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The "ghost-rocket" captured on video - is it a modern substitute for prophetic "comets" from medieval times?

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Nov 15, 2010, 8:27:07 PM11/15/10
In order to stimulate and intensify our thoughts, searches for
knowledge, constructive discussion, and diversity of opinions, God
follows the principle, that "if someone amongst people believes in
something so strong, that undertakes actions based on this belief,
then always God supplies this person with evidence, that his or her
beliefs are true". (This principle applied by God is discussed on a
number of totaliztic web pages, for example in item #F1 of the web
page rok_uk.htm, and also in subsection A16, "Fig. A2", and "Fig. A3"
from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5].) Of course, people are
making errors (or more strictly – people are purposely created by God
as highly imperfect), and therefore they believe in a range of things
which actually have NO representations in the permanently existing
physical world. For example, there are people who strongly believe in:
"demons", "poltergeists", "vampires", "werewolves", "griffins",
"fairies", "UFO", "UFOnauts", "Yeti", "Jessie", "existence of
dinosaurs and their bones", etc., etc. So if someone strongly believes
in something, that still does NOT exist in the objective reality that
surrounds us, then God simply "simulates" for him "evidence" about the
existence of this something. (These God's simulations are simply
objects or creatures permanently non-existing in a given place or
time, which God creates temporally only to confront with them a
selected person or a chosen group of people.) In fact, it turns out,
that practically almost everything that present people describe with
the word "unexplained", and also everything the age of which exceeds
beyond the date of the creation of the Earth and man around 6000 years
ago (for evidence - see subsection A10.1 from volume 1 of monograph
[1/5]), belongs just to this category of "simulations" created
temporally by God. Of course, with the existence of such temporally
"simulations" immediately emerges the question "how to distinguish
these from something that exists permanently"? The reply to this
question provides still another principle followed by God, which
states that "truth always must be earned laboriously, while untruth
always emerges by itself" - see subsection A16 from volume 1 of
monograph [1/5]. Thus, according to this principle, the truth is only
whatever someone accomplished in the result of significant effort and
long-term searches or analyses. In turn, if something was accomplished
easily, for sure it is going to be untruth.

Depending on the need, to these temporally "simulations" God gives the
form of (1) various objects which already exists (such as people,
comets, ships, cars, objects that the humanity supposed to get to know
better, etc.), or the form of (2) various objects which still do NOT
exist, but soon supposed to appear (e.g. devices or vehicles which
people are yet to develop in the future). In both these cases such
God's "simulations" are extremely perfect - as this is explained in
subsection P2.16 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5]. After
all, God has thousands of years of experience in the "simulation" of
various objects and creatures. For example, already ancient Greeks saw
stone and metal colossuses, and entire phantom cities. In middle ages
the sea was filled up with "ghost-ships" - such as the famous "Flying
Dutchman". In turn, to explain the "phantom cities", there were even
developed pseudo-scientific explanations of the type of phenomenon
known as "fatamorgana". On the Polish coasts of the Baltic Sea, until
present times selected people can hear sounds of buzzing from one such
"phantom cities", namely from the punished by God for its immorality,
the so-called "Vineta" described also in item #H2 of the web page
"tapanui.htm". The level of perfection of these God's "simulations" is
so high, that for example, if we build machines or vehicles
"simulated" by God, then they would work exactly as it is demonstrated
during these "simulations". Therefore God's "simulations" of machines,
especially flying vehicles, should interest us the most. After all,
they are always shown to us for the vital reason and with an important
goal in mind.

The first relatively well documented kind of such perfectly
"simulated" flying vehicles were "airships" massively simulated by God
at the end of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century. They
supposed to inspire people to build flying machines. Especially lot of
them was sighted in New Zealand. The literature from that times writes
even about "raids of airships on New Zealand".

Another kind of flying vehicles massively simulated by God, were so
called "ghost-rockets". Their "simulations" took place soon after the
Second World War, mainly in Scandinavia, and mainly in 1946. God
"simulated" these rockets to induce the interest of people in the
development of rockets and rocket propulsion systems. The present
level of cosmic technologies on the Earth, and also the present
existence of satellites, space stations, and cheap telecommunication,
the humanity owns just to these manifestations of "ghost-rockets" just
after the war. Currently quite a rich literature exists on their
subject. In internet one can read about them if in a search machine
(e.g. in Google) types the key words "ghost rockets". Images in the
same search engine allow also to view old photographs of those "ghost-
rockets". Those "ghost-rockets" displayed a whole range of
extraordinary attributes. For example, in spite that they had
appearance of cylindrical rockets and that they formed trails of fumes
and vapours behind them, they ascended into the space in a complete
silence. Typically they could NOT be captured on radars - although
sometimes they intentionally show themselves to radar crews. Also no-
one was able to determine where they are launched, and who shoots
them. Furthermore, after people started vigorous programmes of
building rockets and the development of rocket propulsion systems,
these "ghost-rockets" ceased to appear. After all, they fulfilled the
goal for which God "simulated" them, so there was no reason for God to
continue their "simulations".

The flying vehicles the massive "simulations" of which God initiated
most recently, are so-called "UFOs". UFO vehicles appeared after the
"simulations" of "ghost-rockets" ceased completely. Continuous
"simulations" of UFO vehicles most probably is aimed at inspiring the
humanity to undertake the official building of "Magnocrafts" and
"Oscillatory Chambers" of my invention. Unfortunately, in the meantime
the humanity become so complacent, so sticking to old technologies,
and so submerged into the highly immoral and destructive "philosophy
of parasitism", that the building of these extremely vital devices no-
one wants to initiate officially. It appears, that in order to change
the philosophy of people and to initiate the completion of these vital
devices, God firstly will be forced to depopulate the Earth - as this
is described by an old Polish prophecy about "kissing the ground when
one sees footprints of another human", discussed in part #H of the web
page named "prophecies.htm".

Every "simulation" by God of any out of these flying vehicles, or
other devices, always had (and still has) a strict goal, meaning, and
consequences. As it turns out from my analyses, the "simulation" of
devices which physically do NOT exist yet, always is a foretell (and
also an inspiration and encouragement) about a not-too-distant
appearance of it on the Earth. In turn the "simulation" of objects
which already do exist, typically is an "omen" that warns witnesses
about something, e.g. about something that is to appear soon and
affect them, about consequences of their behaviour or destination,
etc. For example, in past such "simulations" of phantom objects which
were already known to people, e.g. comets, ghost-ships, phantom
cities, etc., always was a warning about something approaching that
was NOT pleasant, e.g. about a plague, war, catastrophe, loosing way,
sinking, flooding, etc. One interesting incident with a "phantom car"
was told to me by a female colleague from work in the New Zealand city
of Invercargill. She experienced it in person, thus her story was from
the so-called "first hand". Namely, around 1980 she was returning from
work to home, when on a small "round-about" (in an empty area) near
her home, she saw a strangely behaving car that looked familiar to
her. It was driving in circles around the round-about. So she stopped
her car next to the round-about, being afraid that this circulating
car is driven by a drunker who may cause an accident. When that other
car was passing by her, she noted that it is driven by her friend from
Auckland (distant by over 2000 km from Invercargill). The friend gave
her a long and meaningful look, then he silently drove into one of
streets that run out from that round-about. My colleague drove
straight to her home, expecting that since her friend come to
Invercargill from Auckland, then when he finishes his engagements he
will ring her. Then she really received a call, but from Auckland.
Someone informed her, that the friend whom she saw just shortly
earlier, had just a fatal car accident in Auckland, in which he died.

Thus shockingly, when on 10th November 2010 I saw filmed such a
renewed simulation of a "ghost-rocket", I was sure that also it has
its goal, meaning, and consequences. Because God does everything for
vital reasons, it is absolutely sure that this return to the
"simulation" of "ghost-rockets" has something extremely vital to
signal to us. After all, this rockets direct a special interest of
people into rockets and rocket propulsion systems. So similarly like
in medieval times the appearance of a "comet" on the sky meant the
arrival of something especially vital (usually unpleasant for people),
also I am ready to bet, that this reappearance of a "ghost-rocket" has
something to communicate to us. This something most surely will be
connected with the use of rockets, or with the development of new
kinds of rocket propulsion systems.

About this newest repetition of the "simulation" of a "ghost-rocket" I
learned from news which the New Zealand television broadcasted on all
channels in evening on Wednesday, 10th November 2010. These evening
news from all channels played a short video of that "ghost-rocket"
which was shooting upwards above Pacific near western coasts of the
USA, some 56 kilometres to west from Los Angeles (means from the "City
of Angels" - I suspect that the name of that city also has some
significance). This "ghost-rocket" also was silent, spectacular, huge,
it left a giant trail of fumes and vapour when it climbed upward, and
it was watched and filmed by many Americans. It was also so giant like
rockets that lift huge loads into the space. But the Ministry of
Defence of the USA initially stated, that probably it was just an
"optical illusion". (Because it was NOT visible on radars?) It also
claimed that for sure none of American military units launched it.

On the next day after the appearance in television, the same "ghost-
rocket" was described also in newspaper articles illustrated with
photographs. Examples of such articles include the one entitled "Video
of 'missile' has Pentagon puzzled", from page B1 of New Zealand
newspaper named "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, November
11, 2010; or other entitled "Pentagon puzzles over mystery missile
shot", from page A15 of newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue
dated on Thursday, November 11, 2010. In internet, on web pages of
CBS, I found also a copy of the video of that spectacular rocket -
i.e. the same video which was shown in evening news on the New Zealand
television. On 11th November 2010 I watched this video at internet
addresses "
" and ";photovideo
". Only that probably to make viewers to read also articles which CBS
placed together with this video, the video of that giant rocket was
mixed in there with inserts from other news, and in addition it kept
stopping every now and again, thus forcing me to "push" it forward -
by repetitive clicking on buttons that run it. (If any reader knows
where this video is available without such "additions" and "stoppages"
- then I would be grateful for letting me know.)

The fact, that this filmed rocket was actually the "ghost-rocket"
simulated by God, not just a physical rocket, is also confirmed by the
official negation of its existence by authorities. Already two days
after that incident, the Ministry of Defence of the USA officially
stated, that filmed was a jet, not a rocket. The official statement in
just such a tone was described in the article "Mystery sky trail from
jet, not missile, says Pentagon", from page B5 of New Zealand
newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Friday, November 12,
2010. An additional confirmation of the phantom nature of that rocket,
was a fast removal of the original video from internet addresses that
I indicated above. But addresses at which this video was shown were
left undeleted. Fortunately, in the meantime copies of that video were
published also on several other pages of mass media. Their list can be
obtained when e.g. in the Google "Images" one types e.g. key words
"CBS rocket video" - which reveal web pages with photographs of that
characteristic rocket trail along the background of orange sky. Thus,
e.g. on 14th November 2010, a copy of that video I still was able to
view on the web pages of television stations such as
"", "", and several other.
Unfortunately, because their videos were just "copies from copies",
not originals, the received picture was NOT as clear as on the CBS web
pages. In this manner, the evidence about a modern "ghost-rocket"
experienced the identical fate as previously thousands of already
existing evidence on UFOs. As we can see, our civilisation again has
proven, that it completely does NOT understand, and does NOT want to
understand, the actions of a superior intelligence that is NOT
prepared to ask our scientists, politician, or authorities, for
permission to carry out its activities on the Earth - as this is
explained more comprehensively in item #B1 from the totaliztic web
page named "ufo_proof.htm".

In the result of many years of research I learned methods of God's
actions sufficiently well to know, that if God "simulates" something
so spectacularly, and then makes sure that the entire world learns
about this simulation, then the given matter is NOT going to finish
just on that one "simulation". After all, many even much less
spectacular matters, such as the matter of "immoral destruction of
fruits by monopoles for lifting the princes up" - described e.g. in
item #D5 of the web page named "fruit.htm", or the matter of "forcing
the moral renewal through earthquakes and tsunamis" described e.g. in
item #F4 of the web page named "day26.htm", always with the elapse of
time had serious consequences. Therefore, I personally believe, that
after some time, probably not too-far into the future, we will hear
something quite surprisingly new on the subject of rockets. So in
order to NOT miss so vital matter, this post is also summarised in
subsection OD2 from volume 13 of my newest monograph marked [1/5], as
well as in item #F2 from the totaliztic web page named "will.htm".

* * *

This post summarises the essence of item #F2 from the totaliztic web
page named "will.htm" (updated on 15 November 2010, or later). Thus,
reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that
web page "will.htm" than from this post, as on the web page are
working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional
explanations, it is printed in colour, it is supported with
illustrations, the content of it is updated regularly, etc. The latest
update of the web page "will.htm" can be viewed, amongst others, at
addresses: (this last address has a very
low "monthly bandwidth" and thus it is active only at beginnings of
each month until its "monthly bandwidth" is exhausted).
Notice that every above web site contains all totaliztic web pages,
including pages "text_1_5.htm" with free copies of monograph [1/5].
However, volumes 1 and 13 of monograph [1/5] I would recommend to
download from the address where
this monograph is updated the most frequently.

Each topic which I am subjecting to a public discussion, including
this one, is placed on all blogs of totalizm still in existence after
the discussion is concluded (so that interested readers can find it
fast in there). At the moment two blogs of totalizm still remain
operational, which can be viewed at following internet addresses:
It is also worth to have look in there at related posts, e.g. at posts
number #E185, #E186, or #E187 which also concern methods of God's
actions and signs given to us by God.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

P.S. I should add here, that my previous post was also discussing the
evidence captured on an old film (distributed as a video), only that
it concerned the use of hand-phone as long ago as in 1928. The
discussion of that previous video (or old film) is available at the
In turn the video of a "ghost-rocket" from this post is also discussed
in the Polish language at the address

Freedom Man

Nov 16, 2010, 2:22:10 PM11/16/10
See what RELIGION does to peoples' minds?

Adults no longer believe in the Tooth Fairy - but they still torture and
kill each other over ancient myths and superstitions.

"We all remember how many religious wars were fought for a religion of love
and gentleness; how many bodies were burned alive with the genuinely kind
intention of saving souls from the eternal fire of hell." --- Karl Popper

"When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many
people suffer from a delusion, it is called Religion."
--- Robert M. Pirsig

Either God wants to abolish evil and cannot, or he can but does not want to.
If he wants to but cannot he is impotent. If he can but does not want to, he
is wicked. If he neither can nor wants to, then he is both powerless and
--- Epicurus, Greek philosopher, circa 300 B.C.

"With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and
evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that
takes religion."
--- Steven Weinberg, quoted in The New York Times, April 20, 1999

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false,
and by rulers as useful."
--- Seneca the Younger (4? BC - 65 AD)

"Religion once ruled the world. It was called the Dark Ages." --- Ruth

"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings." ---
Victor Stenger.

"I don't believe in God because I don't believe in Mother Goose." ---
Clarence Darrow

"As my ancestors are free from slavery, I am free from the slavery of
religion." --- Butterfly McQueen

"Faith is believing what you know ain't so." --- Mark Twain

"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in
all fiction." --- Richard Dawkins

"Cult today, religion tomorrow."

The Freedom From Religion Foundation:
The Secular Coalition for America:
Secular Student Alliance:


Nov 16, 2010, 3:05:55 PM11/16/10
.... ahahaha... the short sense of your long story is that
|||||||||||| Nobody is born religious.
|||||||||||| Religion is an acquired disease.
|||||||||||| Religion is a tool used by the few to fuck the many.
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