Phaser 3 Development

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Welcome to the Phaser 3 Development List

This list is for open, public courteous discussion about the development of Phaser 3.

It's meant to be a two-way discussion, not just us talking to you. So please get involved.

A few things to consider when posting or replying:
  • Phaser 3 is written in ES5 using modules / functions, built with webpack2
  • Phaser 3 uses an extremely granular module approach. No more 'God classes'.
  • We are aiming for zero dependency on external libraries (with the exception of physics)
  • You are free to comment on any post made to the list, no matter who made it.
  • Your thoughts do matter so please share them (and where possible validate them too)
There is a Phaser 3 Contributors Guide available.