Family of the week: DILLENIACEAE

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satish phadke

Jul 1, 2008, 7:28:29 AM7/1/08
to Indiantreepix, wildflowerindia

Dillenia pentagyna

Family of the week : DILLENIACEAE

Mostly tropical and subtropical.
Vegetative characters :Trees,shrubs or twiners (vines).The leaves are simple and alternate,entire or dentate,ususally with numerous promonent parallel lateral nerves; the stipules are absent or wing-like and adnate to the petiole, mostly deciduous.
Flowers :
The flowers are actinomorphic and are bisexual or rarely unisexual. The perianth consists of 5 imbricate sepals and usually 5 imbricate petals. The androecium consists of numerous, distinct or fascicled stamens. The gynoecium comprises several distinct, simple pistils, each with a superior ovary and a single locule containing 1-many ovules.
The fruit is a follicle or is berrylike.

Dillenia indica
Dillenia pentagyna


J.M. Garg

Jul 1, 2008, 8:56:56 AM7/1/08
to satish phadke, Indiantreepix, wildflowerindia
From Indiantreepix Database:
Dillenia indica (Syn. D. speciosa)   Dilleniaceae Chalta, Elephant apple, Large-flowered delinia, Girnar or Hondapara tree I have records of its flowering in early July'07 at Narenderpur near in Kolkata. Trees of Delhi- Does not flower here. Beautiful Trees & Shrubs of Calcutta- flowers mostly in rainy season (June-August). Chalta/ Elephant Apple/ Hondapara tree (Dillenia indica syn. D.speciosa) - indiantreepix | Google Groups Elephant Apple - Dillenia indica
Dillenia pentagyna  Dilleniaceae In March'07 at Jayanti, Duars, West Bengal. View crop Dillenia pentagyna - indiantreepix | Google Groups

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