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What is Outreachy?
The contribution period for the next round of Outreachy has begun! 
It is open from October 8th through November 5th.

Who can apply?
You should have successfully completed the initial application process to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria given below and be able to participate in the application period: 

If your initial application is not approved, you are not eligible to apply for Outreachy.

What Outreachy projects can you apply to?

There will be several different open source projects participating in this round of Outreachy. The full list can be found here:


The Linux kernel are listed on the Linux kernel community page on Outreachy website:


How do I apply to the Linux kernel project via Outreachy's website?

1. Successfully complete the initial application

2. Work on Linux kernel tutorial

Applicants need to walk through our tutorial for creating their first Linux kernel patch:


It is not necessary to contact a mentor before starting the tutorial. Feel free to ask your questions in this mailing lists.

3. Work on cleanup patches in the staging tree ONLY. There is one restriction within staging:  Do not send patches to  drivers/staging/media/atomisp.  Hans can take patches to the other media drivers through his tree. and, Greg will be applying the patches for all other staging drivers.

As specified in our tutorial we require Outreachy applicants to first get accepted at least 10 Staging driver cleanup patches.

4. Once your first patch is accepted, add that as a contribution for the project(s)you're interested in applying for. This will then allow you to submit an application. Note that you'll need to apply for each project separately.

5. Once applicants have completed working on 10 cleanup patches, we encourage applicants to move on to complete some small tasks outlined by the mentors. It’s preferable to CC the mentor when you are working on the task so that they don’t miss it. Small tasks for the projects can be found in the project detail here:


Note that you'll be able to see the detailed information about projects on Outreachy's website only if you have been informed by Outreachy organizers that you’re eligible to take part in the program. Outreachy coordinators and mentors do not have any role to play in the initial application process. So, please email Outreachy organizers if you have any doubt related to eligibility or the initial application process.

6. Keep editing your 'project contribution' on Outreachy's website based on your accepted patches links and project-specific completion of tasks

7. Make sure to add your project preferences under the question 'Community-specific Questions' in the application.

Applicants should also join the #outreachy IRC channel on irc.gnome.org, and the #kernel-outreachy channel on irc.oftc.net. If you're having trouble with IRC, please ask for help on this mailing list.

If you’ve applied in the Outreachy before, you’re still required to send few staging driver cleanup patches to re-familiarize yourself with the process before you start to work on tasks.

There is a tips section at the end of the tutorial to outline what behaviors we look for in potential Outreachy interns. I hope this will give more insight into our selection process.

All the best!
Alison Schofield
Outreachy Linux Kernel Coordinator