The Rights of Criminal Minds - {HRI 20040108-V2.1}

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Jul 12, 2009, 11:19:50 PM7/12/09
The Rights Of Criminal Minds

8 January 2004
{HRI 20040108-V2.1}

(Version 2.1
on 13 Jul 2009)

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Criminal Minds have the right to be looked at. *(1)(2)(3)(4)

Criminal Minds have the right to be exposed. *(5)(6)(7)(8)


These are kind (nice, friendly, caring) things to do to
a Criminal Mind.

THAT is respecting them.

On the other hand, to NOT look at someone who is a
Criminal Mind and to NOT expose him or her, is a
very mean thing to do to a Criminal Mind.

Apart from all the other things they do, they ARE
that mean however - and intentionally that mean -
to each other (and to themselves too);

And, having their conscience IN REVERSE, they
do consider that a "good thing:"

To keep Criminal Minds undetected, and falsely
admired, yes, even worshiped. *(17)

They also deliberately let others be more evil,

which they enjoy to see happening,

to thereby let others degrade themselves even
further by means of whatever evil others do,

and that gives them their desired, but fictitious
feeling of 'being superior' to that.


And it is never the truth that counts, but it

WHAT FEELING does it (assist) in generating,

and the data are chosen and fabricated
by them, to make up that "truth,"

that assists the creation and experience
of the feeling desired.


Many of them will use drugs

(or "prescription medicines,"
these are called, in current
show-business journalism)

which makes it easier for them, to
alter reality and

to pretend, that the alteration,
the fiction, is "the truth."

In this context, you can then understand
that "they are the good guy," and that
"you are the evil guy" "who must be
falsely accused and exterminated or in
other ways must be incapacitated"

- in order to satisfy the altered
reality, and the false feelings,

that the Criminal Mind desires
to experience "as true."



No area is excluded from extending ACTUAL respect for Criminal
Minds, which is,

seeing a Criminal Mind when there is one:

In politics - from local to global, in parliaments, in
General Assemblies, in institutes, in presidents and in
Secretaries General,

seeing a Criminal Mind when there is one;

in religion - from popes to gurus, from vicars to shamans,

seeing a Criminal Mind when there is one;

in science - in physics, in economics, in medicine, in
research and in journalism, in Nobel Prize winners,

seeing a Criminal Mind when there is one;

in the arts - from musicians to painters to movie makers,
from Baudelaire to Van Gogh,

seeing a Criminal Mind when there is one;

in education and family - in teachers, in pupils, in
parents, in children, in brothers and in sisters, in
doctors, in employers and in colleagues,

seeing a Criminal Mind when there is one;



You RESPECT people by looking, looking, looking, and you do not
let yourself be prevented from thus ACTUALLY respecting others,

it is the only respect there is, to look at the soul and the
intentions of others, and you get all social ills, even bodily
ills, when true respect is prevented: *(n)(n)

prevented by "not having someone's permission to look at
him," or prevented

by "not having someone's or the group's permission to look
at someone else:"

For instance, to look at the opposite gender, or at
people belonging to "another" religion or to a
"different" (a high or a low) social strata, etc.,

and to look at certain activities those "others" may
be engaged in,

and to simply look at the soul and the intentions,
of people "one is not supposed to look at."

They had a whole culture of that, in China,
like getting your head cut off, if you dared
to look at the emperor. And they had other
rituals, in all their social life, which all

THE REVERSAL of actual respect.

You RESPECT people by looking, looking, looking, and you do not
let yourself be prevented from thus ACTUALLY respecting others.



Criminal Minds see that very differently, and THEY want to
enforce indeed the very opposite, as "normal,"

which then also leads to a very Criminal society with endless
sickness and turmoil and unhappiness, WHICH Criminal Minds WANT,
whether you believe it or not, they WANT turmoil and stupidity
and blindness,

so that THEY are "seen" as "the good ones," and are left
or put in charge, "to care for people and the nation,"

"to put the power back into the hands of the people"
by which they mean, not at all 'the hands of the
people nor for the people,' but in their own hands,
FOR "the people,"

but in certain primitive countries they still
fall for that trick, and they WANT turmoil and
stupidity and blindness, and they MAINTAIN it,
including Internet filters, and

general lies and intimidation,

so that decent and caring people, are seen as "the bad

That needs a climate, an atmosphere of terror

- which ALL all Criminal Minds are trying to

often "legally," meaning by rule of law,

even though it is of course very

trying to establish, that one is not allowed
to see who is good and who is bad.


"Women 'do not have the right,' to look at men and to see
their (men's) soul and their intentions. (Or even at their

"Men 'do not have the right,' to look at women, and see
their (women's) soul and their intentions. (Or even their


"Children 'do not have the right,' to look at adults and
see their (the adult's) soul and true intentions."

"Adults 'do not have the right,' to look at children and
see their (the child's) soul and true intentions."


"Patients 'do not have the right,' to look at doctors and
see their (the doctor's) soul and true intentions."

"Medical doctors 'do not have the right,' to look at
patients and see their (the patient's) soul and true

"Juniors 'do not have the right,' to look at bosses, and
see their (the boss') soul and true intentions."

"Bosses 'do not have the right,' to look at juniors, and
see their (an employee's) soul and true intentions."





Criminal Minds have the right, not to be hated by normal people.


You can however not demand or ask of other Criminal Minds,
not to hate them,

because that's what Criminal Minds do, they are
ALWAYS Hating, ALWAYS full of contempt,

behind their, by necessity quite impenetrable,

They are Hating, and hiding that they are Hating,
they ALSO hate those they claim to love and to care
about, they are found to be 'pretending to care:'

camouflaging their Hate, so that they can then
exert control and command,

based on the trust that is given to
someone who DOES care;

but THEY seek such a position,

in order to Hate all the more and on a very
wide scale, camouflaged as "care for people,"
as "love for Mankind", and as "responsibility
for the planet." *(18)(12)


Telling Criminal Minds, not to Hate, is as useless as
'telling a pig not to eat:'

They won't be able to follow your request, and they
will only pretend to comply,

by deceiving you and others, by creating
a pretended personality,

that you should "respect" and
"recognize" as "being himself,"

when they claim to have improved,
"which you must not doubt," which you
must not look through or even probe,
"else they will threaten you with a
serious relapse," and in fact they do
remain Criminal anyway, camouflaged

with a mask that they themselves even may
believe in as "being themselves," because

"truth does not really exist" - for them

"Life is just a game, it's all acting and
pretending and lying;" *(17)(3)(10)(16)

they are preventing you from seeing or from
understanding, why

their activities actually, in fact, are driven
by Hate and contempt, and are an expression of

their Hate, and of their contempt for Life and
for people.*(6)




Normal people should not Hate Criminal Minds,

no matter how much a Criminal Mind begs or goads (is
teasing) you and other normal people,

is trying to get you to be Hateful - not only
to others, but even trying to get you to Hate
him or her as well,

that is, a Criminal Mind will try to get normal
people into radiating Hate as well,

which is, they will try to pull you for some
time into being like a Criminal Mind,

and even, into a state of wanting to destroy
a Criminal Mind further. *(11)





Criminal Minds must not be in a position of authority.


Criminal Minds must not be in a position, where people,
much less young people, children, are forced to depend on the
judgments of a Criminal Mind about them, or where they have to
comply with such judgments, examinations, certificates and the

where people or children would have somehow to follow the
directions or teachings of a Criminal Mind,

or to follow the directions from those who are the
underlings of a Criminal Mind, of those who are
Destructive Cowards. *(12)





Criminal Minds may be asked to leave a location.

Asking a Criminal Mind to leave a location - asking and knowing
the demand backed by an ability to enforce compliance,

is often the vital action needed in many situations:

It may be necessary in order to protect others, or to
maintain somewhere an atmosphere of understanding and
perception necessary, *(12) for

(sometimes even the basic needs, such as food and
shelter and communication and decency, of)

life to restore and grow and be healthy and joyful.


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

'All the kings of the earth
sought audience with Solomon
to hear the wisdom
God had put in his heart.'

2 Chronicles 9:23


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(18) see the upcoming HRI 'Special Definition of Defamation'


Copyright 2004-2009 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
specifically, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
of life and about themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific or artistic "agenda," but only to educate,
and to encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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