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b boggs

Jun 22, 2012, 11:15:02 AM6/22/12
My smart phone 'lost' my response several days ago and I rewrite to suggest that being list-owner made the opportunity to be above the fray.
I have said before that the quality of this list has been unusual for the light hand of management and the harmony it has produced.
Such a wonderful occurrence and instrumental in my journey among the reeds.
Best regards,

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 3:23 AM, <> wrote:


    El Rey de los Super Mochomos <> Jun 19 02:14PM -0700  

    talk about meta. JF Nugent's post never even made it to harp-l nor
    was it rebroadcast by my server. It's a yahoo account, surprise.
    Used to be AOL but there are so few aol subscribers left Yahoo has won
    that race. Gmail had a smattering of hacked accounts but then they
    got on it and it stopped happening. This is so 1998 and my apologies
    to Ken if he's reading. That train has so left the gate there is no
    point in warning anyone. Several years back a prominent lister was
    posting virus warnings. I will confess I did too but it was closer to
    20 years ago than not.
    Why I originally created this list was to whine. Whining is meta.
    Actually I'm less than truthful about that. Why I originally created
    this list was to double dog dare one of my more stridently insistent
    users to take it somewhere else. For some folks the meat and potatoes
    are all about the meta. This particular poster was being crushed by
    the yoke of my moderation. I thought why not create a place for it.
    Nobody bit. This group just languished until I started treating it
    like a pseudo blog with commenting turned off.
    Being listowner surely spoils it for you as an actual participant in
    the group. Witness AJ and Adam. Adam busily trolls his own group
    when he's bored (not that there's anything wrong with that) and AJ
    spends his time quelling imagined riots. Who wants that level of
    control, not me. That whole meta thing got me out of the mix. I
    stopped having to argue it all and once that happened it became truly
    a matter of implementing the model and then yawn. By then none of it
    is fun anymore because you cannot have normal interractions with
    people when you post. They either defer to you or you end up mad
    thinking, don't they know who I am? Plus you've had to sort out what a
    good post really is and you have this awful realisation that 99% of
    anything you've ever posted really should have never been sent.
    I've never posted to harp-l using a smart device. I have one but even
    if I used it you'd never know because it doesn't say posted from my
    iDevice when I do send e-mail using it. See, it's all about petty
    whining. Just a tad over 4 months to go.


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b boggs

Jun 22, 2012, 5:54:16 PM6/22/12

The harp-l moderation has been superb in the years I have belonged. Very rare to foster the level of community amongst such a lot. My buddy bass player agreed that harp players and guitarists are a testy breed. So whine on and enjoy the knowledge that you were instrumental in a great part of my life. BB

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