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Timo Mulder

Jul 17, 2012, 3:28:02 PM7/17/12
Can someone remove me from this mailing list? :-)

T: @TimoMulder

Op 17 jul. 2012 om 21:17 heeft het volgende geschreven:


    Justin Redd <> Jul 16 10:29PM -0700  

    I did enjoy it. Thank you for sharing. It was a treat to read some of the
    posters and a pleasure to see some faces to go with the email addresses
    from this list.
    Patrick Verheij <> Jul 16 11:38AM -0700  

    How about option 5, which is "do nothing and see what happens?"
    that's actually the same as options 2, 3 and 4, but without the required actions. I like self-organization ;-)
    Dawna Jones <> Jul 16 12:35PM -0700  

    I like #4 too. There were many people who I'd love to remain in contact with but didn't get their contact info so would appreciate some way of staying in conversation. Thanks Jurgen!
    Dawna Jones <> Jul 16 12:36PM -0700  

    I like #4 because there were many who I didn't have a chance to get their contact info but would love to keep the conversation going. Thanks Jurgen!

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