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Jeff Slenker

Oct 26, 2021, 6:44:14 PM10/26/21
My work was slow until a couple months ago. I started doing a bit of
online English teaching because of the flexibility of the platform,
which allows me to take on sudden translation projects. That has been
so much fun that I have continued it as translation work has picked
up, being more picky with the projects I take. My wife also receives
Social Security and has a small inheritance, which is nice extra
Jeff Slenker
Huntsville, AL USA
My web page is here (click on triple horizontal bars in upper-left corner
for more pages) <>

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> From: Karen <>
> Date: Oct 24 09:04AM -0700
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> I was actually fine during the lockdown period, keeping busy and
> well-financed with three major projects and just having received payment
> for a large job. That payment in March 2020 was originally intended to be
> my "go to IJET" money but ended up as part of my survival money.
> However, I had nothing in June, July, or August and only little
> three-figure jobs since then. I accepted an inquiry for a CSR job connected
> with a media company, but then the agency decided to divide it up among
> several translators. One of my favorite things to translate is tourism
> blurbs, and I had great hopes for the Tokyo Olympics, but guess what, no
> tourists allowed. My other favorite specialties, visual art and performing
> arts, also took a hit during the pandemic.
> At one agency, which I have worked for since 1997, "Hi, I'm still alive"
> e-mails to coordinators I had worked with in the past bounced, although the
> company appears to be still in existence. Not being able to make courtesy
> calls in Japan seems to have had an effect. Fortunately, I have Social
> Security and can dip into the modest inheritance that my stepfather left,
> but that cannot continue indefinitely.
> ATA is going to be in Minneapolis next week, and while there is little of
> interest to J>E translators, I intend to take advantage of being able to
> attend without paying hotel bills or airfare. We shall see what happens
> there.
> In the meantime, if any of you receive inquiries about jobs in the visual
> or performing arts, tourism, international relations, ODA, transportation
> and urban planning, social sciences, or education that you hesitate to
> handle, please send them on to me.
> Thanks in advance, or as they say in Japan, よろしくお願い致します。
> Pavement poundingly yours,
> Karen Sandness
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