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When you’re looking for the perfect food vacuum sealer in order to save on food waste, reviewing different sealing machines is your best bet. After all, there are hundreds of them on the market today so deciding which one is best for you might take a little research. Fortunately, you can easily go online and find reviews from real-life customers, not to mention all the details that you need to make the right decision in the end.
If you’ve ever been in a commercial kitchen, you’ve likely seen a high-tech food sealer of some sort but you don’t have to get one of these and spend thousands of dollars just to get the best food vacuum sealer on the market. Most sealers are made either for domestic or commercial use so you can start by looking at the ones that are specifically designed to meet your needs. If you want one for your home but find yourself sealing and saving tons of food on a regular basis, you may want to go with a sealer made for commercial use to save yourself some money and headaches.
A high-quality sealing machine can cost several hundred dollars or several thousand but most people can find an excellent food vacuum sealer machine for under one thousand dollars, usually under five hundred. This means that you never have to spend tons of money just to get a great food sealer, which is especially good to know when you’re on a budget.
Types of Machines
Food-sealing machines are usually either front-loaded or top-loaded. The top-loaded “chamber” sealers are usually used for diners and restaurants, although even homeowners can purchase one that is made for commercial use. Some of the main features include the size of the bag it can accommodate and the motor strength and size, which naturally have to be bigger and stronger for commercial customers.
It’s good to very carefully read all food vacuum sealer reviews so that you know exactly what you’re getting. Once you determine which feature is most important to you, you can then look at those features on each sealer so that you compare them properly. Although each vacuum food sealer you research will have a lot of the same features, there will be differences in each of them; therefore, it’s good to spend some time reading about each so that you know what you’re getting for your money.
If you want an easy way to find the best food sealer out there, you can start with the following products that consistently get high reviews from their customers.
1. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer
When you’re looking at any of the best food saver vacuum sealer reviews, you’ll find at least one or two products made by FoodSaver and there are good reasons why. The V2244 makes a great starter sealer because it is priced at only $80 and offers everything you need to begin enjoying the many benefits of owning this type of appliance.
Easy to use, compact, and lightweight enough to move from one location to another with ease, this sealer is easy to clean, comes with some starter bags so you can use it right away, and even looks good on your countertop with its sleek black design. Its one-handed design makes it super handy in the kitchen and the LED light indicators help you see what you’re doing to make sure that the bag goes through the sealer properly, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
2. Geryon Vacuum Sealer
Geryon is another great brand that you’ll likely find when you’re researching food sealer reviews. This particular model has a built-in cutter to customize the size of your bags, is super easy to clean and take care of, and comes in a compact design that always looks great on your countertop. With this food sealer, you can seal both dry foods and moist foods so this is a very versatile food vacuum sealer indeed.
In addition, the Geryon vacuum sealer only costs around $75 and is therefore affordable for everyone. It has two different sealing modes and fits bags up to 12 inches in width, which means that it can accommodate a lot of food in each bag. The digital buttons are easy to use regardless of the task at hand and you’ll get used to it faster than you think, thanks to how easy it is to use.
3. NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer
Reviews for food vacuum sealer types usually include at least one product made by NutriChef, a company that specializes in these types of machines. Vacuum sealers have to be made a certain way in order to work right and this sealer offers features such as easy push-button controls, four colors to choose from, a low price of around $55, and the ability to accommodate both dry and moist foods.
The NutriChef vacuum sealer makes it super easy to seal and store a variety of foods including meats, vegetables, breads, and even soups and stews, not to mention non-food items that you wish to keep safe and waterproof. It is a very versatile machine that promises to keep your food fresh for up to five times longer than storing it in a regular bag. You get both dry and moist settings for the perfect sealing job and it helps prevent freezer burn in all types of foods.
4. Elechomes Food Saver Machine
Priced at around $70, this commercial vacuum sealer allows for sous vide cooking, has both a dry and moist setting, is super easy to clean, and even comes with all of the accessories you need to start using it immediately, including a number of bags that let you seal and store foods right away. The built-in cutter means that you’ll get the perfect size bag every time that you use it and it even has a cancel button that allows you to cancel the process right in the middle.
This food sealer machine also has a moisture-detection feature that ensures that every bit of air and dampness is removed from the bag before it’s sealed. Its super-strong turbo motor means that the machine will never disappoint. It is easy to use and even looks great on your countertop, thanks to its sleek design. Whether you’re sealing meats, fish, veggies, or breads and cakes, it will accommodate them every time.
5. Blusmart Vacuum Sealer Machine
The Blusmart vacuum sealer has a fully automatic design and can accommodate everything from produce to soups and even non-food items such as medications, important documents, and art supplies. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and can accommodate all types of dry and moist foods so that you can save both time and money. Preparing stews and soups is much easier when you already have chopped onions and tomatoes for your recipe and this machine makes having those foods on hand very simple.
When you’re researching the best vacuum sealer for food of all types, Blusmart makes several of them for you to enjoy. This particular model offers soft-touch digital control buttons, four different modes to accommodate all types of foods, and a removable drip tray that makes cleaning a breeze. It even comes complete with a digital scale to make weighing the foods much easier. The Blusmart company really thought of everything.
6. ABOX V63 Vacuum Food Sealer
If you’ve never had luck keeping freezer burns off of your saved foods, your luck is getting ready to change. This vacuum food sealer keeps food up to seven times fresher than storing it in regular food bags. Super easy to use and inexpensive at around $60, the ABOX V63 food sealer is perfect for all types of foods, both dry and moist. It also has the added perk of being able to accommodate sous vide cooking.
abox-v63-vacuum-food -sealer.jpg
With a sleek, space-saving design, this sealer looks great on any countertop and comes with numerous accessories that allow you to use it as soon as you get it out of the package. The removable drip tray keeps your counter nice and dry, and the built-in cutter makes sure that you get a customized bag size every time you use it. Once you check out the latest food sealer reviews, make sure that you also check out this high-quality food sealer.
7. Zoopod Vacuum Sealer Machine
Priced at around $40, this is one of the most reasonably priced food vacuum sealers on the market but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t a high-quality sealer. You get your choice between a dry and moist mode. You can seal any type of food that you like, including breads and pasta, veggies and fruits, and meat and seafood, among others. The LED light helps make sure that you seal the bag properly and the control panel is very well organized and super easy to use.
With this food sealer, you’ll get high-tech reliability without paying a lot of money. It even comes with a set of sealer bags to allow you to start using the machine right away. The fully automatic function makes using it a breeze. It is very likely to end up on your next vacuum food sealers review, thanks to its low price and excellent quality.

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