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Thanks for joining the Portland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee's (PBPAC's) email list. To post to the list, email pbpac@googlegroups.com, or use the “new conversation" button on the left side of the forum view.

Here we discus
s upcoming street construction projects, regional transportation plans, and development proposals that may affect the city's environment for walkers, cyclists, and residents with disabilities.

Our website is https://www.portlandbikeped.org/ past meeting notes, reports & letters are archived there, as well as impossible to miss meeting notice. 

The google group is moderated by PBPAC's executive committee, ensuring compliance with our bylaws, which can
be found here. In short, make any conflicts of interest clear & refrain from any badgering, bullying or harassing comments.

The executive committee is made up of Winston Lumpkins (Chair), Andrew Blunt (Vice Chair), and John Clark (Secretary).

If you have any questions or concerns please email pbpac.chair@gmail.com