Mentifex refutes ChatGPT portrayal of Mentifex AI.

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A.T. Murray

Mar 29, 2023, 12:54:50 AMMar 29
A thread in quotes the output of ChatGPT at

with such statements as

"Murray is the author of a project
called 'The MindForth AI Consciousness Explored,' which is
a computer program designed to simulate human thought
processes and behavior."

"The MindForth AI program is written in the Forth programming language
and is designed to run on a variety of computer platforms."

"Mentifex uses an approach to AI that is based on a theory known as
the 'production rule system' or 'production system', which originated in
the 1960s and 1970s and was very popular in the 1980s it's 90."

ChatGPT is quite wrong about what Mentifex AI is based on. and all the other Mentifex AI programs thinking in English or German or Russian or Latin are based totally and solely on

which is my unique and original Theory of Mind based upon spreading activation among concepts.

Mentifex AI has nothing to do with expert systems.

Mentifex AI is a _thinking_ system, not a "production rule system."

ChatGPT may be correct in asserting that "Mentifex's approach is not widely adopted," but my efforts are underway to increase the adoption of Mentifex AI techniques by extremely devious means. One rather mild campaign is simply to invite Netizens in AI forums to try and evaluate Mentifex AI to see for themselves how a truly thinking AI operates -- not with a flood of output but with discrete thoughts and ideas. A not so mild technique of propagating Mentifex AI is to use the "fear factor" of Netizens worrying about who will win the global "AI arms race." Any corporation or university or AI lab which does not take the effort to understand and evaluate Mentifex AI is in danger of losing the race."

ChatAGI by Mentifex) is discussed on TikTok:

#01 - a response to Google;
#02 - theory "How the Mind Works"
#03 - generic Mentifex AI video
#04 - engine.html "AI Prosperity Engine";
#05 - NLU.html;
#06 - RuThink.html screenshot;
#07 - Motorium.html screenshot;
#08 - AiSteps.html screenshot;
#09 - mens.html screenshot;
#10 - InFerence.html screenshot;
#11 -- First with Russian hashtags; RuVerbGen.html;
#12 - Consciousness.html screenshot;
#13 - SpreadAct.html screenshot;
#14 - Volition.html screenshot;
#15 - Emotion.html screenshot;
#16 - EnThink.html screenshot;
#17 - Indicative.html screenshot;
#18 - RuIndicative.html screensho;
#19 - EnNounPhrase.html screenshot;
#20 - RuNounPhrase.html screenshot;
#21 - EnVerbPhrase.html screenshot;
#22 - EnVerbGen.html screenshot;
#23 - LaNounGen.html screenshot;
#24 - ChatAGI & ReJuvenate.html screenshot;
#25 - ChatAGI.html screenshot.
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