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Aug 28, 2017, 10:55:21 PM8/28/17

To be launched in a couple weeks. Please carve out some time this fall
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Subject: [PassMassAmendment] Petition to Reduce the Influence of Money in OUR Elections!
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 22:48:37 -0400
From: PassMassAmendment <passmass...@gmail.com>
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September, 2017: Petitioning time! See below.

[image: We The Corporations JPEG.jpg]

You are invited to our next monthly meeting: Saturday, September 9, at 1:30
at the Democracy Center, 45 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge.


The 9-week push for signatures is about to begin!

Warm up your clipboards and test your pens, because we’re going to need
your help in gathering 90,000 signatures in support of our newest ballot
initiative campaign. It requires that those funding our Massachusetts state
and municipal elections disclose all original sources of political
contributions, or a disclaimer is added to all advertisements that “foreign
nationals are most likely funding this advertisement.” This ballot
initiative corresponds to our bill H3559
which is in the statehouse right now.

The signatures you gather bring us closer to this becoming a referendum
question for the people to vote on directly. And they send a strong message
to our legislators that we’re sick of “dark money” and foreign entities
corrupting the democratic process!

Please do what you can!

•Think you have no time to help? Remember, every little bit counts. Really!

•Gathering signatures not your thing? Vital behind-the-scenes work awaits

We’ll let you know when to check our website
<http://passmassamendment.wikispaces.com/The+Ballot+Initiative> for the
information and materials you’ll need.


Stay closer to the action (Action List, that is):

Do you just get our monthly announcements? Do you welcome more frequent
contact? “Yes,” you say? That’s great! Sign up for our Action List. Just
reply to this email! We’d love to hear from you.
"The Battle of our Age"

Join the Battle of our Age!
"Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech"
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