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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                         Contact: Stephen Mergener
January 26, 2022                                                                Phone: (858) 356-8424

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February 08, 2022
Local Non-Profit to host 9th Annual Zero Waste Symposium:
Reuse, Repair and Repurpose
San Diego, CA — Zero Waste San Diego, a 501c3 organization that has been promoting and facilitating sustainability for more than a decade, is hosting its 9th Annual Zero Waste Symposium: Reuse, Repair and Repurpose, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm on Tuesday, February 08, 2022 on a virtually via ZOOM. This year’s focus will be the dramatic economic, environmental and social impacts associated with consumer convenience and throwaway dynamic that permeates American culture, with leading industry experts highlighting the importance and challenges to reversing these trends, as well as opportunities for job creation, entrepreneurship, stabilized local economies and improved air, water and soil.
This year’s virtual symposium will concentrate on Reuse, Repair and Repurpose. Our focus will be to explore the current and future state of the “R’s” that are being neglected (Reuse and Repair). This year we would show policies and programs that recover edible food, reuse minded businesses, repairable products, and organic collection and recovery. Focusing on backyard and community programs.
Symposium speakers will explain how a lack in market focus on Reuse, Repair and Repurpose has led to this onslaught of materials negatively impacting the earth’s oceans and the world's food chain, and reveal how the true cost of convenience may not be the bargain promoted by industry and perceived by consumers.
The symposium will include discussions on how communities and businesses throughout the world are benefitting from implementation of zero waste principles. Local and state governments are adopting zero waste plans too, incorporating education and training, landfill diversion, alternative delivery systems such as refill and reuse, organizing for improved product redesign, establishing business product stewardship guidelines, and implementing bans on a wide range of single-use disposables.
Zero Waste San Diego facilitates implementation policies and plans that support job creation, economic growth, and improvement of the environment through phasing out waste and furthering strategic, long-term sustainable resource management.
Information and tickets to the virtual event are available at Zero Waste San Diego’s website, https://zerowastesandiego.org/zero-waste-symposium-2022/


**Registration is Open** for the 9th Annual Zero Waste Symposium on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. https://zwsymposium2022.eventbrite.com
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