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Daniel Lang

Nov 24, 2014, 3:04:24 PM11/24/14
I am using app inventor 2 and am trying to do the blocks for my login screen. I get the whole list in my verifier boxes I create instead of just the one item. I have gone through all the tutorials on the web and eixerits notes. I am really not understanding everything because not everything is explained and the blocks are for classic not app inventor 2. I think I know where I am messing up is the variables. The variables I added this morning but had everything somewhat working last night except that in the two hidden text boxes for the verifacation purposes it would generate separate if I took out the list of the setUserInfo and just put the get tag from the newusernametext.text. Then put value as newpassword. Then this would set the correct info for the two verifyboxes correctly leaving out the email address and the send email info. I want that info so I need to understand the app inventor 2 blocks there seems to be no source for these complete blocks only the classic versions. Also this didn't work completely either because the username text gets the values for the two verify blocks and this doesn't happen right away so it clears my two user and password blocks. Then it let me still enter the username and password while the items are in the verify blocks. Then it let me login. When I logged out however it let me put in the wrong info as a test and that wrong login generated in the verify user box. I am really at a loss. I have been working for a couple weeks getting the screens all set up nice and then I can't move forward until login works because all data will need to be for each user.

App Login Screen.docx


Nov 24, 2014, 4:12:29 PM11/24/14
Here is a discussion of an AI2 LogIn Screen  for use with a TinyWebDB by Stephen Z .... doing so using a TinyDB would be similar.    Perhaps it will help.  There is also an aia file.

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