George W. Bush, the Chamberlain to Hu Jintao (as in 1938, Munich, Britain's Prime Minister Chamberlain to Hitler) - {HRI 20060423-V3.5.1} (Version 3.5.1 on 12 May 2006)

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Aug 23, 2006, 7:23:27 AM8/23/06
to Human Rights Issues
George W. Bush, the Chamberlain to Hu Jintao
(as in 1938, Munich, Britain's Prime Minister Chamberlain to Hitler)

23 April 2006
{HRI 20060423-V3.5.1}

(Version 3.5.1
on 12 May 2006)

(Suitable for
foreign language

To shock your senses even more into numbness, now 'the Land of the
and sovereign Chinese people of the sovereign state OF TAIWAN.


Really! The deposed American president Richard Nixon, a
known Criminal Mind, created "his own reality," that
"Taiwan does not exist"

- and so "we 'of course' have to continue his evil" -

his evil (being), amongst many other things, that
(he) not only delivered the VIETNAMESE people
into slavery, but that

(he) ALSO tried to sell the Taiwanese people into
slavery, but that, so far, without success.



That - bringing people into some kind of slavery -
IS the purpose and continuous work of ANY Criminal
Mind, (**)

"when YOU are enslaved, then 'THEY are safe',"
is their feeling about it ...really.


Criminal Minds have everything in reverse - you know,
those people of whom you say "can not be true, that
their SOUL is evil," though

you see it right in front of you

- now also of the Criminal Mind Chavez, who,
with pleasant and with unpleasant lies,
'with carrots and with sticks,' PLANS to
bring a whole country to slavery, and if
possible the whole of South America,

which he hopes to have accomplished
in twenty-five years from now, not
just for a small island like Cuba,
like his small "friend," Castro,
managed it with success.



Criminal Minds are very, very predictable, and they
want not to be recognized as such, of course,

and 'a head of state' "by definition" is "not
a Criminal Mind" - right?


So, if you DENY, that Criminal Minds exist and
if you DENY, that

these do have VERY PREDICTABLE purposes, which
ANY Criminal Mind has - to destroy or dominate
life -

if you DENY that truth of life,

then 'you have to search for other "reasons"'

- which "reasons" you do find indeed,
by the library full of them, in almost
all textbooks and history books and
economics books and politics books -

ALL "reasons" denying the very, very simple
truth, which IS

the existence and nature and purposes of
Criminal Minds, such as there are
several being 'head of state,' right now.

They are very, very predictable. *(1)




Searching instead for "reasons,"

(in order not to have to face, that, WHAT IT IS,
which is:

'Some INDIVIDUALS - who are very, very intensely evil
by their very own nature'

you are compelled - by them and their helpers - to
NOT WANT to face the very simple but very, very
unpleasant truth - thus you and other)

people are given to (they like to accept) the atrocious lie, and
would accept 'evidence' for the lie, that


"the desire for (more) possessions (and for selling Boeings
and Air Busses) MAKES people evil" and "can be used to
make people do evil."


You can compare this with an earlier lie, that "Germany
wanted more territory:"

Germany did not at all want more territory, they
wanted to commit more Crimes and that on a wider area

- indeed, their Crimes were not remedied by
their having more territory; quite and very
much to the contrary, it doubled and tripled
their Crimes -

because Germany WAS governed by Criminal Minds, and
was headed by one Criminal Mind - who was intending
to dominate all people


with his fast expanding and prosperous

and he intended and then proceeded to destroy
all and everything that he acquired and
controlled -

for which he had to acquire the territory and gain
control of the people first,

isn't it... you 'Dumm-koepfe.'




It is not at all 'the desire to have more land or more
possessions, and to govern more Germans,' BUT, those ideas
are used as

"an understandable or acceptable, seemingly truth,"
a lie

- that also then journalists did relay, and
that they also now do and will report as

or that they 'diplomaticly' hide, as being
'self-understood' "reasons" -

Associated Press still keeps reporting Hu
Jintao's lies, un-altered and un-commented

and that you, also now again, did accept as

"the reason, explaining" what you saw done by George W.
Bush publicly to Hu Jintao - what they both did to you,
actually, to numb and confuse you by means of outrageous

and to destroy the freedom of people now and in the


entirely and only following the impulse projected
BY Criminal Minds, that "if you do not please
them, Criminal Minds, then 'something terrible will
happen to you or to others'" - while in fact, THE


This I have only told you ten thousand times,
so far - that 'Criminal Minds have everything
in reverse.'

So surely, you don't know that yet, and

besides, you can also not recognize
Criminal Minds, and

in fact - entirely complying with
Criminal Minds - you refuse to even
consider, that an individual you know,
CAN be a Criminal Mind: "It can not be,
that Criminal Minds exist."




Those ideas - however, once again - are ideas from Criminal
Minds, and they are relayed as "reason" by the very insane, and

those ideas are simply intended to make you not see the actual
intentions and the actual nature of Criminal Minds.


You can easily see, that wanting to acquire possessions,
does NOT AT ALL make people evil, because any person DOES
have - you and I as well, do have - the desire for having

as a vital part of life and for being able to enjoy life

In other words, it is the opposite of evil, it is
good - I can tell you now again.



And precisely THAT desire, the desire for possessions, is

- but not, of course, in Criminal Minds, and not in
Cowards who have been made temporarily evil by
Criminal Minds, but -

IN NORMAL PEOPLE (not with thieves, but with normal
people), that very desire for (more or better)
possessions, is

a reason and impulse exactly TO NOT BE EVIL, but to invent
and to create and to produce and to gain respect for one's
abilities and care for others by exchanging with them, and
to enjoy life with each other. *(15)

Isn't it.



I wish, you would stop believing the eternal lies of
Criminal Minds, and

I wish, that you study and get others to begin to
study the Human Rights Issues,

so that you become less influenced - in your
thoughts and feelings, and thus in your
actions - by Criminal Minds *(2) and by their
helpers, by the Destructive Cowards *(8) that
you do know so many of.




I am very sure, that you have NOT recovered from the mental shock,

of how Joseph Stalin - excuse me, I mean, of course, not the
deceased and worshiped dictator of communist Russia, how could I
possibly confuse him with Hu Jintao, I meant to say, that I am
very sure, that you have NOT recovered from the mental shock -

of how Hu Jintao has been received by George W. Bush

AS IF Hu Jintao is a "respectable head of state" (really!),


and by the Yale University AS IF Hu Jintao cares anything about
proper knowledge and education of people (really!),


and by the Boeing director AS IF Hu Jintao is "an old friend of
America" 'fighting evil governments as they did in World War II'

(not a joke! Mr Boeing factory director really said that
publicly, and under a thundering applause from the free
and American Boeing factory staff ...creepy stuff, isn't


and I won't mention the events in Seattle at the
'House of Bill' (of Bill Gates)

- built from the billions of dollars that Gates
enjoyed to steal and cheat and deceive out of
caring innovators and decent businessmen in
America and elsewhere -

I have repeatedly pointed out, that "the current
greatest 'friend' of the slaves in Vietnam," Bill

who is also "helping" them to be Internet-
censored by their government, that Bill Gates

is a Criminal Mind, and

I have repeatedly pointed out also, that Hu Jintao's
other Western "friend," Henry Kissinger, is a
Criminal Mind as well

- and these are acting, respectively, as the business
and political 'advisers' to the Criminal Mind Hu
Jintao -

and you do not know all these things, but you did

you did observe, you made the physically
nauseating or else the mentally numbing
experience, of observing the actual occurrence




- Hu Jintao being treated AS IF he is "an equal of George W.
Bush," as if "Hu Jintao is a normal being,"

instead of ACTUALLY respecting, respecting what Hu Jintao is,

(and what his predecessors, Jiang Zemin (*) and Mao Zedong,
were then - it is Hu Jintao)



'How to destroy, or enslave and dominate as many people as
possible in as short a time as possible and as lastingly
as possible,'

which goal he, Hu Jintao, as well as his predecessors,
Jiang Zemin and Mao Zedong (and the Criminal Minds Karl
Marx, Lenin, Stalin and so on) like to call

"a different political system." *(16)

It is the "political system" of 'never openly to
call it WHAT it actually is and what it actually

as the faithful reader is well aware.





And what George W. Bush was trying to do - against all rationality,
as the faithful readers again know - it is wholly irrational towards
Hu Jintao, what George W. Bush was trying to do, and was doing
publicly even, which was the irrational, destructive act of

APPEASING A CRIMINAL MIND - Hu Jintao - because he (Hu Jintao) demands

George W. Bush was trying 'to prove to the world,' and 'to
China' and 'to Hu Jintao,' that

"Bush is a nice and rational man and that the Americans are
nice and rational people."


That is a wholly insane undertaking - and not for the reason why some
think it is, but:

It is (child-like, immature) naively destructive behavior, which
is being compelled by Criminal Minds,

in this case compelled and demanded by Hu Jintao,

even with twenty-one gun shots (rather badly aimed,
I would say :) as salutes "in honor of" and demanded
by Hu Jintao

- who is a sociopath (I mention that in case you still
don't know).




A sociopath is a sociopath and thinks and acts like, and has the
goals of a sociopath - it is not different than that, and it has
never been different, and it never will be different.


I will repeat that. For the very, very densely
intelligent, I repeat:

Hu Jintao is a sociopath,

with only one goal in mind,

'How to destroy, or enslave and dominate as many people as
possible in as short a time as possible but as lastingly
as possible.'


To ask him, a sociopath, Hu Jintao, for reform,
or to ask him to free dissidents,

to release honest, caring, responsible people,

is what is meant here - but "modern
journalism" does not allow truth to be written
simply enough so that anyone would actually
understand that what is going on and who wants

so journalists say "dissidents," and leave it
up to you what they actually mean, and they
avoid saying what is the matter, WHICH IS

to ask a sociopath, Hu Jintao, to release honest and
caring, responsible people,

people whom he, Hu Jintao, was (and is) in a
position to be able to commit the Criminal act
on, of capturing them, and having them tortured
in various ways, too - but

to ask Hu Jintao, a sociopath, to be decent and sane,
is like asking a dog to be a vegetarian, or asking
a pig to stop eating:

He can't even understand what you are talking
about, or why you would want that of him,

other than, that "you want to destroy him,"

and indeed, you want to destroy his "system,"

- the "system," in which he, Hu Jintao, a
sociopath, and other sociopaths, can thrive
un-opposed, undetected, and are wholly

...exactly as it was intended by a fellow
sociopath, the Criminal Mind Karl Marx.

And then they indeed shout like pigs, that
"you want to destroy their system, their
'country'" - the Criminals accuse YOU of "you
wanting to be evil, not respecting their
rights and being imperialistic," and so on,

because THAT is how Criminal Minds try to
"defend" themselves.


And it works, you cower and grovel to Criminal
Minds, because you do not want that they call
you "evil," certainly not publicly.

But you SHOULD honestly state, also to
them, and publicly, what you DO want.

And then you can get support for THAT,
and then you can also point out truly the
actual intentions of those who do NOT
want to oppose Crime: Peace Activists,
Criminal heads of state, and Criminal
business people, and Criminal
politicians - you expose their true
intentions, and act on what is, and not
on what THEY say "is."

That's the whole purpose, you know,
it is to oppose and prevent Crime,
not just small scale Crime, but big
scale Crime, big scale Criminals
such as several heads of state are.

And you can of course only do that,
by being honest, and not by "being
Henry Kissinger" (a well-known,
big scale and highly Criminal





It is a wholly insane undertaking, to want 'to prove to a sociopath,
in this case to Hu Jintao, that "you have good intentions":'

TO ACCUSE YOU OF BAD INTENTIONS - in order to dominate and
confuse you and to make you not look at him.

And that is why you slaver and grovel: In order 'to show a
Criminal Mind, that you have good intentions.'

He ALREADY KNOWS that YOU have good intentions - that
is why he tries to make you feel bad or guilty, you

You ALREADY, indeed do have the bad intention

- which is induced by him, truly enough, the very
bad, very destructive intention -

to not face him, and also, the bad intention to appease him

you are executing, you are doing that.

(And a sociopath, a Criminal Mind, can be male
or female, and of any age, of any social or
religious status, of any educational level, and
of any profession, and of any nationality or
race - as you know.)


So, by his projections and your reacting to it - by
your appeasing him - you already have proven him "right:"

You DID agree to appease him (which is the bad
intention of yours towards him) to not see or not to
mention his actual, but hidden intentions.

That is VERY BAD, very destructive 'Diplomacy'

and it has, as you know, almost completely
destroyed and keeps destroying the United
Nations Organization (the birth of which
body coincides with my this life time
birthday, by the way).


Truth is absolute, you see, regardless of the
viewpoint, regardless of who the viewer is.

But Criminal Minds, including Albert
Einstein, want you to deny even that Truth,

want you to be insane, want you to believe
their lies about life (and his lies about
physics, as I explained to you elsewhere).

Truth is absolute - it is 'what happened' -
and regardless of whether someone sees it, or
whether someone understands it or not, it still
did happen.


Thus you - being honest to truth, very literally, because
truth is absolute - you have to 'agree,' somehow, with a
sociopath, with a Criminal Mind, in this case with Hu
Jintao, that 'you indeed have "some" bad intention towards

which is true enough - you do have the intention 'to
be nice to him' (meaning, to refuse to see his
destructive intentions and thus refusing to act upon
these accordingly)

ONLY, HE - being a Criminal Mind or sociopath - DOES NOT
TELL YOU, of course, that THAT is your bad intention
towards him - he does NOT tell you, WHAT YOUR ACTUAL BAD

All sociopaths, all Criminal Minds that you have
encountered and that you will encounter, do this to you.


They make you assume - they project for you to
feel and assume - THE OPPOSITE of what actually

They (Hu Jintao and his staff, in this case)
project the ACCUSATION:

"You considered or felt he (Hu Jintao) had
bad intentions - that he (Hu Jintao)
wanted to, or was busy to destroy you"

- and indeed, Hu Jintao IS working
very hard, constantly, to
undermine and destroy George W.
Bush and the American and any
people -

and then the Criminal Mind (Hu Jintao)
projects to you,

that "that is a very evil thing of you,
to assume that of someone," of him - of
Hu Jintao, of a "friendly head of
state," or

"of someone who is not even proven

of someone of whom it is considered
"normal" - being a head of state -
that he commits the most horrid
Crimes against his own people and
internationally to "opponent


Your mind is kept by them,
aided by "modern journalism,"
in a medieval state of mind
about politics:

The politics of 'lie,
hide that you are
lying, then hit' -
'lie, hide, hit,' etc.

- as you know it from
Saddam Hussein, and
now coming from
Iran, from Russia,
from China, etc.

You have to expose that "politics."


But you have also to break the
refusal to face Criminal Minds
and Destructive Cowards:

It works ONLY - of course - when
you do face reality, when you face
that what exists,

which is, however, so
intensely evil, so repulsive,

that you recoil - it makes
you wince, and thus makes you
refrain, abstain from looking
at it; so repulsive,

that you rather are put - by
Criminal Minds - into feeling
euphoria and into partial
unawareness, and so they set
you chasing after some "noble
truths," for instance, total
lies in all aspects,

or other reversals, that are
indeed, always, the reverse
of what they say they give

They do actually make
MORE disconnection from
life than you already
have, a withdrawal from
feeling life and
people as they are,
more and more 'being
dead forever,'

just as many of you do
experience it every
morning when you wake
up and try to make
yourself alive again,

because you want to
feel life, feel people
- which is the
exuberant joy of being
alive, of life itself.

But sociopaths,
Criminal Minds that is,
do connect to you in
order to remove your
connecting Energy, to
destroy and pervert
your feeling of life
and of people.




That's how it works, you see, that is what ALL
SOCIOPATHS do, and Hu Jintao is no exception.

THEY do NOTHING BUT LYING - that is their nature -

and you want to form or operate a
United Nations "Security Council"
with them,

which is like your agreeing and voting
and paying, to have the prison run BY the

A prison run by those who are actually
the inmates, by Criminal Minds.

That's not a joke, unfortunately.


So you have to study the Human Rights Issues, which
teach you, to look through these things. But George W.
Bush is too arrogant for that - he thinks it is enough
for him to feel that I exist; and that he does not
have to read, what I write also for him.





The activity of sociopaths, and the activity of Hu Jintao, is:


All the Crimes of Hu Jintao ARE KNOWN to the American
government, and it is not difficult for you to find these
out either.

They also know all the Crimes of the other heads of state
who are sociopaths, by the way.

But in order to comply with and appease these
Criminal Minds, just like Chamberlain in 1938
appeased Hitler, THEY

- following, agreeing with, and thus complying
with the very, very intelligent lies of
Criminal Minds (also coming from the
Criminal Minds in their own country) - they

hide Crimes FOR Criminal Minds, thus to appease
Criminal Minds

(also in their own country, like the Criminal
Mind Bill Gates, for instance, only too
obvious in this example, hiding Crimes for the
benefit of Criminal Minds)

even when News Agencies and other media are only
waiting to get and publish these Crimes.


Criminal Minds however, can't even report on
some triviality like Michael Jackson, but they
have to (they feel compelled to) hide his
Crimes as well.

He projected a strong Energy - force - to
influence his jury, so that they
pronounced him "not guilty," of what they
all knew was fully proven guilt.



That is how strong the compulsions and projections of
force (of Energy) are, that come from Criminal Minds, and
that come from the very Destructive Cowards, the Peace
Activists, who ALSO hide their real, their actual purposes
from you

- they are puppets, also mentally, to Criminal
Minds. You certainly remember that, and you can
have your memory confirmed by the relevant Human
Rights Issues (HRI's). *(8)






Hu Jintao is too big a sociopath for George W. Bush to face, and thus
he, George Bush, is bringing us that much closer to the Third World
war that Hu Jintao, and Putin, and their "friends" - including Henry
Kissinger and many other sociopaths - intend (would like to happen).

I already explained to you before, that THERE IS NO
'Anti-Americanism' or 'Racism' or 'Zionism' and "Arabism" and
"Islamism" and 'Communism' and 'Maoism,' nor 'Trans-Atlantic
rifts,' and not 'Visits to war shrines,' and whatever else they
can think up, BUT:

THERE ARE CRIMINAL MINDS, individuals that you can and should
name - and these MAKE Cowards Destructive, and

for that purpose they create and use those ideas, such as
'Anti-Americanism,' etc., which are lies,

that the journalists and politicians PARROT (copy, take
over, accept, believe to be actual and 'the reason why')

as - I repeat, for your convenience - the lies called

"'Anti-Americanism' or 'Racism' or 'Zionism' and "Arabism"
and "Islamism" and 'Communism' and 'Maoism,' 'Trans-
Atlantic rifts,' and 'Visits to war shrines'," and whatever
else they can think up. *(15)

This I have explained very thoroughly to you in the
Human Rights Issues. *(5)



Now I wish, that you would not mess up things so much all the time,

people really don't like that at all, you know

- ask any Chinese person, any person in Belarus, any person in
Sudan, any person in Myanmar, any person in Cuba, any person
in Venezuela, or in Cambodia, in present day Vietnam or Laos.

But ask not the Criminal Minds and the Destructive Cowards
or Peace Activists of course, as these have the purpose to
promote and hide Crime:

You only get lies from them, about "what they want."


So you must penetrate their lies, and you do NOT send your
journalist TO THEM, of course, to 'let THEM "explain" to
you "what they want",'

also not to the Criminal Mind Jane Fonda,

and don't ask any help from the Criminal Mind Bill
Gates, or from the Criminal Mind Edward 'Teddy'
Kennedy, to mention only a very few examples,

because Criminal Minds are hiding their ACTUAL purposes,

they are hiding these from everyone, in order not to be
stopped in actually executing that, what they really do
hide from you,

and what they hide by means of calling it the very
opposite - of the Cowardice and Hate they feel
inside -

but you can see it in their actions, or rather, much more
easily, you can see, and be quite astonished, totally
amazed actually, about the actions they do NOT take,

but that they would HAVE to take, if they would
follow their stated purposes,

and this completely stuns you - 'WHY does he not do the
very obvious that any sane person would take up and act


It is, because he only PRETENDS to, he (and 'she' if
it is a 'she,' of course) has totally different, but
hidden purposes, that he is lying about.


You do see - you can observe - as you see it in the medical
drug trade, that they actually refuse to protect life, they
very actively destroy and prevent cures. And you see

that they do in actual fact REFUSE to protect life, by
means of PRETENDING to you, to "protect life,"

yes, by claiming, even, "to be 'the only ones' who do
protect life."

More atrociously, they like to claim, that (not THEIR
hiding proper treatment from you, and THEIR refusal to do
research into how the body ACTUALLY functions *(n))

"YOU are murdering patients, 'by not sending these to
THEM...'"(!) You have read and heard that, as standard
"responses" from Criminal Minds,

who DO want to keep people suffer and die horrible
cancer deaths for instance - even paid for by
patients themselves.



That is TOO REPULSIVE for you to look at - it is too
repulsive to look at Criminal Minds, so "Criminal Minds
do not exist". And you see

those fighting against the very decent, and being very
mean and atrociously lying about very decent and very
honest and caring, very responsible people.

That lying, that utter meanness, is TOO REPULSIVE
for you to look at. And you see

those running away from facing Criminal Minds or otherwise
complying with evil at the first sign of any actual threat
against (their own) life,

and you see them calling that principle then a "Noble

...or - equally denying the existence of truth - they
use 'whatever "truth" (whatever lies) they have the
most chance with' - 'the most chance' for what they,
Criminal Minds, consider is "winning."

But truth is what exists, it is what actually
happened, truth is who intended what - and
denying it is insane beyond insanity.


Henry Kissinger promotes, as "balance of power:"

"You need to OPPOSE good and caring and decent and
helpful people - your actual friends you must betray
and fight" - else you will "lose."

Sure, Criminal Minds,

whether Islamic or Russian or Chinese or
American or Hottentot, any Criminal Mind,

will then indeed lose, and will lose their
influence to destroy people and life.


And Kissinger, Putin, Hu Jintao - and their
"friends" - do not like that they lose
influence, you see:

THEY want Criminals in charge of the
United Nations Security Council, and
anywhere else too.


If you are capable of reading any news
at all, then you know, that this is what
they constantly do,

and you would continue to know that, and
you would act upon what you know, unless

you have been hypnotized by for
instance the Criminal Mind
Oprah Winfrey via her TV shows,

- SHE creating the effect, that she
is highly paid for and "loved
for" by millions, the effect that
she very deliberately, very
intentionally creates the Energy
for - that

you can not face any actual, real,
existing evil, at all anymore.

That is the intention, globally,
of Oprah Winfrey, and she gets
indeed paid well for that
"service to Mankind,"

the "service" of PRETENDING to
look at people, of pretending to
look at life, of MAKING others
pretend to look at people, at life.

And you know by now, that
giving you the 'comfortable
feeling,' the pleasant

that "you ARE looking,"

is the most effective way of
PREVENTING you from looking
at people as they really


You can easily detect Oprah Winfrey's
hidden, but actual intentions, by looking
at WHAT SHE DOES NOT DO, and what she
does NOT ask people about, and which
questions she herself does NOT answer.

You can also detect her, by seeing
the amount of Criminal Minds that
she has promoted as "the greatest
friends of hers."



As the faithful reader knows, RESPECTING people IS LOOKING at people
as they really are, and NOT 'AS THEY WANT TO BE SEEN.'

Any sane person can tell you that, and so can I.



Now (it is so, that) I know, that 'you are not on active duty,' or 'you
are retired,' 'you are not authorized,' 'you are not paid for it (for
looking at people as they really are, and for acting accordingly),'
'you do not have that job,' 'you are not qualified enough,' 'you do
not have the proper connections to take any actions,' 'you can not
see or be certain of the consequences or outcome, if you do act,' and
'you are not perfect,' and so on, of course;

'you cannot even say "no" when you definitely should, to
your family members or to your friends, isn't it.'


And therefore, "you certainly can't say 'NO' to a Criminal
Mind, to a sociopath," right?

Therefore "you have to silently swallow everything that you
know are lies and violations of your integrity and happiness,"

Therefore "you have to abide by 'confidentiality agreements,'
and therefore you have to 'do as you have been told without
explanation,' and 'to accept, what you know very well are lies,
and to "understand" these lies any time you are demanded to
"understand" these lies, lies about what is going on'..."

Or have I misjudged you?


And, in case you are into the martial arts, "you fight only your
equals, only the very best people, and you would never even
think of using your abilities, to stoop so low as to actually
stop evil."

Did I understand your "philosophy," your "morals" rightly...

But have I misjudged YOU?



This adds to the many HRI's on the subject, the main one being
{HRI 20051120-V2.4.1}:

Consequences Of Not Facing Hu Jintao, A Criminal Mind As Head Of State

20 November 2005
{HRI 20051120-V2.4.1}

(Version 2.4.1
on 7 Dec 2005)

Do not envy wicked men,
do not desire their company;
for their hearts
plot violence,
and their lips talk
about making trouble.

King Solomon
Proverbs 24:1

What every sane and caring person is wanting to hear

- and what on the other hand, all Criminals and Cowards are
fearing and waiting to read, hoping that no one will write
it -

no one does write on the subject, so I again have to do that writing,
as usual.


What you know, but did not read:

Hu Jintao of China is a monster, that George W. Bush of America does
not face.

That has put us that much closer to a possible World War III.


Well, George W. Bush did face Criminal Minds before, when he started
out in office.

And then he got "softened up," "told how to behave 'in order not to
antagonize Criminal Minds'," and "told that 'he must get approval'
(support, applause) from Destructive Cowards."

(I will not describe, here, the underlying events and mechanisms
used to subdue him.)


You get out of the morass of 'political sciences,' by applying
the Trinity of Science, *(9)

that is, by caring for people - if you truly care for people,
then you inevitably face evil, and you will have to face the
sources of evil and the methods and lies used, and then you
will name and expose and remove Criminal Minds

because you care about people.

Very simple, very respectful - very loving, very caring.


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34

Continued in:

'China NOT A VALID MEMBER of the United Nations Organization (UN,
{HRI 20060429-V2.1.2} - quotes {HRI 20060427-V1.1}
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(29 April 2006 - Version 2.1.2-c)

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directors of companies or institutions,] or function
as scientists or physicians [medical doctors,] or in
any number of respectable capacities [holding
respected jobs or positions].'

'They are all legally competent. [In the legal sense,
they are not insane, because they can talk and
think as brilliantly as a lawyer, to achieve their

'None of them "hears voices" or displays any
psychosis [that a psychiatrist could easily
recognize or could recognize at all, as these can not
and also do not want to define psychosis correctly].'

'But they [psychopathic personalities] are all headed
for [causing others] big trouble, in a life-long
string of [causing] disasters [for others], that
could run the gamut [range, the whole spectrum]:

From [causing] financial ruin, to murder.'

'Psychiatrists know neither the cause nor the cure of
this disorder [and they can not and do not want to
define 'disorder' either, and they have been working
and will continue to work very hard to hide the
cause of any 'disorder,'] which evades [their]
established definitions of either sanity or insanity;

[So, I have defined all these terms, for you,
in the Human Rights Issues {the HRI's}, as none
indeed existed. So it is for the first time in
history, that correct definitions exist and
have been published.]'

'indeed, psychiatrists themselves

[and any persons who try to help and to
understand Criminal Minds - any people who
try to help them]

'are at times as helplessly manipulated by the
psychopath, as are the psychopath's other victims.'


Copyright 2005, 2006 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it, and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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