Krusader Newsletter: Volume 5, Number 2, 9 August 2009

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Frank Schoolmeesters

Aug 9, 2009, 5:28:42 AM8/9/09

Krusader Newsletter, 9 August 2009

(c) 2005-2009 by The Krusader Krew, All Rights Reserved


Welcome to the second Krusader Newsletter of 2009 with news, views and
information about recent developments and ongoing issues in the
Krusader project. Our aim is to inform of recent developments, give a
preview of upcoming features and to give our loyal users a direct line
to the Krusader Krew.

Krusader-2.0.0 "Mars Pathfinder" released!
Krusader 2.0.0 is the first Krusader-stable for KDE4 [1].
The highlights are: all source code is ported to kDE4, the long
awaited queue manager, five different sorting methods, predefined
mouse selection modes, many bug-fixes.
This is also the first release that comes with experimental support
for the Windows platform. Who thought that day would ever come?
A review can be found at [2].


Krusader goes KDE Extragear !
Krusader has entered its new home in KDE Extragear SVN [3].
Further Krusader development takes place in KDE's SVN repository [4],
so the SourceForge SVN repository is officially obsolete.
Special thanks goes to Fathi Boudra for handling the migration process!


Krusader-SVN development download
The latest up to date installation instructions can always be found in
the INSTALL file [5].
The Krusader development version is called Krusader-2.1.0-SVN "Rusty
Clutch", the name is a tribute to KDE Extragear since we are under way
to the first gear.

Download the latest available Krusader-2.1.x SVN source code with subversion:

$ svn co svn://

Please note that the above command doesn't download the GUI
translations and the Krusader handbook, since their source code
resides in other directories.

Here is a quick hack to get and install the German Krusader-GUI:

$ wget*checkout*/trunk/l10n-kde4/de/messages/extragear-utils/krusader.po
$ msgfmt krusader.po -o
$ su -c "cp /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/"

Change "de" on your language code "foo" to get the proper translation
of your preference.


Translating Krusader in KDE Extragear
Please join your KDE i10n team if you like to continue translate the
Krusader GUI or the Krusader handbook [6] [7].


Krusader translation status in KDE Extragear
The Krusader translation status can be followed on a Wiki [8].
Current Krusader status: Currently no release schedule, Currently not
in string freeze.

The translation status of the Krusader GUI can be monitored [9].

The translation status of the Krusader HANDBOOK can be monitored with
several urls.
Because there are about twenty handbook pot files there are about
twenty url's for the handbook
e.g. url [10] [11]
If you take a look you can see that KDE translation teams are working
on Ukrainian, Swedish, Portuguese, German, and French Krusader
We are not sure if one url exist that shows the complete i10 status of
the handbook.

Location of the translation template files in KDE Extragear.
- The Krusader GUI pot file [12].
- A small Krusader GUI pot file for the Krusader icon [13].
- The Krusader Handbook pot files (+ other pot files of other projects) [14].

Some examples of translation files, these are the files that
translators are working on (In this example the German translation):
Change "de" in your language code "foo" to check out your language "foo".
The German Krusader GUI and icon po file
(krusader.po,desktop_extragear-utils_krusader.po not yet translated,
and some other i10n po files) [15].
The German Krusader handbook po files (and some other i10n po files) [16].


Krusader Mac port with
******************************************** [17] is used for the Krusader Mac port. A Portfile [18]
is provided for Krusader-2.0.0 "Mars Pathfinder".
Krusader on Mac OS X is an application bundle called you
can double click it in Finder or use the "open" command in the
terminal [19].
[code]$ open /opt/local/bin/[/code]
To open it blocking and to see all the output you can also start the
executable inside the bundle directly
[code]$ /opt/local/bin/[/code]
There is also a recent blog entry about installing Krusader on Mac
using Macports [20].


New features available in Krusader-2.1.0-SVN "Rusty Clutch"
Please note that Krusader-SVN is a development version and probably
will contain some bugs,
but it allows you to use the brand new features (it contains bug fixes
as well) !

Current highlights:
- Queued packing / unpacking [21]
- Lister: a fast text/hex viewer for Krusader [22]
- Lock tabs, close inactive tabs, close duplicated tabs [23]
- File regex in quick search
- Service menu
- Better trash integration

A complete overview of all Changes can be monitored online with the
Changelog [24] and SVNNEWS [25] files.


Help and feedback
Here you get a chance to contribute to the Krusader project. Some
things need to be done, but can't be done by us. Help, feedback, and
contributions are always welcome. If you feel you can help, please
follow this link [26]. Thank you! If you have a topic for Krusader
news, please contact Frank. Your feedback on this newsletter and
future newsletters will be appreciated.


Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas to improve Krusader, feel
free to let us know. We do it all, for you....

Kind regards,

Krusader Krew

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