Krusader Newsletter: Volume 4, Number 1, 29 january 2008

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Frank Schoolmeesters

Jan 30, 2008, 3:16:00 AM1/30/08

Krusader Newsletter, 29 january 2008

(c) 2005-2008 by The Krusader Krew, All Rights Reserved


Welcome to the first Krusader Newsletter of 2008 with news, views and
information about recent developments and ongoing issues in the
Krusader project. Our aim is to inform of recent developments, give a
preview of upcoming features and to give our loyal users a direct line
to the Krusader Krew.

Krusader-2.x for KDE4 works, porting continues
Krusader-2.x works on KDE4.0 ! :-)
Though not everything works as it should, yet (same as KDE4.0 ;) )
Current work is to remove all "old" kde3/qt3 code so that we can
remove the backwards compatibility library for kde3/qt3 on kde4 and
make Krusader-2.x a 100% kde4/qt4 application. Krusader-2.x is
currently only available in SVN, although a first release
krusader-2.0.0-alpha1 "Phoenix" is planned. Please note that
Sourceforge has changed the SVN url (the old url of the previous
newsletter doesn't work anymore). Thanks to Csaba, Shie, Heiner and
some other contributors for helping to port Krusader. If you like, you
can follow the developments at our devel-mailinglist [1] and on the
krusader-commits mailinglist [1] wich tracks the SVN commits.
To check out the latest Krusader 2.x for KDE 4 from SVN use:

$ svn co

Compiling should be easy [2]

$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/ -DQT_INCLUDES=/usr/share/qt4/include
$ make
$ su -c "make install"


Krusader (KDE4) compiles on Mac OS X
Krusader-2.x runs now also runs natively on Mac (with KDElibs/Mac
installed) [3]. Thanks to Jonas Bähr.


A new year, a new server!
We have finally moved our website to a faster server [4]. The switch
is expected to overcome the recurrent performance problems we had in
the past. Special thanks go to our long time contributor Jonas Bähr
for taking over the hosting and to our great webmaster Dirk Eschler.
So far the website runs pretty well. We are still broadcasting ;-)


Send in your Krusader Extensions!
Krusader-1.90.0 "Power Stone" will be released soon, so you can still
send in Krusader Extensions [5] !. Frank is less busy now and found
some free time to continue to work on the 1.90.0 release ;)


OLD news about the Krusader-1.90.0 "Power Stone" release:

The Krusader Krew has decided to release a final KDE3.x version [6]
called Krusader-1.90.0 "Power Stone", which will include all Krusader
extension goodies of [7]. Krusader supports a wide
variety of extensions (Keymaps, Colormaps, User Actions, JavaScript
Extensions). We are always glad to see someone creating something new.
Please upload your extensions at The best extensions
will be included in the Krusader-1.90.0 "Power Stone" release.
Btw, translation updates or new translations are also welcome.


Here are the urls that explain "HowTo create Krusader Extensions":

Keymaps [8], Colormaps [9], User Actions [10] [11], JavaScript
Extensions [12]. Everyone can do it! Thanks!

12. - Krusader The Ultimate KDE File Manager
Steve Lake has written a great article: Krusader - The Ultimate KDE
File Manager [13] [14]. Thanks Steve! We do know for a long time that
Krusader is damn great. Btw, you can vote and send in comments, if you
like the article.

14. - File Juggling with Krusader
Dmitri Popov has written a great article: File Juggling with Krusader
[15] [16]. Thanks!


Krusader 1.80.0 distribution news
*************************************** reports that currently 24 distibutions provide
Krusader-1.80.0 [17], 4 more distros have updated to version 1.80.0
compared to our previous newsletter [18]: ALT Linux, ASPLinux and
UHU-Linux. DARKSTAR Linux [19] provides Krusader for the first time.
Thanks! Be aware that only checks the initial release
of a distro, so updates, backports or external repositories are not
always reported in this list.


- UPDATE: ALT Linux: Sisyphus
- Arch Linux: current
- Ark Linux: dockyard, dockyard, 2007.1
- UPDATE: ASPLinux: 12.0
- Càtix
- NEW: DARKSTAR Linux: 2008.1
- Debian GNU/Linux: sid (unstable), testing
- Fedora: rawhide
- FreeBSD: 7, 7.0, 6.3
- Frugalware Linux: 0.8-pre2, 0.7
- Gentoo Linux: unstable
- Granular Linux: 2007
- K-DEMar GNU/Linux: 4.4.4
- Linspire
- Lunar Linux: moonbase
- Mandriva Linux: cooker
- Momonga Linux: 4
- NetBSD: pkgsrc, 4.0
- PCLinuxOS: apt
- sidux: 2007-04.5, -04, -03
- Source Mage GNU/Linux: grimoire
- openSUSE: factory, 10.3
- T2 SDE: snapshot, 7.0-rc2
- UPDATE: UHU-Linux: 2.1

Help and feedback
Here you get a chance to contribute to the Krusader project. Some
things need to be done, but can't be done by us. Help, feedback, and
contributions are always welcome. If you feel you can help, please
follow this link [20]. Thank you! If you have a topic for Krusader
news, please contact Frank. Your feedback on this newsletter and
future newsletters will be appreciated.


Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas to improve Krusader, feel
free to let us know. We do it all, for you....

Kind regards,

Krusader Krew

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