STRS Ohio Watchdogs

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Welcome to the STRS Ohio Watchdogs Google Group!

We created this Google group so that we can share information via email with the members of the STRS Ohio Watchdogs Facebook group. But this group is not limited to members of our Facebook group. Anyone who supports Ohio's retired and active teachers is welcome to join this group. 

As a member of our Google group, you will receive email messages from the group. In Google groups, email messages are called conversations. You can view all of our past group conversations at

There are two Facebook groups for members of STRS Ohio.  The Ohio STRS Member Only Forum is a private Facebook group for active and retired teachers who are members of STRS Ohio. The STRS Ohio Watchdogs Facebook group is a public Facebook group for everyone who supports Ohio's active and retired teachers.

The STRS Ohio Watchdogs website contains information about the management and investment practices of STRS Ohio as well as legislative news relevant to STRS Ohio. On our website you will find links to our online petitions. Please sign and share the petitions.

Invite your colleagues and friends to join this group. You can do so by sending them this link:

Thank you for joining this group and for supporting Ohio's teachers.

Cindy Murphy