A Poem Of Our Love, And Our Adventures - {HRI 20020717-V5.6}

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Koos Nolst Trenite

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A Poem Of Our Love, And Our Adventures

17 July 2002
{HRI 20020717-V5.6}

(Version 5.6
on 9 Nov 2008)


An adventure is 'something that crosses our path'
- and here, it is Adventures that crossed the path
of our Love.



Fiercely Hated I am

...by the very Envious;


mortally Feared I am

...by the very Evil;


forcefully Denied and heavily Fought I am

...by the very Cowardly;


scathingly Despised I am

...by the very Ugly.



But Loved and Respected by billions, I am

highly Intelligent and Wise in philosophy and governing, I am

intensely Loving and Caring as saints are, I am

one of the most Beautiful, for many the most Beautiful in Art and



By Beauty of your own, you will then multiply that, and

multiplying it you do as well by Loving, by true Care.



With Loving and true Care, it is, that Wisdom carries forth,

and so you bring Intelligence to Life,

thus giving and extending it to many.


That is the way, you stand by me:





Lovingly... you act - that is, I mean to say, that

free you are, yourself TO ACT:

and free that means - no bad emotions started by yourself;

free you are, yourself TO MOVE:

and free that means - not passing on another's bad intentions,
not doing so in any form; and

free you are, yourself TO SEE:

and free that means - not hiding things from proper view, the
things that do need to be seen; and

free you are, yourself TO FEEL:

and free that means - not listening to Envy's dictate to destroy
or otherwise to hinder Good and Beautiful from coming through; and

free you are, yourself TO BE ALIVE:

and free that means - not using Hate to burn at any life ...not
even when it begs for Hate, and goads you do its bidding.



ARDENTLY... you long

to see Pretending separate from Genuine.



PASSIONATELY... you fight

to ward true Evil off, to make it wither and contained, by Good
around it that demands the Evil cease.



VIBRANTLY... you live

to own the Joy of Life, and thus maintaining it,

you may not know, maintaining Joy of Life you do, by telling
Ugliness apart - that is to say, by seeing Ugliness so very
different - from Beauty.



It is how nature gifted you to be and feel,

and also now, you show and guard that Beauty of your soul.





The things that follow here, are things not lightly said:
Inspired by light of poets, and considered well, they are.


The Roots of Life that hold you standing now,

as roots are helping trees to stand and grow, to also clean the
atmosphere when light shines on their leaves,

that is to say, I think of Roots of Life, as things that make you
stand and grow,

to brave and soften the spiritual Storms on Earth, the raging

the Cyclones, that you penetrate, behold, and understand by going
through and reaching up above

the Clouds that make you feel Oblivion. ...But when you penetrate


the Veils that caused you to forget your cherished friends,

the Veils that hide your loss of exquisite abilities as well

and riches of lives past you tend to feel again so often,

but then forgotten soon, or as a dream not understood,

they fade away as if they never were. ...But when you penetrate


the Nebulae that cause Serenity, there, where they say, 'you do not
have to Care,' and 'All is fine,'

there 'where you know it All,'

where Love is just an empty word that bounces off your chest.
...But when you penetrate


the Certainty that keeps enforced, 'you know the truth,'

the Certainty that 'does not need to see,' that 'can not be
disturbed by looking, nor by Love,'

the Certainty that 'must not be disturbed' - by life, that is,

disturbed, by seeing that, what really happened and,
by finding who did what and what it was, that who intended;

Certainty that is maintained ...by sensing not, by seeing not
what is the Black of Night, what is Awareness blocked,

not knowing even that: that Unawareness - Black as Night -
can very well be felt, and thus can also be removed; removing

which forms a perfect, hidden wall, the wall made stronger still,
with Certainty that things can not be felt or seen because there
is a Black of Night: The wall one finds behind and hidden by


the Clouds of Cotton Wool that are themselves impervious to sight,

which do prevent you want to even think of what's behind, and

so you are accepting what is only offered to be seen - as if
that is the 'truth perceived' -

accepting it as 'feeling safe,' a 'fine experience to

to be enshrined in dream "reality"

which only in those Clouds seems nice and beautiful, and there
did feel

'as if Awareness held you in its very arms,' suggesting 'kisses never
felt before.' ...But when you penetrate


the Mists of blind Euphoria, the Fogs of lulled Security, the Clouds
that hold you trapped forever and

the Cave not seen by you, invisible through senses captive,

like captive souls with always failed connection, are
stranded on a desert island,

your Energy for Life diverted cunningly,

in what is Ugly Joy in fact, and which

becomes apparent only when the Clouds are blown away by breath
of Love and Truth, and are dissolved by penetrating Beauty,

revealing thus: Those were

sensations soaked with Ugliness and kept afloat by means of Lies you
did not want at all. ...Now if you penetrate


the Lightning Storms of Pretense... of so many other, conjured
Worlds, of 'how things are,'

designed to hide from you, the real course of time,

designed to make you never find those places you SHOULD know,

designed to hide intentions carried out,

the times and places where your Roots were cut, where Roots
were made to wither, foul and hollow.




Compare those times and places where our Love was crossed, and
do remember what was there

BEFORE the Clouds were blackening, and Lightning struck,

BEFORE the Cyclones turned and spun your senses,

BEFORE the veils were put in place, to mask the
Treachery, to hide the Ugliness, to dull the Pain.


You go and look and sense the things that were BEFORE, and then

you feel again the Roots that hold you strong and standing,

and full of joy anticipating, and creating:

You stand connected to and are in truth 'of The Creation.'



The Roots, with which you hold what is,

the Roots with which you hold the things that really were,

and Roots by which you also hold the things to come, that are for
us to choose, or if not chosen then to carry on while holding
steady on our Roots,

the Roots that keep life going, here on Earth as well,

amidst the Clouds of White that do intend to cloak the Dark,

the Dark of Night that blocks your sensing ...sensing

what was done to you and others, and what is done
still now with roaring Hurricanes

to blow your heart's content away.



The Roots, with which you hold the stem of Life,

amidst the Lightning Storms, the fires - that those, who do
PRETEND to know, have set, and keep ablaze - to burn away your

amidst the Hurricanes, the devastating motion smashing you and
anyone without regard for who you are, without respect for Life
at all;

amidst the Cyclones spun around the core of those whose joy
consists, of making others spin and turn

to devastating fury - oh, yes, indeed, to make those others
rage against who would be truly friends.




There are your Roots upholding your desire

to stand and look behind the Clouds,

to brave the Lightning Storms,

to weather any Hurricanes,

to reach above the Cyclones when you can.



If that is how you are, still now,

then stand by me,

whoever you are now,
wherever you are now,
whatever you are now,

then stand by me.

You are a friend most valued for us all to have.


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

'God gave Solomon wisdom
and very great insight,
and a breadth of understanding
as measureless
as the sand on the seashore.'

1 Kings 4:29


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Copyright 2002-2008 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths,
who vehemently oppose any true knowledge of life and of themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific 'agenda,' but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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