'Purpose of Life' (Meaning of Life) Definition Complete Now - plus 'Do Sociopaths KNOW they are Sociopaths, and do Sociopaths ENJOY being so... Yes, Yes' - {HRI 20120819-V3.4}

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Sep 11, 2012, 12:26:05 AM9/11/12
'Purpose of Life' (Meaning of Life) Definition Complete* Now
- plus -
'Do Sociopaths KNOW they are Sociopaths, and do Sociopaths ENJOY
being so... Yes, Yes'

19 August 2012
{HRI 20120819-V3.4}

(Version 3.4
on 11 Sept 2012)

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(Journalism Course {IJC})


'The purpose of Life, IS the tremendous JOY of
loving Life and people,

and of living Life and sharing Life to express
and experience that JOY.'

Koos Nolst Trenite
human rights philosopher and poet


Basic Knowledge:

'Independent, Objective Definition of Evil' [ODE]

'Complete Definition of Truth ... ' [CSTC]

'The Rights of Criminal Minds' [RCM]

(see under References, below)



The purpose of Life, IS the tremendous JOY of living Life and sharing


Now it is so, that there are about a hundred million people living on
Earth, who are Sociopaths, and

THE JOY of Sociopaths in life, IS, to create and to maintain
SUFFERING and domination. In short:

the very OPPOSITE of the normal purpose of Life

(that seven billion normal people living on Earth, have).


You can of course PRETEND, that "Man is basically good," and, that
"Man evolves to become good"

- and a myriad of other ideas FROM Sociopaths: any and all
methods and philosophies -

to NOT face the simple fact, that Earth is inhabited with some
hundred million living Sociopaths,

as the unalterable nature of their soul,

and their nature exists indeed [CSTC]

regardless of their age, gender, race, nationality, religion,
education, wealth or social position.




So we want to know something about these souls, these individuals,

whom we do NOT want to have as teachers, scientists, or leaders,

and who are also not, on an individual level, to be
accepted as if they are 'loving' parents, or to be treated
as if they are 'adorable' children,

much less are these - Sociopaths - to be chosen or to be
kept on or to be supported*(a) as spouses,

nor as lovers or as friends, ALSO NOT 'in your dreams, or
in your thoughts only'

- thoughts and dreams all consist of (your) Life
Energy -

as a Sociopath will then continue, on a thought level, on
a feeling and emotional level to absorb, to demand and to
take away your Life Energy,

so you DON'T keep them 'only in your dreams, or only in
your thoughts,' or 'only for the purpose of feeling those
sensations or emotions, that you long for'

your Life Energy (your feeling), such as pleasantly
trusting them and supporting them "in your thoughts
only," or "in your dreams only" (same thing), you
DON'T create for or share with Sociopaths;

and also your pleasant sexual feelings ARE YOUR Life


So you want to be very selective, WHOM you share your Life
Energies with (your thoughts and feelings and emotions, your
Beauty and your Love), and you want to be very selective in
voicing and sharing your intentions,

in creating and sharing and receiving which Life Energies
(feelings, ideas, intentions, etc.) WITH WHOM [DOS]

in such a way, that you are not being stopped by Sociopaths and
are not getting deceived by Sociopaths, so that

you will indeed follow the Purpose of Life:

The purpose of Life, IS the tremendous JOY of living Life
and sharing Life...


The advice to be selective, I did summarize at one
time for you - in particular for the very caring and
beautiful that you know - given in one sentence:

"Realize, that you are living on Earth!"

(Know that you are on Earth living together
with a hundred million Sociopaths!)




This is why we stay connected to each other IN THOUGHT, and so protect
each other from the onslaught, from the damage CONTINUOUSLY inflicted
on us by the hundred million Sociopaths on Earth,

who inflict their Harm onto us and onto our bodies CONTINUOUSLY.


And this is why we do NOT stay connected to Sociopaths - we do
observe them, yes, always as a defensive measure sensing all
around ourselves and anywhere else, to detect and analyze their
emanations - that is very different from connecting to them:

In fact, that IS the action of 'NOT CONNECTING TO THEM.'

(if you speak Dutch, see also the documentary
movie ' "The Man in White" by Ed Spil'
for instance on YouTube.com)


But Sociopaths will always try to insinuate themselves into a
group of normal people "to do the hard and dirty work:" [PJSR]

by pretending to be "more normal than others," *(d)

by "wanting to work the hardest for the group and do
the unpleasant, dirty work FOR the group," to "make
themselves indispensable"

and so to demand to become, or automatically to become the
leader who is in control of the communications and the
possessions of the group.

This is SO COMMON, that your history books - and
current politics [WPWW] - are filled with it.


Or quite otherwise, Sociopaths will try to insinuate themselves
into a group of normal people, "as suffering victims who need
help and ask for our support:" [NDG]

by pretending "to want to be helped by the group, or by a
caring group member,"

"asking for help 'to become normal now':"


Sociopaths DO NOT WANT TO BECOME normal, they only
want to PRETEND "to become normal,"

for the sole purpose of following their nature,

to feed their contempt for people, and with it

to take the Life Energy of people away, and

to then assert, that "they are more normal than
anyone else," and "in fact, are superior to any
normal person." [ANTIN]

(Read the history books!)

Indeed they ENJOY to feel - what is their
equivalent of "feeling superior to others" -
they ENJOY to feel [WPWW]

a searing, domineering contempt for people,
for you, for anyone, for normal people, [PJSR]

their contempt for anyone who does NOT
- forcefully and penetratingly - FULLY
look through them and is NOT protected
from any kind of attack by them,

and even then they will try to radiate
their CONTEMPT of life,

because that contempt for life is
their nature, it is part of their




Do Sociopaths KNOW, they are Sociopaths? ...Yes.

And do they ENJOY being Sociopaths? ...Yes, indeed.


This exposes the crippling lies on the subject - lies FROM Sociopaths:

lies, that served to HIDE these individuals from being
understood and thus from being correctly approached; AND

lies that served to ruin caring people who do have to handle

- Sociopaths are ruining caring people by means of lies
you likely have encountered -

lies that painted "very cleverly" an acceptable, FALSE picture of

appealing to OUR compassion for others' suffering - for instance
as if Sociopaths are "suffering a mental disease."

What the Sociopaths do, to most devastating effect, is, to
MISUSE our native decency and our native compassion and care
for others. (again: Read the history books!)


The particular, WELL-HIDDEN lies in question, are:

a. "If you believe, that you ARE a Sociopath, then you
certainly are NOT a Sociopath"

- meaning to HIDE the LIE, that

"Sociopaths do not know that they are Sociopaths."

b. "Man is basically good"

- meaning to HIDE the LIE, that

"Sociopaths are ALSO basically good."




So, I have to point out to you, the truth necessary,

that only few people never lost sight of,

truth that - after so many thousands of years - I found
again, and that I HAD to find, (it was necessary to find

in order (for you and me) to approach Sociopaths correctly:


1. Sociopaths DO KNOW, that they are Sociopaths - that's why they
are fighting so hard, to HIDE their nature,

fighting to 'pretend to be "more normal than others" and even
to be "above all others".' [IOT], [WPWW]

This tends to make them FAR MORE AMBITIOUS and FAR MORE
SKILLFUL in certain areas, than you and I are.

It is their main ambition, to dominate in all respects,

and their main skill is, to deceive, to pretend. *(b)

If you don't accept that about them, then you in no time are
completely dominated by them. [TVVG]

See the HRI 'Complete Definition of Truth - plus
'Classifying Sociopaths by easily recognized, typical
compulsions of theirs' ' [CSTC]


2. Sociopaths ENJOY being Sociopaths, they ENJOY to destroy you and
to destroy anyone: to inflict domination and suffering, and to
pull away your Life Energy, for their own use and to increase
their skill to better serve their nature and to deceive us more
thoroughly by means of our own Life Energy taken by them

- to dominate, to inflict suffering, and to take and keep
the Life Energy from others,

and at the same time, to protect other Sociopaths and to
put or keep other Sociopaths in places of authority -

the more cleverly and the more permanently, "the better."

See 'Independent, Objective Definition of Evil.' [ODE]

This conflicts with and thus exposes - as "being very cleverly"
FALSE - any statement to the effect, that

"Man is basically good" - that "also Sociopaths are basically

See 'The Rights of Criminal Minds.' [RCM]


These (the above two points) are the very FIRST things, that any
student of politics HAS TO STUDY

- and that any political journalist CAN NOT POSSIBLY FUNCTION




At many times, you will have to handle Sociopaths (Criminal Minds) in
Life - you have to know how to approach them. [ZTA]

But if you approach them with (see above, a. and b., with) THEIR
"very cleverly" FALSE ideas about Sociopaths:

"They don't know, that they inflict Evil" (as in a., above)

"Basically they are good," (as in b., above)

if you believe and accept those very clever lies
about Sociopaths,

then they will in one way or other ruin your life (and that of others
of course),

and they do so always by pulling your very best intentions

(your most valuable Life Energies - intentions are Life
Energy Particles - they pull you, with your most valuable

into their hidden Evil

(they pull you into their Unawareness, into their Drugging
feelings, for instance as "Admiration" for you, and they
pull you into their Hate Energy that they hide BY giving
you Admiration)

as well as pulling you into their camouflaged (or maybe it is
even their openly felt) Ugliness.


And already thereby

- by pulling you into their hidden Evil, into their
HIDDEN Hate and into their HIDDEN Ugliness -

they are vampires on (they take away much of) your Life

and they use it - YOUR very own Life Energy - to
more forcefully deceive you and others with it, and

successfully to PRETEND "to be like you,"

to be able to pretend NOT ONLY to you, but
ALSO TO OTHERS, "to be like you,"

and not less devastatingly, to PRETEND to you
and to others, "to be your best friend."



Why don't you know this?

Well, do you really think, that the hundred million forcefully
ambitious Sociopaths living on Earth, do WANT you to know...

with their driven cleverness to ensure their common
survival (and by consequence, to enforce their dominance
over normal people)

do you really think, that these hundred million, forcefully
ambitious and Energetically very active Sociopaths, WANT you to
know? [CSTC]




Again, have some basic things that are easy to know:

'Independent, Objective Definition of Evil' [ODE]

'Complete Definition of Truth ... ' [CSTC]

'The Rights of Criminal Minds' [RCM]


Living Life does NOT have, as its purpose, "to suffer it," "to Hate
it," etc.

- THAT is following the intentions of Sociopaths (of Criminal
Minds) -

Life has NOT, as its purpose, "to live with, and be absorbed by and
dominated by Sociopaths and their Evil inflictions (their Harmfully
Altered Life Energies)"

- and though it IS the joy of Sociopaths, to make you suffer
Life and to make you Hate Life -

the purpose of living Life IS quite the opposite ...as you know.



And there is no other purpose for Life - because that is what Life was
and is created for, and for nothing else, for no other purpose,

NO MATTER WHAT THE SOCIOPATHS have said and say, have written
and write.


And so the defining, the 'Definition of the Purpose of Life,' is
complete now: *(c)

The purpose of Life is the tremendous JOY of loving Life and
people, and living Life and sharing Life to express and
experience that JOY.


Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34



(*) See 'Textnote' (c), below.


(a) With 'supported,' I mean here: "given assistance, moral support
and social defense, that one normally would give to a spouse."

But it applies also in a court of law:

Divorcing an obvious and known Sociopath, must not
include any alimony to such an ex-spouse,

much less must such an ex-spouse be awarded custody of,
or visitation rights to children; and though visitation
of own children might itself not always have to be denied
completely to an obvious and known Sociopath parent, it
must never be granted as a right, not to any Sociopath -
for very obvious reasons. [RCM]

(b) Their main skill it is, to deceive, to pretend - so you find
Sociopaths who are highly paid and acclaimed as actors. [FALEV]

(c) If you like to say so: Defining the Purpose of Life, has been
actually completed in this year 2012.

It has been made possible, and possible ONLY, by penetrating and
unraveling the vast amount of LIES that the Sociopaths have
introduced on Earth - and once again, unraveling that has been
made possible by unraveling their intentions, and that again,
has been accomplished by unraveling their nature (which included
unraveling their history - their actions throughout time).

(d) "more normal than others" - the Germans created a flurry of
special terminology for that, for "being more normal than
others" -

which some caring researcher, scholar or historian, might one
day use his intelligence 'to break the code' of

used in real life -

to find and catalog their real meaning, their actual definition:

'Das gesunde Volksempfinden'



'Bund Deutscher Maedel'

'Saueberung,' 'ausradieren'








'Feind,' 'Feindfahrt'



to just name a few such terms coming to mind.

I would be grateful - especially in my next life time - to read
such decoding, done by a caring, loving researcher.

You might want to use documentaries like 'Double Headed Eagle'
or such, to DECODE the terminology COMMONLY used at that time:
their meaning, and their emotion and their intention, and their
source and etymology.

(cf. 'How to define words by real life meaning' which I did give
you in some HRI)



[ODE] 'Independent, Objective Definition of Evil'
{HRI 20090810-V1.1.2} [ODE]
(10 August 2009 - Version 1.1.2 on 11 Aug 2009)

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easily recognized, typical compulsions of theirs'
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[HRO] 'Human Rights Order on l. ron hubbard (Satan as the individual)
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(same in Rusian)
'Заказ Прав человека относительно Сатаны, последнего
воплощения Рона Л. Хаббарда
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Title changed from:
'Defining God correctly - and Heaven, and Hell - What is
Monotheism' [DGC] {HRI 20080406-V4.9.1}
(6 April 2008 - Version 4.9.1 on 12 Jan 2009)




Copyright 2012 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
specifically, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
of life and about themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific or artistic "agenda," but only to educate,
and to encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
PlatoWorld at Lycos.com

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