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Manish Jethani

Apr 21, 2003, 4:02:03 PM4/21/03
Refering to this thread:

First, the trailing space after every line is because of rfc
2646. rfc 2646 requires that the mail client leave a space at
the end of each line so that the viewer at the receiving end can
/join/ the lines.

Now, for the original problem: Nothing productive ever came out
of that thread. The discussion was mostly about the number of
spaces that should be used to separate sentences.

For a change, I'm from India (not Britain, not the US). So I'm
going to instead focus on the original problem :-P that Wayne
was facing. Well, that problem is bugging me too. So I've
filed a bug in bugzilla:

I want to know, how many others are facing the same problem? Am
I the only person (other than Wayne) who's finding it difficult
to live with this?

Is this an implementation bug in Mozilla Mail or a fundamental
flaw in rfc 2646? I read the rfc sometime back and I do feel
that the only way a mail client can properly support it is by
sending extra spaces after a period to the _next_line_. This
looks ugly (misalignment) but is required.



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