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Apr 13, 2021, 5:56:22 PM4/13/21
to physionet-challenges

Dear Challengers, 

Only two days left!!! 

Please do not forget to submit an abstract to CinC by 15th April. In order to qualify for a prize, your abstract *must* be accepted by the review team. You should hear back before the end of May. Please read “Advice on Writing an Abstract” for important information on writing a successful abstract and our previous post on that. 

If you want an example of a good abstract - please see here: 

Remember, you don’t need great scores, and you can change your methods later - you just need to convince the reviewers you *can* write a decent article and have some interesting ideas. 

If you haven’t received scores (and in case we don’t respond in the next 48 hours - although we’ll try our best), please put in cross-validation results from the training data- please be clear that these are results on training data though. Please do not describe any data other than our sequestered test data as ‘test data’. 

Even if you do have a score to quote, please still include cross validation results. The difference between your score in cross validation and on the validation data (we haven’t used the test data yet), is a good indication of generalization. 

Finally, please use our challenge score function to generate the results, and add your team name to the abstract!! (It doesn’t matter where you place the team name in the abstract, but keep it down to 300 words, although 250 is better for some abstract systems.)

If you have trouble submitting your abstract, please contact the conference organizers on (not the Challenge organizers - we are affiliated, but separate, and cannot help with problems of submissions, although you can cc us in case we need to identify deadline issues later). 

Abstract decisions should be complete by June 1st. Again - please contact the conference if you haven’t heard back on the abstract by then. 

Best of luck!

Gari, Matt, Nadi, and the rest of the PhysioNet team

Please post questions and comments in the forum. However, if your question reveals information about your entry, then please email challenge at We may post parts of our reply publicly if we feel that all Challengers should benefit from it. We will not answer emails about the Challenge to any other address. This email is maintained by a group. Please do not email us individually. 

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