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Wil Ukinix

Sep 26, 2020, 9:06:15 AM9/26/20

//Chief Engineer’s Log, Stardate 239709.26

I think I need to retrospectively apologise to my parents.

In my third year at the Academy, I invited what felt like half of the San Fran campus to the family apartment in Fremantle one January – it was an escape from the northern-hemisphere winter for everyone.  Turned out to be a huge party, and the next morning the apartment looked like a photon torpedo hit it.  I woke up on the couch at about 11am by Mum and Dad who had got back a few hours early from their trip to Risa.  Mum just about had kittens when she saw the place.

Now I know how they felt.  I get back from Betazoid with the Captain, and find that the bloody ship has landed on Kidman I.  *Landed*.  And there’s repair teams everywhere.  ::Sigh:: Ah, well. I better head out and herd the kittens.

Kittens. Ha!  See what I did there?  Mum had kittens?  Herding kittens?  Meow!

::long silence::

OK, that got weird.  End log.  //

((Main Engineering, Deck 8, Landed USS Veritas))

In all honesty, Wil wasn’t that upset.  The engineering team were being gainfully resourced, and it was unique to be on a Starship that had been landed on a planet.

He couldn’t wait to get out on the surface.  While many of the people that had settled on Kidman I were either from or descended from his home continent, they were different to him.  Wil was a beachside, urban citizen.  The people on Kidman I, from what he had researched, were rural Aussies who had led a quiet, simple life, and had migrated to the small M-class planet.

He’d been to rural areas of Australia before, and had seen its small towns that hadn’t changed in centuries.  They were mostly the same - a main street containing a pub, surrounded by farmland of some sort.  Those towns still looked like something out of a 1960’s holo-drama, the only difference being a small building that used to be something called a “post office” (whatever that was) now had a transporter pad or two.  He wondered if Bupirninyirring was just like that.

As he made his way out of his office into main engineering, his attention snapped to Jayla Petras – troublemaker extraordinaire.  A smirk formed on his face.

Petras: You’re not going to figure it out down here. Why don’t you follow her.

Jayla, Travok and Tasnim seemed to exchange glances, and hurriedly make their way out of main engineering…

Ukinix: Oi!

…until Wil stopped them.

Ukinix: ::Smiling:: What are you lot up to?

Petras: ::jumps startled:: Hey there, boss…

Ukinix: G’day Jayla.  You seem enthusiastic about something.

Petras: ::innocent:: Just encouraging the maintenance teams…

Ukinix: ::Hands behind back, tongue in cheek:: Uh huh… to do what, exactly?

Petras: Response

Ukinix: ::Playfullly rolls eyes:: C’arn Jayla, you’re always up to some sort of mischief-

Petras/Shandres: Response

Ukinix: Oh!  That.  Hey, let me show you something.

Wil hurried back into his office, reached over to his desk to grab his PADD, and then made his way back out to them.

Ukinix: ::Handing over PADD:: Here you go.

On the LCARS screen that was titled “Charictionary” was a list of Charlena’s different hair gestures, with notes next to each.

Ukinix: Teller and I started it.  I’m going to run it through the UT at some point.

Petras/Shandres: Response

Ukinix: ::Flatly:: No it isn’t.

Petras/Shandres: Response

Ukinix: ::Crossing arms:: It is *not*.

Petras/Shandres: Response






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