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Koos Nolst Trenite

Mar 26, 2007, 9:13:54 AM3/26/07
True Love Loves - 'Sacks' In Any Religion, and Definition of 'Sacks'

21 May 2006
{HRI 20060521-V2.0.2-UAA}*

(Version 2.0.2
on 26 March 2007)

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'I slept, but my heart was awake
as I heard my lover knocking and calling:

"Open to me, my treasure, my darling,
my dove, my perfect one.

My head is drenched with dew,
my hair with the dampness of the night".' **

Canticle of Canticles
Book of Solomon 5:2



Men and women are souls, spiritual beings,

and all your feeling and your thinking and your looking and
your communicating, and

your emotions are entirely spiritual in nature

(and these are also called 'spiritual Energy').


By DENYING the continuous, spiritual (or spiritual Energy) exchange
between men and women, that takes place all the time, you are then
degrading men and women

as if they are like animals, or worse - which is a degradation
that any religion opposes. *(10)(11)(5)




There is, there exists, there is taking place, everywhere,

and entirely regardless of whether the body is dressed
and covered, or not - there is

a constant 'Sacks'ual Energy exchange between men and women
(and between boys and girls, and between girls and men, and
between boys and women).


And this continues to take place also (and even increases,
often considerably) when they do not see each other,

as you know very well to be the case:

Love or your liking for another, is not at all stopped by

Love or your liking for another, knows no distance, and
neither does 'Sacks'ual Energy.

And the same applies, of course, to someone who
Loves you, or who has a liking for you:

Spiritual Energy knows no distance, no walls, and so it is with
'Sacks'ual Energy too.


Again, whether you are taught, that "you are not a
spiritual being, that you are not a soul, and that 'your
feeling is done with your skin',"

does not make any difference at all as regards the fact of
your spiritual activity:

Truth is absolute.




It does not wait - and it does not ask whether someone is married -
and it does not ask for someone's age -

but it radiates, it emanates, it is a natural component of Love,

of Love for Life, of Love for people,

as long as someone's soul is alive, as long as your soul
is alive, you radiate and receive Love.


Now whether that ALSO results in an activity of physically
joining bodies, THAT is an entirely different matter,

and that primarily is guided by the amount of Truth, of
Love and Beauty that would be fulfilled by, is contained
in, and would result from such a union of bodies,

which you may also want to translate as:

guided and decided upon by you in relation to your
ability to defend yourself and each other, against
Lies, Hate and Ugliness,

which, the less these are present in you and the
other, as well as in your social environment,

the easier it is to maintain an 'absence of Lies,' and
'absence of Hate,' and 'absence of Ugliness,'

and thus it may also fulfill and enjoy Truth, Beauty and Love
with the union of each other bodily as well, *(1)

or currently on Earth, in more easily understood words:

referring also to the Ugliness, that stems from
HIDDEN Lies, so, that

you avoid the Ugliness, and

concerning as well, the Lies, that emanate from
HIDDEN Hate, so, that

you look through the Lies, and

recognizing the Hate, that PRETENDED Beauty does
inevitably radiate, so, that

you are not FALSELY attracted, nor SNARED by hidden



You defend yourself and others against Lies, against Hate, and
against Ugliness,

against those, who, with some success, try to destroy the
society, and who are doing so,

like true Savonarolas, *(5) or in modern times like
true Osamas, *(5) who are destroying the joy that is
life, destroying life

"in the name of religion" - and AS ALWAYS

(else they could not get any normal person to
cooperate, you see - your support is only
demanded by them)

under the PRETENSE of their "protecting the society
or the tribe, the group, the family," "protecting you"
from the individuals they THEMSELVES are,


from those, who ENJOY to block and ruin and to dominate your

who in any way they see possible, will try to PREVENT you
from expressing your Love for others, and

who in all the ways they can think of, will try to PREVENT
you and others from expressing - yes, even from FEELING -

the Love that you have

- NOT for them, of course -

but, that you have, and might also feel at
times, if not constantly,

for the very large majority of people:



If you are somewhat normal, then you are probably
in Love, more or less continuously, with at least
half of the people around you,

and then again, with half of those, with a quarter
of the people

- which are of the opposite 'sacks', and

whose feelings are not blocked and not
prevented, not shrouded in Pain, nor in
the Lies of Ugliness, but

when they and you are somewhat normal and
healthy, and

with a 'sacks'ually developed body -

you are, more or less constantly, radiating and
receiving a stream of Loving - which includes also
'Sacks'ual - Energy, occurring between each other,

fluctuating as one spiritually becomes less
or, on the other hand, more intensely alive.


Indeed, 'Sacks' is an entirely spiritual matter, because
FEELINGS are spiritual.



So, any "religious," or "social," or "scientific"
person's demand, to block or prevent the normal,
Loving and 'Sacks'ual FEELINGS between all people,

is destroying the spiritual nature and the life of

which means, that any person who originates
such blocking, and who gets it enforced in the
society, is a Criminal Mind.




Again: When you DENY the continuous, 'Sacks'ual, spiritual Energy
exchange, that is alive between men and women all the time by the
simple fact THAT they are alive

- which exists and which is a natural and vital part of
anyone's life -

when you DENY that, then you degrade men and women into being


You would not believe it, but some famous, and currently
well-respected religious "leaders" went so far, as to
describe precisely HOW one should have 'Sacks' with
domestic animals, but at the same time, they are

FORBIDDING 'Sacks' with those one loves, yes, they are
even forbidding altogether, any touch between men and
women or boys and girls.

It is not difficult, to imagine the spiritual
condition of their country, as one can read almost
daily in current newspapers:


Criminal Minds have everything in reverse - did I ever
tell you that?




Thus any BAN or PROHIBITION on contact between men and women,

does oppose, does deny and does destroy the active, existing, real
and true spiritual nature of Man (Man meaning mankind, here)


and of course, that destroys ANY religion

- and has indeed destroyed or severely damaged any religion
at times in the past,

and has been A MEANS of destroying religions and societies in
the past:

It is a means of regulating and controlling the Energy,
the Aliveness of people, and

a means of DICTATING to you, whom "you must Love and give
your Energy to," and of

OTHERS dictating to you, whom "you must NOT give your Love
and support to,"

INSTEAD of - naturally - letting yourself feel and decide whom
YOU love and want to support, and be loved by and supported by,


which IS the basic quality of Love itself.


But by Criminal Minds 'giving you permission' "whether you may
(feel and give your) love (at all)," and

dominating you "as to whom you may give your love," and "to whom
not," and by prescribing "when your love for others must start
and when it must stop,"


they - Criminal Minds, including many religious "leaders" -
(they) even destroy the Energy itself, that is Love,

because Love is a very pure Energy

which carries the tremendous Joy,

that an infusion of 'Sacks'ual Energy

- created and flowing between man and woman -

will allow the expression of:

to the great benefit of and increasing the Aliveness of
all around

- of the whole society in fact, as is not difficult
to imagine: Yes, even a child can imagine it.





To regard and define "'Sacks'" as (and in terms of) 'PHYSICAL (bodily)
contact between people'

- as has been done at various times in history, by various
Criminally Minded "religious leaders," and by "modern
scientists" as well,

and which was of course not voiced as being such, but
which was done entirely

with the purpose to DESTROY the religion they were part of,
or the science of which they wanted, that people are being
"researched" as animals, as if people "ARE like animals,"

to make people regard and define "'Sacks'," as being
a type of 'physical (meaning bodily) contact between

is degrading people - into regarding people and treating people as if
these "are animals," or worse, seen so, "scientifically," and seen
so, in "religion" as well.



And indeed - in order to agree and comply with such doctrines about
"'Sacks'" - THEN many start to behave like animals, and indeed THEN
many start to treat the opposite 'Sacks', as if these "are animals."

But that is exactly what you try to prevent.

And such a "definition" and resulting practice of "'Sacks',"
is indeed wholly opposed to the purpose and activity of ANY

and in my and your (sane) definition of science, it is also
wholly opposed to any rationality.





Now we have cleared the main subject, and then we can again look at
the details that life provides, also regarding existing 'Sacks'ual

As in any activity, so also in 'Sacks'ual activities, Religion
may have - and in my opinion should have - legitimate objections
directed against Hatred, against Ugliness and against Lies *(1)

which are injected by Criminal Minds *(2) indeed into ANY
activity of Life, and

injected of course also into 'Sacks'ual activities and into
'Sacks'ual feelings and into the creation and the exchange of
such feelings. *(a)

Criminal Minds can get very Ugly, extremely Hateful, and
utterly Deceptive, also in their 'Sacks'ual "activities,"

often by forcing others to create Ugly or Hateful
'Sacks'ual Energies too, and they force others to
also create Deceptions. *(4)





Some people have tried to "remedy" evil

- for example the acts of greed and theft by Criminal Minds -

BY NOT HAVING THINGS "that could be the object of evil from anyone"

- for instance, 'to not have things or not to create Energies,'
that Criminal Minds would desire to steal or to misuse or to


This was proclaimed in Communism: to abolish ownership, in
order "to remedy Crime and Criminals," and to remedy corruption
and greed

- while in fact, Communism was designed to ENABLE Criminal

enabling them to take all your possessions away and to prevent
your responsibility for life and for people, and to dominate

an activity which is of course denying and opposing the
very nature of life itself.


This and other types of denial of life, were proclaimed also
in various religious movements at times, pretending it was
"logical," yes, even "mandatory,"

to reduce life and the joy of life - the whole purpose of
life IS to enjoy it with others - to reduce it to its
bare minimum,

"in order to diminish or banish deception or immorality"

- while in fact, this forbidding Beauty and Aliveness

(as an example, forbidding the Beauty of luxury, or
forbidding the Aliveness and Beauty and expression of
Love for life and for others, as in dancing, forbidding
the very joy of life itself)

was intended and used BY CRIMINAL MINDS

(by individuals known to you, named in your history books -

in the German town of Bamberg alone already, they publicly
burned alive, some nine hundred loving, caring people,
in the course of time, and in France's Elsace region, they
counted five thousand people *(13))

sentenced for the "CRIME" of being in love with life and
people, and to be publicly tortured to death by burning,
"in order to make them - their soul- 'sane again',"

you may not believe that, but Criminal Minds do have
everything in reverse)

as a means of destroying the religion they belonged to, and
through it, to destroy their society.


Agreeing with such "remedies," however, is doing exactly what Criminal
Minds want of you: *(9)

They try to get you in some way or other to destroy life - in
any way that they can trick or force you to.



Thus also, to "wait with so-called (meaning bodily) 'Sacks'" till you
are married

- while the natural truth is, that men and women, boys and
girls, do have 'Sacks'ual feelings continuously for each

and these feelings are not waiting at all, and these are
felt continuously by the opposite 'Sacks' too,

thus you feel and create these things towards many, and
many feel and create these feelings (these 'Sacks'ual
Energies) towards you,


- yes, some are even so bold and daring as to
state (and in spite of all the "evidence"
given to them by Criminal Minds, they do
nevertheless maintain, what they feel and
observe) that

PEOPLE, and quite a lot at that -

which automatically generates 'Sacks'ual spiritual
Energy or 'Sacks'ual FEELINGS, as well, so

you are NOT AT ALL in actual fact "waiting with 'Sacks' till
you are married,"

nor are you, in actual fact, "waiting with 'Sacks' till you
have found 'the very true one,' and CERTAINLY not waiting
still, then, till after the wedding" -


thus such "waiting with so-called - meaning bodily - 'Sacks',"

must be an idiotic lie which has no basis in factual life,


UNLESS you define "'Sacks'" as the 'physical joining of bodies,'

suggesting and implying and enforcing in many aspects the
atrocious lie, that "you are a physical object," "a body,"

that "ONLY WHAT YOUR BODY DOES, is done by you;" thus

that "you are not of a spiritual nature," which is an idiotic
lie, and which leads to


defining the FEELINGS - the spiritual Energy - as "not 'Sacks'," but

defining the physical touching (which may even be without feeling,
and in many cases is indeed without or with very little feeling,
defining the physical touching) as "being the so-called 'Sacks'."



When you (being a girl or woman, or a boy or man, respectively,
and of normal, healthy 'Sacks'ual disposition *(4)) when you
think of Beautiful, Loving men or women, you NATURALLY create
and flow 'Sacks'ual Energy towards them!

And vice-versa, this occurs, from them, to you as well.


To DENY that, is to DENY your own spiritual nature, and is to
DENY the spiritual nature of others,

and is DENYING the spiritual nature of your own body and
the spiritual nature of someone else's body. *(3)

Any social behavior INCLUDES, that you observe and respect and
react as you do feel yourself towards others, towards THEIR







'Sacks'ual activity is - I may have restored to your feeling, the fact
that 'Sacks' - is entirely a spiritual matter, and without it

- if you still would call it "'Sacks'," when it is, in
fact, not more of an activity, than moving your legs
would be -

"'Sacks'" is then a mechanical activity which has nothing to do
with the nature of people:

Not with your nature, and also not with the nature of
someone you love of the opposite 'Sacks.' *(4)

Then "'Sacks'" is - at best - a degrading, soul-less activity.




Such a degrading, soul-less view of life, is opposed to ANY religion,
and thus,

if the existence and creation of 'Sacks' as an entirely
spiritual activity,

which takes place continuously (also without physical or
bodily contact)

IS DENIED in any religion, then it is destroying itself, and is
destroying any other religions as well. *(5)


The purpose of religion is, however, not to diminish, degrade and
destroy, but to MAINTAIN and enhance and protect your spiritual


Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34


*(a) Textnote (a) has become a Human Rights Issue in itself:

''Islamic Men Forced To Wear Veil, In Order Not To Arouse Women''
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Issue Notes:

* UAA = issue for Under-Age Americans, for Chinese and for Muslims
to avoid some socially enforced inabilities in their
feeling and discussing life.

** NLT (New Living Translation) of the text of the biblical
Song of Solomon, which is called

the Canticle of Canticles, Canticum Canticorum,
das Hohe Lied, het Hooglied, Cantique des Cantiques,



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and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
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