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Matt Hinze

Jan 21, 2010, 6:16:52 PM1/21/10
I announced this on Twitter two weeks ago and we've already received some excellent feedback.  But I thought a message to the list would give more people the opportunity to review it.  Here it is, the "M" (or the many "M"s) in MVC...  Please check it out and let us know what you think.



Jan 24, 2010, 3:17:13 PM1/24/10
to mvc2inaction-discuss
Very nice. Thanks a lot for this. Here are some suggestions:

Page 3.

The controller is busy deciding which view the (to?) render and
coordinating these (the?) other efforts.

Once the model is ready, the controller passes them (it?) into the View
() method, transfer(r)ing them (it?) to the view (2). - Seems that
only one should be left either "passes it into the View() method" or
"transferring it to the view".

Page 4.

Developers can confidently maintain even the "gnarliest" screens as
long as the presentation model is designed well

At the bottom line:
we can levage ASP.NET MVC 2 features to work with a strong input
model. - It the word "levage" correct?

Page 5.

Figure 2.2 A form for user input. It is a bit strange that "Active"
label is displayed over the checkbox. It might be better to show the
code which will display the label right after checkbox

[ ] Active.

However this is not a subject of the discussion.

Page 7.

We('ll) cover these helpers in depth in Chapter 3.

The end user can see a list of customer summaries, but they may also
modify the status of the customer, checking the box is (if?) the user
should be activated.

Page 8.

Listing 2.8 A combined model. - #3 explanation is missed.

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Feb 16, 2010, 12:11:19 PM2/16/10
to mvc2inaction-discuss
I just finished Chapter 2. I can never get through technical books
very quickly but your style works great for me. I'm new to MVC and the
clarity of your writing is fantastic.

I have one comment about a piece of code.
2.5.2 Working with the input model.
This code shows an action signature which takes a List of

public ViewResult Save
(List<CustomerSummary.CustomerSummaryInput> input) #1
return View(input);

I assume that you would not just be setting the View's Model to input,
correct? You might put a comment such as //todo: call method to handle
user input, or simply mock up that method and pass the input variable.


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