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The OHGAlist Google Group (groups.google.com/g/ohgalist) is a group mailing list serving the community of hang glider pilots in and around Portland, Oregon.

Posts to this group can be read by the public, but you need to be a group member in order to post.

To become a member, click Ask to join group, and fill out the form.  Please enter both your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME as the Display Name.  Use the text field to say a little about WHY you want to join, so we know you are interested in hang gliding or paragliding, and not a spambot.  Choose how much notification you want via email.  Your application to join should be approved shortly.

Once you are a member, depending on the email subscription you have chosen, you can interact with the Google Group via email only, without having to go to the web-page.  To post a new topic via email, just send your email to ohgalist@googlegroups.com 

If you do a REPLY to a message from the group, it will go only to the sender.  If you want your reply to go to everyone on the list, use REPLY ALL.