Unijoysticle 2 and DualShock3 pairing

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Bart Pellens

Mar 28, 2021, 3:34:04 PM3/28/21
to Unijoysticle

I can't seem to get the my official PS DualShock3 to connect, so I hope I can get some pointers here.

I followed the github instructions to the letter (manual pairing - adding the MAC address to the DS3, etc.), but the DualShock3 just doesn't want to connect - the 4 leds on the DS3 stay blinking, nothing more.

Using a Wii controller works just fine, so I know that the UniJoysticle2 works fine.

In the Unijoysticle2 trace I see that the DS3 connection is complete (after pressing the PS button on the DS3), yet the 4 leds of the DS3 stay blinking and I can't control anything on my C64.

What I see in the logs (red part):

Bluepad32 (C) 2016-2021 Ricardo Quesada and contributors.
Version: v2.0.0-beta2
BTStack: Copyright (C) 2017 BlueKitchen GmbH.
unijoysticle: Dual port / 1-button mode enabled
Platform: unijoysticle2
Gap security level: 2
I (282) system_api: Base MAC address is not set, read default base MAC address from BLK0 of EFUSE
I (392) phy: phy_version: 4180, cb3948e, Sep 12 2019, 16:39:13, 0, 0
BTstack up and running on FC:F5:C4:3D:55:B2.
Stored link keys:
00:24:F3:E5:5B:02 - type 0, key: .
--> Scanning for new devices...
--> HCI_EVENT_COMMAND_COMPLETE: opcode = 0x200b - status=0
--> Scanning for new devices...
--> Scanning for new devices...
--> Scanning for new devices...
--> HCI_EVENT_CONNECTION_REQUEST: link_type = 1 <--
on_hci_connection_request from: address = 00:26:43:97:AB:93, cod=0x0508
--> HCI_EVENT_COMMAND_COMPLETE: opcode = 0x040c - status=0
Using PIN code:
--> HCI_EVENT_COMMAND_COMPLETE: opcode = 0x040d - status=0
--> Scanning for new devices...

Best Regards,


Ricardo Quesada

Mar 28, 2021, 7:41:55 PM3/28/21
to Bart Pellens, Unijoysticle
Hi Bart,

DS3 support is disabled by default.

You have to edit this file:

and enable DS3 from there.
Then re-compile (make clean && make -j) and flash the firmware
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