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Krystian Kisiel

Sep 20, 2020, 3:07:07 PM9/20/20
to Showdown Players Forum
Hello everyone,

Since we're getting to the end of September soon, I thought it would be a good thing to write down a few ideas the Polish national team and myself have come up with. I've split them in multiple posts for logic's sake, so sorry but you'll be reading this intro several times Emotikon tongue

We think there are a few things that need to be addressed with team competitions.

The referies' manual for team competitions should be clarified. Right now most rules are well known by most people, but they should be clear and precise.

As things stay now, the warm-up isn't really sufficient for a team. We think it needs to be 90 seconds, with the refery whistling every 30 seconds so players are aware of when they can switch places so everyone gets a chance to warm-up.

We think that it might be good to:
A: Allow more than one player change in a team between two matches. As things are now, in a team of 5 we can only change one player before the next match. We believe it would be better to let teams change whatever they want as long as the players are on the list of that team.
B: Maybe allow more players per team to go with the previous point, we think 6 is a good number maybe?

That's all for teams, see you in the next post!

Matthieu Juglar

Sep 20, 2020, 4:28:09 PM9/20/20

Dear Krystian, dear all,


Thanks for your most interesting post.

It is also my opinion that the draft of the rules we will produce should be a form of codification of the current practice in force in many tournaments, in order to clarify the games and the competitions.

Please find attached hereto a rough draft I had produced back in 2009 and which I updated (if my memory serves me correctly) back in 2013. It should be updated, but it could be a significant beginning to our work.


Kind regards,




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Showdown rules project.docx

Sep 24, 2020, 12:37:17 AM9/24/20
to Showdown Players Forum
Hi all, Thade again,

intressting points made, Krystian!
To 1: Nothing to say about that. A good rule book is always benefitial.
To 2: Totally agree with that. I don't really like the randomness of warm-ups for team matches we have for now. Keeping time yourself doesn't work to well in a turnament setting and every player in every team should have an equally good chance to prepare for the match at hand.
To 3a: I kind of like the strategic implications you have with the system we have now. Only being able to switch one player at a time makes choosing who should play when against whome all the more challenging to decide. However what I found to be true is that most choices in this regard happened due to the parallel single player turnament schedule instead. In that case it was kind of annoying having to switch your team layout and not being able to switch it back as needed. Tldr: If we ever had team-only turnaments I'd like to have this rule still in place. It is fun and intressting to me. Until then I'd be fine changing it to two players a match.
To 3b: You'd definitely have to open up the pool of invited players for that though. Not every country lives in the luxury of having six top-twenty players :P So for example on WC and EC you should always be able to send six players for team play regardless to the actual single player qualifications.

Just my 2 cents about this. Have a safe time!

Benjamin Neue

Oct 4, 2020, 8:30:39 AM10/4/20
to Showdown Players Forum
Hi Krystian, hi all,

I agree with you. Competition rules should say:
A. A team can pick three players out of a starting teamlist consisting of five or six players before every match. The Team-line-up the match before doesn't matter.
B. warm-up with 90 seconds. The referee whistle all 30 seconds. The team decide how to work with that. Changing players during warm-up or not.
C. changing side should be 90 seconds to get the possibility to talk with your team.

A. You can change more often. Good players maybe can rest. Second line players get the possibility to play.
also A. The order of games is different for all Teams. The rules "changing only one player to the next match" could be create a disadvantage for a team because of the match-order.
B. The teams get more the possibility to think about change players in the warm up. in 60 seconds it's not really effective.

I would add, that a team with 5 or 6 players must consist with a minimum of 2 male and 2 female players.

Best regards
Benjamin Samoray
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