Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

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We're testing and developing the final pieces before we can officially go beta. Check out our roadmaps (updated every couple releases.) 

Dev updates (roadmap and files): 

Welcome to the Mini Militia Classic Alpha Test program.

This is gonna be rough. Alpha's crash. A lot. Alpha's have janky as hell incomplete implementation. Alpha's lag the net and the cpu, sometimes at the same time. One could argue Mini Militia never left alpha. ;D But nevertheless here we are (again.) 

SOOO here's what you do for Google Play users
You get signed up here: (hey a google group... sound familiar? This is how we did betas in 2018)
Those of you that tested in DA2 MM's betas probably recognize this.

Then you JOIN the test:

Both are supposed to work... The first one allows you to leave the test should you so choose (that comes into play once we have a public version out.)


We're calling this first effort Alpha Phase 0. We'll roadmap out the phase levels through alpha and beta at some point... But the general idea is we going to be alpha until all the new components are in place. Leaderboards, scoring retention and display on profiles, new servers managing scores, including the thing that will keep our lights on, spendable points earned via play, ad views, and purchasing. That's the rough alpha. This alpha will also include all the new massive server changes. The game client won't change too much in this period. Save your ideas for when we open an official board gathering. You can share them, but we'll need to get them into our collection point when we do. I don't want to miss everyone getting their thoughts in. I just know Chad and I (Hunter) are going to be pretty heads down at times and completely oblivious while we work out low level details. (its where you want us most of the time 😉 )

Do we need rules? I hope not... If we do here's the start.
#1 Don't be an ass
#2 If you can help, help, if you can't STFU and let it ride.
#3 Don't fan the flames, just let em die out.
#4 Passion is welcome and understood, but civility is also king.