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Koos Nolst Trenite

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The First Law Of Economics

1 December 2003

(Issued 18 July 2008)

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'Who does NOT read this,
remains destructively Insane.'



The First Law Of Economics, is:

People desire and enjoy to do a job of value they can be
proud of.

(Individual persons have the desire and enthusiasm or joy,
to undertake something that is of value now or in the
future, to their fellows of Mankind.)

I have elaborated that in

'Basic Economics - In Government and Enterprise, People
Are Not Objects.' *(1)


Also here, we can observe the whole scale *(2) from the top to the
very bottom - where that natural desire and joy, gets more and more

more and more prevented, more and more oppressed and

by Criminal Minds and by means of the false ideas that
these create and force onto others, and thus establish
as "culture" into the society,

to evolve into customs, rules and "laws"

that COUNTER the First Law of Economics,

rules and systems of "government" and "education" that oppose
your soul, and thus,

that counter your and other people's joy of being alive,

with demands and "education" that COUNTER the First Law
of Economics, which is

people's desire and joy to do a job of value they can and will
be proud of.



Criminal Minds - who, so some tell us, "do 'not' exist," nevertheless
these - will counter, and have countered the First Law of Economics,

"You can NOT do what you yourself want and desire and know to do,
that is of true value to others, and that you thus will be proud

but "you must do, what 'the society' demands of you," MEANING,
(which you will find, should you examine it):

"You must do, what Criminal Minds demand of you."


Criminal Minds want you and everyone to see THEM as
"normal" - and YOU, if you expose them, should be "seen"
as "not normal:" *(5)(6)(7)

It is "normal" NOT to mention, that Vladimir Putin
is a sociopath, a Criminal Mind, a destructive

And "it is 'NOT normal'," if you DO mention
this very vital truth. *(a)

It is "normal," NOT to mention, that his Russian
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, is a
sociopath, a Criminal Mind, a destructive

And "it is 'NOT normal'," to mention this very
vital truth.



Criminal Minds want, that you and everyone else 'sees'
(senses, feels, thinks of) THEM (of Criminal Minds) as if
these are being "normal," and of yourself as being "equal"
to Criminal Minds.

They want, that you yourself and everyone else, sees
or feels YOU as "being not normal," if you OPPOSE...

if you oppose, that Criminal Minds are seen
as, or must be seen as "good and normal," as
"equals." *(5)(6)(7)

This is the root of destructive prejudice:

Thus Criminal Minds use 'belonging to a certain race, or to a
religion, or to a nation, or to a class of education or wealth,
yes even their gender or their age,' to claim, that

"they are not Criminal Minds," "because they are or belong to the
group of ... ."

That is - Criminal Minds are - the root of destructive


You should be made NOT to recognize, or not even to
know the existence of such a condition of the soul,

a condition that at least one percent of the
living population is most severely, and also
incurably inflicted with:

to have no other desire and design, than
'to see the world burn,'

whose JOY in life consists of inflicting Evil
onto others, and

who most intensely HATE seeing anyone who
is free. But

"you should deny or disbelieve those facts" - yes,
"you should even be made to deny, that people ARE


According to Criminal Minds, "you must be regarded as
'someone who, through education or by other means of
coercion, has to be MADE "normal"',"

or else by the use of plain force, of denial of your
social and material (monetary) connections,

which you need in order to live, and

"you have to be convinced," that "people only care for

which is what the sociopath teaches, what the
Criminal Minds Adam Smith, and Bill Gates and
Warren Buffett do teach, and what Ayn Rand teaches,

because THEY are like that.

THEIR demand is: "Be nice to the Criminal
Mind, so that he will give you a job and
something to eat - THAT is 'how you should
care for yourself',"

"do not point out Criminal Minds, because
'that is not caring for yourself',"

"a 'wise' person keeps his mouth shut, and
does as he is told,"

the truth being, that YOU MUST NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO

CERTAINLY not ever let them "care for your well-being,"

or let them teach you and others their lies "about

"the motivation of any activity with others, is 'to
make a profit'," yes, even "to MAXIMIZE profit,"

"what do you get out if it, for yourself,"

is what the sociopaths have forced onto the
society, as "how people are and thus 'how
Economics is',"

which is a violation of the First Law of Economics:

'People desire and enjoy to do a job of value they
can be proud of.'

Instead, "you better let yourself be dominated, because

("you must think and do, what you are told to and
what is demanded of you by Criminal Minds")

"that, letting yourself be dominated, IS 'caring for
yourself'," and "in turn, you must dominate others, and
tell them, that accepting the domination, is their 'caring
for themselves', is acting 'for their own good and for the
good of their families and for the good of the group'."

And that, again, is dictatorship, as you know.





So I have to re-instate the truth, to call it back to you,
which you know very well to be true:

The motivation of any activity with others, is to enjoy life and to
make life more enjoyable for each other. {definition}


And 'letting yourself be dominated'

except when you are a captive animal,

is the very OPPOSITE of caring for yourself, of
course, so

the "logic" of the demand is silly, isn't it
- but you have accepted it as perfectly
"normal" - "you must agree to let yourself
be dominated," to "do as you are told" and
"then you will be favored,"

by Criminal Minds, that is,

"THEN you will be given what you need" and
"THAT - being given what you need - is of
course 'caring for yourself',"

"like 'everybody else' does 'care for himself'

It is the way of any dictatorship,

(also of any "People's Socialist
Republic" or an "Islamic Republic"
- as they want to be called by
'the people' who are caught inside
such a regime)

it demands, that people are dominated
- by Criminal Minds - "in order to care
for themselves"

in a country that is - BY DEFINITION -
"governed" by Criminal Minds.


Then, it is not only "normal" for sociopaths,

including those mentioned by me who are
heads of state,

to freely spout their lies

- that's 'perfectly "normal," nobody
objects to that' -

it is ALSO "normal," for DECENT people,

in particular for those DECENT people
who are heads of state,

TO REFUSE TO MENTION, that another,

in particular an individual who is head
of state, that, to mention the obvious,
for instance Chavez,

has an entirely destructive, sociopathic
character and has intentions

ONLY to dominate or else to destroy the
life of others.

I mean, telling Chavez 'Why don't
you shut up,' in Spanish, might
suggest to others, but


Instead, they receive Russia's Putin
- a known sociopath - and they receive
China's Hu Jintao - now also known to
you, very obviously I would think, as
a sociopath,

you receive them "as if these are
'normal' people."


That's "normal" receive those
who have the nature and intention to
destroy people on a very large scale,
to receive those

"as if these individuals are 'normal',"

while any decent person would
even inside his own home,

yet you receive them with state

That is how DESTRUCTIVE the Criminal Minds
have made you.




The United Nations Assembly votes

NOT TO REMOVE the oppression of the Cuban people by its

BUT they - the United Nations Assembly members - DID VOTE (with
only the USA, Israel and Palau, that is only 3 votes against it,
and 185 for it)

support the intense oppression of all people in Cuba:

where "Criminal Minds are good" - in Cuba, that is - and
where decent people must be forced to live practically as
slaves to the Cuban "government," to the Criminal Minds,
in Cuba, or else people become and remain imprisoned, in

and that is going on since decades, in Cuba, worshipping
sociopaths like Fidel Castro and 'Che' Guevara.



Would you believe it... utter, malicious Insanity: The United
Nations Assembly.

But it is the truth, it really happened, and there was
loud applause there, to acclaim the result of the "vote."

They - the United Nations Assembly members - are doing
this particular "voting" already since years, FOR 17
years consecutive, on this particular issue,

and it is not that they are badly informed:

them and that they exhibit and use without any shame, but
PROUDLY!!! They are applauding their own malice...

(the secret is, that 'Criminal Minds have everything
in reverse')

This leads to the unavoidable conclusion, that

the United Nations Assembly consists almost completely of
bribers and those bribed, of blackmailers and those blackmailed,
and of extortionists and those extorted, and traitors and those
betrayed. {data}


It is not normal, of course, so you have to be FORCED to

- which opposes the Second Law of Human Rights -

that (and to act as if) "Criminal Minds are normal
people:" *(n)

Invite them for dinner with the American president
and stuff them (Putin) with lobster, or (in the case
of Putin's closest "friend," Berlusconi) with soup
called minestrone, *(n)(n)

to show them, "how normal they are," to show them,
that you comply with their demand on you,

to show it to the maximum extent possible,
with state parties and dinners and with the
press reporting it all as a great celebration,

that "Criminal Minds are the most honored guests,
that the state lavishes upon,"

and the next day these guests turn around and
sell the very weapons to or otherwise support
the enemies of the state, the enemies of the
normal, decent people;

and, if you DON'T do so, or do NOT think as Criminal Minds
demand you to think of them,

then "you - of course - should agree, that 'YOU are
considered crazy'," by them of course, but also "by the

or at least "you should believe, that YOU are not well
adjusted," "undiplomatic," "not fitting in the society."

Criminal Minds have everything in reverse:


"Sovereignty" is "defined" by them, as "the right to be as Evil
and as oppressive to people as you can, within your sovereignty
or country."

That is correctly labeled as a medieval and indeed Evil

"SANE" is defined and ENFORCED BY THEM, which I did
explain above, as "being in agreement with NOT
seeing Criminal Minds" *(8)(9)(10)(11)

- in fact, all Insanity does stem from not
facing Criminal Minds, now or in the past,
so they have also that completely in
reverse - *(n)

"INSANE, CRAZY," is "when you are NOT in agreement
with 'being blind' and NOT in agreement with 'not
seeing Criminal Minds'," and

"SANE" - meaning, 'being in agreement with NOT SEEING
Criminal Minds' - "is 'being reliable,' or is
'maintaining stability'," is "friendship,"

as the Criminal Minds call it if it suits
them - in politics, or in any organization,

and, for instance, to keep the Evil of North
Korea "handy," for proliferation of Nuclear
weapons to terrorist countries, and so, for
extortion and blackmail as well,

"INSANE" - meaning, you or anyone pointing out the
very vital fact, that a sociopath solely wishes to
destroy, to oppress and to dominate life,

because of the very nature of his or her
character or soul,

and who thus has no place at all, in any government
position whatsoever,

let alone to be president or premier of Russia
or of China - or minister of foreign affairs
of either, meaning the sociopath Lavrov, or
the sociopath Yang Jiechi -

to mention that about them, "is being destructive,"
"is 'disruptive of good relations and trade',"

and so nobody mentions it, in order to comply
with the sociopaths, with the Criminal Minds.



One wonders - meaning, I would like you
to wonder - about such "polite" or about
such "diplomatic" people,

who claim so VERY LOUDLY, that
THEY are "maintaining 'good trade
relations' and 'mutual trust and
cooperation';" one then wonders,

when they let themselves be
blackmailed into silence

- if we reduce it to an
extremely simple example,
a baker, and being silent
about his crimes -

in order to buy some bread
from him, or in order to
sell flour to him,

what is then their "definition" of
Security, and of Defense...


Very "Secure," isn't it NOT mention the nature and
intentions of sociopaths, "in order to maintain good
(trade or other) relations" and "stability,"

very "secure,"

to NOT mention them by name, and to NOT demand, that
they stand down or are deposed

(which would include, of course, the OPEN
Venezuela's Chavez must stand down for his
being a sociopath,

he being so by the very nature of his
soul and intentions

and as shown by his hidden and also by
his open activities).



Indeed Henry Kissinger,

who destroyed or undermined several American
presidents, and American governments, as best as he

WOULD advise... to NOT mention the nature and intentions
of sociopaths - advising others not to, "so as to maintain
good relations" and "stability" and "viable commerce," and
"a balance of power,"

meaning, that (he himself being a Sociopath) also
HIS intentions and the nature of HIS soul must not
be mentioned,

also "in order to maintain good relations" and
"stability" and "a balance of power" with
Sociopaths *(b)

and just now, he, Kissinger, drove Sarah Palin to be
Insane to the extent that she can not see or sense
(the nature and intentions) anymore of his, of
Kissinger's utterly malicious and devious soul,
after meeting him in person, *(n)

not unlike Putin did to Bush, too,

inflicting blindness onto the people he meets,
blindness to seeing or to sensing the nature and
the intentions (which are the Energies of
Sociopaths, that these do inflict)

and such blindness is an incompatible
condition for any major politician to
be in, of course,

when a leader is inflicted with blindness
to Evil, and indeed

that is, how Sociopaths hide from decent people,
and how they hide their intentions, and the content
of their talks with your enemies - their talks with
other Sociopaths, that is.

(They do not have to hide from other
Sociopaths, because all Sociopaths
have more or less the same goal
towards decent people, and towards life.)



But if "souls do not exist," and "Life Energies do
not exist," then "perception = photons," and thus

"spiritual blindness, which is the inability to see
the soul and thus the nature and intentions of

that inability or crippling blindness, "can not be
inflicted," then, either,

according to any "logical" and "scientific"
and so blinded person,

and - indeed - according to "science" and to
"medical research."




All are complying with the Criminal Minds, who tell you

- the most uninhibited Criminals (Sociopaths) tell you

like from China or Myanmar or North Korea, also
from Iran and Venezuela and Cuba and Russia,

not to mention from Sudan -

they tell you, that

"it is indecent or impolite or hateful," yes, even "destructive,
or insane," and "destroying relations," to demand that they
stop being Evil - or even to mention their condition.


They also demanded so from Ban Ki-Moon - the Myanmar
sociopaths demanded it in writing, from a very willing
victim who would not open his mouth about those
who cause all Evil - from Ban Ki-Moon, our resident
Secretary General:

the Sociopaths told him to "be very nice and polite
to the worst Criminals on Earth," and "to do exactly
as they say,"

and "to never even hint at or ask or do anything,
that would show or would suggest their nature and
their Evil deeds," *(n)

when he, Ban Ki-Moon, finally got around to visiting the
people in the disaster area of Myanmar, after several
weeks, and *(n)


also the next time he was supposed to open his mouth but
did not,

that is, when he was HIDING, that he was being refused any
contact by Russia's Medvedev and Putin, for weeks,

when these tried to win their war against Georgia

(meaning their objective of totally annexing
Georgia, as was their long-time and carefully
prepared plan, that they even now - 20090407 - on
Russian state TV try to sell to the people of Russia
as a war of 'aggression' "NOT" BY PUTIN, but "by
Georgia"). *(n)(n)(n)

The motives of Ban Ki-Moon himself, do remain hidden also
by himself, and these motives of his are 'too Insane and
malicious, too destructive, to talk about,' *(n)

so I won't, now.



Thus anyone who DOES see Criminal Minds,

anyone including those law enforcement
people who DO see the soul, meaning the
nature and intentions of Criminal Minds,

"must be dominated into NOT seeing (NOT to
perceive, NOT to sense, NOT to investigate
and NOT to detect) Criminal Minds,"

"or else they must lose their job" (as a police
officer, for instance).




Seeing Criminal Minds or Sociopaths - for instance in
China - the biggest of them all being Mao Zedong, seeing
him, his nature and intentions and his vile and vicious
acts against China - is called "undermining the government
and the state" in such countries,

but NOBODY of all the very institutions, the Committees,
Think-Tanks and Councils and Institutes, and very High

that - telling from their resounding full names,
and the pay of their executive members - are
supposed to tell you this: Nobody of them however

DOES so tell you,

and I have once again to do their job.




Nowadays, they indeed made it so, that

- in universities, in education, in science, in medicine, in
journalism, in politics, in religion,

in most history text books even

- and in studying history, it is an extremely
annoying and debilitating omission, because it

in fact is PREVENTING any correct understanding
of history -

and indeed in economics and commerce -

OMITTING these facts, has become the standard way of creating
stupidity and of maintaining social and economic turmoil, and *(n)

of PREVENTING an understanding of wars, and promoting, that
these are "different ideologies" "that fight or oppose each
other," *(n)

thus Russia, China, Venezuela, etc., "must fight each other,"

maintaining turmoil and wars, by making it seem, that

"Criminal Minds DO NOT EXIST,"

so they must - and do indeed - fight also those countries that
do oppose Criminality, *(n)(n)

with their "public demonstrations 'against war'."

They can not even define Peace - let alone War, *(n)(n)
yet they "demonstrate 'Against War'..."

This you call 'Democratic' - while YOU refuse to
define 'Democracy'

EVEN THOUGH your soul does - you do - know that
definition perfectly well,

as the correct definition is part of your soul,
which Criminal Minds, however, do want to destroy
and managed also to destroy (your connection to your
soul and to the definition of Democracy).



There are no "different ideologies," no "different
systems of government" - government is government -

BUT there ARE different ways

- invented and promoted by Criminal Minds
with who can design the most clever and
most enduring lies -

Criminal Minds giving you systems and ideas
promoting and establishing ways, of

HOW TO HIDE the nature of Criminal Minds and of

how to put these in charge of normal people.


They make it so, that "Criminal Minds DO NOT EXIST."

Already in science, medicine, largely in journalism,
in commerce and economics, even in politics

"Criminal Minds DO NOT EXIST." *(n)

And there is even something much worse than
that, and that is

"The Criminal Mind Who Loves You Again:"

Truth is absolute, and a Criminal Mind
(a sociopath) can not be cured, so

it is a Criminal Mind PRETENDING "to
love you again,"

and it is a Criminal Mind who succeeded
in hypnotizing you (or others) to that

(including the mentioned
Criminal Minds who are "elected"
"leaders" of countries, of Russia,
of China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.).



That's THEIR, the Criminal Mind's "definition" of

"You do accept Criminal Minds above you, and
you stop recognizing them." {definition}


The Criminal Mind's "definition" of "abnormal"

- which you also know, and practice obediently
as well, by avoiding to be "abnormal" -

"abnormal" is:

NOT agreeing, that Criminal Minds are "above
you." {definition}

Revolting against being dominated by a Criminal
Mind, is "showing, that you are abnormal;"

your feeling revulsion of a Criminal Mind,
is - as defined above - "not normal," but
is "YOUR 'disease,' or YOUR 'abnormality',"

and medical "science" will provide you
with drugs, in order NOT to feel, that
someone is a Criminal Mind, and not to
feel what he or she radiates at you and
at your body

- the Ugliness or Hate or Euphoria
Energy Particles that these throw
at and into the body and soul of
anyone. {definition}




In that way, your joy of being alive, and that of others,
is being destroyed by Sociopaths, by Criminal Minds,

and they leave you then to lead your life (or to
lead the end of your life)

with an endless number of discomforts, disabilities
and diseases "for which the cause is not known,"
and "that have no real cure."

Which however is NOT the purpose of life, but

WHICH IS the purpose of Criminal Minds, and they thus
have to claim, that "Criminal Minds DO NOT EXIST," and
they get very violent, if you do not stop mentioning it,
they get you thrown out of all kind of places,

UNLESS you continue to maintain the truth about them, at
which point they know they can not stop you. *(n)[ZT]



The self-help gurus, and other Holinesses,
are telling you, in their lectures and books,
and in TV shows,

"how to adapt or adjust," how to "live in the
present" or "in harmony and happiness" with

They are coming up with ever-new
methods of "how you must adapt to the
lies of Criminal Minds,"


and in fact, they DO DENY the existence
of Criminal Minds, in all their "self-

...isn't it.




You don't consciously know this, except for the faithful reader,

but actually - because you experience this every day and night -
you 'know' it very well, and you do actually 'see' it in front
of your very eyes:

You do see everything that does oppose the First Law of
Economics (mentioned at the top),

you see those nasty individuals, who demand, that

"people are not allowed to, and can not desire and
enjoy, to do a job of value they can be proud of,"

so you do actually know it very well, but,


that is, you have not seen it - Economics - formulated and voiced in
a way so as to understand (and thus to handle) what is actually going

and instead, there is the endless diversion into 'treating
symptoms,' symptoms, and symptoms only,

which is what Criminal Minds have largely diverted
and perverted and degenerated the society into,

just look at all the charity and help and
medical programs, and political pressure,

AS OPPOSED TO understanding, and thus handling the CAUSE
of what is going on.





And that needs a very correct formulation and
communication of what IS going on,

as for example, and very applicably, in the
Definition of Peace, *(n)

which is what the Human Rights Issues are all about, and what
I am doing with these:


To bare your soul right in front of you,

with my poems,

with my song 'reviving you softly,' strumming
the cords of your soul,

not now with heavenly music, but with words.


To formulate and to voice to you what is right in front of

to make it visible and grasped, capable of being grasped
and well enough understood, that you can actually handle

which I did with all the things I defined for you,

and that are defined for the first time
correctly, defined by me

straight from your own soul, which I look at, and published in
the Human Rights Issues.






The First Law Of Economics, is:

People desire and enjoy to do a job of value they can be
proud of.

(Individual persons have the desire and enthusiasm or joy,
to undertake something that is of value now or in the
future, to their fellows of Mankind.)


You see then, that Criminal Minds have OPPOSED the simple and
natural law, that comes straight from your soul

- all that you read in the Human Rights Issues (see also
the upcoming issue of HRI 20080726) does in actual fact
come straight from your soul - which is

OPPOSED by Criminal Minds,

such as by your economics "guru" Adam Smith, *(3) a Criminal
Mind from Scotland,

who wrote around the year 1775, and repeatedly
thereafter - for which certain people paid him a lot
of money - to write the lie, that:

"People can not feel others" - which lie, that describes
the condition of himself, of the Criminal Mind, that lie,
he thought, would not get very wide acceptance, and
therefore he added,

"so there must be some mysterious idea of charity inside

and the next lie, which you are fiercely taught in
schools and in the society, BY CRIMINAL MINDS and by
their associates, from "economist" guru Adam Smith, is,

"Everyone thinks only of himself, and works only for his
own interests" - which is a very vicious and extremely
insulting lie

(that gave fertile ground to communism, and to other
dictatorships, later on, and now in China),

a lie from Adam Smith, that also would not get full or
easy acceptance, so he, the "economist" Adam Smith added,

"this automatically balances out into a free exchange
between people, as if there is an 'invisible hand'."



Interestingly, a would-be "philosopher" who wants
to "explain" and "sell" his own Criminal Mind as
"normal," as "how people are,"

like the Criminal Minds Freud, Einstein, and
the like, did too:

They enforce THEIR OWN Criminal Mind, as if
"THAT is, what people are and what The
Creation is," and here it is

Adam Smith, a would-be "philosopher" for the reason
mentioned, 'to explain and sell his own Criminal
Mind as "normal,"

like the Criminal Mind Socrates in ancient
Greece did, by "explaining," that 'Law is
(rules are) senior to people, even when that
Law (that rule) does not apply and is unjust
to the given case,'

which the faithful and long time
reader knows, that Socrates did
pretend to be "so ethical" in order
not to have to confess to his actual
and very destructive INTENTIONS,

that he had been hiding with enormous
mental force and cunning, as a Criminal
Mind only would, and does, like

"telling people what economics is," "explaining it,"
so as to make himself and other Criminal Minds
"seem normal," "seem like all people are;" and

Adam Smith maintained a friendship with the
Criminal Mind Benjamin Franklin, (*4) when this
individual (Franklin) resided for some time in

and the Criminal Mind Bill Gates presents his
"friend" Warren Buffet with a copy of the infamous
book by "economist" Adam Smith, 'The Wealth of


- the struggle of Adam Smith for having Criminal
Minds accepted as the "economic motors of
the society,"

including, of course, the Criminal Minds Bill
Gates and Warren Buffet.

('It costs a penny to make. Sell it for a
dollar. It's addictive. And there's fantastic
"brand loyalty".' - quoting Warren Buffet, on
why he likes the cigarette business - 1987)


Not to mention other Sociopaths who were or still are
revered as "economists" and as "philosophers,"

like the very highly successful and very widely
accepted Criminal Mind Herbert Spencer (1820-1903),

apparently still believed in MIT and UCSB, as late
as 1997 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and
the University of California, Santa Barbara) - so
according to Steven Pinker, with his book 'How the
Mind Works,' 1997 (which does not, not in any way
at all whatsoever tell you, very much the contrary,
but notwithstanding its malicious falsity, it is)

highly acclaimed by main American newspapers
and journals (NYT, AS, VV, WSJ - The New York Times,
The American Scientist, The Village Voice, The Wall
Street Journal) - according to Daniel C. Dennett,
with his book 'Consciousness Explained,' 1991 (which
as you can expect, does indeed not in any way at
all whatsoever explain it, Consciousness, to you,
but does very much the contrary)

the greatest Insanity and malice is given the highest
acclaim and total credence, as being 'best-sellers,' and
is praised by The New York Times 'literati' (it is praised
by professional critics of literature),

thus it might be refreshing to you, to hear something actually
true on the matter, for a change, and straight from your own



The First Law Of Economics, is:

People desire and enjoy to do a job of value they can be
proud of.


I repeat, that also here, we have the whole scale *(1) from the
top to the very bottom,

where that natural desire and joy gets more and more dominated
and oppressed by Criminal Minds,

it gets prevented, perverted and eventually destroyed, by
Criminal Minds

"to create stability" as they like you to be blinded
- excuse me - as they like you to see it blind kittens do see, purring when
they get milk,

and your "very indestructible" soul is not "evolving" at all,
as some gurus would justify the infliction of Evil, but IS being

by means of the false ideas, that these gurus create and are
forcing onto others, and thus inject into the society,

to become customs, rules and "laws" that COUNTER the
First Law of Economics, and

that oppose your soul, and thus,

that counter your and other people's joy of being

including the pristine joy and enthusiasm of your
very own children

for life, to contribute to life, also to your

as the First Law of Economics describes.



So it is good to keep knowing the First Law of Economics, as it
resides in your soul - or in your heart, as some say.

Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34

(a) The same applies regarding the Russian ambassador that these
sociopaths, Putin and Lavrov, want to have appointed to the
United States of America, now,

who - the Russian "ambassador" (now appointed) - is equally a
person who very obviously is a sociopath.

The same applies to the leading personnel of the Russian
state weapons export firm, Rosoboronexport.

But "it is 'NOT normal'," to mention these very vital


Of course, I can refuse an ambassador's credentials,

on the grounds that he, Sergei Kislyak, is a
sociopath, sent by his Russian superiors, the
sociopath Lavrov and the sociopath Putin,

and when I do not CURRENTLY have the

- through lack of a competent United Nations
Council which is applying the First
International Law (FIL) -

to remove Putin, or his Minister of Foreign
Affairs, Lavrov; that is, when I can not yet
remove them by using (FIL), nevertheless

I can refuse the credentials of the person
these sent to America as an "ambassador" for

Doing so, however, would require me to be sane, and
courageous, and actually educated in politics by
means of the Human Rights Issues.

(b) "In order to maintain good relations" and "stability" and "a
balance of power" with Sociopaths ...including with himself,
Henry Kissinger, the 'Rasputin of Kennebunkport' (of the Bush
residence in that town).


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(and further as applicable)


Copyright 2008-2011 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
specifically, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
of life and about themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific or artistic "agenda," but only to educate,
and to encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
PlatoWorld at

Just zis Guy, you know?

Sep 8, 2011, 2:57:25 PM9/8/11
On Thu, 08 Sep 2011 12:40:10 +0200, Koos Nolst Trenite
<> wrote:

>The First Law Of Economics, is:

That "laws" posited at tedious length via Usenet are generally worth
precisely what you pay for them. Yours being a case in point.

Guy Chapman,
The usenet price promise: all opinions are guaranteed
to be worth at least what you paid for them.
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