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Pam Wright

May 26, 2023, 11:48:30 AM5/26/23
to Lone * Star * Randonneurs, Houston Randonneurs E-Mail Group, Hill Country Randonneurs E-Mail Group, Heart of Texas Randonneurs
HI all, not too late to join LSR for a brevet-fest in Greenville this weekend :)   Updated RSVPs below and a dog reminder from Vikram from just a year ago.  Notes have been added to the attached cue sheets and GPS!!

FYI, revised cue sheets attached reflecting additional road notes shared from Peter's 600k preride.  I will have cue sheets & waivers available tonight if needed, but won't be at the 200k start tomorrow.  Also learning my slowwwww internet at home wasn't saving corrections to the 200k GPS, but it's saved now and is not 200 miles :)

400k & 600k -  mile 113.4 outbound and mile 136 inbound on the 600k Day1.   Vikram shared he was bitten on the return (mile 136) and notes that this is on an uphill, which made him slower and more vulnerable.  Photos below.
  • Mile 91.3 - Caddo Store (C&H One Stop Valero). No answer to old phone number and google now showing only corporate number.  Added Dairy Queen & Dollar General hours to attached cue sheets.
  • 600k only - Winnsboro Exxon has disconnected number - Please use any store and provide proof of passage

All Routes 
  • TXDOT construction from Bonham>Gober (~9miles)  TXDOT only notes one-lane construction with no extra info about potential gravel or the hardpack noted by Stephen.  All attached cue sheets include this info.  (200k mile 92.7, 300k, mile 143.6, 400/600k  mile 210.8)
  • Mile 60 Silver Dollar Grocery verified - added to all cue sheets below.
  • Called all stores to verify hours, etc.  Kwik Checks all said actual store still branded as Kwik Check.

RSVP's so far 
200k  - Start time 7am from Walmart 
✔️ Stephen H
✔️ Sharon S
✔️ Debbie B
David Carpenter

✔️ Tak N

400k - Start time 6am from Best Western
Joe L
Russell D
✔️Chris M 
✔️John Hsu

600k - Start time 6am from Best Western
✔️ Brock Durham

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Hi all

Hope you've got Memorial Day penciled on your calendar for a great set of rides!  Stephen Hazelton reworked a couple of these routes a while back to keep them together as long as possible, so thanks Stephen!

As usual, if you're a yes or a maybe, please print, sign and email a pdf of your waiver(s) to Dan and me.  You can send waivers in for multiple distances and wait to decide til closer to ride start.  No Waiver * No Ride.

RSVPs will be posted as we receive waivers, so hope you'll plan to come out!

The details:

  • Services:  pretty plentiful in Greenville and stores along the way.  Known services are marked on the cue sheets.
  • Cue Sheet:  Please print your own cue sheet.  Not all info has been transferred to the GPS files.  
  • Night Gear:  Required for 300, 400, 600, 1000k.  Sun is 6:18a-8:25p

  1. ACP 200k (Actually ride 218k, no extra time)  OK is OK 218- Aberfoyle ACP Times
    1. Starts Walmart
    2. Rides with all routes for about 64.5 miles then turns off
  1. ACP 300k   OK is OK 300k-Aberfoyle
    1. Starts Walmart
    2. Rides with longer rides until mile 91, then turns off
  1. ACP 400k Ok is Ok 400
    1. OK is OK 400k and Day1 600k 2019 version (wControls)
    2. Same course as Day 1 of the 600k 
  1. ACP 600k.  OK is OK 602km. (Cue sheet updated 4.23.23)
    1. D1 -   OK is OK 400k and Day1 600k 2019 version (wControls)
    2. D2 - OK is OK 600k D2, 2019version, ACP Times

  2. ACP Hound Dog 1000k

  • WAIVERS:  Attached are files for the RUSA waiver.  Sign, date, scan, and email the waiver pdf to Dan (dandri...@me.com) and me by Thursday 5/25 AND bring your printed version to Dan at the ride start.
  • CUE SHEETS:  Attached.   Unless otherwise arranged, I will not have copies at the ride start. 
  • PROOF OF PASSAGE:  Please plan to provide your GPS file, time-stamped selfies at each control and/or store receipts.  After you finish, please email your proof of passage and RUSA # to Dan. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TEXTING YOUR RUSA # AND FINISH INFO TO DAN 817.925.0158.


Please note:

Randonneuring inherently involves various hazards, and riders assume all risks associated with the activity.  Hazards include, but are not limited to, motor vehicles; other cyclists; loose dogs, livestock or wild animals; road flaws including cracks, potholes, ridges, gratings, rumble strips, sand or gravel; lightning, heat, cold, ice, or other hazardous weather; mechanical failures; fatigue; medical conditions; assault.  All routes are on public roads or paths, and neither the route nor any flaws in the road surface are marked.  All routes are unsupported.  Riders will be required to sign and submit the attached waiver prior to riding.  Please read it, as you are signing away some rights and are responsible for knowing what you sign.

Please ask any questions and I will post RSVPs and any updates to this email string.  And thanks in advance if you see anything amiss...lemme know :)  Ciao for now and holler back with questions!

Pam Wright

Waiver OKisOK 218 Aberfoyle.pdf
Waiver OKisOK 300 Aberfoyle.pdf
Waiver OKisOK 400.pdf
Waiver OKisOK 600.pdf
OK is OK 218K-Aberfoyle 2022.xls
_OK is OK 300K _Aberfoyle_5_14_2021_CueOnly.xls
_OK is OK 400K_MotelStart_2023.xls
_OK is OK 600K_Cue_MotelStart_2021.xls
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