Is Chinese Simplified (Mainland China) / Chinese Traditional/Taiwanese (Hong Kong/Taiwan) on there?

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Kerrick Jessick

Feb 26, 2015, 9:24:19 AM2/26/15
I just kinda would like the feature for the specific Chinese languages, and I figure it would be nice for the Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese users. I guess also add Cantonese to it (although it is sorta an old language), also. I will hint that Taiwanese tends to have towards medium to heavy detailed characters, than vs. the more century recent Hong Kong Chinese tends to have heavy detailed characters.

 An example of Taiwanese:

神奇寶貝 神奇寶貝 神奇寶貝          /      數碼寶貝 數碼寶貝 數碼寶貝

An example of Hong Kong Chinese:

寵物小精靈 寵物小精靈 寵物小精靈     /     數碼暴龍 數碼暴龍 數碼暴龍

Kerrick Jessick

Feb 26, 2015, 9:24:50 AM2/26/15
I should have mentioned that both variants of Chinese Traditional have MANY more characters of words. (For example, Chinese Simplified has about several thousand characters, vs. Traditional has about a million or more.) That's because of older or ancient similar characters of words.
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