Nazi Germany or
in current Communist dictatorships)

it might rise temporarily, as still in North
Korea, and in the past in Germany, and at one
time long ago in Cuba, to above fifty percent

- in highly organized evil that means, as it
is currently maintained and organized
globally by the Chinese Communist Party
"government," and not only in their slave
states such as North Korea,

but their organized evil also includes
their "diplomatic" corps etc. abroad, in
your country and in other non-suspecting
countries, I mean.



Criminal Minds have everything in reverse, so they
would just laugh very hard in your face - they would
completely ridicule you, openly or secretly -

if you state, that it is PART OF THE JOB of leaders,
to communicate to THEIR OWN people, what ACTUALLY
IS going on so that people can and do react

indeed, reacting naturally (also as Moslems)
to care for life,

which is made possible when they have correct data,
INCLUDING correct data about who would or will hinder
the help given,

which includes of course the exposure of
Criminal Minds they falsely admire or
admired (label all dictators plus the
revolutionaries who brought them to
power, not as "friends of 'the People'"
and not as "friends of the Nation," but
as what they are - severely destructive
Criminal Minds).

Also you know, that Criminals do hide and
distort and oppose that correct data,

and that they do foster Hate against those
who do help naturally and who do help with
great responsibility.

It is thus most vital, of course, to
know whether data is coming from the
Chinese News Agency Xinhua and from
similar, Criminal News Agencies,

so that you know, that what you get
as "correct data," is what Criminals
want seen and known "as true."



So that is yet another Crime against Humanity: As leaders they
conspired to prevent their own population from being informed
correctly, and they THUS PREVENT(ED) their OWN people from
stopping very severe Crimes against Humanity.

And then they claim, that "they merely represent the
will of the people" - Criminal Minds ENJOY lying.

Those are despicable Crimes, committed by the heads of
state mentioned, Putin, Chirac, Schroeder, Jiang Zemin,
etc., and by their respective successors who continued
these Crimes against Humanity.



Human Rights is not a matter of papers and laws,

although a lawyer, a judge, even a diplomat (yes, an
occasional Minister for Immigration even) is likely to
see it like that, inhumanely, as "people are papers," and
such professionals are trained to "see" things through
that distortion,

they are TRAINED NOT TO SEE, not to go and see whom
they have in front of them, or to deliberately
ignore it, even when they DO see whom they have in
front of them,

instead, they talk about "what is 'legal' and
'lawful' and 'agreed upon'"

- not wanting to admit, that those are
the very tools that Criminal Minds use

(they have everything in reverse,
remember - so it is 'laws' and
'rules' and 'agreements,' forming
a basis, an instrument,


that THEY use)

in order to deceive and to betray
and to mislead people - *(4)

translated into German (and also into 'Swiss')
as "'Ordnung muss sein'," as "laws are senior
to people" -

"rules are senior to people" in Germany,
they can not simply face or they refuse
to face the PURPOSES for the rules,
because then they would have to stand
up to Criminal Minds,

and to them, "laws and rules and
agreements are 'THE SOLUTION' to
having to face Criminal Minds,"

they are (still) obsessed by
'having solutions' - instead
of enjoying life together
which INCLUDES looking at
people and facing Criminal
Minds and Destructive
Cowards - *(6)

they are allowing, even encouraging

- as the Criminal Mind
Socrates defended his own
hidden lies and his hidden
cowardice, at his death,

that's basically what he
said in order NOT to have
his own lies discovered
(but which I discovered in
my present life time, that)

to HIDE his lies, he then
claimed the very, very
destructive lie, that

"the laws are senior to
people" -

enouraging and justifying laws and
rules to be used to DESTROY life
being exposed and acted upon,

they are denying - rember, that Criminal Minds
have everything in reverse (they are DENYING) -
that those very laws and rules are there in
the first place FOR people, to help people who
should be helped, and also to deny help to
people who would destroy others,

- and that applies also to Louise
Arbour, etc. -

so, Human Rights IS NOT 'papers and laws,'

but Human Rights is about people, about individuals, as you will read

You also did not need laws and bilateral agreements in
order to help others at Earthquakes or Tsunamis, did you.

You naturally help. You help, because it is your
FEELING, it is your nature, and so it is with all
normal people.

But also there, Criminal Minds will try to
divert or block your help from reaching those
people who need it.

And they will try to make you accept their
lies, their reversals of truth and their
'Buddhistic' goals to eradicate you forever,
"so you never have to suffer again":

Telling the world, that 'freeing you
from a torture cell in Husseins' Iraq,'
"is illegal," that "everybody is against
freeing you," and that "it is evil to
free you."

Criminal Minds, also those of Buddhism, have
everything in reverse.


What was happening in Iraq, and what is happening now
in China, and in some other dictatorial countries,

is a million times worse than any natural disaster,

as a natural disaster lacks the intention and
practice of malice.



This is about helping people,

and thus it is about your facing THE CRIMINALITY of those who
obstruct and who refuse to cooperate *(5)

in handling very, very severe Crimes against very many people.


The claim of the licensed medical profession of being
"the ones that ARE helping people," is a carefully built
fallacy (a facade, a building of lies) *(1) and you will

after you have shed the appropriate amount of tears
and have gone though various stages and outbursts of
amazement and utter incredulity when you look at and
are about to understand what you see,

that the licensed medical profession is NOT about facing
Criminality, at all. *(2)

You remove such people from any position of authority, and you
oppose their claims of being authoritative.


It is your natural desire to help people, so, do so! Maybe you will
even get the idea - who knows - to help me,


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34


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Copyright 2006 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it, and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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1=2E 'Iraq: A Population Silenced' - Dec 2002, public document from the
US House Armed Services Committee.

2=2E 'THE SHADOW OF A MONSTER: "I was Uday's Hussein's body double"' -
A telling report about Latif Yahia, who escaped to a life in Dublin
with an Irish wife, after years of horror with Saddam's sadistic
son Uday Hussein. 12 April 2003, by Lance Laytner



Public document from the US House Armed Services Committee

Title 'Iraq: A Population Silenced'

Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor -
December 2002


Executive Summary

In 1979, immediately upon coming to power, Saddam Hussein silenced all
political opposition in Iraq and converted his one-party state into a
cult of personality. Over the more than 20 years since then, his regime
has systematically executed, tortured, imprisoned, raped, terrorized
and repressed Iraqi people. Iraq is a nation rich in culture with a
long history of intellectual and scientific achievement. Yet Saddam
Hussein has silenced its scholars and doctors, as well as its women
and children.

Iraqi dissidents are tortured, killed, or disappear in order to deter
other Iraqi citizens from speaking out against the government or
demanding change.

A system of collective punishment is implemented by torturing entire
families or ethnic groups for the acts of one dissident.

Women are raped and often videotaped during rape to blackmail their

Citizens are publicly beheaded, and their families are required to
display the heads of the deceased [of those murdered] as a warning to
others who might question the politics of this regime.

Saddam Hussein was also the first "leader" to use chemical weapons
against his own population, silencing [murdering] more than sixty
villages and 30,000 citizens - with poisonous gas.

Saddam Hussein has tried to silence ethnic and religious minorities in
Iraq as well.

During the Anfal Campaign of 1987-88, Saddam Hussein's regime killed
and tortured the Kurdish population. It eliminated many Kurdish
villages, and forced surviving Kurds into zones where he could
control them.

His regime has suppressed the Shi'a Islamic community through
killings and arrests, and bans their Friday prayers and books in
certain regions.

He has also targeted the citizens of other nations in his region,
killing and torturing Kuwaiti and Iranian citizens, among others.


The Iraqi people are not allowed to vote to remove the government.
Freedom of expression, association and movement do not exist in Iraq.
The media is tightly controlled - Saddam Hussein's son owns the daily
Iraqi newspaper. Iraqi citizens cannot assemble except in support of
the government. Iraqi citizens cannot freely leave Iraq.

The international community, including the U.N. and internationally-
based non-governmental organizations, has documented and repeatedly
condemned this regime's horrific [abuse of people] record of abuse.
Saddam Hussein simply [desires to be as Criminal as he pleases]
ignores the will of the rest of the world.

Saddam Hussein has given the Iraqi people a terrible choice - to remain
silent [and be tortured]- or face the consequences [also be tortured].

But despite his regime's attempts to silence the Iraqi people, their
voices are still being heard.




Al-Shaikh Yahya Muhsin Ja'far al-Zeini

On July 2, 1999, a young theology student in his late 20's, named
al-Shaikh Yahya, returned home to find that his father and two
brothers had been detained 'as substitute prisoners' until Saddam's
secret police could arrest him, al-Shaikh.

Al-Shaikh Yahya was suspected of being a supporter of a prominent
Shi'a Islamic cleric whose murder [by the ruling Sunni Islam dictator]
had set off protests [also amongst the students] six months before.
The protests had been brutally suppressed by the regime's security
forces, and the subsequent crackdown still continued.

Seeing no other option, al-Shaikh Yahya submitted, and was arrested
and blindfolded and taken to the Saddam Security Directorate building
"for questioning."

After being forced to watch one of his friends being tortured, the
security officials took him to another room where he awaited his own
torture. His recount of what happened next, is chilling:

'They stripped me of my clothes and a security officer said,
"The person you saw, has confessed against you".
He said to me, "You followers of (Ayatollah) [another Criminal
Mind, but from the opposite camp, from the Shia Islam faction,
of] al-Sadr, have carried out acts harmful to the security of
the country, and have been distributing anti-government
statements coming from abroad."

He asked if I have any contact with an Iraqi religious scholar
based in Iran who has been signing these statements. I said "I
do not have any contacts with him" ...

I was then left suspended (naked and handcuffed, with a board
between my elbows and knees, on two high chairs) ... My face was
looking upward. They attached an electric wire on my penis and
the other end of the wire is attached to an electric motor. One
security man was hitting my feet with a cable. Electric shocks
were applied every few minutes and were increased. I must have
been suspended for more than an hour. I lost consciousness. ...
They repeated this method (of torture) a few times.'


Al-Shaikh Yahya was regularly subjected to electric shocks and beating
on his feet. For two months of his detention, he slept on the floor
with his hands tied behind his back and his face on the floor.
According to his testimony, this was more unbearable than the electric
shocks. He was also suspended from a window non-stop for three days -
once, and at one point during that suspension, they attached a heavy
weight to his genitals.

Five months later, al-Shaikh Yahya, and twenty-one other detainees,
were transferred to a separate detention center, also in Baghdad.
He was detained, without charge or trial, for another four months,
until April 14, 2000, when he was released.

- Account taken from Amnesty International, IRAQ Systematic
torture of political prisoners - August 15, 2001

Al-Shaikh Yahya's experience was not an isolated event, but just one
example of how Saddam Hussein and his regime have systematically abused
Iraqis in order to silence their beliefs.


"Traitors" Are Silenced

Since 1979, Saddam Hussein and his regime have systematically murdered,
maimed, tortured, imprisoned, raped, terrorized and repressed the Iraqi

For more than two decades, this "Republic of Fear," a term developed
by noted Iraqi scholar Kanan Makiya, has targeted and preyed upon
so-called enemies of the state - in order to maintain power, get rich,
and acquire land.

These "enemies" are most often innocent Iraqi citizens, and include
mothers, wives, school children, teachers, Muslims, Kurds, and

His regime also routinely arrests, detains, tortures and kills the
relatives of these so-called enemies.

Saddam Hussein has also [targeted, gone after and] found "enemies" in
neighboring Gulf States, such as Kuwait, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

"The political-legal order in Iraq is not compatible with respect
for human rights and, rather, entails systematic and systemic
violations throughout the country, affecting virtually the whole
population." -

Max van der Stoel, UN Special Rapporteur of the Commission
on Human Rights in Iraq, 1999



The practice began immediately upon Saddam Hussein's becoming President
in July 1979, when he ordered his security forces to publicly and
forcibly remove, imprison and eventually kill several long-standing,
distinguished members of the Iraqi National Assembly.

He claimed that there were "traitors," in the National Assembly.
Saddam Hussein calmly smoked a cigar in the Parliament as he videotaped
sixty-six members of the Ba'th senior leadership being taken away.
He later called upon the other senior members of the Ba'th party
leadership, to participate in public "democratic executions" of their
fallen comrades.


Since then, the same tactics have been used to silence Iraqis of all
walks of life. However you earn the title of "traitor," you will be
silenced - one way or another.

"Iraq under Saddam's regime has become a land of hopelessness,
sadness, and fear. A country where people are ethnically
cleansed; prisoners are tortured in more than 300 prisons in
Iraq. Rape is systematic ... congenital malformation, birth
defects, infertility, cancer, and various disorders are the
results of Saddam's gassing of his own people ... the killing
and torturing of husbands in front of their wives and children
... Iraq under Saddam has become a hell and a museum of

- Safia Al Souhail, Iraqi Citizen, Advocacy Director,
International Alliance for Justice


Iraq is a nation with a rich cultural heritage. Its people have a
history of intellectual and scientific achievement.

But showing no respect for life, human dignity and fundamental
freedoms, Saddam Hussein's totalitarian regime has turned back the
clock on centuries of progress.

His regime silences Iraqis who demand freedom and a normal life for
themselves and their families.



Silence by Murder

For more than twenty years, Saddam Hussein has executed "opponents"
without respect for rule of law.

Saddam Hussein silences these "dissidents" because he believes
[correctly] that their political beliefs, faith, ethnic background,
family members or acquaintances are a threat to his power.

[Which they are indeed, and of course - naturally you are and any
normal person IS a threat to the authority and power assumed and
exerted by a Criminal Mind.]


Some are first taken and kept as political prisoners, and are later
executed. In February 1998, 400 prisoners at Abu Gharaib prison were
executed summarily. Two months later, 100 detainees from Radwaniyah
Prison were buried alive in a pit in Ramadi province.

These killings were supposed to "clean out" the prisons. More than
3,000 people have been killed in a similar manner since 1997.


Summary executions in Iraq take many cruel forms. A quick yet effective
method is to line up the entire male population of a village and shoot
them systematically, one at a time, in order to eliminate the village.

Saddam Hussein's regime, however, often prefers methods that take more
time, and inflict more pain on the victim and the victim's family.

His regime has poisoned political prisoners by giving them a
slow-acting poison, thallium, which slowly infiltrates the body's
system and takes several days to bring death.

Iraqi citizens are often decapitated in front of family members, and
at other times, they are shot in front of family members - and the
family is charged for the cost of the bullet.

Saddam Hussein has perfected many of these methods of murder on Kurds
in Northern Iraq and on religious leaders from the Shi'a community,
claiming that they are disloyal to the Government.
Once murdered, many Iraqis are buried in unmarked graves so that their
family members cannot visit them.

"It has been the Iraqi regime's policy to change the demography
of Iraq, by eradicating the Kurdish population from areas that
are deemed important in the North of the country. The regime has
done this through forced deportation, arbitrary arrests, and
systematic torture."

- Paiman Halmat, teacher, former Iraqi citizen

As a particularly brutal example of silencing political opposition, it
is estimated, that at least 30,000 to 60,000 members of the Shi'a
Islamic community, were killed in Southern Iraq, during their uprising
against Saddam in post-Gulf-war Iraq [the war in which American
President Bush senior, failed to decide to remove Saddam Hussein, which
then made the much more costly second war necessary, to remove Saddam
his Criminals - plus another ten years of untold suffering and torture
and murder inflicted by the serial killer, the very severe psychopath
Saddam Hussein].



Silence Through Torture

Under Saddam Hussein's orders, the security apparatus in Iraq routinely
and systematically tortures its citizens.

Beatings, rape, breaking of limbs and denial of food and water are
commonplace in Iraqi detention centers.

Saddam Hussein's regime has also invented unique and horrific methods
of torture, including electric shocks to a male's genitals, pulling
out fingernails, suspending individuals from rotating ceiling fans,
dripping acid on a victim's skin, gouging out eyes, and burning
victims with a hot iron or blowtorch.

Gwynne Roberts, a reporter for the London-based Independent, describes
her experience in a torture center in Northern Iraq:

"In one prison cell, pieces of human flesh - ear lobes - were
nailed to the wall, and blood spattered the ceiling. A large
metal fan hung from the ceiling and my guide told me, prisoners
were attached to the fan and beaten with clubs as they twirled.

There were hooks in the ceiling, used to suspend victims.
A torture victim told me, that prisoners were also crucified,
nails driven through their hands into the wall. A favorite
technique was to hang men from the hooks, and attach a heavy
weight to their testicles."

- Independent, March 29, 1991

Foreign citizens are not spared the brutality either. Large numbers of
Kuwaiti citizens were murdered, tortured and raped during the Gulf War,
by the Iraqi regime.

More than two dozen torture centers in Kuwait City have been
discovered, and photographic evidence confirms reports of electric
shocks, acid baths, summary execution, and the use of electric drills
to penetrate a victim's body.

Many innocent civilian citizens were also used as human shields.

Criminal branding [permanent marks burnt on the skin] and criminal
amputations [cutting limbs off as punishment] have been routine in
In 1994, the Iraqi government issued at least nine decrees, that
established cruel penalties such as branding.
Amputation has been used against citizens convicted of military
desertion. One citizen whose hand was cut off, was paraded on national
television - as a method of instilling fear in the people.

In 1994 and 1995 alone, large numbers of soldiers had portions of their
ears cut off for deserting the army. The government branded an "X" on
the foreheads of these soldiers as well, so that Iraqi citizens would
not think, that these soldiers were wounded war heroes.

Doctors who refused to perform the operations, were threatened with
reprisals, and many have been arrested and detained.

The Iraqi authorities also issued a decree, in 1994, making it illegal
for doctors to provide plastic or corrective surgery to victims of
branding and amputation.

In 2000, a new Iraqi decree was issued, authorizing the government to
amputate the tongues of citizens who [expose Crime or resist Crime,
and who thus] criticize Saddam Hussein or his "government."

Torture Methods in Iraq:

* Medical experimentation
* Beatings
* Crucifixion
* Hammering nails into the fingers and hands
* Amputating the penis or breasts with an electric carving knife
* Spraying insecticides into a victim's eyes
* Branding with a hot iron
* Committing rape while the victim's spouse is forced to watch
* Pouring boiling water into a rectum
* Nailing the tongue to a wooden board
* Extracting teeth with pliers
* Using bees and scorpions to sting naked children in front of
their parents



The Missing Are Silent

Many Iraqi citizens simply "disappear" - never to be heard from again.

Widespread disappearances are prevalent and occur regularly among
Kurdish minorities.

In 2001, Amnesty International claimed, that Saddam Hussein's
Government was responsible for the majority of the hundreds of
thousands of persons that have disappeared in the Middle East and
North Africa, in recent decades.

"If you are arrested, your life is over." - 'Ahmed,' an anonymous
current Iraqi citizen tells Cameron W. Barr of The Christian Science
Monitor (Oct. 31, 2002)

The UN Special Rapporteur on Iraq to the Commission on Human Rights,
has specifically documented 16,496 cases of disappearances, but
states, that the number of Kurds alone, missing because of the 1988
Anfal Campaign [against the Kurdish population], could reach tens of
thousands. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International place the
number of disappeared persons between 70,000 and 150,000.

According to the UN Special Rapporteur, the second largest targeted
group for disappearances were the Shi'a Muslims.


Chemical Weapons Silence Iraqi Citizens

Saddam Hussein became the first leader ["leader"] in the world, to
systematically and aggressively gas his own people.

Between 1983 and 1988 alone, he murdered more than 30,000 Iraqi
citizens with mustard gas and nerve agents.

Several international organizations claim, that he "killed" [murdered]
more than 60,000 Iraqi citizens with chemicals, including large
numbers of women and children. During his two-year Anfal campaign
against the Kurdish population, Saddam Hussein used these chemical
weapons against more than 40 villages.


It was 6:20 PM on March 16, 1988, when a smell of apples
descended on the town of Halabja. This Iraqi Kurdish town of
80,000 was instantly engulfed in a thick cloud of gas, as
chemicals soaked into the clothes, mouths, lungs, eyes and skin
of innocent civilians. For three days, Iraqi Air Force planes
dropped mustard gas, nerve agents known as Sarin and Tabun, and
VX, a newly manufactured and highly lethal gas. Using these
chemicals, they murdered at least 5,000 civilians who died
within hours of the initial attack, and thousands more died or
were maimed by it over the next several years.

Halabja has experienced staggering rates of aggressive cancer,
genetic mutation, neurological damage, and psychiatric disorders
since 1988. If you walk through the streets today, you will
still see many diseased and disfigured citizens.

* Shaho was nine at the time. Within weeks, he began to
suffer back pains and eventually was unable to stand or
walk. 'Before the chemical attack, I was perfectly healthy
... I am certain, that poison gas caused my illness. My
mother lost her sight at the time, and I've got gradually
worse ever since.'
Shaho's days are spent at home lying on his mattress, his
body turned every thirty minutes by his devoted sister to
avoid bed sores.

- Gwynne Roberts, "Poisonous Weapons," Crimes of
War, eds. Gutman and Rieff, (Singapore, 1999)

* One citizen, Mr. Akra, had, before the attack, been taken
to a hospital in Iran, before returning to the village of
Halabja, to look for his family.

"I saw over 200 bodies in just 100 meters. There was a
terrible smell from the chemicals and the corpses. I went
into the shelter. I first saw my grandmother. Her body had
swollen up. Then I saw the blackened face of my mother, and
I lost consciousness."

- Guy Dinmore, Financial Times, July 10, 2002


Women Silenced: Saddam Hussein Acknowledges Violent Crimes Against

Saddam does not deny the fact that his regime tortures and brutally
murders women. The daily newspaper "Babel," owned by Uday, the eldest
son of Saddam Hussein, contained a public admission on February 13,
2001, of beheading women who are "suspected of prostitution."

The Iraqi Women's League in Damascus, Syria describes this practice as

"Under the pretext of fighting prostitution, units of 'Feda'iyee
Saddam', the paramilitary organization [of Criminals] led by
Uday, have beheaded in public more than two hundred women all
over the country, dumping their severed heads at their families
door steps."

"Many of the victims were innocent, working women, including some
who were suspected of being 'dissidents.' Such barbaric acts were
carried out in the total absence of any - even under Iraq's own
Penal Code - proper judicial procedures ." (March 3, 2001)

In Iraq, if you are a woman, you could face....

* Beheading if you are accused of prostitution
* Rape, if you are related to someone the regime thinks is disloyal
* Torture, if you are related to a dissident


Reports show, that many families have been required to display a
beheaded family member's head on their outside fence for several days.
These savage practices have been used against women of all professions.

For example, an obstetrician was arrested for criticizing the
corruption within the health services, but was subsequently beheaded
"for prostitution."

Another woman, with a husband and three children, was beheaded without
charge or trial. According to Amnesty International, her husband was
wanted by the security authorities because of his alleged involvement
in Islamist armed activities against the state ["against" "the state"].

Her husband had earlier managed to flee the country, but men belonging
to "Feda'iyye Saddam" (the paramilitary unit) went to his house in
Iraq, and found his wife, children, and mother-in-law.

His wife was taken to the street and two men held her by her arms,
while a third man pulled her head from behind - and beheaded her in
front of residents.
The "security" men took the body and the head in a plastic bag, and
carried away the children and the mother-in-law. The fate of those
remains unknown.


Women are often raped in order to blackmail their relatives. Men who
leave Iraq and join Iraqi opposition groups, regularly receive
videotapes showing the rape of a female relative.

These tapes are intended to discourage Iraqi nationals abroad, from
engaging in opposition activities.

As shown below, some officials carry personnel cards, that identify
their official business as the "activity of violating the honor of
women" [their state-paid JOB it is, to rape women].



The Jibour tribe has been subjected to almost total extinction by

(Statement made by Nidal Muhyi al-Shaikh Shallal, the wife of Shaikh
Shallal Muhammed al-Shallal, tribal chief of the Grai'at Jibour, on
October 4, 2002)

* My brother was arrested in 1980. Since then, we have no idea
what happened to him. The regime sent us a statement of his
death in order to provoke us. My husband's brothers, who are
also my cousins, were executed. They were 'Martyr' Ra'ad Shallal
Muhammed al'Shallal and 'Martyr' Wa'd-Allah Muhammed al-Shallal.

After that, our possessions were confiscated and we were
expelled from our lands. Now, one of our orchards has been
turned into a secret factory for making chemical weapons.
It is located in Grai'at (a suburb of Azamiyya in northern Iraq).

I was interrogated many times. It was then, that my husband fled
away and went into hiding. Therefore I was expelled from my
government job. Many attempts were undertaken to have my husband
arrested because of his dissent. His brothers were executed.
In 1991, he participated in the Intifada (uprising), but he was
captured and jailed for four months at the prison run by the
Iraqi Military Intelligence. His left rib and nose were
fractured as he was being tortured, and he was exposed to
several electric shocks, the marks of which are still visible
on his body.

Our tribe, the Jibour tribe, has been subjected to almost total
extinction. Al-Grai'at (branch of the Jibour tribe) is famous
for its struggle against the Iraqi regime. As many as 882
(eight hundred and eighty-two) men from among my relatives and
tribal members have been arrested. Their fate is unknown.

The daughters of my uncle, namely Layla al-Jibouri, Fatima
al-Jibouri, Tarfa al-Jibouri and Safa al-Jibouri, have all been

- Nidal, wife of the tribal chief of the Grai'at Jibour
(October 4, 2002)



Government Betrays Children's Welfare

Saddam has no regard [either, of course] for the health and welfare of
the children of Iraq.

Since the Gulf War alone, Saddam Hussein has built 48 lavish palaces
for himself.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical supplies intended for sick children are
being exported for re-sale overseas. Medicine and medical supplies
that are desperately needed by children, are frequently delayed,
because regime members demand bribes from suppliers.

The lack of health care in Iraq, has led to the re-emergence of
diseases that had been exterminated years ago, including cholera
and polio.

In addition, the regime takes minority children [children of
"unwanted groups"] hostage to force their families to relocate
[to go and live somewhere else] - thereby to increase the Sunni
Arab majority in particular regions.

They also force children between the ages of ten and fifteen, to
attend three week training courses in the use of weapons, in
hand-to-hand combat, in rappelling [?] from helicopters, and in
infantry tactics.

These children endure fourteen hours of physical training and
psychological pressure each day. Families that do not want their
children to attend these rigorous training courses, are
threatened with the loss of their food ration cards.

Millions of innocent people in Iraq are suffering. Their daily
life has been significantly disrupted with respect to the
distribution and quality of food, pharmaceuticals and sanitation
supplies, as well as the lack of clean drinking water.

All of these elements have severely interfered with the
functioning of basic health and education systems and have
undermined the right to work.

- 1999 Report by the UN Special Rapporteur on the human
rights situation in Iraq


In Saddam's Iraq, if you are a child, you could face....

* Inadequate nutrition or medicine, because the Saddam limits
imports and distributes much of those to his friends and allies.

* Abduction, if you are a non-Arab living in an oil-producing area.

* Having to report what your parents say about the regime.



The Iraqi People Were Voting One Hundred Percent FOR Saddam Hussein...
(in 2002; in 1995, 99.96 % voted FOR Saddam Hussein)

(=2E..) Iraqi citizens do not have the right to change their

Saddam Hussein has silenced the political opposition and has not held
true elections since his rise to power in 1979. The Iraqi Constitution
also provides for freedom of association. However, Iraqi Law has now
made past, present and future associations with parties other than the
Ba'th party, punishable by death.

He shows off his 1995 and 2002 un-democratic "referenda" ["voting by
the population"] to legitimize his presidency [in the eyes of the
foreign media and diplomats, and to please Peace Activists and the
voting expert and former US president Jimmy Carter].

In the most recent referendum [public "vote"], "confidential" ballots
were marked with a number, so that the government could identify the
voter. And there was only one name on the ballot: "Saddam Hussein
- Yes or No."

[And, when voting] citizens understood the consequences of becoming
one of Saddam Hussein's "enemies." He thus claimed a remarkable
100 percent "victory," an increase over the 99.96% result in 1995.


The Ba'th Arab "Socialist" Party - One Arab Nation With An Eternal

Party Membership Decree of the Revolutionary Command Council:

"Punishable by execution [by death] is:

1- Any member of the Ba'th Arab Socialist Party who purposely
conceals his previous political and party affiliations, and

2- Any current or former member of the Party who, under proof,
is found to be linked during his membership to any other
party or political [group] or of working for them and their

3- Any current or former member of the Party who joined another
party or political [group] or worked for them and their
interests, after terminating his relations with the Party.

I, Majid Arshad Mahmud, have been apprised of this Revolutionary
Command Council's decree, and will be responsible before the law
in the event that I violate the decree's provisions.

Accordingly, I signed.

Name: Majid Arshad Mahmud
Residential Address: Irbil, al-'Arab
Work Address: Employee/Irbil hospital
Date: 11 Jan 1979


Verification of signature by the local chapter


Verification of signature by the command of a division of the

Stamp of the Division"



Independent Thought or Beliefs are Silenced

Through history, Iraqi scholars have contributed to the development of
political thought. Today, however, there is no political debate nor are
there even articles in Iraqi newspapers that question the government.
Those who have tried, are now in exile or dead.

In September 1999, Hashem Hasan, a noted journalist and Baghdad
University Professor, was arrested after he declined an appointment as
editor of one of Uday Hussein's government-controlled publications.
His fate is unknown.

Press freedom is non-existent because the government controls the
Although the Iraqi Constitution provides for freedom of assembly,
citizens of Iraq are not permitted to assemble for any purpose other
than to express support for the Government.

They are also not permitted to leave Iraq and travel like citizens
living in free countries. Specific government authorization, expensive
exit visas, and a requirement that the government must be paid
a security deposit - in order to travel abroad, are all examples of how
Saddam Hussein holds Iraqi citizens hostage, in a country, that many
[of course] want to leave.

Professors and journalists who ARE allowed to leave the country, are
interrogated upon their return - to ensure that they are still "loyal"
to the Iraqi government.


In Saddam's Iraq, if you are an Iraqi who is Chaldean Christian, or of
Turkmen or other ethnic minority, or if you are a member of the Shi'a
Islamic majority, you could face...

* Forced relocation if you live in an area the regime wants to
control or to clear;
* Prohibitions on your religious study and practice;
* Prohibitions on the study of your language, such as Syriac, and
its use in religious practice;
* No protection from mob violence;
* Discrimination in school, work and government.


The Iraqi Constitution also provides for freedom of religion that does
not violate "morality and public order." However, freedom of religion
is virtually non-existent in Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

The Iraqi Shi'a Islamic community makes up approximately 60 percent of
the Iraqi population, yet the Ba'th party, comprised of Sunni Islamic
Arabs, controls power and has outlawed the most common methods of
Shi'a Islamic prayer.

In many areas, Shi'a Muslims are not allowed to participate in their
Friday prayers.

Shi'a Islamic broadcasting programs are completely banned on the
government-controlled radio and television, and Shi'a Islamic prayer
books and guides cannot be published in Iraq. Thousands of Shi'a
Islamic writings have been prohibited throughout Iraq [in favor of
Sunni Islamic writings].

House Armed Services Committee
2120 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

[Content and layout was very slightly edited by me, for better
readability or for easier understanding only]



THE SHADOW OF A MONSTER: "I was Uday's Hussein's body double"

A telling report by Lance Laytner, of 12 April 2003.


Iraqi citizen Latif Yahia, escaped to a life in Dublin with an Irish
wife - after years of horror with Saddam's sadistic son Uday.


Iraq has been saved from a cruel dictator far worse than Saddam
Hussein, says the former body double of Uday Hussein, Saddam's eldest
son and heir.

Latif Yahia had been a school classmate of the dictator's son and
looked like a twin brother. He thought he'd been forgotten, but a few
years later Yahia, as an Iraqi officer serving in the Iran-Iraq war,
was suddenly summoned home to Uday's palace in Baghdad.

In strode Uday Saddam Hussein. "I want you to be me," the president's
son declared, "Everywhere, always. You will be my 'fidai,' my double.
You will be the son of the president under my direction. You'll have
the most beautiful life on earth. Everything that's mine will also be
yours. You will be my brother."

Latif politely declined. He could not accept the task. It would be too
much for him. "What? You don't want to be the son of Saddam Hussein?"
Uday screamed.

Two bodyguards seized Latif and dragged him from the room. He was
blindfolded and thrown into a car. Latif was locked inside a psycho-
torture cell. The walls, floors and lights were bright red.
The cell was too small to lie down in or stand up, leaving him to
squat; and there was no toilet. After seven days, Uday came by.

"Latif, how are you? You've changed your mind haven't you? I'll set
my dogs on you and have your sisters raped, if you refuse again."
Latif gave in and became Uday's double in November of 1987.

For years he lived an extraordinary life of untold luxury and
unimaginable horror - before eventually fleeing Iraq. He lived in
Dublin and married an Irish woman before going on the run again.

Saddam and his sons had a small army of doubles. Whenever the Iraqi
despot felt danger, he had a double stand in for him. ONE HAD ALREADY
BEEN ASSASSINATED IN 1984, but he had several left.
Doubles were chosen from the Hussein family, usually a cousin closely
resembling the dictator. But none looked like Uday. Then Uday
remembered his old classmate, who did.

Latif Yahia was cleaned up and taken directly to Uday's palace on the
Tigris River and placed in Uday's own room. Latif's first lesson was to

Saddam's son learned the same way:
"Uday told me, whenever he seemed weak or squeamish as a child, his
father, Saddam, would beat him with an iron bar and then force him to
watch videos of prisoners being tortured. It worked."

"'Just wait until I become president', Uday promised, 'I will be more
cruel than my father ever was. You mark my words. You'll yearn for the
days of Saddam Hussein'."

"I studied from nine in the morning to Muslim evening prayers,
practising how Uday Hussein sat, held his cigar, everything.
In time I could predict how he would act and move. Uday never looked
anyone in the eye, never shook anyone's hand, and greeted everyone

One day a pair of foreign doctors *(2) with Slavic accents, arrived at
the palace.
"They tested every inch of my body to see if it matched Uday, and were
pleased. My skin colouring was 99percent similar to Uday's.
Shape of face, hair, ears, nose, build - all were almost identical.
.=2E. Our voices were also almost exactly alike, but the doctors said I
would need surgery to get Uday's lisp."
The next day Latif Yahia's teeth were ground down, and implants were
screwed in, instead. "They asked me to say something and it was utterly
bizarre: I was lisping."

Ismail al-Azami, Uday's private hairdresser, spent hours sculpting
Latif's hair to match Uday Hussein's.
Yassem al-Helou, Uday's fashion advisor, helped Latif choose from
amongst Uday's thousands of Italian suits, Swiss watches and Italian
shoes. Uday changed suits four times a day.

He even had a paint shop behind his palace garage where each day
he would have one of his many cars painted to match the colour of his

Latif said: "Not one of his cars cost less than $100,000. He had more
than 100 Maseratis, Ferraris, Porsches, Jaguars, Mercedes in all models
and colours." Uday even enacted a state law, prohibiting Ferrari
imports, so he would be the only person in Iraq to own one.

When the training for being a double was finished, there was one final
test. Latif was summoned to meet Saddam Hussein himself.
"My walk to the president would decide my fate. If he rejected me, I
was a dead man." The Iraqi dictator circled Latif Yahia, observing
every feature and gesture.
"Saddam smiled, spread his arms and exclaimed: 'Yes, it's you. Allah
gave me two sons and you're the third!'"



"Now I was a member of his clan. I would learn secrets, hidden from
millions. I was Saddam Hussein's third son, just as he said."

But during six months, Latif hadn't been allowed to see his parents.
Every day he had to be Uday Hussein, and Uday was a monster.

"I witnessed horrific crimes and began to hate the man whose double I
had become. Uday was a brutal rapist with an obsession for beautiful

Every day Uday Hussein and his bodyguards drove around the university
and the girls' schools - until the president's son saw a girl he
He would stop her, and ask her to spend the night with him. If she
refused, his bodyguards would grab her and bring her back to the
palace. There Uday would rape the girl. If she resisted, after he was
done, he would give her to the whole team of bodyguards [to be raped].

Uday learned rape and murder from his father.

Reveals Latif: "Saddam's family, the Tikriti clan, were a bunch of


But Iraq wasn't enough. Saddam Hussein next turned to Kuwait.

For when the country of Kuwait was taken by Saddam, Uday divided his
men into three teams:

- the Car Team would take every Mercedes and BMW left in Kuwait;

- the Property Team would [plunder] empty houses abandoned by Kuwaitis;

- and the Electronics Team would gather valuable electronics.

Latif Yahia was put in charge directing the Car Team, and auctioned
the stolen cars off in Iraq, raising US$125 million in cash for Uday.

But the plunder of Kuwait created an international outcry. [!!]
Uday Hussein was mentioned by name, and his reputation suffered.

One of Uday's intelligence officers suggested: Why not blame Latif?

Latif Yahia was forced to make a televised confession. The Iraqi TV
newscaster said, Latif Yahia had been sentenced to death and would be
executed in the next few days.

But he was kept alive, to continue to function as a double.

"Now my family and friends thought, that I had disappeared. With my
confession, I became both disgraced and officially dead.
I could never have a life in Iraq. I would have to escape."

Then the first Gulf War began. The real Uday Hussein fled TO
SWITZERLAND while Latif Yahia risked assassination in place of Uday.
For much of the Gulf War, Latif Yahia, the double, hid from Allied
bombing, in the famous bunkers of Saddam Hussein.


One day, Uday brought Latif and others to a meeting with Saddam Hussein
at his bombed personal palace, that was, after the Kurdish uprising.

Seeing the damage up close, so enraged Saddam, that he ordered his men
to bring him prisoners. Troops quickly returned with 30 captured
Kurdish rebels:

Latif Yahia.


During the rebellion, Latif Yahia, posing as Uday, visited Saddam's
troops fighting rebels in Basra, in Southern Iraq, when his convoy
came under attack.
"The armoured windshield of my car burst into a thousand pieces," he
remembers, "then I was hit by grenade fragments."
Doctors told him, they could save his legs and arms - but his right
pinky finger would have to be amputated.
Uday Hussein burst into the hospital the next day - after returning
from Switzerland.

He lined up the hospital staff, "If you don't save his finger I will
kill you all." Uday knew, that if his double lost a finger, he would
have to have a finger cut off too.

The finger was saved and Latif returned to a shattered Baghdad.

"Hundreds of thousands had no way to feed their families. But Uday
didn't care. He continued to party openly, without shame."

Uday threw a multi-million dollar extravaganza on his birthday. A
thousand people dined on lobster and delicacies. Hundreds of beautiful
girls were invited.
At one point Uday shouted, "Rip the whores' clothes off!"
His "friends" shredded the women's clothing and the party turned into
a massive orgy.

But the next day, Uday summoned Latif and screamed, "Why are you
sneaking around after my girlfriend?"
Latif was stunned. He never approached Uday's women.

"I can tell, that you despise me, and that you want to get away. I am
going to have to educate you again."

Thus Latif Yahia was imprisoned at the al-Radvania secret police
barracks, and kept in a tiny cell which was open to the sun and 120
degree heat, and given no water for days.

Torturers worked over Latif for hours every day; needles were driven
under his nails and he was whipped with electrical cable.

Latif's back became badly infected, he was starved and delirious.


After 27 days, Uday appeared. "How did you like your education? Would
you like a few more weeks?" Latif Yahia was completely broken at this
point, and begged for mercy.

Next, Uday ordered all hair removed from Latif's body - a treatment
worse than death, for religious Muslims.
Then they dumped Latif in front of the home of his parents, who thought
he had been executed years before.

At a private clinic, doctors managed to heal Latif's infection, and
many broken bones.


He then sent a secret appeal to the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Kurds
smuggled him out of Baghdad to northern Iraq and then up into Turkey.

There Latif requested asylum at a US military base after showing
pictures of himself with Uday Hussein.
US Army Colonel John Nab realised Latif Yahia's intelligence potential.
Latif was interrogated by the CIA, and they were confiscating [all the
proof] he had smuggled out of Iraq.
He was offered American citizenship, but instead, he chose to join
family that lived in Austria.


On March 9, 1992 Latif landed at Vienna's Airport, Schwechat
International (VIE) Austria, a free man.
An international rescue agency smuggled Latif's wife, Bushra, too
and their daughter, Tamara, out of Iraq, to join him in Austria.

With part of his family's large fortune in foreign bank accounts,
Latif could and did set up successful businesses.

But his wife, Bushra, couldn't take the strain of life on the run [?],
and so she fled back [?] to Iraq, with their daughter.

And Latif Yahia moved to Dublin in late 1999, after escaping Iraqi
assassination attempts in Austria, he was shot at by Iraqi agents,
and in London he was rammed by a car in a public phone booth,
and in Norway he was stabbed.


Latif Yahia then married an Irish woman, but said he left Ireland in
disgust after being "hassled" by immigration authorities and by others
whom he believed belonged to [Iraqi-paid] intelligence services.

Now Latif runs his European operations - including businesses in
Ireland - on the move, never staying in one country for long.

He hopes, that with the fall of the Hussein regime, life will finally
become normal for him, and that the nightmare - that began when he was
forced to be a body double for Uday Hussein - will finally be over.

Lance Laytner =A9

[Slightly edited by me, for ease of reading and understanding.]

End attachments



(A3) (Robert D. Hare)

'Without Conscience - the disturbing world of
the psychopaths among us,' in particular its Chapter 7.,
about 'white-collar Psychopaths.'
By Robert D. Hare, University of British Columbia, 1993.
(New York: Pocket Books, 1995)
(New York: Guilford Press, 1999 - ISBN 1-5730-451-0)

From the back cover of the book:

'Robert Hare makes a strong case for the view that
psychopaths are born, not made. A chilling, eye-opening
report - and a call to action.'

'Of exceptional value to anyone wishing to look behind and
guard against these baffling predators [or parasite- or
virus-personalities] who live amongst us in fearful [in
large] numbers [sixty million of them on Earth].'

(A4) (Hervey Cleckley)

'The Mask Of Sanity - the acclaimed study of the
psychopathic personality'
By Hervey Cleckley, Medical College of Georgia, USA.
(St. Louis, MO - USA: Mosby Press Medical Library, 1982)
(New York: New American Library, ISBN 0-452-25341-1)

From the back cover of the book:

'Arrogant, shameless, immoral, impulsive, antisocial,
superficial, alert, self-assured, boastful, callous,
remorseless, charming, irresponsible:

'This is the poisonous mix of traits, that make up the
psychopathic personality. [...]

'Psychopaths also sit in corporate boardrooms [as
directors of companies or institutions] or function
as scientists or physicians [medical doctors] or in
any number of respectable capacities [holding
respected jobs or positions].

'They are all legally competent. [In the legal sense,
they are not insane, because they can talk and
think as brilliantly as a lawyer, to achieve their

'None of them "hears voices" or displays any
psychosis [that a psychiatrist could easily
recognize or could recognize at all, as these can not
and also do not want to define psychosis correctly].

'But they [psychopathic personalities] are all headed
for [causing others] big trouble, in a life-long
string of [causing] disasters [for others], that
could run the gamut [range, the whole spectrum]:

From [causing] financial ruin, to murder.

'Psychiatrists know neither the cause nor the cure of
this disorder [and they can not and do not want to
define 'disorder' either, and they have been working
and will continue to work very hard to hide the
cause of any 'disorder'] which evades [their]
established definitions of either sanity or insanity;

[So, I have defined all these terms, for you,
in the Human Rights Issues {the HRI's}, as none
indeed existed. So it is for the first time in
history, that correct definitions exist and
have been published.]

'indeed, psychiatrists themselves

[and any persons who try to help and to
understand Criminal Minds - any people who
try to help them]

'are at times as helplessly manipulated by the
psychopath, as are the psychopath's other victims.'

[End Foot-footnotes]


Sep 7, 2006, 1:06:18 PM9/7/06
First need to arrest chirac as terrorist and mafia chief and the game
go to became more clear. From 2003 I say this in France . Chirac don't
represent France. This corrupt president is less than 15% . France is
not a democracy and just because of this, he his president.

OTAN have to intervent in France to finish the job not finish in 1944.
Roosevelt was clever and was the only with Churchill to know how De
Gaule was just a mafia chief and how this bastard general can be a real
danger for democracy in France.

France is corrupt. the place of chirac villepin is in jail or in a
cimetry with a bullet beetwen the eyes.

Koos Nolst Trenite a écrit :

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> and who were asked to - but who REFUSED TO -

What evil did the invasion of Iraq end?

James Henry Graf

Please Make UN Treaty-Based Committees Do Their Jobs
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Guru Buru

Sep 8, 2006, 7:06:20 PM9/8/06

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>> and who were asked to - but who REFUSED TO -
> What evil did the invasion of Iraq end?

Free education, freedom of religion. Evil things like that.


Réjean Laflamme

Sep 10, 2006, 2:22:13 PM9/10/06
Guru Buru a écrit :

Écrivez en français !


Sep 10, 2006, 2:50:18 PM9/10/06
Fuck again Chirac Villepin. They give 3 more years to their friend
Ahmadinejad and the military nuclear program of Iran

Koos Nolst Trenite a écrit :

> (By the way, all (former) heads of state mentioned in the title,

Réjean Laflamme

Sep 10, 2006, 2:56:56 PM9/10/06
Ô rage ! ô désespoir ! ô vieillesse ennemie !
N'ai-je donc tant vécu que pour cette infamie ?
Et ne suis-je blanchi dans les travaux guerriers
Que pour voir en un jour flétrir tant de lauriers ?
Mon bras qu'avec respect toute l'Espagne admire,
Mon bras, qui tant de fois a sauvé cet empire,
Tant de fois affermi le trône de son roi,
Trahit donc ma querelle, et ne fait rien pour moi ?
Ô cruel souvenir de ma gloire passée !
Oeuvre de tant de jours en un jour effacée !
Nouvelle dignité fatale à mon bonheur !
Précipice élevé d'où tombe mon honneur !
Faut-il de votre éclat voir triompher Le Comte,
Et mourir sans vengeance, ou vivre dans la honte ?
Comte, sois de mon prince à présent gouverneur ;
Ce haut rang n'admet point un homme sans honneur ;
Et ton jaloux orgueil par cet affront insigne
Malgré le choix du roi, m'en a su rendre indigne.
Et toi, de mes exploits glorieux instrument,
Mais d'un corps tout de glace inutile ornement,
Fer, jadis tant à craindre, et qui, dans cette offense,
M'as servi de parade, et non pas de défense,
Va, quitte désormais le derniers des humains,
Passe, pour me venger, en de meilleurs mains.


Acte 1 , Scène 6

Don Rodrigue
Percé jusques au fond du coeur
D'une atteinte imprévue aussi bien que mortelle,
Misérable vengeur d'une juste querelle,
Et malheureux objet d'une injuste rigueur,
Je demeure immobile, et mon âme abattue
Cède au coup qui me tue.
Si près de voir mon feu récompensé,
Ô Dieu, l'étrange peine !
En cet affront mon père est l'offensé,
Et l'offenseur le père de Chimène !

Que je sens de rudes combats !
Contre mon propre honneur mon amour s'intéresse :
Il faut venger un père, et perdre une maitresse.
L'un m'anime le coeur, l'autre retient mon bras.
Réduit au triste choix ou de trahir ma flamme,
Ou de vire en infâme,
Des deux côtés mon mal est infini.
Ô Dieu, l'étrange peine !
Paut-il laisser un affront impuni ?
Faut-il punir le père de Chimène ?
Père, maitresse, honneur, amour,
Noble et dure contrainte, aimable tyrannie,
Tous mes plaisirs sont morts, ou ma gloire ternie.
L'un me rend malheureux, l'autre indigne du jour.
Cher et cruel espoir d'une âme généreuse,
Mais ensemble amoureuse,
Digne ennemi de mon plus grand bonheur,
Fer qui cause ma peine,
M'es-tu donné pour venger mon honneur ?
M'es-tu donné pour perdre ma Chimène ?

Il vaut mieux courir au trépas.
Je dois à ma maitresse aussi bien qu'à mon père ;
J'attire en me vengeant sa haine et sa colère ;
J'attire ses mépris en ne me vengeant pas.
À mon plus doux espoir l'un me rend infidèle,
Et l'autre indigne d'elle.
Mon mal augmente à le vouloir guérir ;
Tout redouble ma peine.
Allons, mon âme ; et puisqu'il faut mourir,
Mourons du moins sans offenser Chimène.

Mourir sans tirer ma raison !
Rechercher un trépas si mortel à ma gloire !
Endurer que l'Espagne impute à ma mémoire
D'avoir mal soutenu l'honneur de ma maison !
Respecter un amour dont mon âme égarée
Voit la perte assurée !
N'écoutons plus ce penser suborneur,
Qui ne sert qu'à ma peine.
Allons, mon bras, sauvons du moins l'honneur,
Puisqu'après tout il faut perdre Chimène.

Oui, mon esprit s'était déçu.
Je dois tout à mon père avant qu'à ma maitresse :
Que je meure au combat, ou meure de tristesse,
Je rendrai mon sang pur comme je l'ai reçu.
Je m'accuse déjà de trop de négligence ;
Courons à la vengeance ;
Et tout honteux d'avoir tant balancé,
Ne soyons plus en peine,
Puisqu'aujourd'hui mon père est l'offensé,
Si l'offenseur est le père de Chimène.


Acte 2 , Scène 2

Don Rodrigue
À moi, comte, deux mots.

Le Comte

Don Rodrigue
Ôte-moi d'un doute.
Connais-tu bien Don Diègue ?

Le Comte

Don Rodrigue
Parlons bas ; écoute.
Sais-tu que ce vieillard fut la même vertu,
La vaillance et l'honneur de son temps ? le sais-tu ?

Le Comte

Don Rodrigue
Cette ardeur que dans les yeux je porte,
Sais-tu que c'est son sang ? le sais-tu ?

Le Comte
Que m'importe ?

Don Rodrigue
À quatre pas d'ici je te le fais savoir.

Le Comte
Jeune présomptueux !

Don Rodrigue
Parle sans t'émouvoir.
Je suis jeune, il est vrai ; mais aux âmes bien nées
La valeur n'attend point le nombre des années.

Le Comte
Te mesurer à moi ! qui t'a rendu si vain,
Toi qu'on n'a jamais vu les armes à la main !

Don Rodrigue
Mes pareils à deux fois ne se font point connaître,
Et pour leurs coups d'essai veulent des coups de maître.

Le Comte
Sais-tu bien qui je suis ?

Don Rodrigue
Oui ; tout autre que moi
Au seul bruit de ton nom pourrait trembler d'effroi.
Les palmes dont je vois ta tête si couverte
Semblent porter écrit le destin de ma perte.
J'attaque en téméraire un bras toujours vainqueur,
Mais j'aurai trop de force, ayant trop de coeur.
À qui venge son père il n'est rien d'impossible.
Ton bras est invaincu, mais non pas invicible.

Le Comte
Ce grand coeur qui paraît aux discours que tu tiens
Par tes yeux, chaque jour, se découvrait aux miens ;
Et croyant voir en toi l'honneur de la Castille,
Mon âme avec plaisir te destinait ma fille.
Je sais ta passion, et suis ravi de voir
Que tous ses mouvements cèdent à ton devoir ;
Qu'ils n'ont point affaibli cette ardeur magnanime ;
Que ta haute vertu répond à mon estime ;
Et que, voulant pour gendre un cavalier parfait,
Je ne me trompais point au choix que j'avais fait.
Mais je sens que pour toi ma pitié s'intéresse ;
J'admire ton courage, et je plains ta jeunesse.
Ne cherche point à faire un coup d'essai fatal ;
Dispense ma valeur d'un combat inégal ;
Trop peu d'honneur pour moi suivrait cette victoire :
À vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire.
On te croirait toujours abattu sans effort ;
Et j'aurais seulement le regret de ta mort.

Don Rodrigue
D'une indigne pitié ton audace est suivie :
Qui m'ose ôter l'honneur craint de m'ôter la vie !

Le Comte
Retire-toi d'ici.

Don Rodrigue
Marchons sans discourir.

Le Comte
Es-tu si las de vivre ?

Don Rodrigue
As-tu peur de mourir ?

Le Comte
Viens, fais ton devoir, et le fils dégénère
Qui survit un moment à l'honneur de son père.


Acte 3 , Scène 3

C'est peu de dire aimer, Elvire, je l'adore ;
Ma passion s'oppose à mon ressentiment ;
Dedans mon ennemi je trouve mon amant ;
Je sens qu'en dépit de toute ma colère,
Rodrigue dans mon coeur combat encor mon père.
Il l'attaque, il le presse, il cède, il se défend,
Tantôt fort, tantôt faible, et tantôt triomphant :
Mais en ce dur combat de colère et de flamme,
Il déchire mon coeur sans partager mon âme ;
Et quoi que mon amour ait sur moi de pouvoir,
Je ne consulte point pour suivre mon devoir ;
Je cours sans balancer où mon honneur m'oblige.
Rodrigue m'est bien cher, son intérêt m'afflige ;
Mon coeur prend son parti ; mais, malgré son effort,
Je sais ce que je suis, et que mon père est mort.


Acte 3 , Scène 4

Don Rodrigue
Ô miracle d'amour !

Ô comble de misère !

Don Rodrigue
Que de maux et de pleurs nous coûteront nos pères !

Rodrigue, qui l'eût cru ?

Don Rodrigue
Chimène, qui l'eût dit ?

Que notre heur fût si proche, et sitôt se perdît ?

Don Rodrigue
Et que si près du port, contre toute apparence
Un orage si prompt brisât notre espérance ?

Ah ! mortelles douleurs !

Don Rodrigue
Ah ! regrets superflus !

Va-t'en, encore un coup, je ne t'écoute plus.


Acte 4 , Scène 3

Don Rodrigue
Sous moi donc cette troupe s'avance,
Et porte sur le front une mâle assurance.
Nous partîmes cinq cents ; mais par un prompt renfort
Nous nous vîmes trois mille en arrivant au port,
Tant, à nous voir marcher avec un tel visage,
Les plus épouvantés reprenaient de courage !
J'en cache les deux tiers, aussitôt qu'arrivés,
Dans le fond des vaisseaux qui lors furent trouvés ;
Le reste, dont le nombre augmentait à toute heure,
Brûlant d'impatience, autour de moi demeure,
Se couche contre terre, et sans faire aucun bruit
Passe une bonne part d'une si belle nuit.
Par mon commandement la garde en fait de même,
Et se tenant cachée, aide à mon stratagème ;
Et je feins hardiment d'avoir reçu de vous
L'ordre qu'on me voit suivre et que je donne à tous.
Cette obscure clarté qui tombe des étoiles
Enfin avec le flux nous fait voir trente voiles ;
L'onde s'enfle dessous, et d'un commun effort
Les Maures et la mer montent jusques au port.
On les laisse passer ; tout leur parait tranquille ;
Point de soldats au port, point aux murs de la ville.
Notre profond silence abusant leurs esprits,
Ils n'osent plus douter de nous avoir surpris ;
Ils abordent sans peur, ils ancrent, ils descendent,
Et courent se livrer aux maisn qui les attendent.
Nous nous levons alors, et tous en même temps
Poussons jusques au ciel mille cris éclatants.
Les nôtres, à ces cris, de nos vaisseaux répondent ;
Ils paraissent armés, les Maures se confondent,
L'épouvante les prend à demi descendus ;
Avant que de combattre ils s'estiment perdus.
Ils couraient au pillage, et rencontrent la guerre ;
Nous les pressons sur l'eau, nous les pressons sur terre,
Et nous faisons courir des ruisseaux de leur sang,
Avant qu'aucun résiste ou reprenne son rang.
Mais bientôt, malgré nous, leurs princes les rallient,
Leur courage renait, et leurs terreurs s'oublient :
La honte de mourir sans avoir combattu
Arrête leur désordre, et leur rend leur vertu.
Contre nous de pied ferme ils tirent leurs alfanges ;
De notre sang au leur font d'horribles mélanges.
Et la terre, et le fleuve, et leur flotte, et le port,
Sont des champs de carnage où triomphe la mort.
Ô combien d'actions, combien d'exploits célèbres
Sont demeurés sans gloire au milieu des ténèbres,
Où chacun, seul témoin des grands coups qu'il donnait,
Ne pouvait discerner où le sort inclinait !
J'allais de tous côtés encourager les nôtres,
Faire avancer les uns et soutenir les autres,
Ranger ceux qui venaient, les pousser à leur tour,
Et ne l'ai pu savoir jusques au point du jour.
Mais enfin sa clarté montre notre avantage ;
Le Maure voit sa perte, et perd soudain courage :
Et voyant un renfort qui nous vient secourir,
L'ardeur de vaincre cède à la peur de mourir.
Ils gagnent leurs vaisseaux, ils en coupent les chables,
Poussent jusques aux cieux des cris épouvantables,
Font retraite en tumulte, et sans considérer
Si leurs rois avec eux peuvent se retirer.
Pour souffrir ce devoir leur frayeur est trop forte ;
Le flux les apporta, le reflux les remporte ;
Cependant que leurs rois, engagés parmi nous,
Et quelque peu des leurs, tous percés de nos coups,
Disputent vaillamment et vendent bien leur vie.
À se rendre moi-même en vain je les convie :
Le cimeterre au poing ils ne m'écoutent pas ;
Mais voyant à leurs pieds tomber tous leurs soldats,
Et que seuls désormais en vain ils se défendent,
Ils demandent le chef ; je me nomme, ils se rendent.
Je vous les envoyai tous deux en même temps ;
Et le combat cessa faute de combattants.
C'est de cette façon que pour votre service...

Guru Buru

Sep 10, 2006, 7:30:03 PM9/10/06

"Réjean Laflamme" <> schreef in bericht

Ouroubourou !



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I doubt that one understands french in some of those groups


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Réjean Laflamme:

> Écrivez en français !

Jamais, voleurs d'Alsasce!


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