[Request] Some Features and Navigation that have disappeared

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Apr 25, 2022, 12:58:24 AM4/25/22
to Pinboard
Hi Maciej,

I have recommended Pinboard to a voluntary organisation I belong to as they are looking for a quick way to create:
- a public resource of tagged bookmarks and Bookmark Bundled for members
- alongside a private resource of similar for Admins who would share a Log In 

When I was trying to demonstrate how Pinboard worked, I realised that there had been some changes. I don't know of these were deliberate but there now seem to be some features and navigation links missing.

1. Notes Privacy
There is now no option to edit the privacy of a saved note.

2. Notes Page to User Page Navigation
Perhaps my memory at fault and this was never a feature but there is no navigation back from the Notes page to the main User Page.

3. "How To" Page Navigation Link
There is no navigation link to the "How To" Page

4. "Tour" Navigation Link
For Logged-In Users, the only navigation to the "Tour" is an inline link on the "How To Page", which effectively means that there is now no navigation to the Tour Page for logged-in users.


5. Public Profile Navigation Link - never existed
I posted about this in this group in 2014:

One navigation feature that I requested in that post have been added, ie. to the "Notes Page". So thank you for adding that one.

6. Notes Page Public URL navigation - never existed
This is something else that I mentioned in my 2014 post, ie. 

It would be very helpful to have this URL included automatically on the Notes page for information for that User and as a link for that User to be able to copy the link to share with others if they wished to do so.

7. An Easy Way to Export Bookmarks Selectively By Tag
A method has been suggested by another User some time ago in this Group but it is rather complicated.

I hope you can have a look at these issues soon.

Best wishes,



Apr 25, 2022, 1:20:05 AM4/25/22
to Pinboard
ps. I have just noticed that 

- the "How To" page and "History" (of recently clicked) have navigation links from my Profile Page when logged in

- the "How To", "Tour" and "Recent" (recently added by all Users) have navigation links from my Profile Page when logged out

It all seems a bit Random :-)
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