Koos Nolst Trenite Anecdotes - Intending others to be decent to each other - What 'Zero Tolerance' actually is - {HRI 20060305-V2.7} (ZTA)

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Nov 2, 2010, 7:31:51 PM11/2/10
What 'Zero Tolerance' actually is: Intending others to be decent to
each other - in Three Anecdotes about Koos Nolst Trenite (ZTA)

5 March 2006
{HRI 20060305-V2.7}

(First Issued 8 Dec 2007)

(Version 2.7
on 2 Nov 2010)

(law enforcement)

(suitable for foreign
language students)

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It happened a few days ago. I noticed, at the other side of
the large public square, a young man emanating some hate and

and I saw, that he was physically (not only by projecting Energy
Particles at her, but using his body's hand as well) slapping a
girl in the face.

I crossed the square, in order to put an end to that.


It appeared, that the girl thought of herself as his
(past or present) girlfriend.

She tried to "handle" him, by crying tears, in a wordless,
begging attitude.

But that had no positive effect on him at all, and
it was not improving her own condition either.



I went and stood next to them, and I projected THE INTENTION

- intention IS a form of Life Energy, and in this case,
it is

the Energy of 'Zero Tolerance,'

the intention that conveys, and that makes felt, to
everyone in general, and now also to those two people
standing there, in particular -

that I wish them to act decently towards each other.



And I made it clear,

by my placing myself there, and by my staying

- obviously for that reason -

bodily next to them (I was acting in such a way,
that it could not be mistaken by them)

that I would be inclined to take - that I could take, and
might very well take - any necessary and additional steps,
to get my demand complied with:

My demand that they act decently towards each other.




I just stood there, near them, not interfering at all, other than very
clearly intending, to them, that they be decent to each other. *(a)


And the young man kept on shouting a bit to the girl, his
"girlfriend," and she kept on crying some more tears, with
more silent begging, to her "boyfriend."

But his shouting at her, changed now: He was demanding to know
of her, now, in words, 'What does SHE want?'

She however, rather than taking the opportunity offered
- at least offered verbally - to her, (she)

rather stuck to her "solution," of being in tears, as some
sort of 'loud sulking.'


I simply kept on standing there, next to them, and I kept up my

(that means, I did create and radiate around them,
the Energy with the quality, that INTENDS)

that they be decent to each other.


Then he decided to show - to me and to the girl - he decided to
admit now, or to say, that 'actually, he does know very well
what she wants.'

And then he pressed a wallet (it seemed to be her wallet) into
her hands.

He continued to shout at her, that 'he actually does know
very well,' what she wants:

'She certainly wants a lot of money.'

And that "talk" of him, was supposed to divert my
attention away from examining him,

away from what HE wanted and, away from looking at
the very distinct idea, that HE wanted money, and
that HE might earlier have taken money, or more,
away from her.

Then he ran off.




Both the boy, and the girl, were rather Criminal in their
behavior, and neither of them expressed any gratitude to
me; and

that was also not expected, nor desired by me:

I came to stop them, at that time, from being Evil
to each other - there and at that place - and






I stood there, radiating the intention of (I was creating the
Energy, that intends, that radiates, that makes felt)

'Zero Tolerance:'

No tolerance for them being Evil to each other.


I am adamant, that you understand 'Zero Tolerance'

It is NOT, 'no tolerance for breaking rules'

- but which is, how Destructive Cowards *(n) and
their masters, Criminal Minds, WOULD want you to
"understand" and apply a FALSE "Zero tolerance,"

falsely, as in 'demanding unconditional
compliance with some regulations,'

which in fact is a demand for 'submitting to any

a demand, that IN ITSELF is an Evil impulse,

but this is, how some police people are NOT
detected as Criminal Minds, and are instead
validated for the evil nature of their soul,
and for "doing good work,"

and you find such also nesting themselves as
officials within a government institution,

where their Evil impulse - to dominate and to block
people, and to take the fun out of life for people -
should be taken as their "governing," as their
"applying the laws and regulations."


And many people - in order NOT to have to
determine what is Good or Evil - do this even
to themselves:

They make THEMSELVES be dominated by
some rules,

as a substitute for being alive, as a
substitute for looking at life, as a
substitute for feeling life and people,

thus failing to experience the very
intense joy, that life is,

when life itself is substituted by
"what you must do and must omit,"

as if "everyone is Criminal in
mind, and by nature"... and
therefore "NEEDS to be dominated,"

which is

being very Cowardly: *(n)


They RATHER escape the wrath of Criminal
Minds, BY complying with some rules,

and they choose someone else to create
or to explain rules or dogmas FOR THEM,

so that they THEN - by following those
rules or dogmas, no matter how much harm
they create with it - they can claim
about themselves, that "they are good,"
"because they follow the dogmas, the

and in order to make others 'do as they
are told,' too,

they want - and with the rules, they
have gotten the PERMISSION, and the
'task,' the 'duty,' to demand others
ALSO must comply,

thus the Cowards want TO DOMINATE (and
in particular they want to dominate free

dominating others into "also being good"

- as you see people immersed in
stupidity do, as well,

those who are, and want to be, soaked
in religious dogmatism, or

those who are buried in the fanaticism
of a political, environmental, or
scientific group, *(n)(n)(n)(n)

which I find very annoying, because all, that
THEY ACTUALLY INTEND, and that they then try


as you can read abundantly in the
history books, what they did,

and which they do also now,

wherever and whenever they are NOT contradict-
ed by you, and when their actual, but hidden
intentions, are NOT exposed by you. *(n)(n)



THAT IS the hallmark of (it is a typical action, by
which you can recognize) Criminal Minds and, even
more so, their slaves, the Destructive Cowards, *(n)

and we want of course the opposite:

WE want 'Zero tolerance' for Evil impulses, which is

no tolerance for (in our anecdote) the boy's desire to be

and THAT is the 'Zero Tolerance,' that I radiated the
Energy of, then, at that public square,

meaning, that I did not tolerate them to be Evil towards each
other, then and there where I was standing,

and so in the end, he ran off.



And I moved on - without having said a word - having done
nothing else, than making them feel my intention. That means,

I was creating and holding there, the intention

- intention IS a type of Energy, which you, any normal
person, naturally creates and emanates,


unless, for instance, your soul gets Drugged, (that
means, immersed in Drug Energy)

such as when your body is drugged

and your body - which ITSELF is a live
entity that is governed, steered, and
indeed made alive, by Life Energies -

when it is responding to the drugs put
inside your body, then

your body creates Energies that block the
Energies of your soul, of you, from perceiving

- you, being inside your body's skull
and connected to it via a vast amount
of Life Energies -

including those Life Energies, that you
use for perceiving correctly;


and, unless your soul gets blocked in any other way
- by Criminal Minds with THEIR Harmful, Poisoned
Energies - by which Criminal Minds block or paralyze
your normal, natural Energy creation and projection

(you create Energies, to make yourself feel,
and to be aware, and to remember and to think,
and to act, and to enjoy life; and

Criminal Minds try to block and poison that,
and they try also to suck YOUR Energies away)

they of course also try to block or hinder or
divert, your emanating your Energies to others

(which includes - because your (non-photon)
perception functions like radar - your
perception of others); but


when that is reasonably UNHINDERED by others - when you
manage to be somewhat self-determined - then you do
create and you emanate your OWN Energies to others, *(n)

as I did then and there;

I created and emanated for them - for the boy and the
girl there, so that they feel the intention (intention
is Energy that intends, and in this case it is) - that

with which I - and equally you do - demand:

They must be decent to each other.





I have 'Zero Tolerance' for people being Evil, for people being
Malicious, or for people being Hateful towards others.

We talk a bit more about this 'Zero Tolerance,' because:

It is so, that being tolerant, IS having ONLY 'Zero Tolerance,'
if defined correctly,

as we will (come to) understand, here.


Exerting 'Zero Tolerance' does mean, of course, that you WANT to

and that you then also go and look at - that you sense and
feel -

what the intentions, that are present, of people, actually are.


It means, that you CAN tolerate the action of looking - the
activity, the condition or ability and state of looking -

of looking at Evil, at Malice, and at Hate and Ugliness,
looking at and sensing and feeling its nature,

WITHOUT becoming compulsive. Meaning:

without letting your emotions or your perception BE

the very person(s) whose intentions and impulses you are


So that we can see what actually IS going on

- which is easier said than done, especially when your
name is MacFly, in the movie 'Back to the Future.'

It means, that you and I CAN tolerate looking at people who do
appear to be malicious or who seem to emanate malicious Energies
(who intend Evil or malice):



In order for 'Zero Tolerance' to work its miracles, it is of vital
necessity, to observe correctly; to see truth

(truth is defined as 'what happened, what is or was
caused by whom, and with what intention who caused

to see who has which actual intentions;

because indeed, intentions may very well be hidden and be
wrongly represented,

covered up, in order to get you to blame another,
meaning, to blame the wrong person, really,

or the wrong person for the wrong thing, or

not seeing those who actually do WANT (who are

NOT detecting someone who really and
INTENTIONALLY does cause the Evil, the
malice, and the ruin of others, but

instead only seeing "someone who is involved
somehow," who is then wrongly blamed for everything.


For instance those hilarious (or often not so funny)
stories you may have heard,

about psychics who do report a crime - THAT THEY
HAVE PERCEIVED, and thus want to report - to the

and then they are being FALSELY ACCUSED, and being
treated as a suspect by police detectives, yes,
even arrested, "because they know about the crime:"

If you look at a crime, and at what criminals
do "then you are part of the crime,"

"because only photon-perception exists,"

according to those police "detectives,"

these blind larks - so proud these are, not
only of being blind (except to photons), but

DEMANDING, that (actual) perception be misdirected,
or will not occur at all.


Sorry, I have to explain that, what perception

(a bit of Fine Particle Physics for you)

Perception IS the connection with Life Energy
Particles between your soul (that is you) and
that, what you - by means of connecting or
perceptional Life Energy Particles - are
connecting to,

and thus it INCLUDES sensing, feeling,

and not only photon perception, not
only your perception of photons;

your perception of photons (like from
sunlight), that you, by the way, ALSO
and ONLY see, when your perception-type
Life Energy Particles connect to those
photons (an activity commonly called
seeing, and)

commonly connecting to these
photons, where these converge,
inside your eyes,

but it accounts also for the
various types of perception

or on the other hand, for enhanced
vision (and which I would call
NORMAL vision).

Understanding the mechanism of Perception,
is of course vital to anyone,

it is the most basic knowledge there is,

which Criminal Minds DO NOT WANT YOU TO

So it is yet another tool, to detect and
weed out of their office or position,
Criminal Minds or well-adjusted
sociopaths, and their followers.

To my knowledge, nobody has ever explained to
you, how perception works, nor how thought

So I had to develop Fine Particle
Physics (FPP), in which it is extremely
simple, to understand the mechanism.


But they - these police "detectives" -
report, for instance

- and "very proudly" at that, and
"to show their 'care'," they do
report, to the media -

that 'they have spent three days, with
all available man power - fire brigade
and volunteers included - ...but failed
to find the child reported missing.'

They are not mentioning, how much
money they did waste, and how much
good intentions of people helping,
they did numb or blunt, and


Instead, they want that you accept their
utter stupidity

- which is almost malicious if
it were not so pathetic -

when, of course, the necessary phone
call to a professional and proven
psychic detective, is only an arm's
length away;

they do have 'K 9' ('Canine,' rescue-
dog) brigades,

but they have NOT a 'Sci Kick'
('Psychic') rescue brigade...

well, some high-placed police
official in Russia, claimed (on
20080512) that 'Criminalists
are sure, that in the near future,
each police station will have a
psychic,' *(n)

EVEN UNDERSTOOD (which however, in Fine
Particle Physics, it IS), then

the truly well-intentioned and gifted (including
psychics) are made to suffer and waste their lives,
by the malice of the few. *(n) For example:


What do you think of a public prosecutor who
REFUSES to receive a proven, fully reliable
psychic (detective) into his office?

The only reason there CAN be, for that,
is, that

this public prosecutor is TERRIFIED of
being looked at and found out himself or

for instance when that public
prosecutor or attorney general

- which is not uncommon -

himself or herself is a Criminal
Mind, a well-adjusted sociopath,
or such.

Indeed, a proven psychic is then a fine tool
to use for Internal Security, isn't it.




To take up another hindrance to 'having Zero
Tolerance for Evil Impulses,'

there is the remark of some, that

"there is ALWAYS guilt on both sides."


This is in fact giving in to the Criminals,
it is a very false concession to them,

given by someone, who wants to "be
friendly," to some Criminal(s), and
by someone who "appeases" Criminals,

with "there is ALWAYS guilt on both
sides;" but this assertion is in fact

made ONLY in order to hide the real Criminal
(the one who DOES INTEND EVIL, and thus, the
one who CAUSES the Evil):

Your refusal (well, not yours and mine,
of course, but other people's REFUSAL)
to look at malice in some people

- and it does truly exist in
them -

and REFUSING to have it seen,

does allow others to make that remark:

"There is always guilt 'on both sides'."

And in global politics, this is done to
an extreme. *(n)(n)
[Politics versus "Politics ..."]
["Balance of Power"]


Actually - and to quite some extent - it does
of "being evil,"

as those Criminal Minds and Destructive
Cowards, who accuse America of "being
of Saddam Hussein in Iraq *(n)

or - which is also fashionable now - to

'EXPOSING hate and EXPOSING domination,'
caused by and sanctioned by Islamic
groups, who worship the most violent
sociopath and "prophet" Mohammed, 'to
establish a world of "peace," dominated
by sociopaths "who follow God",' *(n)

and the EXPOSURE of the
sociopath - the "prophet" -
is 'forbidden by him, on
penalty of death,' *(n)(n)

EXPOSING their evil, is called by
those of course, and by those
subdued and dominated by them,

yes, 'EXPOSING their hateful lies
and their Evil,' they would like
THAT to be regarded - and even
prosecuted - as if THAT, EXPOSING
EVIL, is *(n)

"being an incitement to hate," and "being
offensive..."; *(n)

well, 'stopping Evil' naturally makes you a
very decent and caring party to the fight,


But THEN leveling the accusation at someone,

that "there is always guilt on both sides,"

is thus an extremely mean thing to do,

in particular when the accusation
PRETENDS to be "just" and "ethical:"

because - as the "Peace Activists" do - it
accuses the very caring and very honest,

the very people who DEFEND you, (are
accused by Criminal Minds and by their
helpers, by Destructive Cowards) *(n)(n)

of "lying" (about Saddam Hussein) and of
"making war" (against Saddam Hussein). *(n)





INCORRECTLY determining who is actually wanting to do

- meaning, when you are being tricked into falsely
accusing someone

who actually tries to PROTECT AND RESTORE life and

BUT who may not always be easily seen as such -
*(n)[A.McL.: 'The Last Frontier']

and the condition of WRONGLY perceiving who causes
the Evil, of course,

does effectively DESTROY your ability to create your
intention (your Energy) of 'Zero Tolerance' for Evil

as we will see further on, by defining 'Zero
Tolerance' very precisely.

After all, Truth is 'that what happened,' and that
is absolute, including 'who caused what with what




You know, that Criminal Minds will indeed try

- often with success - *(n)['Nature Of War']

to make you accuse (or to have in your mind) the very
WRONG person, or the very WRONG group

(or railing against the very wrong country and the
very wrong president, for instance ...isn't it).


Thus, what you ARE observing, what you see happening, has to be
connected correctly ALSO TO THE INTENTIONS that are present
(that actually do exist)

- a connecting ability, that DEFINES Sanity ('correctly
assigning, who causes what,' and truth being absolute) -

you have to determine, who has WHICH actual intention

- correctly, in truth.


Their actual intention to be Evil, may be frantically
hidden, and forcefully hidden, and very cleverly hidden,
and forcefully hidden by others than themselves, too,

like by family members or by group members,

hidden often by means of common, social assumptions,

by social ideas about 'who is good and who is Evil'
and about 'who would not be Evil,' or *(n)(n)

by political ideas: "to call an evil person evil,
'is bad for business relations'," (and more highly
destructive ideas) *(n)

by common assumptions about 'who is friend and who is
foe,' *(n)[DOP]

and by denying the correct identity of a soul (of you
being you), and spreading FALSE ideas about the nature of

possibly even denying the existence of souls
altogether "so they can not be identified, either,"

which is a Criminal's dream, a Criminal's
paradise, indeed. *(f)





We continue with another anecdote to describe 'Zero Tolerance:'

It happened one or two days earlier, that, on a shopping street,
I walked past a narrow alley, and saw a young man there, busy
trying to sexually molest a girl, and the girl was fighting to
get him away from her body.

I stopped, looked at them, and projected my intention (that is,
I created the Life Energy, then and there, on the spot) of my
diamond-hard and natural disapproval, my 'Zero Tolerance' of the
Evil that he was doing.


At this point, I would like to express some well-earned
ridicule towards the Licensed Medical Profession:

These Professionals - the Licensed Medical Quacks,
Charlatans and Mountebanks -

(or the L.M.Q.C.M. - if you want to be brief with
them, the 'Liemediquackamounts' if less brief)

have infused school-education with the atrocious and very
debilitating, very malicious lie, that

"perception is only done, by means of vibrating air and by
means of photons."


So, according to the Licensed Medical Profession

- according to the doctrines of the 'Medical
Religion' and its various Medical Institutes
or 'Temples' really -

this boy in the alley trying to rape the girl,

"can not perceive any Energy of disagreement with his

because the disagreement by me, against his

neither took the form of (light) photons,

nor of (sound) vibrating air,

nor (smell) of particles in the air near his
nose, nor of (taste) on his tongue,

nor (touch) of an object coming in contact
with his skin.



'Zero Tolerance' then

- that, what every professional police officer uses as the
MAIN tool of his work when he walks his beat around the
neighborhood -

according to the Medical 'religion,' 'Zero Tolerance' "can not
exist," and "does not exist,"

according to the Licensed Medical Quacks, Charlatans
and Mountebanks, who have provided our children, and
us, with their (biology) school textbooks.


The Licensed Medical Trade or "Medical Science" claims
and proclaims:

"It is 'scientifically' impossible to perceive Evil intentions,
NOR can others feel your disagreement with Evil." *(d)




This is really too idiotic, that I have to mention
this, that I have to EXPLAIN - that, what you know
of course very well to be true,

you are knowing the truth by the simple fact
that you are alive:


YOU FEEL OTHER PEOPLE, and - that is why you are liking
some people when you meet them - YOU FEEL, *(n)

because life IS FEELING and feeling only, so you feel, of
course, what FEELINGS and ideas and intentions people do


And consequently, people feel you, by what feelings
(feelings ARE Life Energy Particles, that you create
and that) you emanate;

and Criminal Minds can and do try to
block that Energy, that others feel you
by and that you feel others by (what you
feel for others),

(which is all very, very simple
to understand with Fine Particle

and Criminal Minds try to replace your
feeling and your being felt,

(when they hit you, and those
around you)

with UGLY Life Energy Particles they
have made,

which also contain feelings, Ugly
feelings in this case, with lies,

and when these interfere too much
in your (of course spiritual life
- life IS spiritual) interaction
with others,


then people suddenly "do not like you
anymore," or suddenly, people do not
notice you anymore

- something that you certainly
have experienced, and again
will experience, at times -

and now you know, how that works,

so you don't have to get angry
with the wrong person for the
wrong reason, anger misdirected,

misdirected because you can
not see, by whom those
blocking Energies have been

Life Energy Particles are
not photons - but you have
been taught, by Extremely
Criminal Minds, that "only
with photons you can see,"

now you know, how that works,


which (your knowing how something works)
opens the way to remedying it, usually
very quickly:

You just create (feel, connect to)
your own Energies again, and *(n)

you move those, the Ugly, Painful,
Euphoric or Unawareness Energies
inflicted on you by Criminal Minds

- all these Energies or
feelings are very FINE
PARTICLES, remember -

you get your soul out of
those Energies, and you
push Ugliness PARTICLES

(that repel perception, much
like a bad smell will make
you go away from a place you
actually wanted to be)

so you push Ugliness Energy
Particles out, after you
become aware enough to
notice it, you push it

away from you again, away from
your soul, and away from your
body, away also from your face:


Those Energies are just Particles,
Fine Particles

- AND for God's sake, STAY AWAY
PROFESSION unless you know and
know very much about them, *(n)

because THESE CAN (and in this
case, they most likely will, due
to their "education") VERY

often for the rest of your life,
too, AND beyond it as well (that
means, your soul gets damaged
as well).

And they ruin your ability to
enjoy life, and some will bring
financial ruin as well - while
you are still alive, that is,
of course.



You FEEL other people. And you are feeling, what people
radiate to you and about you:

That IS Perception.




And so this boy too did feel, what I radiated to him: the intention,
the Life Energy Particles I created, that intend 'Zero Tolerance'
with his Evil Impulses.


Consequently, he turned his head around, saw me, and shouted

Some people think I am Jesus, when they see me, when they
feel my Energies, that means. I am not Jesus and I was not
Jesus, but I have some qualities, that make people say
that, or feel that at times, that "I am Jesus."

They feel my Energies, from a distance, and then claim,
"they felt Jesus:"


I have a very intense, very high quality, very strong
Energy of Justice, of Truth, of Love, and of Beauty.

This boy here then, did FEEL that Energy of Justice,
which he associates - which is culturally associated -
with Jesus Christ,

who, because he could perform miracles not seen on

(he manipulated Life Energies to such an
extent, that he could actually create,
that is, repair or make duplicates of, a
LIVING body or animal, for instance) *(4)

he therefore was ALSO thought to excel in any
other quality,

like Justice, Love and Beauty, and Truth,
even in Leadership, *(4)

which was and is, however, not at all the case - as
already superficial study of the bible will show
easily to any, even moderately interested, student.

The ability to perform miracles (the ability
to use Life Energy Particles far beyond what
we see mostly on Earth)

be accompanied by

(Justice, Love and Beauty, and Truth,
let alone by Leadership)

the ability to create the Energy, of defining
Justice, of shining Beauty, of holding Truth,
and of all-encompassing, penetrating Love and
Compassion, which lead to Leadership.

Also that, a mediocre student can
establish with the greatest of ease
for himself,

already by studying the bible. *(5)



The boy felt my Energy towards him, turned his head around, saw
me, and shouted "Jesus!"

And he let go of the girl's body, and sped away.

And I walked on. Again, without having said a word.

I was not expecting (nor getting) any gratitude - it was
my intention, that he stops his Evil towards another,

which IS 'Zero Tolerance,'

and he did stop ...almost instantly, at this time.




You may notice, that also here, I did NOT AT ALL create any Hate
towards or for the young man:

I just created, and then firmly held, the Energy of Disagreeing
with Evil, *(6)

which disagreement is - you understand - not Hate at all, but
that disagreement IS Love and THEREFORE

I created the Energy of 'Zero Tolerance.'

'ZERO TOLERANCE' which thus is defined, correctly, as:

EVIL. *(6)
{Definition of 'Zero Tolerance'}





That is obvious TO YOU, but at the same time you have to know, that
Criminal Minds have everything IN REVERSE,

so, for THEM, Good is "Evil." *(6)

Really... when you solve their Crime, then they see THAT,
as "you being Evil" to them, isn't it.

For instance, they very intensely HATE true psychics, and
they want these imprisoned or sedated or murdered, and
definitely NOT believed,

because Criminal Minds want

(that what happened, and who caused it with
what intention) - they want

Truth NOT exposed.

...You see that, don't you.


But THEY (Criminal Minds) don't SAY that, so you have to
understand that wholly by yourself:

They SAY, that "THEY are the ones interested in the
truth," that "THEY are exposing truth."

They SAY, that "psychics are lying," "are deceiving
people," "are playing with people's emotions," etc..

But the TRUTH is, that they know very well, which
psychics are true and can see some truth,

and they want, that THOSE - true psychics - or
anyone who easily feels some very exact truths about
others, and about the past,

(which recording of the past, is all contained
in - and remains FOREVER contained and visible
in Life Energies - it can never be erased)

and so it is, that Criminal Minds, such
as well-adjusted sociopaths, do want,
and are very determined,

that anyone who CAN easily detect their Evil nature,
must be destroyed, and hated, ridiculed, and
tortured - in short: exterminated; *(n)[Bamberg]

anyone who can see and remember and hold - for
others to feel also - the Truth, of who did
what out of what intention,

any decent and valuable, caring person,

"is the biggest Enemy of Mankind."

THEY do actually want all IN REVERSE, and they feel and
experience the desire and compulsion

- REGARDLESS of their social position or
their education or gender or age or wealth -

they (pathologically you might say, but it is
also coldly logical, that they) desire

to completely destroy or nullify anyone who CAN see. *(e)




And I believe, that it is about time, now,
that you yourself start to teach these things,

so that I do not anymore have to do all
your work FOR you,

when you are targeted - or when someone else
is targeted - "condemned to death" by someone
who is a Criminal Mind,

by an "investigator" who is creating and
using false "evidence"

"evidence" provided by Criminal Minds,
or obtained BY invoking or interviewing
a Criminal Mind (a sociopath). *(b)




Life Energies record perceptions, and these hold and relay
perceptions, including feelings, thoughts, memories; and
these (Life ENERGIES) also carry out intentions,

as I described it for you, for instance in the

'Introduction to Fine Particle Physics.' (iFPP)


There is NOTHING mysterious about it at all,

only: Criminal Minds try to make a very simple
subject confused for you,

(it is those, who want to keep the past, and
other facts, hidden from you and from anyone)

THEY try to make a very simple subject confused:

"unexplained," "unknown," "un-understandable,"
"super-natural" and "unsolved, as mysteries"
and "para-normal," etc., "that 'science' can
not grasp,"

and more such lies that you have 'bought.'


Some even claim - which is the most ridiculous
statement anyone can possibly make - that

"Life Energy does not exist:"

In fact, the Criminal Minds are ANTI-NORMAL. *(2)

There is ALSO nothing mysterious about the
process of taking photographs - that is,

IF you know how the chemical emulsions - or
nowadays the light-sensitive semi-conductors -
do work, and how lenses and shutters are


Criminal Minds however, have everything in reverse.
I never told you that ...or did I?



Criminal Minds, well-adjusted sociopaths, etc., HAVE IT ALL IN

For instance, you are showing yourself to people - which, simply
and very naturally (by the very fact that you are there) - is
showing people, that YOU are Beautiful and Happy, and Truthful,

and then, THEY, the Criminal Minds or Demonic creatures,
and the Destructive Cowards supporting them, are feeling
that, as,

(they are feeling it IN REVERSE, such as)

"You are (making 'everyone' seem to be) Evil." "You are
(making 'everyone' look) Evil and Ugly and (you show up
'everyone' as if a person is being a) Liar:"

"Therefore YOU are Evil: YOU are Evil and Ugly,
and a Liar."

And they will actually say this, or write it,
or else they will think it and radiate it at
you and others,

and they will try to act on it - by finding
ways, somehow to destroy you, to bring you
down into depression - spiritually, socially,
and financially.


But you only happen to expose Truth: simply by being your
normal, honest self - with your Energy strongly emanating
from you -

possibly even, without that you are aware of it

(like you might also not be aware that you are

and simply your being there - of course with your Energy -
makes THEM stand out, and indeed seen or felt (they
suddenly are recognized, understood, felt) as THEY indeed

well, as they are seen when they are made visible, isn't

Criminal Minds, when made visible, obviously ARE
found to be Lying, and Evil, and Ugly

- and behind their mask and behind their
deceptions, they are indeed so.

So you can imagine, that they insist, that
ONLY photon perception is used, yes, that
"ONLY photon perception exists."

And simply your being yourself - you radiating your
own, natural Energy of Beauty and Truth and Love -

to those who are not blinded by them, and
also to those who do NOT want to be blinded
by them, your simply being yourself will then

make the Criminal Minds instantly recognizable.



And so "you must be destroyed, and be brought down to a
'normal state'," *(n)(n)["Insane" "defined" by Criminal

reduced to a state of 'not being conspicuous,' of
'not standing out' - as they still say in Germany,

by which they mean to imply, that a person THEN "can
be trusted," when he is NOT radiating the Energy of
his own Beauty, Love and Truth, when he is NOT
visible as to who he (or she) is, when he is NOT

THEN he can be trusted (by Criminal Minds, that is),
because he (or she) agrees to be Blind.

Criminal Minds do have everything in reverse.


And so "you (your soul) must be destroyed - brought down
to a 'normal state':" *(2)(n)["Insane" "defined" by CMs]

'normal,' 'not brilliant,' 'not being conspicuous,'
'not standing out,' 'not outstanding' BY BEING

And instead, their own kind, Criminal Minds or the well-
adjusted, well-hidden "successful" sociopaths, THEY must
be admired or worshiped,

as being "brilliant," "highly popular," "richest,"
and "most famous," as "philanthropic," even. *(n)



It is most unlikely, that Criminal Minds will tell you
their true motives and their true opinions and true

unless they see no danger in your knowing it, like
when they somehow managed to compel you, 'to keep
it secret,'

and whatever they will reveal or say further, about their
condition - about their sociopathy, when it starts to
become obvious - is depending on 'whatever they have the
most chance with,' meaning, what approach they can most
effectively deceive you with and destroy you with.


So there is yet another reason, for you to study the
Human Rights Issues,

which is worth a million times more, than any
academic degree in the licensed medical trade,

supposing you are not 'in it' (in the
medical profession) for the purpose of
only enhancing your own income,

after having studied medical idiocy for
ten years or so (peer-reviewed by others
of the same level of intelligence),

and after having run up a huge financial
debt in the process, to 'get a license'
to be PAID for being very stupid, and
thus harmful to the patiently gullible.
*(n)(n)[Medical License series]



Now we have gotten 'Zero Tolerance' defined correctly, as:

'The INTENTION (the Life Energy) that holds and
communicates and makes felt a constant, incorruptible
Disagreeing with Evil.' *(6)

{Definition of 'Zero Tolerance'}





We continue with another anecdote: I am telling you something that
happened not long before the other two incidents of my using 'Zero

A young father, a nice man with his little daughter and with
his wife, was walking not very far from me, in the huge hall
of the railway station.

His wife, quite the opposite of her husband and of their
daughter - (his wife, the mother) radiated Ugliness and
lies and confusion

(she created the Poisoned or Altered Life Energy of

just as a chronic psychotic or sociopath does most of the


The little girl wanted to be free from having to suffer her
mother, and started to run around,

using the opportunity of being in this big hall of the
railway station,

to look at everything she wanted BY HERSELF to be interested in,
and she was proceeding do so.


Instantly, the mother radiated, that

'HE, the father, her husband, must control and dominate
their daughter,' and that

'he must do so immediately,' and that

'he must do so BY getting very angry' at this happy and
alive little girl -

'he must get angry at the little girl:'

FOR her moving about and FOR her being alive and
for her being interested, BY HERSELF, in life,

FOR her creating her OWN interest in life, for her
creating Aliveness.


So he, the father, started to do as his wife demanded of him.
He was about to get very angry at his little daughter

- which was when I walked by, and saw what was happening
and what was going to happen

(I usually do look at people's intentions, their
Energies that contain 'what they want,' 'what they
plan to do') - so I saw

what he was going to do to this happy and alive little


Therefore, I stopped some five yards away from them, not drawing
their attention, and pretending to look at some magazines, at a
nearby newspaper stand,

and I radiated strongly my Energy at and around the father, the
Energy of 'Zero Tolerance:'

that he be decent to the little girl who was his daughter,
and to respect her joy, and her desire to be interested
by herself in life.

And so he stopped his action of angrily going after her, and he
stared for a moment at me - which I could see from the corner of
my eye.


Then he himself simply resumed his original intention, 'to be
happy, and to let his daughter be happy and enjoy life too,'

and he continued to walk on with his wife, and his daughter
continued to dart happily around them:

A very happy father again, with a very happy daughter.

And because I happened to walk in the same direction as they
did, then, I occasionally caught a glimpse of him looking at me
in wonder...




So you see, that you do not at all have to wait till after
you die, with being an angel, *(1)

with acting like an angel for some crucial moment
to restore or secure some happiness in the life of
someone else...

as it is your very nature to do.

All it takes, is 'Zero Tolerance' - the Intention to
disagree with Evil Impulses.


As you know, you naturally do like VERY MUCH to help people, and to
make normal people happy - as much even, as lies in your power.


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34


(a) 'Non-interference' as you call it, but I would call it,
the ACTUAL and true Definition of Power,

which is the OPPOSITE of domination, of the common 'Earth
definition,' the FALSE "definition" of "Power."


(b) You find many (on THIS subject most vocal) Criminal Minds,

amongst "atheist skeptics" or amongst hate-and-envy-soaked
stage "magicians"

who can do no 'magic' but who only can trick and

- with their joy of thereby dominating what
others perceive and do not perceive -

they are like "stage magicians"

who want to be thought of, not only as "being equal to,"
but as "being superior to" decent people,

to any actual psychic and decent person,

actual psychics, for example of 'Haunting
Evidence' (John J. Oliver and Carol Baron),
and Lisa Williams, and those of 'Psychic
Detectives' - to name some programs from
American TV: anyone decent,

who IS able actually to see precisely the content
of Energies that contain a recording of the past

- which you may know also from the manifold
research I have conducted, recorded and
published, to substantiate

that these "un-understandable" qualities, are
simply part of all of Life.

[To be re-published, as the HRI series
'Spiritual Research into the Actual History
of Mankind']


(c) In Germany, they say of people, that they are 'outstanding' or
'conspicuous' when they mean, that a person seems to be criminal
or has been convicted in the past,

by which they imply (and indeed they like to think),
that 'a person who is NOT conspicuous, or NOT outstanding,
"must therefore be trustworthy".'

Criminal Minds do have everything in reverse, also
in Germany.

(d) And if you put all their stories together, then "by the year
2020, there will be 'three hundred percent' of the population,
that will suffer from major and incurable diseases" that
medical 'science' does not understand the cause of,

and so you must give them even more money "so that they can
make themselves more intelligent" so that then, maybe, "they
can find the causes," in order "to treat you better"

- like making a horse-drawn cart 'go faster,' by making
it more streamlined to air, and by greasing the wheel
axles more often

...peer-reviewed, mind you, and published in the highly
respectable, indeed peer-reviewed and expensive magazine
'The Science Destroyer' (established in 1784), *(n)

and in the more controversial, yet highly influential
and acclaimed magazine
'The Unchecked Sociopath's Voice' - or 'USV' for short.

(e) Nowadays strongly assisted by medical "science,"

and by "science" in general,

"science," which Criminal Minds - or well-adjusted sociopaths -
are dominating, and they have aimed for science to become
(MIS-)DEFINED, and largely succeeded:

"Science DEFINES ITSELF AS 'Excluding Life Energy and the soul',"

- "else it is 'NOT SCIENCE'" -

according to the Criminal Minds, that is,

resulting also in a very destructive, indeed malicious
and Evil medical industry,

to cater to a lot of devastating and largely "incurable"
diseases, that "we don't know the cause of," "so
you must give us more money for 'research'." *(7)(8)

How can you ever understand the working of a body, and its
diseases, WITHOUT studying the body's Life Energy? That is
wholly impossible, and it results in the ridiculous articles
by "medical writers," in the 'Science and Health' sections of
the media, about

the brain SUBSTITUTING for Life Energy and for the soul.

The stupidity of medical "science" is so pervasive,
so RIDDLED with Criminal Minds, that the mere mention
of its stupidity, provokes incredulity

in the public that it succeeds in keeping spiritually
very blind from the age of going to school and onwards.

I, for myself, however, rather am healthy, and I would be
happier, if you are and remain healthy too.

(f) And currently - and preceding and during World War Two - it is
promoted heavily in our society, in particular by medical
"science" and its intensely Evil drug pushing,

while they are DENYING Life Energy (they are denying that,
what makes Life 'alive and ticking,' what controls and repairs
your body) and they are DENYING the soul, you, also,

replacing you (and the Life Energy of yourself and of your body)
with "interconnecting" neurons - with your brain.

They ruin your life with their "science" - which is EXACTLY
what sociopaths, what Criminal Minds WANT and ENJOY: that your
life - including your health - is ruined.


[check for updates and newer HRI's on the subjects]

(1) 'Love On The Bridges Of Holland' (LOBOH)
(18 Sept 2002 - Version 3.0 on 11 Nov 2008)

(2) 'The Anti-Normal'
{HRI 20071208-V1.0}
(8 December 2007)

(3) see the "Defining 'Destructive Coward'," 17 parts Series
(search for it)

(4) 'Facing Life: Jesus Christ Never Was A Leader, And Never Will Be
- Nor Does He Want To Be One' (JCNL)
{HRI 20081005-V2.4}
(5 October 2008 - Version 2.4 on 10 Oct 2008)

(5) 'Defining God correctly - and Heaven, and Hell - What is
Monotheism' (DGC)
{HRI 20080406-V4.9.1}
(6 April 2008 - Version 4.9.1 on 12 Jan 2009)

(6) 'Independent, Objective Definition of Evil' (ODE)
{HRI 20090810-V1.1.2}
(10 August 2009 - Version 1.1.2 on 11 Aug 2009)

(7) 'Saving nine-tenth of National Health Care Budget, and 99 percent
of Health Care Research Budgets' (SHC)
{HRI 20100913}
(13 September 2010)

(8) 'Long Summary of 'Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force
Undermining World Health and also Undermining the United Nations
Organizations ...' (incl. Real-life definitions of
'Living Organism' (your body), 'By-pass surgery' and 'Narcosis')
{HRI 20100304-V6.1-SL-V3.1}
(4 March 2010 - Version 6.1 on 7 Apr 2010
- Summary V3.1 on 5 Jul 2010)

(n) (as indicated)


(see under Footnotes, above)

(further to be added, as applicable)



Copyright 2006-2010 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
specifially, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
of life and of themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific "agenda," but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
PlatoWorld at Lycos.com

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