**2021 Jan 9 Update** We're back! The Google store version *IS* restored. Get Some!

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Jan 9, 2021, 10:01:05 PMJan 9
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
We're back folks (on Google; still waiting on Apple) The rumors of our death is once again greatly exaggerated. Miniclip hooked us up with all the legal docs we needed to prove we had the rights and we got unsuspended lickety split. Everyone can come in again and download IF their play store account is also signed up to this alpha force google group... (this is for those people you just forward this message too)

AND you have enabled testing for this app...
THEN this link works for you (if you are signed into that google account on the device...)
So where are we at right now...

Testing Alpha Phase 0: This is currently in the long tail. We added CTF, We moved the servers to Asia for testing. We will move to EU, and other regions to test them out. Please pay attention to what regions you connect to better as we do this.

Development Alpha Phase 1: You play; we work. 
We're hard at work toiling on our client/server refactor to support Alpha Phase 1. This will break the client and all new servers will be needed to as well as everyone has to get a new client. We have had great days and not so great days, but that is normal for this type of work. What we're working on will bore you. Game-wise, IF we do our jobs decent, will not change the current experience. But what we're doing is changing the rails and the engine pulling our proverbial train down the rails. It's exciting for Phase 2 when we start to see some of the new things that will use it appear.

Apple Build: We are submitting a new client as soon as it's ready. We have store issues to work through. I will be certain to update you as soon as we know more. I am not expecting more problems, but we never do...

Questions answered... sort of... so many questions...:
You all have had so many questions... THOUSANDS... I can't even say I read them all, I haven't. I tried... I gave up. I didn't get anything done that day other than reading thousands of responses... O.o I am starting to compile an answer list for some I am finding though. Once we got knocked off the store, most questions were how do I get back in? Well I hope that crush is over... So if I didn't get to you, please don't hate on us. We're doing are best within reason.

But here are answers to the most asked questions/concerns:
If you sign in, you unlock pro pack and get points for the store. All stats and stuff are just there until you log out on your local client. That's no guarantee though, but don't freak out about it, its totally just where are at now. We will be adding stats in once the servers are calculating them. Client's will not be making those decisions anymore. Once the new loadout system is in place and scores are on the server we can begin to start earning points.

++We will not be adding anything new (significant) until late beta, unless we just can't wait to try out something that results in a great idea early.... WE need to stay strong and focus on the core functionality right now.

++We can't *directly* use Miniclip assets, we are not allowed. It's part of our agreement. I probably don't care if they take our best ideas and suck them into their version. Its going be a lot of work to change how the clients and servers work though. It may not be worth it to them, that's a decision for their management to make. We still profit off their success, its fueling the development of classic and beyond... Classic+, Doodle Army 3, etc.

Known Issues:
-A grenade button got weird in the new HUD code. This is fixed in the next client update.

-If you see someone walking and shooting through walls its *probably* (tm) this map loading bug we have happening. Ask what map they are on? We're looking into this one. It may go away or be less likely with our refactor. This IS one of the things we want to help fix with this server update. I won't get into why its possible, its a race condition involving players joining a game that starts and isn't told what map to use. It never happens in testing and it took forever to hunt it down. The worst part is it looks like a player is hacking... when they are not.

-Not all architectures are supported yet. And they may not be... some of this is security related from old libs are not compatible 2.5 years later with the current ecosystem. But we support Arm64 and Armeabi v7a capable devices right now. We don't have solutions for the original Armeabi (older phones) and x86 and x86_64 yet. We think we can, its just work that needs to be researched. We'll do it if we can within reason.

Crack that whip! (as Devo would say)
There is so much to do. I REALLY need to update messaging everywhere. The website is April 2018 outdated, the email autoresponders to include info about the ongoing alpha/upcoming release. The spread of this Alpha caught us off guard We will fix that too so there is less confusion in the market.

Thank you all for your patience as we champion polishing this old code into a shiny new gem for all to enjoy!

-Hunter and Chad
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