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GAIN Power's Jobs That Are Left Information & Posting Guidance

  • Jobs That Are Left is a listserv run by GAIN Power. This listserv is primarily for career opportunities in Democratic & Progressive politics. We share all jobs posted on our career center, our professional development events, training, and allied organization announcements.  
  •  We are actively working to move this group over to substack
  • We allow any job post from organizations working to impact our Democracy, elections, and advocacy.  Employers who want to post jobs on "Jobs That Are Left (JTAL)"  should post them in GAIN Power’s Career Center first. 
  • All jobs posted to the career center are then posted in the JTAL google group. You do not need to post twice. 
  • You will still have the option of posting your details publicly or shielding your contact information.
  • You can receive applicants through our lite career center applicant tracking system, directly via email, any applicant processing service you use for your organization.  
  • Please note that we have posting rules. We require all jobs to be paid and the salary or pay range to be listed and transparent. Violators of this policy will be flagged and removed. 
  • There are many types of posts available in the career center. The basic post is $99. For those who find that unaffordable, we allow very small campaigns/org/firms who come from JTAL a free option as well. This is an honor system so you choose the best option for you. All options are transparent when you post jobs. 

More details about this  

The career center job board has a  much broader distribution than this google group. When we combine our google listserv with the career center, we increase the value of both services. Career Center jobs are shown throughout our site and emailed, and they syndicate beyond to an extensive network of other job boards and search sites, including Google for Jobs. We also promote some of our jobs on GAIN POWER social sites, including Twitter, FB, and Linkedin. Our career center also is a more organized way for job seekers to search, filter, and review jobs, including by geographic area and experience level, in an open and accessible way.

Users can add themselves here:

If you have questions about JTAL, please email: or call (202) 863-4246, and one of our team will get back to you. Thanks. - Amy & the GAIN POWER Team.