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Maria Droujkova

Mar 22, 2009, 11:16:25 AM3/22/09
I read an excellent blog post today:

It has mouth-watering pie picture and recipe links, and also an
engaging (and sad) story involving math, physics, and whipped cream.
Here are a couple of quotes:

"I went yesterday to a barbecue organized by the parents of my eldest
daughter’s class and brought a plum tart to share - a traditional
Swiss summer pie. About half of it had been eaten when my husband
sprayed generously the remaining slices with unsweetened whipped
cream. The whipped cream matches well the bitterness of the plums and
is also a traditional topping.

This action created a commotion among the moms and nobody took another
slice. The consensus among the parents was: whipped cream is too

The cream in an aerosol is expanded by compressed nitrous oxide gas to
4 times its volume, meaning it is mostly formed of air. In comparison,
usual whipped cream expands to just two times its original volume.
Also, the cream in a spray can be cut with up to 30% of milk."

i to Pi: "Be rational!"
Pi to i: "Get real!"

The moral of the story: math is important for rational real-life


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