Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force Undermining World Health, The Economy, and The United Nations - {HRI 20100304-V6.1-SL-V4.3.2}

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Oct 18, 2011, 6:42:16 AM10/18/11
to Koos Nolst Trenite
Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force Undermining World Health,
The Economy, and also Undermining the United Nations Organizations

(incl. Real-life definitions of: 'Living organism' (your body),
'Molecule Medicine,' and of
'By-pass surgery,' 'Narcosis')

4 March 2010
{HRI 20100304-V6.1-SL-V4.3.2}

(Version SL-V4.3.2
on 18 Oct 2011)
(see Issue Note)

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Of course, eating Omega 3-6-9 oils (fish oil and
flax seed oil and borage oil) daily, DOES restore
health to your body's blood vessels, the arteries
and veins.

That is also MUCH CHEAPER, than 50,000 USD per
hour torture of your body under full narcosis

- which, not surprisingly, causes much
impairment to your bodily, and even to
your mental health (memory loss, etc.) -

in the jargon that is called 'a by-pass operation.'

So America spends something like twenty

on this entirely unnecessary, and very NOT
recommended torture of its citizens - per
year, yes.*

Since the famous medical charlatan Dr. Bernard,
doctors - IN ORDER NOT TO study how to HEAL your
heart, or kidney, etc., etc, - they instead
"replace it or parts of it."

That is also endlessly more expensive, and
keeps the patient in their clutches, to
commit more fraud on the patient and on the

'Narcosis:' Very severe poisoning of your body,
often for many hours at a stretch - in which you,
additionally, lose all command over your body,
and thus you also stop defending your body from
anyone's Harmful Life Energy attacks on it (on
your body) - Life Energy knows no distance - and
your body became sick already in the first place,
BECAUSE you failed to defend it from such attacks.

'Living Organism:' (Your body is ENTIRELY) a 'Life
Energy Organism' making or not making its molecules
move and combine and un-combine.

(introduction end)



Their power over you, depends on YOU FAILING TO KNOW,

what you are (and not knowing what others are), nor

what your body actually is

(HOW IT IS ALIVE and repairing itself).


Imagine: Medical Doctors DO NOT EVEN KNOW, WHAT A BODY IS

(see {definition} above, in the introduction)

and they act accordingly:

"Geeky medical nerds, they are, immersed in their molecules
that they want to replace life with, like modern-day
'Frankensteins': Molecule Doctors as MD's"


"Molecule Medicine" consists of identifying poisons,
parasites, bacteria and viruses by their molecular
structures, and attempting to counter these by molecular

Having earned their marks in that, they then go and
classify ANY diseases - and LIFE ITSELF - as "being
molecular in nature,"

and thus they throw their Molecules (their drugs) at
ANYTHING - which is highly, highly destructive.

Not unlike the Criminal Mind of Albert Einstein, who
after gaining a Nobel Price

for showing, that photons obviously are
particles capable of hitting something,

(Einstein) then GOES ON, to "replace space and time"

- thereby destroying modern physics and
driving physics students, and others who
buy into it, equally Insane.


Recently however, some Medical researchers "made a quantum

(A joke on everyone who greedily uses or reads
the word quantum

without even knowing, nor wanting others
to know, what the term means:

Quantum means, that a photon is a particle
with a definite amount of material energy,
that is obvious when it hits something.

This amount is a 'Quantum:' a definite amount
rather than a gradual increase.

So, repeating and continuing the joke on the
misuse of the word 'quantum:' Recently, some
medical researchers "made a quantum leap")

by classifying 'Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)'

- cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other
non-communicable diseases -

which they are now (20110920) going to discuss the
current and future epidemic of, at the United
Nations Assembly,

though remaining immersed, as they are, in their "Molecule

- immersed, entrenched in their little corner
of "knowledge," by being 'peer-reviewed,'

in Molecule Medicine,

like some Cold War communist regime does
persevere in its own survival -

telling each other and the people entrusted to them,

"they are doing the very best that can possibly be done for
the people."




Their power over you, depends on your failing to know about what Life
is, and

on your instead adhering to their very ANTI-Scientific and MALICIOUS

- they want to "scientifically" convert you to the malicious
BELIEF or to remain converted to it (to the extremely
unscientific* and entirely malicious* superstition*) -
feeling and perceiving, and remembering, by themselves, but

they want you to accept their malicious BELIEF (born out of malice
and an intention to inflict harm BY MEANS OF the method of "helping

handed down in the society, from indeed most irrational
Sociopaths admired by you without even flinching, such as

the infamous Hippocrates and Aristotle of Greece,* "teaching"

that "YOUR BRAIN DOES (and other body parts, even, do) YOUR THINKING


Our Licensed Medical "science" does deliberately,
intentionally and maliciously,

throw away ninety percent of available data that is
necessary AND VITAL to it,

throwing it away 'peer-reviewed,' at that,

which is like having the Nazi philosophy 'peer-
reviewed' by other Nazis.

Indeed it, the Licensed Medical "science," could not
possibly be called a 'Science' by any RATIONAL person.

But the licensed, 'peer-reviewed' Medical Doctors want
you to call their extremely irrational, and malicious
BELIEF system, a "science"

- THE "medical science:"



Criminal Minds of our medical "science," have 'replaced' you,
and they keep 'replacing' you - entirely maliciously they

...with molecules,

"you should be confused ...with (and by) molecules."

(They are also suitably omitting, by the way, that
the signal-transmission speed of nerve cells, is
only a few meters [yards] per second.)


You are really like little children ...wanting to PLEASE
the Sociopaths of "science," by AGREEING to be totally
STUPID. (See 'extended definition' further below, of
'to very cleverly MAKE YOU STUPID.')


Criminal Minds OMIT, DENY and HIDE, a vast amount of
the most valuable and the most applicable data,

- violating the definition of Intelligence*
itself, thereby, too -

because exactly THAT is the goal of Criminal Minds:


effectively to destroy science and lastingly to
replace truth

- truth being 'that what happened, what
occurred, what was and is going on' -

replacing it with some fake, acceptable "truth,"

and cloaking it in 'Gobblede-Greek' and 'Gobblede-
Latin' (derived from Gobbledegook - note for our
foreign-language readers)

to make it impenetrable to you who are 'not
of the scalpel' (to those who are not making
a living as Licensed Medical Doctors).




Criminal Minds do NOT want truth known at all - you
might be willing to admit - but they DO want you to
"understand" and "know" things WRONGLY:

They want you to "find" and blame the WRONG cause.

Got it?

The World Health Organization (WHO), is run by
Criminal Minds or "well-adjusted" Sociopaths:

(Margaret Chan, Director-General, and currently
Shekhar Saxena, Director of Mental Health and
Substance Abuse Disorders, are most obvious -

They do nothing BUT maliciously omitting,
denying and hiding the most vital, the most
valuable and the most applicable data, that
concern World Health,

while PRETENDING, and being paid, to do
the very opposite, of course;

which ALREADY proves, that they ARE indeed
("socially highly-adjusted") Sociopaths.




Such Criminal Minds - AFTER FIRST HAVING SMASHED your soul -

the soul not only of adults but of children alike, smashed
TO PIECES and subdued, socially and "scientifically" (and,
from the viewpoint of a Sociopath, very "rationally")

in every lesson, in every school class and textbook,
demanding of students to say, that "you do not exist"

- and also when students are doing "research"
projects etc., demanding of them, to write

"as their own 'independent' thought,"

that THEY THEMSELVES do not think, or exist, but,

that "it is the brain" that does exist and think
and remember and feel INSTEAD OF themselves - and

also aided by such repulsive school "education" - by
attacking defenseless children, really - it is, that

Criminal Minds do proclaim the biggest insult and most
destructive lie, that you can give to anyone

...and that your barbaric cruelty finds no quarrel with:


NOT ONLY, that "you do not exist" (but that "only your body
exists," instead of you) - the ultimate barbarism - but,

with the next malicious lie and insult, related to it,

ALSO, that actual, normal Perception

- which you do all the time anyway, whether you know how
it works, or not - (normal Perception)

"is not possible," or even "is a disorder," "a disease" ...really

- from the viewpoint of a Sociopath, it is indeed so, that
actual Perception by yourself (sensing-feeling, you call
it) must be made to seem "impossible,"

or must be seen as, "understood"

and labeled by your friendly Medical Doctor,

as "a disorder," as a "disease," and must be "remedied"
with drugs ...really -

and, further, on top of THAT (Criminal Minds do proclaim) the
very malicious lie and insult,

also related to the insult of replacing you with a brain,

that "you know nothing,"

especially SMASHING children to make them decide to be the
very irresponsible morons that Sociopaths want them all to
be, "because of their age,"

by enforcing on everyone - "scientifically" - the
malicious and ridiculous, entirely ANTI-scientific

that "you know nothing" other than

- STARTING WITH NOTHING (as the Sociopath wants to have
it, that you know NOTHING) - other than

'what is put into your body's brain' means of its nerve
connections while your body's life progresses (while you grow
up). ...Really.



How cruel can you be, to children even ...who will

- just to please you or to please their teacher, or their
parents, etc. - children will

accept any lie that they feel or sense 'is meant to be accepted
socially as "true",'

(and you can observe this in any dictatorship,
too, its citizens being bullied into behaving
and thinking like irresponsible children)

and they really believe it to be true, just in order
to please you - so you can go and feel 'you are more
intelligent than children are,'

you feel then more obliged to care for them, while
they accept whatever they are asked to believe -

in this case

the literally debilitating, and literally sickening lie

- which feels like being overrun by a barbaric tribe
of modern-day Huns, or, similarly,

walked over by "scientists" and other "very
rational and intelligent and educated individuals"

...of the Hippocrates strain (heritage) -

overwhelming you with the hypnotic "religion of

of those who are cruelly demanding people to convert to
the malicious BELIEF,

that "people (do not exist as themselves, but) are" (replaced

(that is not a joke: It is a globally established,
"scientific" belief - a 'peer-reviewed' belief, at


a BELIEF too ridiculous for words,

COMPLETELY irrational, and malicious, and
very fraudulent too when applied to medical
"care," as malfeasance, [TPAT]

but yes, Criminal Minds, and their supporters (the
Destructive Cowards* and the "science writers," and
other materialistic geeks) these

do indeed "scientifically prove that lie" ...inside their
bubble of "logic" REVERSED, of perception DENIED, and of
vital data REFUSED. They indeed teach that,


nowadays AGAIN, exactly as they did (the medical
profession and official "science" did as a macabre
prelude to World War Two)

to prepare for and to justify worldwide domination
and genocide, and to claim "a GENETIC Master Race"
to exist or be realized by Medical "science,"

DENYING the soul, you, and REPLACING it with
your body,

and not even that, but replacing you with the
MOLECULES of your body,


when that "modern scientific" malice was once again
promoted by Criminal Minds,

...with amazingly vast acceptance in "medical" and
"scientific" circles, *

resulting in the malicious BELIEF that DENIES
that you are, what you are, and that others
are, what they are:

a unique soul, regardless of race, age,
gender, social status, education, etc.;

but instead, you existing, was maliciously

in World War Two's Japan and Germany to wildest

grabbing the power to "govern,"

who claimed, that they must impose on the
world their "medically pure, GENETIC master
race:" *

"to save the world from disease and from depravity
and from any other Evil ...for the coming thousand
years." *


The medical doctors and scientists LOVED it, "to
devote life to health."

And that not only in Germany and Japan, *

where medical doctors decided "who is healthy
and who is not,"

like modern day Doctors Frankenstein let loose
on you, not only there, but also elsewhere,
they were

REPLACING the soul with the molecules of the body, and
with the brain in particular,

as it is done now too, in almost all "modern" and
"scientifically run" hospitals,

in medical "research," and

in "science" magazines, by the "science writers" and

in "medical journalism" by "medical writers."



Indeed it is only one life-time ago, that they - with the
same "science" - took LESS THAN TEN YEARS, *


and to destroy their own countries and their own
"superior master race" with it.

Thanks to Medical "Science" which was

motivating, justifying and enthusing people into mass

- all the while promoting their "science" with their
"superior, 'very logical' intellect" -

...EXACTLY as Criminal Minds want it to be and to come more forcefully
about - NOW TOO, taught by means of their medical "science,"


some NINETY PERCENT of all, highly RELEVANT and very available
data about healing and about the body,

indeed they want others to have no clue EVEN about what a body
actually is (see it defined in the introduction, above)

yet they do dare call it "science,"

which proves YOUR dazed, intense Stupidity caused by them, the
hypnotic trance in which you are immersed by them.




Of course, the only way a person - a child and adult
alike - DOES develop and produce well, and does well in

and the only way he keeps on to the health and the
sanity that he was endowed with for instance when he
was born,

is when he is addressed as himself, as what he IS,

AND when he is allowed to see and to address others
AS THESE ARE, as well:

(a universal right, by the way, that is anchored in
Article ONE of "The First Correct or Natural Human
Rights Declaration" *)

that means, when you admit to the fact, that someone
(being a SOUL!) exists,


and when you also ADDRESS him as someone who - of course -

who is currently incarnate in a body of whatever race,
whatever age, gender, social beliefs, etc..


Addressing someone as what and who he is - a unique
soul - you will have to do ALSO (and much more so)
where heavy discipline needs to be and is being

also THEN you look at the SOUL, at the person, an
entirely unique individual,

even when he (or she or it, of course) is a
Criminal Mind existing and hiding behind the
Life Energy mask

that any Criminal Mind sports and flashes at

in order to have himself - the Criminal
soul that he (or she or it, of course)
is - and also his underlying intentions,
not recognized by you, or

simply put,

to not be recognized by you.


Indeed every successful, caring manager or teacher or
parent, does know very well

- and also an effective military commander, and
even a caring drill sergeant does know -

that you address a person as a soul;

every caring and civilized person does that:

How BIG my astonishment, that they did not
even teach us that, at a University that was
supposed to make 'captains of industry' out
of us!


It is also no more than normal, and it is ACTUALLY being
polite, to look at and see a person 'in his eyes'

- looking at his SOUL of course, which is actually
behind the middle between his eyes, or seen within
his eyes - looking at a person himself,

because THAT is showing real, caring respect, in most
cases certainly.


Maybe you have used the words 'talking from heart to
heart,' at some occasion,

you might have called the result 'chemistry between
people,' as a choice of words currently still in use

- actually, 'chemistry' (which means to say,
molecules) is a cowardly use of words for
expressing the actuality, of strong and
loving Life Energy interaction between
people, but not saying that, and

using the words of Criminal Minds instead,
as if Life is replaced by molecules, thus

cowardly not using the actual term (Life
Energy), not mentioning it in order "not to
create social conflict with Criminal Minds,"

cowardly, you see: in order

'neither in public nor in private, to have to
stand up to a Criminal Mind,' and instead,
complying with the social force of Criminal
Minds, and cowardly calling it 'chemistry.'


In any case - whatever you call it - you are looking
at someone who is a soul:

You look, sense and feel and perceive, from soul to soul

- and no matter, how much Criminal Minds do HATE

(they hate the risk of being seen as they are,
of being recognized for what or who they are,
of being detected, and of being understood as
to their actual intentions, but),

notwithstanding that, or rather, standing up
to them,

you look anyway (though without the Hate, that
characterizes THEM) you look at and see whom you
have in front of you.

Amazingly maybe for you, even the worst Criminal
Minds do respect that, they get very meek and
respectful, at least for the time being


And therefore they try to avoid or hinder or to
distract, and to block your penetrating gaze, to
prevent your Perception of them, but if your
Perception is actually penetrating, then

you show respect, in fact, in the truest sense.


Being a soul, you have THE basic factor for ENJOYING LIFE,

the soul experiences Life: In that way it is,
that you experience the JOY of being Alive, of
being connected to (feeling-sensing) Life,

the JOY, that Criminal Minds try to destroy and try
to turn into the opposite - and THAT [ODE]

...that is THEIR joy,

THEY are having their "conscience" IN REVERSE!

(See 'Natural Definition Of Peace,' etc. etc.,
on how to deal with that.)





Criminal Minds may try to prevent you from admitting the fact,
THAT you are a soul,

they try that not only "scientifically" or "rationally,"

and in this context, "medically" DENYING that you are
a soul,

while they stubbornly keep on "demanding that you
prove it to them" WHILE they in flabberghasting
IRRATIONALITY keep on denying and rejecting and
opposing any and all actual evidence,

that you might have been naive enough, to provide
them with, like "giving scientific evidence" to the
fraud and vicious Sociopath James Randi,*

but they ALSO try to prevent you

from showing EMOTIONALLY, that you are a soul - mostly opposing
it with social and religious customs:

The emotional equivalent of "You should not show yourself to be
a soul," is:

"Do not show your feelings." And:

"Your feelings confuse you and mislead you," and "are of the
flesh." And

"Feelings must be regarded as 'being illogical'."


That is also, how they (Criminal Minds and their followers) deny
your soul and your perception,

because Feeling-Observation is THE MOST ACCURATE AND MOST

also in detecting Criminal Minds.

It is like an extremely precise radar 'in 3D and color
vision, in 'Dolby Surround' sound, and with unlimited
Smell and Sensations and Thoughts and Intentions conveyed,

of the past, of the present, and the intended future,

(perceived) by means of FEELING-OBSERVATION,

or Life Energy if you want to be technical about it.


But the Criminal Minds demand "DON'T LOOK AT THE SOUL of
a person."

Already by saying, "the soul does not exist" - with their
"science," they demand:

"You SHOULD ONLY perceive, what YOUR BODY registers,"

"we teach you that in school and in college as 'logical science,'
and we write and show THAT in the media as 'the only and true

That is utter malice ...which you have
accepted, or not vehemently protested,

accepting it in violation of 'Zero Tolerance
for Evil Impulses.' [ZTA]




Criminal Minds do indeed claim - using whatever social
terms of invalidation and ridicule, or using medical
"scientific" terminology - they claim, that

All ACTUAL, true Perception, "IS INSANE,"* and "must
be treated as a brain disease"* as "not perceiving

- so the Criminal Mind wants others to see it and
wants to have that acted upon by others -

and THE licensed medical profession claims that as
well. *


And so these 'peer-reviewed' Licensed Medical
Quacks, are dangerous indeed, who will seriously
damage your health and destroy your life and
your abilities:

"Perceiving Evil intent towards you, 'is a brain
disease'" - so the Criminal Mind wants others to see
it and so it is labeled according to THE licensed
medical profession, *

despite the fact, that Feeling-Perceiving of Evil
intent towards you and others, is of course of the
utmost, VITAL importance:

It is of major assistance to you in AVOIDING
those very individuals and those very

including Medical Doctors, I hope,

that intend to harm or victimize you or
others, (by PERCEIVING them, you AVOID those)

who want you to be 'Blind' to sensing-feeling
their actual intentions.


Feeling-Perceiving of Evil intent towards you and
others, is VITAL:

That includes of course, that you have some working
knowledge, about how Perception works and how (you
thus can understand, how) Criminal Minds will block

you have to know by heart and at an early age,

the FOUR basic Harmfully Altered Life Energy
types, all of which are projected by Criminal
Minds, onto you and onto your body:

1. Drug Energy,

2. Ugliness Energy,

3. Unconsciousness Energy,

4. Pain-Hate Energy,

you have to have some education about it (such as
becoming educated in the Fine Particle Physics {FPP}
of Life itself),

about how Criminal Minds AVOID your Feeling-
Perception, of them and of what they intend,

about how these DECEIVE and otherwise PREVENT
you from seeing, from Feeling-Observing, their
harmful intentions: *([DOP])

That is THEIR "Art" of living...

being what THEY are:

Criminal Minds (or "well-adjusted" or
"perfectly-adjusted" Sociopaths).



To EMOTIONALLY deny your being a soul, they do GIVE you
(they project Energy Particles at you) of

'you feeling embarrassed, reluctant, shy, yes, even guilty
or ashamed, of talking about your feelings'

(talking about these - to someone caring - is quite
a part of examining your feelings)

so they PREVENT you from talking freely about these,

let alone talking about THEIR actual, hidden feelings.

"You must doubt," or "feel ashamed of,"

your CORRECT (perception of your) feelings about
them - and

"You must doubt," or "feel ashamed of," in particular
the (Ugly or malicious) feelings coming FROM them,
should you inadvertently detect these.

When you sense-perceive something of THEIR
intense Ugliness, they will throw at you,
that "what you sense, 'is your OWN Ugliness'
- after all, YOU do feel it, isn't it!"

But in fact, you feel THEM. You do smell
the stench, so to speak, but it comes

So, if you are not educated about Perception,
(and about Criminal Minds)

then they easily cave you in and tell you,
that "YOU have a Disorder." [IDCM]


Further, in EMOTIONALLY denying people being souls:

Parents "'must' hide their feelings from being perceived
by their children;" and children "'must not' sense or
understand the feelings of adults:"


Indeed, Criminal Minds have everything in

"Feelings 'are bad,' Feelings are inaccurate',"
"Feelings OPPOSE Awareness and HINDER professional
activity, and PREVENT spiritual development."

Really... and not only in their "science," but ALSO

often enforced by religious customs THAT WERE INDEED

who are "speaking for God or for Allah or for the
Cosmic All"

- which shows, how INTENSELY, NAUSEATINGLY,
DESTRUCTIVELY STUPID they have succeeded
in making and keeping you, (not you and me,
of course, but others, I should say) and

which I hope you are recovering from, to
return some of your native Intelligence
and your normal Feeling-Perception.



Criminal Minds are very 'successful' in blocking or else
distorting, accurate feelings that you and others have:

But it is exactly YOUR FEELING-OBSERVATION, that will most
easily - and often instantly - detect the true intentions
or the condition of in this case a Criminal Mind,

you probably know this, but now you see it also
'in writing,' properly formulated, that you use
Feeling-Observation, true Perception,

so that you then know how to react instantly and safely to
the ACTUAL intentions, of someone Criminal in this case: *


It is in fact the most valuable 'life
insurance' there is, for you and for your
children's safety.

able to detect the Mask that hides a
"well-adjusted" Sociopath, a Criminal
Mind, and his or her ACTUAL intentions

(or someone else may detect it, and
see through it; someone else may
be less oppressed or 'spun in'
by some personal relation or
relative of yours, or less
deceived by some 'authority,'

someone might be willing to be a
true friend* to you in pointing
out your dangerous situation).


With feeling-observation, you are or
will be able, also to detect THE CONTENT
of such a Mask - at least to some

Like trying to find out or guess - maybe
a famous actor or actress, to practice
your skill *([FALEF]) - to find out WHAT
the mask is made up of - whom a "well-
adjusted" Sociopath impersonates

- with whose Energies he creates
the Mask he shows you as "being
himself," by means of the Life
Energies pulled indeed off of
normal people -

maybe even Life Energies taken from you,
by which he or she impersonates YOU.



You understand, now, that there is a MAJOR motivation for
Criminal Minds to DENY the nature of Life itself:

To have the society, religion, and science DENY, oppose,
block and distort,

yes even to punish people for, or to "cure them of
the 'disorder' of knowing,"

the nature of life itself:

FEELING-OBSERVATION is THE basic activity in detecting and in
avoiding Criminal Minds in Life, (see 'Natural Definition Of

- with Sensing-Perception (these are different words for
the same thing: with Feeling-Observation) -

you are thus able to ENJOY LIFE on Earth.


And therefore it is FEELING-OBSERVATION

(which you do use primarily, as a soul, and which is your
main observation ability,

by which you also observe photons and also connect to
sound) - it is Feeling-Observation,

that has always been and will always be the MAJOR TARGET of
attack, by Criminal Minds:

TO HIT at that and DESTROY or diminish or distort that,
Feeling-Perception, in you.


They are opposing and deny understanding of feeling, in

and they are distorting, ridiculing, hating, making ugly
- and otherwise blocking - YOUR FEELING with your soul,

and ALSO medical "science" denies the nature and
presence of your FEELING-PERCEPTION,

thus "medical science" is unleashing itself on life, onto the

as malice to Life, but in order to succeed in that malice,
it is

cloaked as "helping life" and accepted because of that very
CLOAK or Mask

- complete with its vast advertising campaigns and TV
series and "documentaries," all DENYING even the
existence of Life Energy itself, and denying who and
what you are.




Your education about 'who you are,' is brought down by
that "science" to the level of the fabled 'Stone Age'

- figuratively speaking, of course -

(the spiritual 'Stone Age' of "Being in the Now" -
of always denying and always hiding any sources of
any evils, by 'just being in the now') [DOP]

in what is indeed, in effect, a REVERSE "Evolution,"

that is indeed intended BY Criminal Minds to take place,
and that has been indeed brought about, and maintained,
on Earth, *

the educational side of it being invariably, that
"THEY (Criminal Minds) are the ones 'teaching you
about Life',"

it is the Criminal Minds, who are teaching you about

while it is in fact THEY, who DEGRADE Life in all
aspects, and so bring about a REVERSE "Evolution."

And if they do not teach you about the
"evolution of the soul on Earth,"

then they teach of "the evolution of Life
Forms" on Earth,

because, after you have been "taught about Life," as by
studying the current "science" of biology, or of the
"science" of medicine, then you, being so-called
"educated," "now you know about Life"

- you eagerly accept that debilitating lie, that
"now you know about Life," you accept that lie,

as 'the reward of your hard studies, of your
difficult training and hard exercises at personal

the comfortable idea, the social lie, the
academic lie, the scientific lie, that after
passing your exams

"Now you finally know about Life" -

and THEN, "having finished learning," you won't asks vital
questions anymore, you see,

and the BBC has become a beacon of such suffocating
"knowledge" as with their recent "documentary about
'the invisible world',"

by which they HIDE the 'Invisible' World of Life

that DESPERATELY NEEDS viewing accurately and
very much WITHOUT the New Age gurus and other
Sociopaths "explaining it for you,"

but the BBC was HIDING the 'Invisible' World BY

showing what a high-speed movie camera, what a
microscope and what infra-red and ultra-violent
photography makes visible,

as "being The Invisible World."



Thus, due to your long and arduous, and no doubt expensive

- I am sorry to break the unpleasant truth to you -

you then will unfortunately only ask the WRONG questions,
and you will allocate funds to FALSE "education"

- or you will not oppose funds being allocated to
FALSE tuition -

and so you will support funding for the WRONG "research"
and FALSE, malfeasant "charities,"

as typically in medical "research," like Cancer - ,
Diabetes - , Alzheimer - , Parkinson - , Depression
etc., etc. - "research" into diseases or disorders

which they now finally start to classify as
something they can't manage, as

'Non-Communicable Diseases,' (NCDs)

"of which we do not really know the cause, but we
will look into the MOLECULES OF THE BRAIN, to find
the cause there,"

in a true morass of Licensed Medical Evil and
heart-wrenching fraud and betrayal of you,
of the community, and its money and hopes and
efforts, of their malfeasance descended upon
us like a nightmare.


Nowadays, the Criminal Minds even label Ecstatic Aliveness
and the occasional Immunity To Sleep, as "Disorders" or

that "should be prevented or treated" - with drugs, you
understand, or even by electroshocking the brain, *

as part of a whole encyclopedia of "incurable" diseases.


Their arrogance and ignorance is aggravated - and is
ridiculed, really - by the fact, that

NONE of these "scientific" researchers, and NONE of those
"spiritual" teachers,

can even DEFINE perception, or awareness, or memory

- they do NOT know, in any way fitting with their
responsibilities and with the conditions they
claim to be authorities for,

how these (perception, or awareness, or memory)
work (but they are "educated" in "how perception
works" yet they can not treat most perception
disturbances) -

- and they do NOT know, how their "non-existent"
soul DOES connect to the body, to the living

the body, your body, that they deny ALSO
maliciously the very nature of;
(see Definition in the introduction, above)

- nor can they explain how thinking works:

Not only these "heart transplanters," but any
"luminaries and humanitarian holinesses" as

cannot explain how thinking works. They don't

And they think accordingly...

But I could find all that out - and I did explain it for
you, too - solely because I do care for people, because
I do have intense love for people,

far more than you could imagine that Love exists:



So I very strongly suggest, that you treat people properly and
as souls, and their bodies as Life Energy Organisms (that make
or do not make its molecules move and combine and un-combine),

or I might get slightly annoyed with you, you see. [ZTA]





But Criminal Minds are using all they've got - and they ENJOY using
- all their intelligence and their whole life's work, to make people

'Very cleverly TO MAKE YOU STUPID' - defined as:
"The more cleverly inflicted on you, and the more insidiously
(without that you or others notice it) inflicted on you and on
everyone, and

the longer the Stupidity and Blindness is lasting, the better
camouflaged and the more DESIRED IT IS BY YOU,

the better they succeed in it." {definition}


Thus - by making people stupid so they will indeed do very
stupid things - to make GOOD people in fact inflict Evil:

To make GOOD people think, that what they do "is really Good and

- as currently typical, in practically all modern
hospitals -

when in fact they are inflicting Evil on others.

(For instance in various 'peer-reviewed' and also 'peer-
approved,' "medical" treatments.)

To make GOOD people inflict damage that "must be inflicted, to
safeguard your own or other people's Life and future,"

or "because it is 'for the best of the group or for Mankind',"
when it is in fact really destroying Life.



To achieve that Evil, and not only in "medicine," the "best"
Criminal Minds do create and do inflict THE "BEST" LIES,

that you will accept somehow, and

they work at it CONTINUOUSLY - at CLEVERLY LYING, and most
horribly lying -

about all, about everyone and about everything:

Their "mastery" consists of creating and enforcing
"brilliant" lies for the given circumstances, lies

that normal people will accept and carry out or relay
as "truth:"

"brilliant lies accepted by normal people"

...till I come along, that is. *([POLA])

Especially all protective, caring people, are FRUITFUL TARGETS
for them, and easy targets in a society deeply infected by them,

where HIDING Evil is "civilized," is "harmonious," and is
"creating and maintaining stability,"

where HIDING Evil is "providing good relations," and means
"good governance," and is "true diplomacy,"

where they made it so, that HIDING Evil "is caring for people."

{extended definition}


Certainly from the viewpoint of Criminal Minds, "the most civilized

and really "the ONLY civilized behavior there is,"

IS to hide (also their) Evil, and to blame it on something or someone


And they do that ALSO in medical "science:"

blaming the molecules of your body for everything, that
you suffer from,

even blaming everything that someone THINKS, (even
blaming his thoughts) on molecules and electrons, *

blaming for instance the Evil THEY inflict onto
you body, Harmful Life Energies (which are Fine
Particles) of Hate and Pain, that THEY or some other
Criminal Minds inflict on you,

and that directly cause (your) headaches,
for instance,

what THEY or others do to you - they blame "on your
brain's blood vessels."

Really... That is not a joke, unfortunately.


Their false blame is THAT Insane,* THAT destructively and
nauseatingly FALSE - THAT repulsive to look at and sense,

that you or others do not even notice and oppose it: *

It is just too WILDLY FALSE, too overwhelming of the
ability to think clearly, that one does not even consider
examining it;

and to admit, that such a level of Evil* DOES exist and
IS surrounding you, is also too upsetting for you.

Study some websites where people describe their

They all are made to blame a FALSE source, and so it
never gets remedied,

and then - INSTEAD of looking - they are told,

just now (20110503) also by the 'World Health
Organization's Mental Health guru, also,*

to take drugs order NOT to examine and NOT to
remedy the actual Evil, the cause.

In fact, you have been made THAT Insane, by
Criminal Minds, that you can not even discuss
it - it is "TOO UPSETTING" for you, to face

But exactly THAT - hiding Evil - DOES drive people Insane; and
equally, hiding Evil DOES destroy your and anyone's ability to
stand up to disease.





The general purpose, that the Medical Profession holds - indeed "peer-
reviewed" - in common, (with Hippocrates in the West and with the
Yellow Emperor in the East), is,
TO HIDE THE SOURCE OF EVIL (the sources of the evils).

After all, they (Medical Doctors) study some seven years for it,

in order TO BE ABLE convincingly, with total confidence, to
ridicule any rational challenge of their "knowledge,"

in order to HIDE EVIL by wrapping it in a lot of Latin and
Greek words, and under white coats and behind arrogant smiles,

and THEY HIDE EVIL - AND their malfeasant Stupidity - by means
of the administration of specific drugs, by the deft application
of sharp knives, and by the studied insertion of hollow needles.


That however, Hiding Evil - and not even talking about the Evil that
is hidden - DOES VIOLATE the condition of Peace, of Health, and of
Sanity. *

And HIDING or covering up Evil

- with the Medical Profession in the forefront -

has since long been a festering sore in the United Nations
Organizations, too.





The United Nations Organization is VIOLATING The First International

They do NOT remove the Evil regimes, but medical professionals
do in fact work to support some Evil regime,

they fawn upon or close their eyes to that Evil,

"in order to be able to save lives" there, "despite the Evil
regime" that however destroys the lives in the first place.

And so - instead of facing the SOURCE of the Evil - they
'send food and medicine,' but they send nothing against the
oppression, against the SOURCE of the Evil.


OF COURSE they are REFUSING to call Evil Evil - and that, "in
order to maintain good relations WITH EVIL,"

and thus to be allowed BY EVIL, to help the people smashed
by Evil (by the Criminal Minds 'governing'),

in order to keep SOME people - the BODIES of SOME people, that
is - "alive," but keeping them Blind or oppressed:

alive but without the freedom to also ENJOY life.


Again, they REPLACE the soul, the person, you, with the
body, they replace you with molecules:

In China "ten people died from the Mexican flu."

Big, headline news! it was made to be, globally. *

In China, maybe ten or twenty MILLION people are
falsely imprisoned for years,

imprisoned FOR their care and responsibility for
others and for themselves,

imprisoned by the regime of China, IN ORDER TO
DESTROY their soul, their Love, their responsibility
and their joy of life,

by means of forced labor or also by chemical
torture of their body,

many are "medically" poisoned and
tortured, as well,

"in order to cure them" from "the disease" of 'being
caring, and being responsible for others and
for themselves....' of being a soul, really.

Someone trying to flee across the borders
of Communist East Germany, was automatically
declared "insane," and imprisoned and drugged
heavily with Haloperidol, a drug "against
insanity," prescribed by the Licensed Medical

which ruined the rest of his life ...even
after East Germany, and he, was freed. *


But THAT is not newsworthy, because their BODY is
kept alive, you see, while their SOUL is destroyed,

I think you get my point, here too. *([IJC])

The First International Law* does makes it real, as it states:

'Criminal Minds have NO RIGHT to govern anyone.' *([FIL])

These - Criminal Minds - have OF COURSE NOT the right, to govern
people, also not 'THEIR OWN' PEOPLE, or 'their own' tribe or
ethnic group, or 'their own' "brothers in religion," *

ALSO NOT when they have a "high approval rating" from
those they successfully deceive and bully.


ALL THAT EVIL is HIDDEN by the 'peer-reviewed' Medical Profession
- and, curiously,

also in most if not all United Nations Organizations and in
its General Assembly,

it is intentionally and maliciously HIDDEN. *





So I straighten you (the customers of the medical trade, and that
profession itself) out again, maybe succeeding even before this
century has passed.

You better be decent to people, and also intend others to be
decent to each other,

and intend them to be decent to you.



Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34


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