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Vicky Phillips

Mar 28, 2023, 11:06:38 AM3/28/23
to AtoM Users
I was just wondering if there are any plans in the pipeline to upgrade the version of ElasticSearch that AtoM requires in the near future?  I notice that the documentation for 2.7 and 2.8 currently notes that it requires 5.x but doesn't support version 6.0 of ElasticSearch, although both of these are no  longer supported and version 8.6.2 is now available.
Digital Standards Manager
The National Library of Wales

Dan Gillean

Mar 28, 2023, 2:31:52 PM3/28/23
Hi Vicky, 

TL;DR: Yes, there are plans in the works, though I can't share any specifics at this time. We hope to be able to do so in the near future. There are several factors at play here, such as: 
  • As recently announced in the forum, we now have a team of Maintainers for AtoM, who are specifically focusing on addressing technical debt in the application. They will be making decisions on how best to support AtoM and deal with its search index. 
  • The maintainers are developing an upcoming release roadmap for AtoM - we will share more information about this as it is solidified
  • One of the things we are looking at closely is our Elasticsearch version
  • It's not just a matter of dealing with all the breaking changes between ES v5 to 6, then 6 to 7, then 7 to 8. It's also about the fact that Elastic changed their licensing recently in a way that at best, doesn't really reflect the open-by-default values and ethos of the AtoM project or Artefactual, and at worst might actually be a legal liability for our project. A number of different alternatives and community forks appeared after the license change, but their suitability, as well as long-term ongoing support and viability, needed (and still needs) time to determine. 
  • Our team has been gaining experience with other indexing libraries via other project work, and we'll be evaluating based on this how suitable these alternatives are for future AtoM releases
  • Finally, please note that, while a new 2.8 branch of the AtoM documentation was made following the public release of version 2.7, so far no updates at all have been added to it - so 2.7 and 2.8 documents are currently identical, and the 2.8 docs do not yet reflect the final requirements and dependencies for 2.8 in any way. 

Dan Gillean, MAS, MLIS
AtoM Program Manager
Artefactual Systems, Inc.
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Sarah Higgins

Jun 19, 2023, 7:33:15 AM6/19/23
to AtoM Users
Hi Dan,

I wonder if there is any movement on an update for Ealsticsearch in AtoM? My Information Services Department now view the outdated version as a cyber security threat and want to switch it off. We'll have to find an alternative software - which certainly isn't my preferred option.

Sarah Higgins

Vicky Phillips

Jun 19, 2023, 7:50:28 AM6/19/23
to AtoM Users
Hi Sarah,
You may find this post useful  where it notes the work the AtoM maintainers have planned for future releases. Copying the bit that mentions Elasticsearch below

2.7.2 release: Spring 2023
Various bug fixes, support on Rocky Linux 8 (already supported on Ubuntu 20.04)

2.8 release: Fall 2023
Bug fixes and API additions; Bootstrap 2.x deprecated (not tested)

2.9 release: Winter 2024
Upgrade to php 8.1, Mysql 8.0, Elasticsearch upgrade or swap tbd, support for Ubuntu 22.04 and Rocky Linux 9.0, removal of Bootstrap 2.x code

Digital Standards Manager
National Library of Wales

Sarah Romkey

Jun 19, 2023, 8:45:20 AM6/19/23
Hello all,

Yes, Vicky is correct, the Maintainers are exploring whether we will upgrade Elasticsearch or swap it out with a solution like OpenSearch. Elasticsearch changed the terms of their license going forward so that is why we're exploring OpenSearch as a possibility. In either case the 2.9 release, in early 2024, will have the new version or tool supported.



Sarah Romkey, MAS,MLIS
Archivematica Program Manager
@archivematica / @accesstomemory

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