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Frédéric Pierret (fepitre)

Dec 30, 2017, 4:56:57 PM12/30/17
to qubes-users
A topic of the topic in the devel list (https://groups.google.com/d/msg/qubes-devel/PhI0-9RfI7Y/GBs4f6VaDQAJ), for those who want to try:

1: git clone -b master-fepitre https://github.com/fepitre/qubes-builder
2: use the builder-R3.3.conf joined to this message
3: make qubes template iso
4: burn the ISO and have fun :)

The master-fepitre branch is just the master one with my signing key added in the trusted key when verifying the git tags (check it!)

Of course, you will not have any update from the officials repositories. You can do your own repos or if there is really a need, I could do something about it.

Please keep in mind this is an UNOFFICIAL release. This is not polish as it should be and I have not had time to test everything (e.g. backup). Also, the few problems with Debian 9 (X not starting etc, I have not took the time to correct it as it will be done in the officials repositories very soon).

As I said in my initial post, only few backports was needed with respect to the master branches. From my side, using a more recent version of core-libvirt lead me to recover the use of dispvm! The use of dom0 FC25 allows me to finally use more recent packages for some dom0 custom things.

Next step, wait for the great R4.0 :)

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