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Kim Fox

Jun 23, 2010, 12:37:33 PM6/23/10

I think it's a good idea to rotate the PodCamps in Ohio. Three major cities in the state may not necessarily each need to hold Podcamps. Though I do realize that there is a 4 hour drive from the top of Ohio to the bottom. So maybe one in Cleveland and one in Cincinnati; then rotate Columbus in the mix as well. Keeping in mind that the Pittsburgh Podcamp is also an option.

My two cents.
Kim Fox
Twitter: @ohradiogirl

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 7:16 PM, <> wrote:


    Angelo Mandato <> Jun 22 06:02PM -0400 ^
    I totaled up the registration sheets, we had a total of 154 confirmed
    attendees. We most likely had about 160-170 factoring in folks who didn't
    sign in.
    Here are some statistics:
    - 144 registered guests specified which event they attended
    - 103 specified WordCamp
    - 105 specified PodCamp
    - 64 selected both PodCamp and WordCamp
    - 10 did not select an event at registration
    I suspect the anti-"combined event" publicity from the Automattic
    ( folks scared off many of the hardcore WordPress attendees
    including the popular WordPress developer Scott Reilly who resides here in
    town. I also I don't recall seeing any of the folks who attend the monthly
    NEO WordPress meetup at the event. From this, I gather that hard core
    WordPress folks are less willing to go to a combined event. Based on the
    numbers above, it may be worth doing a 3rd WordCamp next year, it will just
    have to be hosted separate from other events.
    PodCamp Ohio attendance history:
    - 2008: 169
    - 2009: 201
    - 2010: 115 (+39 WordCamp only attendees)
    As for PodCamp in Columbus, it may be time to put on the brakes for next
    year and try to encourage the already in planning PodCamps in Cleveland and
    PodCamp Ohio


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