Osceola County Superintendent Citizens Search Committee

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Mar 28, 2011, 11:02:48 PM3/28/11
to gg
I was chosen as one of the 10 folks selected by the Osceola County School
Board to form the "Citizens Search Committee" (ie. "the committee") for
Osceola County. Its purpose is to find our next superintendent of schools.
There were 4 other folks selected by a union and the chamber of commerce (I

The first meeting of the committee was tonight. 13 of the 14 committee
members were present. We discussed preliminaries, goals, schedules,
responsibilities and the Florida Sunshine Law.

I have a few concerns already. First, we have a very limited amount of time
to make a very important decision. Of course, the final superintendent
selection decision will be with the school board, but what the committee
does between now and the deadline of Monday, May 16, 2011 will surely
influence the choice made by the school board. I fear that we may have
insufficient time to make an informed choice.

I am sorry to report that the very first decision of the committee was
questionable. The vote was 10 to 3 against recording the committee meetings,
either with video or audio media. Needless to say, this seems like the wrong
message to send to our fellows citizens at the outset of this process. I
think that it is very important for everyone to witness this process in
every detail. IMHO, there is no valid reason to suppress this information,
especially since candidates discussed will be identified by number rather
than by name. But I was in the minority on this point.

I asked the school district attorney if there would be any restriction on my
recording these meetings myself. She said "No" since these proceedings are
required to be completely open by law. Anyone can record them.

Now that I have made the request, I need to find a way to fulfill it. I
don't actually have any recording equipment that is capable of making usable
audio or video recordings of these meetings. If anyone is willing to record
these meetings for us, I am willing to do whatever I can to get them
published online for all to see and hear. If anyone has quality audio
recording equipment that you can lend me, I will record these meetings
myself (to the best of my ability) and then find a way to publish the
recordings online.

As a strong advocate of transparency and accountability, I feel that is it
very important that all meetings in the public interest be recorded and
transcribed with full verbatim meeting minutes (whenever practicable). Any
assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

I plan on speaking to several superintendent candidates. In preparation for
this, I will need insightful and representative questions from the community
at large. For anyone interested, please submit two types of questions for

1) Short answer: a question asked over the phone with the expectation of an
immediate answer.

2) Long answer: a question submitted in writing by email with the
expectation of receiving a written response after a period of reflection.

Keep in mind that the choice of our next superintendent will determine the
educational values imposed on all our children for at least the next 3

Please think about it and submit your questions on this thread. I will do so
myself over time. Thank you for any assistance that you can offer.

Note: I announced the location of this forum into the public record of
tonight's meeting. I therefore consider same to be sufficient notice of what
is in essence a virtual meeting in this space open to everyone. On this
basis I feel free to discuss any aspects of the decision making process here
without concern for violating the Florida Sunshine Law.


Mar 29, 2011, 6:59:15 AM3/29/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
After thinking about it a little more, it occurred to me that it would make
more sense to separate the search questions from the search discussion.

Here is where you should post your questions instead:

Osceola County Superintendent Questions


Mar 29, 2011, 8:12:08 AM3/29/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com

First let me say congratulations on your appointment and thank you for your

As a private citizen and a parent, I must say that I was disappointed when I
heard that the Unions and Chambers of Commerce received so much deference in
the committee formation rather than individual citizens such as yourself.
However, it is what it is at this point and hopefully everyone on the
committee will work toward the betterment of our schools.

I don't have any questions right now. However, I would suggest two things:

1. It seems many of the issues with the current Superintendent that were
publicly aired by School Board members had less to do with education and
more to do with business practices. What I've never understood about
Central Florida schools (and I've lived here all of my life) is that
Superintendents are chosen primarily on their abilities to handle
educational matters, but then we turn and put them in charge of several
hundred million dollar budgets, construction operations, large-scale
transportation plans, facilities maintenance, etc. That said, I encourage
you to heavily weigh the business acumen of the candidates for the job.
While some of them may have excellent education credentials, if they can't
run an efficient and ethical business operation, the ship's going to have a
tough time staying afloat.

2. I also encourage you to think outside of the box and consider candidates
who may have non-conventional education styles. Many of the education
systems that are experiencing success these days have leaders that are
unafraid to do things that others may consider unorthodox. In my opinion,
there's nothing wrong with "different" if it can generate positive results.

Those are my suggestions. I wish you and the rest of the committee luck in
your review and deliberations.

Ray Walls


Mar 30, 2011, 9:42:03 PM3/30/11
to gg
Thank you Ray. This is valuable feedback.

You wrote:

It seems many of the issues with the current
Superintendent that were publicly aired by School Board
members had less to do with education and more to do
with business practices.

I think that you are correct. More than an educator, we need a business
manager. We need to let high quality teachers do the educating while having
the superintendent provide the vision.

Of course, the ideal superintendent candidate needs to understand the
fundamentals of whatever education process works best. But being able to
manage people, see the big picture and really get things done is at least as
important, IMHO.

You wrote:

I also encourage you to think outside of the box and
consider candidates who may have non-conventional
education styles.

However much we may disagree on some things Ray, I couldn't agree with you
more on this.

How do you feel about what Gates has been doing:


I think that this is very important:


CCSS needs to get done yesterday. What do you think?

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Apr 1, 2011, 8:05:39 AM4/1/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com

I agree that CCSS is probably a good thing and I especially agree with the
Gates foundation in that academic standards need to be tough enough to
prepare our kids to compete globally. As your recent experiences with your
children have shown, I don't think we're anywhere near where we should be on
curriculum quality.



Apr 1, 2011, 9:51:09 PM4/1/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
After the shock of learning that the search committee would actually vote to
prevent itself from being recorded, I realized that the minutes of these
committee meetings better be darned accurate. Unfortunately, the draft
minutes of the very first citizens search committee meeting (3/28) left out
much detail.

The first attachment below is the draft meeting minutes document composed by
Dana Schafer (assistant to Dr. Grego) for the first meeting. What you can't
see from this document is that I had asked Dr. Blanton several pointed
questions. Dr. Blanton is the consultant hired by the school district to
guide the superintendent search process. In the draft meeting minutes
document you also can't see a few odd remarks made. The second attachment is
a document made from my notes during the meeting.

FYI, Dr. Blanton has been the executive director of the Florida School
Boards Association for the past 30 years (see http://www.fsba.org/ ). It is
my understanding that he was also hired by the Osceola School District to
help recruit many previous Osceola County superintendents, including Michael
Grego and Blaine Muse.

During the special school board meeting on 3/29 I asked Ms. Schafer if she
could add my questions, etc. to her meeting minutes document. She said of
course. She also said that I should email my changes to her. She would
update the draft meeting minutes herself.

So I emailed my changes to Dana Schafer, to the school board and to all
committee members as well.

Here is Ms. Schafer's response at 10:46am (3/30) to my draft meeting minutes
changes email:


I will be happy to add your additions into the minutes
for the Committee's approval at our next meeting.


Here is Ms. Schafer's revised response at 11:08am (3/30):

Mr. Schiro:

Lissette Brizendine, the Chairman of our Committee, has
asked that all amendments to the minutes be made at the
next meeting when the minutes are brought up for
approval. She will entertain all changes at that time.
She wants to ensure that we stay within the Sunshine
Law and maintain integrity throughout the process.
Please bring the additions you would like for me to add
at that time to discuss with the group.


This seemed very odd to me (notice the sudden switch from "George" to "Mr.

For a sanity check I spoke to the following folks who are well-versed on the
procedures for handling the records of public boards: Brandon Arrington,
Fred Hawkins, Mark Rosenbauer and Mary Jane Arrington. Collectively they
have decades of experience with the proper procedures for documenting public
meetings. My talk with Fred is detailed in the third attachment below.

I learned from these folks that it is usual and customary for changes to
draft meeting minutes to occur either before the next meeting or during the
next meeting. There is no requirement to add revisions to draft meeting
minutes one way or the other.

In fact, it often happens nowadays that draft meeting minutes are emailed to
board members as a file attachment. Changes from board members are then
emailed back to the recording secretary and incorporated into the draft
minutes for approval during the next meeting. It is not uncommon for the
updated draft meeting minutes document to then be sent to all board members
again prior to the next meeting.

Everyone with whom I spoke agreed that correcting the draft meeting minutes
prior to the next meeting saves time and is therefore more efficient. This
is especially critical considering the extremely short timeline given for
selecting a new superintendent. Yet for some reason Ms. Brizendine felt the
need to put a halt to this normal process. Why? My guess is that it may have
something to do with a comment that she made during the meeting:

Lissette Brizendine (chair) said words to the effect
"Unfortunately we can't prevent the recording of these
meetings." Ms. Brizendine was concerned about the legal
consequences of what might be said even though it was
stated that candidates would only be referred to by

number rather than by name.

Without audio recordings, the accuracy of these meeting minutes is very
important. Will the omissions make it into public record? We'll see.

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To: harm...@googlegroups.com
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Search Committee


I agree that CCSS is probably a good thing and I especially agree with the

Minutes - 3-28-11 Citizens Search Committee Meeting.pdf
Meeting Minutes Omissions.txt
Hawkins Emails.txt


Apr 2, 2011, 7:44:00 PM4/2/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
I almost forgot. Here's another battle I've had to fight already. I am happy
to report that this one has been won. At least that's what I've been told
(still awaiting verification).

Attached is the superintendent search brochure that was almost printed in
hard-copy by the thousands yesterday. Do you see the problem?

While the Osceola School Board has announced to the world that Osceola
County is very much interested in hearing from superintendent candidates
from all over the country, here's what they put in their brochure and
finalized for distribution on Tuesday (it was emailed by Dana Schafer to
everyone on Wednesday):


At least six years successful Florida
administrative experience at the
district level, with a minimum of
three years as a principal preferred

Notice the word "Florida"? This is the word that eliminates the vast
majority of potential candidates from our superintendent search. While I
think that Dr. Blanton's Florida School Boards Association, with its
database of 300 Florida superintendent candidates, would likely be thrilled
by this error, I'm not so sure that the citizens of Osceola County would
benefit from nixing most of the competition from this horse race.

It is my understanding that Cindy Hartig was able to stop the presses just
minutes before this mistake would have been put indelibly into print. She
had the word "Florida" removed from the requirement in the brochure.

You wouldn't believe how it was like pulling teeth to get this fixed folks.
Either I should have been a dentist or it shouldn't be so hard.

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Search Committee

Superintendent Search Final.pdf

Ray Walls

Apr 2, 2011, 8:54:02 PM4/2/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
Also, should the requirement limit candidates to being only people with school administration experience? This gets back to the business/management skill set I was referring to before. I think the necessary skills and experience can come from a whole host of professional areas and not just school systems. Seems to me that whole statement should be a preference and not a requirement. Just my two cents.


Sent from my iPhone

> <Superintendent Search Final.pdf>


Apr 2, 2011, 10:19:27 PM4/2/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
I agree Ray. But as only one of 19, I can insist on fixing obvious
contradictions and inconsistencies, that's about it. The ground rules are
set by the school board. I would urge you to communicate your concerns to
the school board directly.

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Apr 3, 2011, 7:02:18 AM4/3/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
Are you indicating there are NINETEEN people on the search committee???


Apr 3, 2011, 11:15:14 AM4/3/11
to HarmonyFL
No. There are 14 people on the search committee plus 5 members of the
school board .


Apr 3, 2011, 9:15:14 PM4/3/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
WOW!! I can only imagine how much fun it will be trying to percolate 14+5 disparate opinions into some semblance of a concensus...

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>From: Geo <IIDIMG...@spammotel.com>


May 1, 2011, 10:43:48 AM5/1/11
to HarmonyFL
We had our second meeting Wednesday night. Here is a link to the audio
recording of the meeting:

2011-04-27 Osceola County Superintendent Citizens Search Committee

Beware! This file is 52MB since the meeting was about 2.5 hours long.
The meeting starts at about 2 minutes into the audio.

There were three occurrences of note during this meeting:

1) As I expected, the majority refused to add my suggested changes
into the meeting minutes of the previous meeting (see above) even
though the questions and answers were taken almost verbatim from what
actually transpired during that meeting. IMHO, this is what Lissette
Brizendine was hoping for when she put a halt to my suggested changes
prior to the meeting (see above).

This is precisely why electronic recordings are so important folks. As
it turned out, this was no big deal since I learned subsequent to the
previous meeting that any committee member can read anything they like
into the public record or any committee member can request DURING THE
MEETING that anything be included. So I read my previous meeting
minutes changes into the record of this meeting. We'll see if Dana
includes my statement in its entirety within the meeting minutes of
the 4/27 meeting.

2) The majority voted to summarily dismiss 10 of the first 14 resumes
we received. We collectively assigned scores to each resume. At first
it was suggested that only those resumes that got zero scores would be
dismissed. I thought this was reasonable. But then someone suggested a
minimum score that would eliminate about half of the resumes and
someone else suggested keeping only the top 4. The latter is what
passed by a majority vote. I did not support that decision for reasons
that you can hear in the audio. Basically I think that we have too few
resumes to be so quickly chucking 78% of
them. Are none of the others worth even a few minutes of phone calls?
What if the remaining 4 resumes are full of made-up nonsense? (not
likely, but you never know) I think the decision was too hasty
considering the paltry number of resumes we have received so far
compared to the number of people available to interview candidates.
Hopefully a ton of new resumes will be piling in over the next 5 days.

3) To his credit Casmore Shaw changed his mind about the need for at
least audio recordings of these meetings. Since he was in the majority
last time, he had the right to bring up the same matter again for a
revote. Sadly, the results were the same with the exception of Mr.
Shaw's changed vote:

Those in favor of transparency:

Jon Arguello
Casmore Shaw
Jay Polachek
George Schiro

Those in favor of secrecy:

Robert Bass
Roger Allain
Kathy Donato
Kip Smith
Bruce Toms
Lissette Brizendine
Susan Bona
Paul Collins
Matt Thursam

We were also asked to submit questions for the superintendent
candidates. Instead of reading them during the meeting, we agreed to
email the questions to Dana no later than early Friday afternoon,
4/29/2011. Thursday I emailed links to the questions already posted in
this forum:

"Short answer" questions meant for verbal responses:


"Long answer" questions meant for written responses:


As of this writing I have not received a compiled list of interview
questions from Dana.

Please don't consider interview questions closed at this point folks.
If you think of a new question, please post it on one of the question
threads and I will be sure to ask it when I speak to the candidates

BTW, I would appreciate knowing if the audio recording equipment used
to recording these meetings is adequate to the task. I noticed that
the volume seems low. So next time I will increase the input volume by
15%. If anyone listens to the recording, please offer some
constructive feedback.


May 1, 2011, 11:24:46 AM5/1/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
I was not able to download.  You might think of breaking it up into 2-3 segments.
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From: Geo <IIDIMG...@spammotel.com>


May 1, 2011, 11:35:33 AM5/1/11
to HarmonyFL
I had no trouble downloading it myself Tom. But I will try breaking it
into 4 parts and uploading them soon.

I would be curious to know if anyone else had a problem downloading
the one large audio file.


May 1, 2011, 3:24:30 PM5/1/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
The 52MB file has been divided into three 13MB parts and one 11MB part.

2011-04-27 Osceola County Superintendent Citizens Search Committee Meeting

(4 parts)

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May 3, 2011, 6:57:18 PM5/3/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
The draft meeting minutes for the 4/27 meeting are attached. As you can see,
they are much more comprehensive than the previous minutes. I think that
Dana Schafer is doing a very good job with this.

As previously stated, we only reviewed the first 14 resumes during this
meeting and all but 4 have been dismissed already. Here are the 4 that we
will be calling:

#5, #6, #7 and #9

Please reread those resumes and let me know what you think. I will be
calling in a few days using the compiled list of candidate questions (see
http://tinyurl.com/65a3obf ).

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Minutes - 4-27-11 Citizens Search Committee Meeting.pdf


May 3, 2011, 7:23:21 PM5/3/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
WOW---Only TWO members of the public monitoring this all-important proceeding...I can only guess that most folks have great confidence that their leaders and appointees will do the right thing....hhhhhmmmmmm....

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>From: Geo <IIDIMG...@spammotel.com>


May 3, 2011, 8:32:48 PM5/3/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
Pretty sad indeed Steve, but I am happy to report that the two extra Osceola
citizens who were in attendance also happen to be Harmony residents as well
as neighbors who live right around the corner from me. And no, I did not ask
them to come, nor did I know that they would be there before I saw them.

Thanks for coming Sandra and Roy. You showed that Harmony folks really do

As I said at the meeting, I think that many more folks would listen in if
these meetings were recorded like regular school board meetings are. Most
people including myself don't have the time or the energy to attend public
meetings, especially those requiring a one hour round trip.

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May 7, 2011, 8:48:10 PM5/7/11
to HarmonyFL
I had nice phone interviews today with the four candidates still in
the running from the first half of the submitted resumes. I think that
all of these interviews went well. These folks are quality people
deserving our serious consideration.

The interview questions are posted here:

Osceola County Superintendent Questions

Audio recordings of these interviews will be made available soon.


May 15, 2011, 7:46:31 PM5/15/11
to HarmonyFL
I was out-of-town for a few days. I did not have the opportunity to
post a link to the audio recording of the meeting on the 11th. Here it


If the size of the audio file is a problem for anyone, just let me

I also had nice phone interviews yesterday with the five additional
candidates selected to be interviewed by the committee. There are a
total of nine candidates that we have initially interviewed by phone.

Audio recordings of all interviews will be made public after the final
committee meeting (with the possible exception of one interview).

On May 7, 8:48 pm, Geo <IIDIMGRLA...@spammotel.com> wrote:
> I had nice phone interviews today with the four candidates still in
> the running from the first half of the submitted resumes. I think that
> all of these interviews went well. These folks are quality people
> deserving our serious consideration.
> The interview questions are posted here:
> Osceola County Superintendent Questionshttp://groups.google.com/group/harmonyfl/msg/d5adbf9495869986


May 16, 2011, 12:49:45 PM5/16/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
I've been falling down on the job lately. I apologize for that.

The draft minutes from the 5/11/2011 meeting are attached.

I also attached the final minutes from the 4/27/2011 meeting as well as the
final minutes from the 3/28/2011 meeting.

BTW, tonight is our final committee meeting (6pm). Please attend if you can.

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Search Committee

Minutes - 5-11-11 Citizens Search Committee Meeting.pdf


May 18, 2011, 4:22:30 AM5/18/11
to HarmonyFL
I finally got a chance to upload the audio of Monday's meeting. I am
sickened to report that the audio data was lost.

I suspected a problem Monday night when I went to turn off the
recorder and I could not. It has an LCD display that looked like it
was stuck in some kind of loop reminiscent of a PC that is hung. The
only way I could turn off the recorder was to remove its battery (like
unplugging a locked-up PC). I know that I should have checked earlier,
but with all of the commotion yesterday coupled with my regular job
and feeling brain dead, I just did not have the time (or the energy)
until now.

Please accept my sincerest apologies to anyone who wanted to hear this
meeting. It actually went very smoothly and ended with all of us
believing that we really had accomplished something positive for the

There were two highlights of this meeting, from my perspective. Jay
Polachek voted not to recommend any candidates to the school board (I
am pretty sure that he was the only one who took this stance) coupled
with my reaction that his position was just "bizarre". The other
highlight (to me) was me asking Kathy Donato (the representative of
the teacher's union and one of the most prepared and active members of
the committee) about why she thought that Dr. Robert Marzano (the
nationally preeminent authority on education, see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formative_assessment ) was so important
to her that she would use knowledge of his theories as one of her
primary criteria in judging superintendent candidates coupled with my
subsequent reading of Dr. Marzano's glowing recommendation of one of
the candidates subsequently dismissed by Mr. Polachek as "not better
than what we already have" (as I recall).

All I can do is hope that the minutes of this meeting reflect what I

I also hope that this can be a wake-up call to the school board to
absolutely require that all future committee meetings be recorded by
the school district exactly like school board meetings are. Can you
please bring this up at the next school board meeting Tom as an agenda
item for an official vote?


May 18, 2011, 9:08:54 PM5/18/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
Here are the audio recordings of the phone interviews that I had with 8 of
the 9 candidates with whom I spoke at length recently. Candidate 22 declined
to give his permission to publish the audio of his interview.

2011-05-07 Initial Phone Interviews

2011-05-14 Initial Phone Interviews

Attached also are the "long answer" responses of these candidates.

I will now proceed to share this information with the candidates themselves.

Please listen to these people and read what they have written. They are all
good folks worthy of serious consideration by any school district anywhere.

Please judge for yourselves if the Osceola County School Board did their
proper due diligence in the evaluation of these candidates. Judge for
yourselves if school board members earned our vote of confidence this week -
or at a minimum - their pay.

Feel free to make whatever comments you like, either positive or negative.

I challenge anyone to state openly and honestly that what the school board
did yesterday was the right and proper thing to do (note: anonymous
commentary is not welcome here). Please be prepared to defend your
statements with facts.

IMHO, the school board's actions clearly demonstrate more of the same
mediocrity and expediency I wrote about a month or so ago:

What Does "Exam" Mean in Osceola County High Schools?

National Junior Honor Society - Does Character Count?

Will Osceola County ever be a place that values educational excellence? Will
Osceola County ever be a place where people would actually move to for a
great education?

Hope springs eternal.

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To: HarmonyFL

Subject: [HarmonyFL:1052] Re: Osceola County Superintendent Citizens
Search Committee

Lonq Answer Questions.pdf
Long Answers - 5.pdf
Long Answers - 6.pdf
Long Answers - 7.pdf
Long Answers - 9.pdf
Long Answers - 16.pdf
Long Answers - 21.pdf
Long Answers - 27.pdf
Long Answers - 28.pdf
Message has been deleted
Message has been deleted


May 21, 2011, 7:45:04 PM5/21/11
to harm...@googlegroups.com
Attached are the final meeting minutes of the final search committee meeting

Please take special note of the remarks of Dr. Wayne Blanton, Executive
Director of the Florida School Boards Association:

Dr. Blanton: She [Roberta Selleck] is a very impressive
candidate with 14 years of experience. She is
innovative, and someone who people spoke very highly of
even at the state level.

Dr. Blanton: He [James Browder] is an excellent and
innovative Superintendent that hires good managers and
has good relationships with his Board. He is a strong
leader who listens and gets things done. He has high
ethical standards and is popular in the community where
he has served. The conflict at Edison College was a
result of the faculty being upset with the President of
the college for not advertising the position as it
should have been.

Dr. Blanton: This candidate [Thomas Geismar] spent 25
years in Broward County, and can effectively deal with
people. He is a strong candidate who listens well. He
does have experience in dealing with the strong unions
in Broward County. He would have a shorter learning
curve than other candidates because of his vast Florida

Dr. Blanton: She [Karyle Green] is a good candidate
that is not afraid to take a stand and can work with
diverse people. She has taken on tough issues and found

Dr. Blanton: He [Ralph Teran] is extremely easy to talk
to, and individuals spoken to said "get him if you
can." He has done a good job as Superintendent for
five years, and he is bilingual. He provided real
answers when asked questions.

He [Dr. Blanton] shared that our group was one of the
very best citizen search committees with which he has
worked in his many years as a consultant.

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Minutes - 5-16-11 Citizens Search Committee Meeting.pdf


May 21, 2011, 7:50:10 PM5/21/11
to HarmonyFL
I forgot to mention that Dr. Blanton was hired by the Osceola School
Board (and paid thousands of dollars) for his evaluation of these
superintendent candidates based on his several decades of experience
evaluating superintendents for school districts all over the state of
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