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Wild Willy

Nov 5, 2021, 12:20:47 AM11/5/21
to Video Download Helper Google Group
Pretty much everybody here knows how to log on & post comments in threads in this forum.
But it is possible to avoid the logon & just E-mail your post to the group. There's only
2 things you need to be careful to do. The first is that you need to address the E-mail
to this address:

Video Download Helper Google Group <>
Video Download Helper Google Group <video-downloadhelper-q-and-a @>

I'm showing that twice because Google interprets the first instance & you can't see the
full address. When I put spaces around the @, Google leaves it alone. Of course, that's
not a valid E-mail address. You can't have spaces in an E-mail address. But it's the
only way I can show you the full address. When you code it, leave out the spaces.

The other thing you need to do is select the correct Subject header. If you want to
start a new thread, you can provide whatever subject makes sense. If you want to add a
comment to an existing thread, you need to use Re: in the Subject header. For example,
if you want to add a comment to this thread, make sure the subject line reads exactly
like this:

Re: How to E-mail posts to this group

The Re: is the key. You need the colon & the space followed by the exact thread title.
That means that if I had misspelled part of the thread title like this:

How to E-mail psots to this gorp

You would have to preserve my misspellings in your E-mail, like this:

Re: How to E-mail psots to this gorp

I haven't experimented with it but I think you need to preserve capitalization & spacing
as well. The safest thing to do is copy/paste the thread title out of the web page into
your E-mail client.

If you want to attach explanatory images or other types of files to your post, you do
that via the standard attachment mechanism of your E-mail client. This is how I get
around the problem I have of not being able to use the web interface to attach files to a
post. Be aware that Google accepts only certain file extensions for attachments. I
don't know the full list but I do know that .jpg, .png, & .txt are acceptable & .m3u8 is
not. Also be aware that Google limits the size of a post to 8M. If you have a lot of
images to attach & Google rejects your post because it's too big, just split the post up
into 2 or more separate E-mails with few enough attachments on each E-mail so each E-mail
totals less than the 8M limit, text & attachments combined.

I have occasionally had problems with this. I don't know what causes it but every once
in a while a post I meant to E-mail to an existing thread instead starts a new thread.
When this happens, you should log on to the web site & delete the erroneous post. Then
go to the thread where you really wanted your post to go & post it there the
old-fashioned way. Of course, since you already E-mailed it, you can just copy/paste the
text of your post out of your E-mail client.

I have also seen Google put my post in the wrong thread. This appears to have something
to do with the standard References: E-mail header. This header is usually generated
automatically by your E-mail client when you use the Reply function. The References:
header is the way E-mail clients thread together related E-mails on the same subject. So
you should not use the Reply function in your E-mail client to post into an existing
thread. Always use the simple Compose function & create your post from scratch. Just
make sure you address it properly & use the Subject of Re: & the right thread title.

Wild Willy

Nov 5, 2021, 1:41:11 AM11/5/21
to Video Download Helper Google Group

Google's implementation of the feature for E-mailing posts to a discussion overlooked the
thread subscription feature. I discuss this in the attached images.

Nov 5, 2021, 3:04:55 AM11/5/21
to Video DownloadHelper Q&A

Wild Willy

Sep 8, 2022, 6:59:48 PMSep 8
to Video DownloadHelper Q&A
I think I have an explanation for the problem I described above, in which an E-mail meant to continue an existing thread instead launches a new one.  I believe it has something to do with how long it's been since the target thread has been updated.  I don't know the exact time a thread has to lie idle before your E-mail won't post in it.  I think if the thread has been idle for as short a time as a week, your E-mail will mistakenly launch a new thread.  In this case, you can't avoid logging in here.  You have to just copy/paste your post into the right thread using the Reply all button, like usual.  And be sure you delete the stealth quote, as I discuss over here:

Then be sure to delete the erroneous new thread.
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